Austrian Sugar Mamas Welcome Refugees in More Ways Than One

The following video describes a trend among Austrian women of, ahem, a certain age who have a thing for young migrant men, and turn them into their toy-boys. They seek out the new arrivals, ply them with cash and sex, and turn them into their toy-boys.

Could this be the flip side of what the “Australian” halal boss Mohamed Elmouelhy was talking about when he said that Australian women needed Muslim men to “fertilize” them?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   The fact that Austrian women over 40 travel to Africa
0:03   in order to experience amorous adventures with much younger men
0:06   is something many people have already heard of.
0:09   But stories that women in that age range also seek
0:12   to have sex with refugees in Austria are relatively new,
0:15   and it sounds more like they’re bizarre isolated cases.
0:18   But it isn’t, as this young Syrian refugee and journalist reports.
0:21   “All my friends have said, ah, OK,
0:24   I have heard of that,
0:27   one friend of mine, one acquaintance,
0:30   they have done that, and there are many more…”
0:33   “So each refugee knows another one who’s done that.”
0:36   “Correct.”
0:39   Is there a scene, therefore, in which Austrian women who
0:42   acquire for themselves young refugees as toy boys,
0:45   for food, lodging and sex in return?
0:48   This pedagogue cares for young Afghans,
0:51   of whom a few are in such dependent sexual relationships
0:54   with older Austrian women.
0:57   He says that a good many of them are refugee helpers.
1:00   “This is a topic among the refugees, for sure,
1:03   and it is a topic that’s a double-edged sword.
1:06   On the one hand, among these young lads
1:09   it’s communicated along the lines of
1:12   ‘Hey, that’s an opportunity to make money,’
1:15   and on the other hand it’s said,
1:18   ‘Be careful, don’t get too close to that woman,
1:21   it could be that she wants something from you.’
1:25   Many of the young men feel exploited and trapped.
1:28   “He said in the beginning she wanted sex four times a day,
1:31   and I really can’t do it anymore.”
1:34   At the migrant magazine “Biber” it’s been discussed
1:37   for quite a while whether they should report this story.
1:40   Ultimately the story was published in the magazine’s last issue.
1:43   It garnered a lot of critique. This refugee worker […] calls it
1:46   an attempt at attention-seeking,
1:49   and instead of writing about refugees’ access to the jobs market,
1:52   people are consumed with this small side effect.
1:55   “Of course I was concerned because refugee helpers would be brought
1:58   into the discussion with this, and in no case did I want that to happen,
2:01   but to pretend like it never happened,
2:04   after these men were telling us their stories,
2:07   I found that very wrong too,
2:10   and I couldn’t reconcile that with myself,
2:13   when a man sits in front of me and he cries while he tells his story,
2:16   and I would tell him ‘no I can’t publish that’; I can’t do that, I’m a journalist.
2:19   The stories were vetted thoroughly by the “Biber” journalists;
2:22   they found actual hook-up places where such connections could be made.
2:25   There’s this one bar, where it’s known there are
2:28   Africans, Syrians, who hang around there, and then
2:31   these Austrian women go there and they know exactly,
2:34   ‘That’s where I find these men.’
2:37   Sex for money with genders switched is therefore
2:43   not just a thing in movies, even though of course in the real world
2:46   it’s still mostly men who pay for sex.

32 thoughts on “Austrian Sugar Mamas Welcome Refugees in More Ways Than One

  1. These traitors are the same ones who spent their entire young lives demonizing, rejecting, and emasculating the masses of perfectly good men in their own backyard for spurious reasons.

    They will need to be dealt with, along with their invader toy boys.

    • Exactly – I see it as a result of extreme Austrian feminism, which goes along the usual lines: All men are rapists, guns are evil, and on top of that, all austrian men are nazis… Then they wake up old and lonely…

      It would be interesting to find out what really went on in Rome, some 1500 years ago.

      • Roman poor destroyed the city. Goths stood outside. and were asked to defend the citizens. Amazed, told rich Romans to talk to THEIR own people.

  2. How typical that the pro-migrant ‘journalists’ are using it as a further opportunity to encourage pity for the ‘poor refugees’, portraying them as exploited by these silly western women. The men must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. At least these women probably are past menopause. If the men want to work as prostitutes, whatever. The important thing is that the women get their properties secured against claims.

    • That is a very good point, thanks for reminding me! Yes, at least they won’t have babies. Thank you God!!!

    • Woman seem to have the impression that they will change them.
      In the mean time they get the papers, citizenship, and some dosh.

      Western law has proven to be very good for these men, so far and will continue.
      So if there is a split, some of those woman may well be surprised.
      In some countries if the relationship has lasted longer than 3 years, then there could be a divy up of up to half of the assets that are considered joint, and even draw down superannuation funds.
      That is the starting point, for any lawyer’s aim, so there could be some good lump sum compensatory pay outs, to keep them in the life they are accustomed to.

      Even good pre nuptial agreements are tested, and can be modified with court orders,..
      It will be dependent upon the laws of the country, and do check with a good lawyer. It will look like another great source of income for lawyers.
      Best to say good bye to them before the 3 years are up. 🙂 and hope their is no revenge from them and their friends.

      It is not far off and the courts will be recognizing in full all cultural aspects, so no problem to move in a younger breeding cousin/wife, despite one’s protest.

      They may be cougars, but are riding what may become a very upset and controlling tiger.
      After all does a tiger change its stripes?
      So how much will they contribute to that mosque, masjids, halal foods, sharia law.

      • People will be surprised how many of these so-called ‘liberated women’ will rush to don the veil to keep their toy boys interested.

      • Change them..exactly! Like here in the USA where crazy women want to marry convicted mass murderers because “I know there is good in him and I’m sure I can change his heart.”
        Sometimes it is men also. I think one of them married Manson follower Susan Atkins not long before she died.
        What a bunch of losers.

  4. I think this kind of thing was called “Sleeping with the enemy”, and during WWII, women who slept with German troops were treated as traitors in the aftermath…

  5. 2:04 after these men were telling us their stories,

    Actually the young woman said “after they told us their sometimes tragic stories” LOL!

    • Well, I was debating with myself on whether to translate a story I read about several Syrian men in Austria who were held as sex slaves by older Austrian men. The reason I had decided against this, about a week before this video came along, is because I did not want to translate something that would evoke sympathy for these invaders, since I am… very biased.

      But now, after coming across this video, I have a suspicion that this was not the last word on the issue, and I just might dig up that article now and translate it anyway, because there are some hair raising examples of this type of sexual slavery and abuse perpetrated by dried up old hags that really should be judged accordingly. I promise I will find the article and work on it.

  6. Are there any homosexual sugar daddies who have a thing for swarthy machos from the Middle East?

    • Yes, there are. There were some cases of gay men killed by the boy toys they received in their houses, there was recently an article in German press that mentioned the increase of arab men in gay dating sites and also of gay porn movies on arab men fetish… utterly disgusting

  7. Not surprising. These are older, former professional women who spent their fertile years working for big business for that “meaningful work” which turned out to be a illusion. They hit menopause without a boyfriend, let alone a husband and children.

    Their own men didn’t want them at that point for good reason. They were damaged goods.

    Prior to this they’d travel to places like Kenya to pick up a lover – most of whom turned out to be con-artists who would swindle the women out of their savings and then abandon them.

    Those Syrians will clean them out so fast it won’t even be funny.

    Slightly OT: Studies have shown if you want women to remain unmarried and childless – send them to college where those lefty professors twist their minds to the point they are unable to have healthy relationships with the opposite sex.

    • Keeping a happy, healthy hearth and home for the purpose of raising happy, healthy children is the most ‘meaningful work’ there is.

  8. I saw this a few weeks ago and thought it was too strong in language, but is very pertinent here.
    WARNING: Language is raw with some strong *cuss* words
    Refugee “Children” & The Women Who Sexually Exploit Them
    31 minutes 9secs
    Angry Foreigner

    He speaks good English, obviously very frustrated at how he sees Sweden destroying it self.
    He does cover many things about the muslim hirja, like the unaccompanied child age question, and how the name of the “tye-dye hag” evolved, and shows the depraved irrationality of them and arguements they make for the child refugees

    Touches on the conflict that arises even for the immigrant, as it is in conflict to most moral men, even if they are muslim.
    So do not be surprised that muslims will hate the white Swede for humiliating them.

    Then the costs to the Government, and how some of the financial structure of this works.
    Brings up many questions of the true aims of aid, or rather non aid.
    He even mentions where a practical solution to some of these problems may lie.

    And backs up many of things he claims with data in the newspapers, though I can not read Swedish, though some are in English.

    This is just another symptom of how our society is selling it self out, and explicitly so, with people who do not care for their own society, do not care for the immigrant, and do not care for the children. The “psychosis of political correctness”, is exposed in all its rawness that has such a hold on Sweden.

    Kyra, ((deplorable)) I am sure you will sadly agree, as AF does not pull any punches.
    This needs to be exposed totally, with all the ideology that seems to drive this madness.

  9. I don`t doubt this happens sometimes.
    This was already mentioned as a problem in the illegal migrant-camp “Jungle at Calais” in France.
    But I also wonder why it is then that some Rapeguees (and their western helpers) argue with a lack of having sexual contacts.

    Sounds to me like they turning an argument how it suits them.
    Maybe also because of the many rapes and sexual assault committed by their muslim-darlings.
    Just in the last days from Sweden (musicfestival again) to Austria and Germany (10-year old was sexually assaulted by a Sudanese).

    • Sexuality was and is part of Jihad and Muslim dominance.

      From Muhammeds female slaves (one of them later become one of his wives), the systematic raping of nuns when conquering christian territory, the muslim slave trade with female captives (from Iceland to the Caucasus), prohibiting the intermarriage with male Nonmuslims (while Muslims can marry jewish and christian women), up to the obscene large scale Harems of the Ottoman Empire.

  10. It’s not news at all. The same was reported to have happened to young albanian immigrants in the different refugee camps in South Italy in 1991. Old western cows looking for young, inexperienced males.

  11. I feel bad for these women. When you aren’t very attractive it can be lonely. I don’t really buy that these men are being exploited, though. They know exactly what they are doing. If you work as a hustler you don’t get to whine about it when you get sick of the person you’re using. then again most people bitch about their jobs…..

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