10 thoughts on “Matt Bracken: Don’t be the Buffalo!

  1. The events of the past weekend were 100% predictable weeks before the event.
    1. Antifa would show up in force, and would be allowed total freedom of action by the sympathetic local police and Virginia political powers that be.
    2. The craziest fringe elements of the KKK and Nazis would take the opportunity to bask in the media glow, wear their hoods, wave their flags, and totally discredit any good that might have come out of “unite the right” gathering.
    3. The MSM would focus their cameras exclusively on the KKK and Nazis. Any violence would be blamed 100% on white racists. Communist flags would never be shown.
    4. The police would force the “unite the right” people to be herded through an Antifa gantlet (or gauntlet if you prefer) where they would be pepper sprayed and assaulted with lumber, frozen soda cans and so on. When violently provoked into reacting, the MSM cameras would exclusively focus on violent reaction from the right.
    5. Some KKK or Nazi lunatic (like a schizophrenic fan of Adolf Hitler) would seize the moment to climb onto history’s stage. (This time with a Dodge Charger, next time with an IED, deer rifle, or magazine dump.)
    6. President Trump and conservatives in general would be blamed for the new climate of “violent white racism.”

    Charlottesville was a totally predictable guided “buffalo jump” from the word go. I hope nobody on the right will ever be gullible enough to believe they can repeat something like this event and receive anything resembling fair coverage. Be the Indian who controls the herd. Don’t be a buffalo, too damn stupid to recognize the brush fires and waving blankets, or the cliff straight ahead.

    • Matt, one slight correction: the local police are, general speaking, not sympathetic to antifa etc. I’ve known some of them over the years. They range from mildly liberal to old-fashioned patriots, mostly from a good ol’ boy background.

      Their leadership is another matter; it’s hard to tell with people who are ambitious. I’m sure the chief does whatever he is instructed to by the mayor.

      And the state cops are another matter. There will be a lot of variation among them. Some of them are fine people — I know one, now retired, who was born and raised around here — but others are brutal, sadistic thugs.

    • Agree with points 2 and 3. LARP-ing (live action role-playing) brownshirts is a terrible idea and gives the MSM all the ammo required to discredit everyone remotely associated with this event.

      That said, it is highly disturbing how many Westerns are A-OK with the ongoing, obvious Third-Worldization of their countries. Apparently they really believe they will be allowed to live their cushy lives once the enrichment process is complete.

  2. So we get on our knees and fight like the men we are, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the wickedness in high places, powers, principalities and the rulers of the darkness of this age, (to paraphrase Paul’s admonition to the Ephesians).
    It should be obvious by now that the antifa and the BLM are not acting from reason but out of a rage that bears the hallmarks of a spoiled child’s temper tantrum. Stop a minute and consider who had the most to lose with Mdme. Hillary’s loss. If Satan is the god of this world and wants the lordship of and the rule over it, then he puts his minions in places of authority to guarantee his authority and even the worship he believes is his due.

    The election of Trump to the presidency was a kick in the teeth to his finely crafted plans that he has been working on for the past 100 years and were near fruition and completion. If you had been working on a sand castle for the past 100 years and someone came along and kicked it over wouldn’t you throw a fit, along with some sand any anything else that was at hand?

    That is what we are seeing. Never mind the human puppets, we are watching a demonically enraged fit by someone who takes no prisoners and only wants our destruction so that we can rot in hell with him. Me and my house are praying for the hurt that they may be made well and the souls of those who hate that their eyes may be opened and not be run off the cliff as so many lemmings or buffalo.

  3. Gateway pundit is reporting that a SPLC bio of Jason Kessler, one of the organizers of the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville reveals that he is a former Obama supporter and an Occupy participant. Maybe the buffalo were led over the cliff in Charlottesville by the left…


    • So, this was the perfect set-up. The whole thing was organized by Obama minions? Wouldn’t doubt it.

  4. Front page magazine reference, Lloyd Billingsley, “Guess who the Charlottesville Kingpin is-Where is the Media’s Reporting on a former Occupy Wall Street Activist and Obama Acolyte?

    Billingsley cites the Southern Poverty Law Center as his source. With past legal difficulties. Writer of two books, Jason Kessler; MIDNIGHT ROAD and BADLAND BLUES. The first, I looked up elsewhere, existentialist poetry and nihilistic daydreams? I have been told I read too much, but I never read stuff like that.

    If I was looking for an event organizer, I do not believe that I would seek out an existential poet, unless…perhaps…. Might a devious person or persons recruit a nihilistic daydreamer for organizing an event badly? Such an individual might never know what happened….

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