“Allahu Akhbar” at Buckingham Palace

Last night’s news feed featured a report on knife attack against police in front of Buckingham Palace in London. I remarked in my introduction that there was no report yet of any “Allahu Akhbar” during the incident.

Well, now there is. And it included a ramming attack. And not only that, the mujahid who carried out the attack had a four-foot sword with him.

The attacker is said to be a “Lutonian”. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is one of the beanie-and-nightshirt guys who assault Tommy Robinson on the streets of Luton.

According to the The International Business Times:

Buckingham Palace Attacker Armed With ‘4ft Sword’

Man arrested outside Buckingham Palace after ‘attacking two police officers’

A man who was apprehended by police outside Buckingham Palace last night (25 August) was armed with a 4ft sword, Scotland Yard confirmed.

The 26-year-old from Luton repeatedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ after ‘deliberately’ ramming his Toyota Prius into a marked police car in Constitution Hill, close to the royal residence at around 8.30pm on Friday. (25 August)

The suspect reached for the weapon in the passenger footwell. Three police officers were injured as they struggled to restrain him. He was finally subdued using CS gas and arrested Sky News reports.

Scotland Yard confirmed the attacker has been detained at a central London police station on suspicion of assault and grievous bodily harm under the Terrorism Act 2000.

14 thoughts on ““Allahu Akhbar” at Buckingham Palace

  1. These bobbies clearly need to train with NYPD, LAPD, or Chicago PD.

    When an attacker is ramming his car into your police vehicle, that is deadly force, and the police would be justified responding in kind.

    Instead, they are wasting time and getting injured ‘restraining’ this loser.

    • One small correction: the mujahid is not a loser, he is a winner. Manifestly, based on what is happening in Britain now.

      • Yes, the moslems are the “strong horse” on that sinking isle.

    • For awhile, after some serious riots by black folk in London (lots of looting), the Brits considered hiring NYC’s police chief from the 90s, Bratton.


      NYC was a hell-hole when he and Guiliani began reforms…the Broken Window theory (it dates back to Frederic Bastiat, a mid 19th-century French economic philosopher)

      Too bad the Met chickened out – there would have been some fierce blow-back from the anti-American contingent. Those same tactics, which made NYC safe again – need to be applied in other urban areas of America, too. But they won’t be because those in charge are terrified of being mau-maued by the PC Po-lice.

  2. A four foot sword is very visual but unwieldy , a Midshipman’s Dirk would have been more effective but not so showy, that is unless of course it was the type of sword used in Chop Chop squares in KSA. If so then this guy is making a profound statement – that all khuffirs should be executed.

    Does this not comprise the ultimate hate crime especially when you consider the location. there is maybe a message embedded here.

  3. Western Europe is no longer safe as a whole! The EU took their borders from them and forced them to accept these terrorists and this is what they get! When anyone stands up against this crap they are either racists or white nationalists! So now we have the fallout coming to fruition!!

    • I believe Fjordman warned about this way back when he had his own website. He and I discussed the so-called “Constitution” – deliberately written to obfuscate the reality. What is happening now to individual Germans re speech is in that document – all legal.

      In the US, the closest parallel we have is the Obamacare law…it was thousands of pages long and unreadable (I tried). As the years went on, it was further amended with another 20,000 pages.

      Obama was and is a Communist, just like his parents. He and the then- Democrat majority in Congress deliberately socialized our health care system, ruining it in the process. The plan is to have the government take it over entirely with a single-payer system. We will be just like Britain’s NHS, a ruination if ever there was one.

      We used to be the place to which Canadians could flee for timely attention to serious diseases, just as Americans could, at one time, access Canada’s far cheaper meds. Those avenues are closed now. Canada would never admit it has a de facto death panel system in place but it does. If you’re too old, too sick, etc., you have to wait a long time for whatever procedures you want. Just because you want a procedure doesn’t mean you’ll get it. So you die before your name comes up in the queue. Too bad, so sad.

      OTOH, I believe Canada has established a much more robust palliative care system for terminal cases than the U.S. has. Here, death can be harsh because drugs that would help alleviate discomfort are so closely limited, even as the drug outlaws spread millions of those little pills illegally. Opiate addiction in this country is high.


      My daughter died of an accidental overdose of methadone; it was the first time she’d ever used it. My family doctor, who saw her the day before she died (but didn’t prescribe the methadone), said she believed that Shelagh didn’t understand there would be no signal “high” from methadone and so kept taking the pills. Shelagh died in her sleep that night; the subsequent autopsy showed a fatally high level of the drug in her already-damaged liver. A healthy person might have survived. But she was just one of thousands that year.

  4. I had a little chuckle when the Mayor of some Austrian town said that anyone shouting I’ll have a snackbar would be shot within 4 paces

      • Venice was Austrian during the first half of the 19th century. Perhaps Baldy is mocking the insatiable revanchism (a pleonasm?) of islam.

  5. Is it the third Islamist terror attack in London this year? And all of them have been perpetrated in the most tourist-infested part of the city. If it goes on like this, it might tangibly affect the tourist industry in the UK.

  6. Not Paris, Budapest.

    Minsk would also be a wonderfully safe destination (and it has quite a few attractions, by the way).

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