Culture-Enrichers Probe Soldiers in Naples

The following video shows a recent incident in Naples. A detachment of soldiers was in the process of controlling (stopping and checking) an immigrant, when suddenly they were surrounded by dozens of hooting youths. It’s not clear what caused the culture-enriching mob to finally disperse. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Collectively speaking, this was a probe of the Italian security forces, and through them, the Italian state. Without central direction or planning, the migrants are testing the authorities, assessing their strength in order to determine the moment when it will become possible to overwhelm the soldiers and incapacitate them, thus turning the surrounding neighborhood into a no-go zone under Muslim control.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating the accompanying article from Il Giornale:

Naples: 30 Immigrants surround 5 soldiers to impede a stop

A short distance from the Naples Central Train Station, 30 attack the soldiers who were checking a man.

“Abandoned and betrayed”. That is how the inhabitants of the Vasto di Napoli quarter feel, who have published a video on Facebook to complain about yet another episode of violence on the part of foreigners, this time even at the expense of soldiers.

In the video (see), in the center of Via Firenze close to the station, a patrol of five soldiers, armed and tasked with Operation Safe Streets, are searching a man, on the ground, to check him out. Some foreigners come running from the right, then back off. Others arrive from the left. The soldiers, already surrounded, try to keep calm, but suddenly chaos is triggered. Shouting, shoving; someone tries to free the detained man. Then a young man in a green t-shirt intervenes, saying something that causes the thirty immigrants in revolt to disperse.

“Episodes like this occur every day in our quarter, and everybody pretends not to see,” complains the Committee of Vasco Quarter. “We feel alone and abandoned… We fear for ourselves and for our families! Enough now! Aggression even against the State.”

19 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Probe Soldiers in Naples

  1. I just must be an uncivilized American, because if I had been one of those Italian soldiers I would have fired under these circumstances.

  2. It seems that they have several choices. Get those animals under control, or get them out of the country, or just die already. Tourism in Europe is bound to take a big hit.

    • It already has! 30% down thank to the mass immigration of savages.I will not be going to Europe this year. Nobody I know is going. What gets up my nose is the total apathy of the local populations.These “migrants” are sub Saharan and vicious. They are all illegal. Why are they there at all? They will have to cleanse shortly. They will have no choice if Italy is to survive. These imported thugs will kill you at the blink of an eye. The cleansing will be bloody. Even the Mafia have had enough of it all. Violence and imported diseases like cholera, TB and other tropical nasties. If the “Liberals” love them so much, we can forcibly deport them too along with their clients.

      Then as usual we simply role over.

      • I’m off to Andalucia in October, Bishop; but then like you, I live in London, which is probably less safe!

  3. Very tempting to let go a few rounds in the ‘agitators’ direction knowing what the ‘agitators’ are really there for, but unless there has been authorization for such ‘fireworks’ it will be the provoked shooter who will receive a courts -martial to remove him from the military to be then criminally indicted under civil law.

  4. Oh God-my frustration level is at like, 1005+!! To The British Isles, to France, to Italy, and any other [vulgar intensifier] place surrounded by water: get a boat & start running some guns & ammo. You know-big boom firesticks, or little hottie hots that can be concealed under your belt. Start [intemperate suggestion redacted]!! The police canNOT stop 500 citizens who let go of a charge all at once. Russia, Bulgaria, Poland-all have very nice guns. Personally, I’d love a full auto AKanything…….I hear there is a lovely place at the airport in Moscow that wants to sell guns. Be done with this insanity and take your lives back! Be assured that you ARE going to war: it is either them or you!! And you better believe that Mohammed, [redacted] be upon Him, the 4th, and all of his 430 first cousins are shopping in Tehran and Istanbul, and stowing said guns in mosques.

  5. 6:1 odds against should be weapons free time under any sane standard operating procedure.

  6. that is not how armed patrol is operating. assailants could have take possession of their guns and then what?

  7. Did the baying mob *surround* the five soldiers or *attack* the five soldiers (see article above)? “Confront” might have been a better word.I watched the video twice, saw one man pushing a soldier, who pushed back, but then all of them, soldiers plus the mob, moved along leftwards.

    tedh754, I don’t entirely agree with you. They cannot be controlled, since this would mean locking them up for ever. Thus there are two choices: get them out (and stop more coming in) or get the white-flag factories into full production mode. There are no signs that the first is going to happen, and we already have the “virtual” white flags. Thus, UNLESS the citizenry takes matters into its own hands, submission is a matter of when not if. This leads to the logical but terrifying conclusion that the two choices are submission or blood on the streets, the end of life in Europe as we know it.

    The political class have already betrayed and abandoned us. The video presents a foretaste of what is to come, of how it will be when baying mobs of hundreds roam the streets, challenging or attacking the authorities, stealing, looting, unafraid. Hey, the politicos are giving us this and still, in a country like Germany, many people are not yet awake, are about to reelect a chief architect of chaos.

  8. I imagine the next step will be to disarm the soldiers. I expect the rules of engagement for the soldiers would be very strict, they would probably have to surrender rather than use their rifles. Once this happens a few times, the invaders will be able to target police stations and other armouries to get even more weapons. And then the Tet offensive will come to the streets of a European city.

    The response of governments will of course be to crack down on “intolerance” and “islamophobia”.

    • They won’t need to target anything.

      You see all those mosques?

      You can bet that their basements are filled with illegal arms left over from the Balkans conflict and diverted from Ukraine.

    • “Once this happens a few times, the invaders will be able to target police stations and other armouries to get even more weapons.” coming to a city near you.

  9. have the European people awoken to the fact that their leftist politicians don’t care about them. the only reason they allow these colonists in your countries is to conquer you.

  10. This just shows why police MUST wear video cameras. This incident would mean more if there were 5 close ups of the gang

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