Carnage to Catalonia

Here we go again. Horrific photos of motionless bodies strewn like bloody rags across the pavement. Pixelated images of the dead. Huge blood-spatters on the paving stones. Shiny foil body-bags. A smashed-up vehicle abandoned on the sidewalk.

Later, no doubt, there will heaps of teddy bears and candles and flowers all along the 400-yard route of carnage.

And, despite the claim of responsibility by the Islamic State, I can guarantee you that this atrocity had nothing to do with Islam. Nothing whatsoever.

We’ve seen it so many times before — Nice, Berlin, London, Stockholm, and now Barcelona.

I was out most of the afternoon, so all I can do is provide a summary and list of sources. Late this afternoon at least three men in a rented van drove at high speed for a quarter of a mile down the sidewalk of a major shopping and dining street in Barcelona. At least thirteen people were killed and a hundred wounded. The driver fled on foot, and is still at large. The other two men were captured and are in custody.

The van was rented by one Driss Oukabir, a Spanish citizen who is reputedly of Moroccan origin.

Two other incidents — a house that exploded last night and a man who ran over two policemen — may be connected with today’s vehicular jihad.


From FouseSquawk:

El Pais says police have stopped a second attack in Cambrils, south of Barcelona. Five people wounded and four terrorists dead according to PRELIMINARY reports. This is the incident Fox is referring to.

El segundo atentado, en Cambrils (Tarragona), habría dejado dos heridos graves y tres leves, además de los terroristas abatidos. Informa la Cadena SER.


La policía catalana abate a los presuntos autores de un posible segundo atentado en Cambrils (Tarragona). “Trabajamos con la hipótesis de que los hechos de Cambrils responden a un atentado terrorista. Hemos abatido a los presuntos autores”.


Los heridos en el ataque de Cambrils han sido atropellados por los atacantes, que viajaban en una furgoneta. El tipo de atentado se parece mucho al cometido pocas horas antes en Barcelona.Tres de los cuatro atacantes de Cambrils habrían muerto, uno más estaría herido.


The second attack in Cambrils (Tarragona) left two critically wounded and three lightly (wounded), besides the four terrorists killed.


The Catalan police killed the presumed perpetrators of a possible second attack in Cambrils (Tarragona) We are working on the hypothesis that the acts of Cambrils are a terrorist attack. We have killed the presumed perpetrators.


The wounded in the Cambrils attack were run over by the attackers, who were driving in a van. The type of attack seems much like that committed a few hours earlier in Barcelona. Three of the four attackers in Cambrils were killed; another was wounded.

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  1. ….and of course Western propaganda outlets are already trying to equate this terrorist attack with Charlottesville and vice versa.

    How amazing would it be if we all woke up tomorrow and the controlled media had simply vanished into thin air?

    • The attack was carried out by the Moroccan KKK, encouraged by Donald Trump.

      It has prompted renewed calls for the removal of all Confederate monuments in Casablanca.

      • Yeah, that’s the problem: no values no honour , money only.

        Some official was asked in the ’70 s as why the civil war.

        The answer was : because our politicians / ministers are sold and bought like who ** s.
        Cui bono. Traitors we elect them, and they work for foreigners. No faith. No honour. No values.

        Result we are stooges of jihadis and the Pirate.

    • If I knew them off the top of my head, I would list them.

      My beat happens to be Europe, so the European attacks are the ones I remember. Heck, I can’t even remember all the American attacks, even though I live here.

    • just chill,
      israelis are under attack for the last 60 -70 years or so;
      There are so many every week that we would not even keep track.
      Every morning in Haretz on the first page there is always something: soldiers dead at border, cafeterias blown up,busses destroyed.
      During the 3 years I have lived there I learn to look at every fellow citizen for color of the skin, eyes,and measure what one can have under the clothes and the expression of the face.That will stay with me forever.
      You actually , all of you should learn that type of profiling;if may save you life some day.
      The terror comes here, one man /one soldier.

  2. Firstly, I wasn’t criticizing you, Baron. I think you do wonderful work here!

    It is the case across the media that attacks in Jerusalem/Israel are not included in generally discussing Islamic terrorist crimes. Such was true today vis-a-vis Barcelona on Fox News among both hosts and guests. Perhaps, I’m expecting too much; some have difficulty distinguishing Charlotte from Charlottesville, London from Manchester.

    Secondly, I’m not expecting that all attacks in Israel be recollected. Simply, “Jerusalem” be included in such lists.

    Israel is of the West. It is, as we say, the Canary in the Coalmine–the most vulnerable, the vanguard.

    Why are terrorist attacks in Israel forgotten…or excluded? Why are they not in the top of one’s head or on the tip of one’s tongue? I don’t think it is because Israel is not part of an expert or commentator’s area of expertise or in their wheelhouse or geographic area of interest.

    Consciously or sub-consciously, I believe there are other reasons.

    • We have covered attacks in Israel frequently. We even have our own reporter, who lives in Sderot, among the poorest and often most disabled, who have no other place to go. In Sderot even the dogs have PTSD.

      Have you not seen our donation badge for Sderot on the sidebar? Have you not read MC’s many essays?

      There’s an archive, please read it.

      • Not my point, Dymphna.

        I know GoV is sympathetic to Israel. Otherwise, I would spend no time here.

        I am familiar with and appreciate the contributions of MC de Sderot. No need for me to revisit the archive.

        And I appreciate you regularly sharing a link to the brilliant essays of Caroline Glick on your newsfeed.

        Yet, the Jerusalem omission persists. It is not the first time, nor the first time I’ve mentioned it. And, it is a ubiquitous phenomenon in the media and among commentators. I ask why?

        For one, excluding Israel acquiesces to the the left (including MSM), skirting controversy, tension and distraction. It becomes habitual.

        Vehicular jihad was ‘invented’ by these ba^tards to target Israelis, it seems, and then ‘exported’. It’s become commonplace there. Shouldn’t that be recognized and understood…an integral part of the narrative? Or, is it not worth expending much ‘righteous capital’?

        Omission becomes, even for the sympathetic, a subconscious ‘act’.

        I would like you and your sympathetic readers to consider this.

        • Israel is the proving ground for terrorist techniques, and because it is terror against jooz it is acceptable and the mainstream does not have to acknowlege it because, for them, it is a can of shipworms in a wooden boat.

          All the shortcomings of Islam are amply demonstrated in what is now Israel, of the 100 years since Allenby won the battle of Be’ersheva.

          To legitimize Israel is to delegitimize nacent ‘brown supremacy’ and that cannot be allowed.

          Whilst you are right about Jerusalem, per see, it muddies the waters to include it in an essay like this, Israel’s continuing war against the Islamic Steamroller is in a different domaine to the Islamic violence in Europe and the US. It is however related. There is absolutely no excuse for Islamic violence in Europe or the US, and this must be clearly delieated from Islamic violence in say Bosnia and Turkey for example, Violence in Europe and the US is part of an Islamic crusade hosted by those who want to bring down ‘white’ supremacy. Israel falls into a different subset; it is not sponsored by the forces of the left, even if those same forces aid and abet the situation.

      • 🙂 Wasn’t there a vehicular jihad attack in Melbourne early this year?

  3. Nigel Farage on LBC asks people what would they do to stop this, himself avoids any criticism of Islam, then concludes that drugs are definitely to blame.
    Sadiq Khan aka “Mayor of London”, – blames “terrorism”.
    Guardian tells us about “van attack”.

    here is, “Sir” Nigel, what should be done.

    In all relevant aspects – cultural, political, logistic, demographic, geographic, and yes – military – Islam in the West must be put under progressive, unsustainable pressure.
    aimed at its separation, isolation, siege, desintegration, and dissolution.

    first thing that must be done, is pre-emptive pan-European deep surge of all and any infiltrators capable of armed resistance and weapons smuggling.
    – all-out cancellation of Islamic privileges (immigration included).
    – total ban of both foreign and government funding of Islamic organizations.
    – cutting diplomatic relations with Islamic countries.
    – concerted all-Western actions aimed at virtually nullifying oil prices.
    – declaration, introduction and practicing of secular social order – as paramount national priority. secular, humanistic, enlightened meritocracy.

    countries that will dare implementing such de-islamization program – await unseen (and instantaneous) rise in flourishing, prosperity, and progress.

    • I am in.
      I would add:
      -sterilisation of female muslims and reduction of fetal production to maximum 1 child per muslims family.
      -cut all social support to muslim families and their supporters offering the option to leave ASAP

      • “sterilisation of female muslims”..

        poor female muslims, haven’t they had enough.
        at least they don’t rape.. and here it is.

        you likely mean, “forced sterilization”, – it won’t work otherwise.
        but then it isn’t humanistic.

        albeit Western women defacto practice voluntary sterilization these days.

        society should simply promote womens’ rights and facilitate mass apostasy from Islam, then residual problems of former muslims (cultural/IQ disparities) can be solved within acceptable communal agreement, not Sharia.

      • I would add collective family punishment for jihadis that execute attacks like Barcelona.

        Turn about is only fair play, and if this type of action were implemented by public example, at least a portion of would be mujahids would be deterred.

    • Yeah, yeah… In our dreams. Junker, Merkel, Macron, May and the rest of western leaders are ready to do it. Right?

    • Dear AY: we all know what should be done to stop the islamization of West. The problem is politicians and the establishment look the other way. The citizens are fighting alone the way they can, like with this blog. Unless the citizens unite to fight back islamization, the war will be lost.

  4. This is my first post here. I think this resource is very helpful, I rely on it to feel the pulse of essential things. So thank you for your effort and thank you to all who contribute.

    I would like to ask why the reference to Catalonia ends there without referencing its being in Spain. I don’t recall references to other attacked cities by the region/province/state/department they’re in.

    Does this choice of words indicate a sympathy for the Catalonian nationalist cause? President Trump tweeted his support to the Spanish people, including the Catalans and the Barcelonians, Spaniards too. He referred to the attack in “Barcelona, Spain”.

    Thank you.

    • I used “Catalonia” in the title, as a literary reference to the title of a book. There is no other significance to it.

      • A great Orwellian book! See also,

        Don’t sweat it. Catalonia is one of those regions in Europe that is recognized as having identifiable, unique and alluring attributes (history, language, cuisine, capital)…even for we Americans. Think, too: Provence, Bavaria, Alsace, (ah, the wines!), Piedmont, Tyrol, Andalusia…

        or, are we also anticipating a (possible) impending Catalonian separation from Spain? Or, will national forces step in and prohibit the people from voting in the (September?) referendum?

    • Baron is referring, below, to “Homage to Catalonia”, George Orwell’s personal account of his experiences and observations during the Spanish Civil War. It was first published in Britain in 1938 and in the USA, 14 years later.

      Rodrigo would like to ask why “Catalonia [isn’t referenced to] its being in Spain”. I suggest that could be because anyone reading this thread/visiting GoV isn’t entirely unschooled/unread and thus will almost certainly know that Catalonia is in Spain. That’s just part of everyday general knowledge, isn’t it? If one is talking to someone, here in the Netherlands, for example, about Catalonia, I don’t think it’s necessary to remind them that it’s in Spain (” …. which as you know is part of Spain” etc. etc.)

      • References to “Holland” don’t upset you, do they Joe C?

        Still, allusions to “The Hague” (a rival to Brussels) as a geographic metonym for galloping globalist-internationalist hegemony must induce nausea.

  5. If we aren’t willing to redefine our values ti have victory over terror juhad then we’ll lose. We get to keep either our principles or our civilization. Not both. The rest is just details. The Democrats have done the same re the last US election. They thrown away their principles to make an unethical grab for power. In both cases the good side has to suspend their values for a time if they’re to survive. It might mean [intemperate speculation redacted] to eradicate all possibility of terror jihad for all time. If we fail to make this hard decision we lose.

  6. **World leaders were quick to condemn the bloodbath, with UK Prime Minister Theresa May saying Britain ‘stands with Spain against terror’ in response to the tragic news.**

    How extremely brave of her. Words are cheap and easy, indeed.

    • PM May is a joke. “Mayday, Mayday!” The Brexit process must commence (and be deemed irreversible) before that scourge Jeremy Corbyn supplants her as England’s Ubu Roi.

    • Exactly – safely tucked up in Number 10, bomb proof windows,
      round the clock security detail.

      Yet still the boats are arriving in ever increasing numbers directly
      To Spanish shores.

      Another bonanza for balloon and tea light sellers.

      “Security” experts on MSM blithely stating that it may have been

      Remember the, possibly posed, dead little boy on the Turkish
      Beach, tragic of course, but designed to pull on the heart strings
      Of the west?

      Yet no tragic pictures of the dead children in these dreadful
      Attacks in Europe – sheer hypocrisy by the MSM which states
      It is to spare our feelings and respect for the victims.

      They know that the utter horror of these events would tip
      Opinion against unfettered 3rd world illegal immigration
      Once and for all and that would never do.

      Meanwhile the public keep voting for the dreadful Merkel
      And Soros remains at large, free as a bird, the chief architect
      Of the destruction of Europe.

      I am not a religious person but I am beginning to believe that
      There just maybe an Antichrist stalking amongst us at the

  7. We know about Muslims no-go zones. In near future, in the west, will appear non-muslim no-go zones. Like eastern countries.

  8. *The UK foreign secretary, Boris Johnson said he was “concerned and saddened” by the attack and said the foreign office was “doing all we can to identify whether Brits need help”.*

    Gosh, Boris, thanks for those words. You’re “concerned and saddened”. But you AIN’T GONNA DO anything, unless hoping there won’t be “an anti-muslim backlash” somewhere counts as doing something.

    Flowers, teddy bears and candles are on the way.

  9. *And the German foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, said he was “deeply shocked” by the incident.*

    I wasn’t but perhaps I understand something that Herr Gabriel doesn’t.

    My reactions included sorrow and pity for the victims and their families and those who are otherwise part of their lives; anger and disgust towards those who (1) encourage, commit, approve such atrocities and (2) our publics, who elect or reelect our traitorous “leaders” who are aiding and abetting all of this.

  10. Remember the Islamic State spokesman in November 2015 who forecast blood and mayhem on European streets?
    “Just wait”, he said, and smiled.

  11. You gotta love our German owned Czech media. It was literally a white Nazi supremacist killing in Charlotesville – But in Barcelona “A Van killed 13 people!”

    You can only laugh and call their bluff out.

    • Any chance the Czech government can ban foreign ownership of Czech media, temporarily nationalize said media, then auction them off to Czech bidders?

  12. The boss of CNN, I read, blamed this on the ‘right wing attack’ of Charlotteville. It was a copycat attack. (Probably because he couldn’t hire enough actors to stage a mohammedan protest on the spot.)

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