Finnish Professor: Sweden is a Bigger Threat to Finland Than Russia Is

A Finnish professor believes that Sweden, due to its insane immigration policy, presents a greater threat to its eastern neighbor than Russia does.

AF, who translated the following article from Fria Tider, includes this prefatory note:

The following article refers to an article in Hufvudstadsbladet (Swedish-language daily paper in Helsinki). There is no reason to worry about professor Lillrank. He will not resign, or even be seriously attacked. Finland is still fairly reasonable.

The translated article:

Finnish professor: Sweden is a bigger threat to Finland than Russia is

August 19, 2017

FOREIGN. Because of the enormous level of Muslim immigration to Sweden, Sweden may be a bigger threat to Finland than Russia is, professor Paul Lillrank, at the Institution of Production Economics at the Aalto University, writes in HBL.

Earlier he considered Putin and Russia the biggest security risk against Finland. Now professor Lillrank has changed his mind. Sweden is probably a bigger threat, he thinks.

The reason is Muslim immigration.

According to Lillrank, Sweden has proportionately accepted more migrants than any other OECD country. In addition, they are the worst at integrating them.

Paul Lillrank thinks that Sweden is transforming into a parallel society with an ethnic underclass. The labour market is not adapted to asylum immigrants with low level of education, something that Swedish politicians cannot grasp. Multiculturalism causes conflicts, and the politicians in Sweden have megalomania, he states. When the resources do not suffice to maintain the Swedish welfare state, those in power say they do not understand why.

Swedish counties are so bad at handling returning Islamic State terrorists that they choose to “love-bomb” them with funds and priority in the housing queue, the professor notes.

“There is a real risk that Sweden is being transformed into a failed state where Swedish law no longer applies and the police no longer control the situation. Democracy does not function when officials break migration laws and the police turn a blind eye to illegal immigrants. It is not unthinkable that Sweden will become a bigger security risk to Finland than Russia is,” Paul Lillrank writes in HBL.

According to Paul Lillrank, the Swedish elite claims to be a moral superpower, but in reality more and more seem like a collection of fools with the same “self-destructive madness” that Karl XII [reigned 1697 to 1718] presented during his final years as king of Sweden, he writes.

The Norse and Danes, who among other things have discussed border controls with Sweden, have already understood the serious threat from their neighbouring country. Paul Lillrank thinks that the Finns have to understand the same thing.

Lillrank wishes that it were possible to find something calming to read about Sweden, but it does not exist, he concludes.

23 thoughts on “Finnish Professor: Sweden is a Bigger Threat to Finland Than Russia Is

  1. Professor Lillrank makes a good case that Sweden is a failed state, but does not state how that poses a security threat to Finland, which can simply keep Swedes and pseudo-Swedes out of Finland. Sweden is no more a security threat to Finland than Haiti is a security threat to the Dominican Republic.

    • Good question.

      Most likely, given the close similarities of the Swedes and Finns, the border controls and barriers are pretty much non-existent.

      Time to bring in the Israeli consultants on building a wall that works.

    • Respectfully differ.

      Haiti won’t be a security threat to Haiti until it, quite suddenly, is.

      Remember the Lebanese and Croatian ‘sudden surprise wars’…

    • As things fall apart, “they” will start coming over the border.

      Just look at Lebanon with Syrian refugees. Why would this be different?

    • Schengen! Open borders for nationals and legal residents. It means that all the thugs in Sweden can migrate to Finland.

      • Finland couldn’t hold them all, but whatcha wanna bet that was what them Swedes had in mind – i.e., that most of their “guests” would leave for other countries nearby. I wonder what Norway is doing? Oh, wait – that’s probably where the real Swedes are headed.

        People from Sweden and Norway have told me that when the realSwedes want to kick back, they head to Norway for fun. The mind boggles.

  2. I am glad some people in the west grew some spine to point out the obvious truth and forget about the Minister of Truth glaring lies .

  3. Summation of Lillrank’s point: Islam has bloody borders. Islam will always have bloody borders.

    Which is the same point make by Huntington in The Clash of Civilizations (1996).

    Which is the same point of history experienced by any society or country which has ever had the misfortune of being sited along one of those borders. Explaining why Israel is building more and bigger walls along its borders.

  4. Change nation states like iPads. Living in your head leaves nothing to think
    about. Talk. Jerry Garcia, “Its been a long strange trip”

    • I’ve never had an iPad to change. And I keep reading that those devices cause sperm death (not my problem).

      Jerry Garcia, on the other hand, is worth many iPads. And Robert Hunter even more. Maybe I’ll find one of their collaborations and post it today for the eclipse – due here in a few hours.

      • Now there’s an issue that non-Brits may not be aware of. Tampons etc are subject to VAT (= sales tax) here under EU regulations; apparently they’re not a necessity, unlike food, and the government can’t remove the tax till next year.

        Thanks to an online campaign, most supermarkets and pharmacies have recently absorbed the price differential.

  5. The chaos isn’t coming from Russia but from Islam. Sweden is importing Muslims. Sweden is the greater threat and even Russia understands it. Those countries the border Russia have a right to be concerned, but conversely Russia has a right to be concerned about any self-imposed instability in those countries.

  6. In the Finnish-language media Lillrank’s article has been completely ignored. Nobody has mentioned it or made any comment about the content.

    On the other hand, nobody has called Lillrank a racist or a xenophobe.

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