Migrant Throws Stones at a Restaurant in Florence. Italians Take Action.

The following video shows the sort of response to violent cultural enrichment that you never see in Northern Europe. Northern Europeans are not only less volatile in temperament than Italians, but they also know that they may well be arrested, charged, tried, and imprisoned if they do anything remotely harmful to a “refugee”.

Fortunately, Italy suffers far less from PC than do its neighbors to the north. In this video you’ll see a migrant (who seems to be wearing nothing but underpants) throwing rocks at a restaurant, and then the enraged patrons — one armed with a shovel — chasing him and subduing him.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The notes that accompanied the video, also translated by FouseSquawk:

Florence: Immigrant throws rocks at a restaurant. Chased and stopped.

Yesterday in Florence a 19-year-old from Sudan — the same who took a gun away from two city police officers — hurled rocks at a restaurant in Plaza Tasso. He was chased and caught by customers of the restaurant, one armed with a shovel, and justly punished. Now enough! It’s time to end these [people] who do what they want in Italy.

Video transcript:

00:09   Stop him
00:20   Stop him
00:41   But don’t hit him. [Unintelligible]
00:52   “Go away, no, no”
00:58   [Unintelligible shouting]
01:04   Why are you [unintelligible]?
01:08   [Unintelligible shouting]
01:13   All of you [unintelligible]
01:22   Don’t hit me. Don’t leave him here.
01:26   But, excuse me, call the police [unintelligible].

44 thoughts on “Migrant Throws Stones at a Restaurant in Florence. Italians Take Action.

  1. Did the police come and if so, was he arrested and charged? I wonder what his punishment will be. Considering he was chased and caught, perhaps he will think twice before doing that again.

    • I vote for deporting ASAP! By the way give the guy with a shovel an award! Finally someone fighting back! Mama Mia

    • The homonids don’t have the intelligence to think beyond isntinct. The average IQ is around 68%.

  2. Those fools who are yelling at the men who are administering swift justice to the invader will someday also have to be dealt with. Some people are only capable of learning through the fist and the boot. Others, who should know better, should not interfere in the administration of such lessons lest they earn themselves the same kind of instruction.

    • Well, for my part I’d be cheering on, if not also myself releasing some major pent-up frustrations by way of well-placed kicks on this FOREIGN assaulter and BREAKER of the peace.

      Human beings have a built-in survival mechanism which PERMITS them to increase their radar when in the company of OTHERS, STRANGERS.

      Note especially the word: survival. This word means no enmity toward OTHERS, but rather CAUTION. Said caution is now ILLEGAL in places like Sweden, Germany, and France. It’s the ILLEGALITY of this caution which incites NORMAL PEOPLE to rebellion — and JUSTLY so.

      Which tells you and us and everyone, that strangers and others are PREFERRED over all native inhabitants.

      And the pitchforks, stocks, tar and feathers? Where are THEY?

  3. This is just a bare beginning of the vigilantism which will engulf Europe over the next few years. In fact, only these sort of “individualistic” actions will serve to avert the advent of an EU military whose command is based out of Brussels.

    Should that command come to be, native and indigenous Europeans can bend over, grab their collective ankles, and kiss their doomed gluteal regions a permanent GOODBYE.

    • I just don’t think that when it really comes to push back or be sliced-at the neck that Europeans will cow. Well, not all of them.

      Frankly, the longer that Europeans — you know who you are — thrust your behinds in the air in dhimmitude to Islam, the less respect I have for you; go your own way — and suffer the consequences; I pity you your final days on earth —

      But when will you wake up? Your Communist-led EU propels you into a future reality that mirrors present-day Raqqa! with this Islamic horde which the EU has built a nest for in your own cities and towns! Termites and scorpions come to feast on your young white flesh.

      Close your ears to this multi-culti siren song that lulls you into nothingness. You are not less guilty of sin because you open your arms to hordes of barbarians — no. You are more guilty — because you welcome evil into your midsts and then pretend it doesn’t exist. And to notice that it exists creates FALSE guilt. Your secular god, the state, has not prepared you for the psychological damage to the human soul (and finally to your physical life) that such worship of the state eventuates.

      Wake UP!

  4. In this video you’ll see a migrant (who seems to be wearing nothing but underpants)…

    Clearly, you have much to learn. Such easily doffed apparel is ideally suited for an equally popular Sudanese national sport … Namely, raping European women.

    • A skillfully wielded kebab knife could permanently disqualify our Sudanese enricher from participation in such activities. Value – $10

      Even better would be ensuring no more future rapists from that particular culture enricher.
      Value – priceless

      • A skillfully wielded kebab knife could permanently disqualify our Sudanese enricher from participation in such activities.

        I like the way you think.

        Let’s call it a “surgical strike”. Eh?

  5. And still, some of the public is heard screeching: Leave him alone! – Seems, ladies mostly.

    • The privilege of franchise will have to be removed from them and from most males before this is all over. Most women abhor violence as a solution to deal with problems, but some problems scream for the application of violence to properly and decisively deal with them.

      The Founding Fathers were not incorrect in excluding all women and most men from exercising franchise. Any future solution needs to recognize that most people are not fit to choose who will represent and make decisions for them; lacking any skin in the game, and a successful voting system needs to recognize this fact.

      • Yes, the ability to vote oneself freebies at the expense of all others is a serious flaw in the current system.

        Of course, this is human nature to some degree. But a sustainable system would seek to temper that greed rather than encourage it.

      • I can’t agree with this attitude; women are adults, and taxpayers (“no taxation without representation”), and at least as intellgent as men. If some of them see the world differently, and more idealistically, it’s up to us to convince them otherwise.

        A good starting point (for you) might be to bring up a culture where women are disempowered, eg Islam, and examine how dysfunctional that is.

  6. Remember, the Italians are the ones who promptly greased the Tunisian who bombed the Christmas market in Germany.

    Forza Italia!

    • But it`s the Italian government (namely Renzi) who started with the so called “rescue” of illegal migrants.
      The NGO`s joined years later, and also were not stopped by the Italians.
      And they continue to this day transporting thousands of “Refugees” to Europe.

      So you have the typical Italian double game.
      I say this even having Italian relatives myself.

  7. The interloper won’t be charged with criminal damage and whatever else, and then serve his sentence before being deported. For one thing, he may well not have any papers. For another, Sudan (quite rightly) doesn’t want this kind of scum in Sudan.

    In Germany the man would be told that he had to realise that in Europe he couldn’t behave like this, so don’t do it again, please. This causes me personally great sadness as I watch our culture and heritage and our beautiful lands being overrun and irrevocably damaged, to be taken over (because we are allowing it) by Islam. “We” (the collective we) wish to die.

  8. Oh oh oh, dont hit him! Who is yelling this pc nonsence??

    And again women, you can see, siding with the muslim killer[.] Women must be banned from voting, women by default are responsible for our current situation, allowing these muslim killers into our countries.

    This scum can smash [yo]u[r] windows, destroy [yo]u[r] shop, and then [yo]u [a]r[e] the criminal if you dare to defend [yo]u[r] property or family.

    So?? Se must just all sit by and allow these bogus refugees to kill us. Rape, steal, and finally take over our countries and lands all in the name of political correctness, so as some filthy commie marxist beauracrat can keep his job. And avoid being accused of being a racist???

    Fight back!!! And fight these pen pushers who sit in councils and Brussels, terrorising millions of us with their pens and threats.

    The enemy, real enemy are the beauracrats who are threatening us all with jail.

    We must defend now our way of life. Defend our countries. [Down] with communists, [down] with our corrupt laws.

    Fight them all to the last drop blood.

    • While I don`t belive that all women are this stupid, you are right to some large extent.
      And these are exactly the kind of women who when becoming a victim themselves, whine about not getting any help from others on the spot, especially from men.
      Lack of courage you know…

  9. The Italians are hilarious all shouting at once. The situation is truly appalling – for the culprit as well. I imagine he lives in some hole or in the street. He comes from a place which makes Dante’s Inferno look like a church picnic! It would be a miracle if he were not psychologically deranged.

    Until we in the West do something about the Third World tyrannies, including Islam, this will only get worse. But what can we do? Now the Third World is demanding money to keep their populations at home. But that’s not going to work because the money will never get to the poor, who nevertheless keep reproducing at an exponential rate!

    Africa is the wealthiest continent in terms of natural resources. They can easily feed their populations. Look at oil rich Nigeria which ought to be a shining example, instead of which it is a cauldron of violence, corruption, mayhem and deceit! Christians are being slaughtered by Boko Haram and the Nigerian government does nothing because it is too scared to enlarge the army which may then turn against the ruling elite!

    The people I’d like to punish are the heads of every African and ME government.

    • Just don’t allow aid organizations to feed and vaccinate them, while allowing the unrestricted sale of small arms and ammunition to all African governments and government rivals, and the problem will rapidly disappear.

    • “But what can we do?”

      Send the boats back and deport all illegal immigrants would be a start.

      Deport all the legal immigrants that commit a crime should be the next step.

      Imprisonment for all the people working for the immigrant smuggling ONGs would also be nice.

      • Agree with deporting them. But better to sink the boats – let the people who supply the boats take the loss!

  10. He took ” a gun away from two city police officers”??? WHAT?

    In his underwear?
    When did this bit happen and if true how was he permitted to wander around freely? This piqued my curiosity and I subsequently discovered that the pistol taker was a different ‘nordafricano’ previously arrested in April for robbery then on 31 July stole a mountain bike and was weaving in and out of traffic in a dangerous manner. Municipal police arrive, he throws bike at their car, they exit car and somehow, I am not clear on this, he manages to get a pistol from one of the policemen, fires it off, bullet goes into asphalt, reinforcements arrive one of whom is another immigrant. He is subdued, arrested for attempted murder and found to have no documentation on him. (One wonders in April did he have documents? Perchance he just left them home before this crime spree…) http://www.bufale.net/home/notizia-vera-firenze-immigrato-ruba-la-pistola-un-poliziotto-spara-arrestato/

    Regarding UnderwearMan: further research reveals: with the aide of Google translate: . According to the daily newspaper Nation, all comes from the demand for a glass of water or coffee (reports differ) not granted. The man, known to locals as an abusive parking attendant , entered semi naked the local La Vecchia Bettola. He asks for something to drink, the owner sends him away. The North African, not new to brilliant gestures, threatens revenge. Shortly thereafter, he returns armed with a shovel, stolen from a nearby yard. (I wondered where the owner got that shovel…)

    The migrant launches the stones, until there is the reaction of the people in the area. Give chase after the North African parking valet who flees in the Florentine night. The rest is in police records: the on going case of degradation and violence of a city increasingly hostage to illegality. Giovanni Donzelli, leader of the Fratelli d’Italia Region, asked for “a census of immigrants who have already been stained by crimes, who must be expelled from Italy within 48 hours. For a long time, we are asking for a blockade on immigration, while for those who are already here, we need more rigid rules. ”

    And a jolly time was had by all.

    I think if one follows the links in the articles one can see that there is certainly anger over this immigration issue, perhaps more than is reported in the mainstream Italian news however I don’t follow that so don’t really know. I do know it needed some creative looking to find this story in Italian Google…

  11. lets face it. the response was incomplete.
    the man should have been beaten to a pulp. unless you understand that you are delusional. it’s the only thing those people truly understand.

    • I agree. If he was able to walk away from there under his own power then the lesson was not administered vigorously enough for it to be learned and remembered.

    • I agree, a well applied ‘concrete facial’ is the best form of behavior modification for these cultural misfits and inbred mutants.

  12. While it`s good to show him his limits, it`s stupid to make a video of it.
    Also something people have to learn… leave no evidence!

    Nowadays one can get into trouble even when nothing actually has happened.
    It`s his word against yours.
    And the leftist mob just waits for such incidents, even if one is not the aggressor or someone just made it up.

    • The bigger problem is that our side is afraid of the authorities and so nothing is done to confront the invaders or to teach them respect. If it was widely known that anyone attempting to prosecute such vigilante acts would most likely receive a beating or have their car torched, then there would be no prosecutions and street justice would be swiftly administered to those invaders who chose to flaunt societal norms.

      This doesn’t address the problem of all the invaders continuing to pour in, but it does allow the headache these invader incidents create for the authorities to be quietly dealt with by the populace and therefore out of the news and election campaigns. All for the price of a little intimidation of the authorities, who the invaders clearly are not afraid of in the least.

      • Even the members of the police are feeling this political pressure.
        That`s why they are not taken serious in countries like Sweden, Germany, Austria, the UK and so on.
        In Italy it may be a bit different, also because the Italian police is part of the armed forces.

  13. “Now the Third World is demanding money to keep their populations at home.”

    Indeed – and promptly not doing what they demand the money for, as in this Breitbart article: https://goo.gl/ZNi3iz

    “[O]n average, 70 to 73 immigrants are arriving in Greece from Turkey every day” — despite an expensive deal with the Islamist government in Ankara to reduce the inflow.”

    This is similar to the situation in the early 1800s when the US paid ‘tribute’ to Ottoman client states to stop piracy in the Med and got nothing in return.

    Coincidentally, this: https://goo.gl/zUN5A2 also on Breitbart the same day, points out that it’s not really 2017, it’s actually 1817 all over again:

    “The migrant crisis has proved extremely lucrative for many Libyans … Some migrants are even being sold in open-air slave markets, in an astonishing latter-day revival of the North African slave trade…”

    • Just think of it as a new age Danegeld that must be paid to our new overlords.

  14. I sympathise totally with the pent-up rage of most of the comments on here: The situation that has come upon us – or possibly has been deliberately, rather than incompetently brought upon us, in the West – is simply intolerable.

    Being forced to feel such rage, whether bottled-up or let rip, is also disgusting. Nobody who has come back from even just wars (like the 2nd World War) has been able to glory in the rancid aftertaste and sickening jolts of nightmare aftershocks which are dragged along in any front-line survivor’s emotional kit-bag.

    Any involvement in such primitivism is just another defeat for civilised values. But of course it is just another unavoidable aspect of the martyrdom we demand of fit young lads (and increasingly, God help us, lasses) for the protection and salvation of the rest of us during dangerous times.

    Christ’s brutalisation at the hands of shifty Roman provincial justice and local Zealot rantipoles is the paradigm of that horror.

    Clearly, not everyone – by a long shot – has a vocation for such sacrifice – not even trained warriors; not even the Christ who, confronted by the prospect of Crucifixion prayed that it not be asked of him, and who, when upon the Cross, piteously begged his Father in Heaven for mercy: ‘Why hast Thou forsaken me?’

    Such consoling but impotent imaginings of revenge as I’ve read here are unreal.

    And they don’t even see that the prior necessity – the absolutely main requirement – for such resistance must be membership of the ‘biggest gang.’ The idea of individuals taking on the evil of a perverted state and society more or less on their own would be laughable were it not so pathetic. The national Resistance movements in Europe during Nazi dominance were utterly futile – even their successes only brought more death and destruction to their countries.

    Yes – of course it bolstered a kind of national self-respect, But it did nothing for the human spirit. Watch John Pierre Melville’s largely autobiographical ‘The Army of the Shadows’ about the REAL experience of the French Resistance: The Shadows in which the partisans sheltered also stained their souls with an appalling existential darkness – which went unrewarded until the big battalions of Allied professional arms rescued them from their own particularly intimate circle of Hell in which the ill-conscience of Vichy was intimately engaged with Nazi demons in human form.

    Our own British – and American – aerial bombers were haunted by the sense of the horror they, all unseeing, visited on the civilians below – a horror seeping through the excoriated integument of their surviving conscience.

    Nor were the accidents of Total War’s red mists, and nor are even the confused to-and-fro, pushing and shoving, then sudden turn of grievous violence in scuffling street corner brawls, predictable of outcome: Victory, in desperate conflict, is bitter; as the Duke of Wellington wearily opined after his narrow and bloody triumph at Waterloo: ‘There is only one thing more terrible than a battle lost; and that is a battle won.’

    What we must keep in mind, in these increasingly troubled times, is that the West is being irresistibly tipped by History down the slippery slope of Madness. We must confront it, as best we may. We have no choice. It will leap upon us out of the night, our old savagery, howling and tearing. It comes unbidden. The struggle to rid ourselves of it will be uncertain, at best.

    And, please, let no-one think this term of suffering will make our today better: I fear we shall have to lose our own lovely day of relative peace and contentment, that others may enjoy their happy tomorrows.

    We are the ones who will mostly be lying on the grainy beaches of a shadowy past – – –

    As to the ultimate outcome? Not permanent victory – just a respite, and some few old, haunted men (and women), the faded parchments of just another generation, palely lain on hard bed-boards in the endless hospice ward of History – – – propped up against millions of millions of hard cushions, their brave faces no more consoling than that of the Man in the Moon in his surrounding darkness, knocked silly, up there in a shambles of craters.

    Make no mistake: There is nothing whatever humanity can do to rescue itself from our tragic history, which must periodically overtake and harrow our species. Humility and surrender are every soldier’s lot. The survival even of our very species is a game of Russian Roulette.

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