Bill Warner on the Enforcement of Sharia in Britain

In the following interview with Vlad Tepes, Dr. Bill Warner discusses three recent incidents in Britain that highlight the imposition of sharia law in the UK. One of them was featured here last week: the Islamic prayer in a council meeting in Oldham by Manchester. Another indicator is a directive banning all Christian prayers at public meetings. The third is the arrest of a young demonstrator who wrote “Stop Muslim Grooming Gangs” on his chest.

All three illustrate the fact that Britain is rapidly becoming a sharia state:

7 thoughts on “Bill Warner on the Enforcement of Sharia in Britain

    • Indeed, it is a masterstroke of linguistic prestidigitation.

      Be that as it may, there is one small benefit that has come from this verbal slight-of-hand. Namely, that accusations of “racism” are rapidly become a badge of honor, much as with accusations of “Islamophobia”.

      Notice how American Blacks had to gin up a brand new terrorist organization (BLM) in order to resuscitate their otherwise dogeared and shopworn claims about “institutionalized racism” in the USA.

      Now, if we could just get all of this through the mass media’s thick skull.

      PS: Careful examination of how Islam is practiced will reveal that Arab Muslims almost unanimously look down upon all other ethnic coreligionists.

      Thus, to them, Islam is indeed a (master) “race”. However, it is nearly impossible to get any high ranking Muslim scholar or cleric to admit this fact anywhere remotely near a microphone.

    • The OIC modeled their “Islamophobia” campaign on the effort to mainstream the idea of “homophobia” by the LGBT community.

      Coughlin explains this in his excellent book, “Catastrophic Failure”.

  1. Bill Warner doesn’t really point out the real deception the imam from Oldham attempted. The imam’s quote from Sura 5:32 (as usual) does not include the vital part that sanctions Muslims to kill just about anybody on the grounds that they have “caused corruption.” Muslims ( and their apologists such as former British Deputy PM Nick Clegg) always miss out that part of the verse and of course they never, ever mention the very next verse (5:33) which sanctions killing, crucifixion and lopping off hands and feet.

  2. The real real fact about the imam was that the verse he quoted was lifted in part from Jewish sources (not the killing part but the each person is a universe part) as Mohammed lifted a lot of text from the Torah and then distorted it or added contradictions.

    • You’re right. “People of the Book” whom he envied and hated. They laughed at his ignorance; when he finally had enough power he slaughtered the men and took the women and children. And his enjoyment of this slaughter was blatantly obvious. A sick, sick ideology.

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