Al-Andalus Will Be Ours Again!

The following clip contains excerpts from an Islamic State propaganda video that was released after the recent jihad massacre in Barcelona. It’s a reminder that one of the engines driving the Great Jihad is the urgent imperative to reclaim territory that has been lost to the Ummah.

It doesn’t matter that Iberia, a.k.a. al-Andalus, was first claimed for the Ummah through violent conquest. Once a plot of land belongs to the Ummah, Islamic law insists that it remain Islamic in perpetuity. If non-believers happen to reoccupy the territory, it is only a temporary usurpation, to be rectified by the Muslims as soon they have mustered sufficient strength to launch a victorious jihad against it.

The same applies to all pieces of land occupied by Muslims, no matter how small, including cemeteries and “Islamic cultural centers”. It’s worth remembering that fact the next time Muslims in your area apply to the local council or planning commission for permission to open a mosque or break ground for a cemetery.

Many thanks to Fausta for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:47   If you can not do the hijra to the Islamic State,
0:50   the jihad no longer has borders. Make jihad wherever you are.
0:55   Insh’allah, Allah will be pleased with you.
1:00   Terrorism has again hit Europe.
1:25   And people running everywhere in panic, it was, it was . . . ooff
1:31   [heavily accented] Allah accepts the [unclear] of our brothers in Barcelona.
1:35   War yesterday and tomorrow, until the end of the world.
1:50   Leave this war of others. Leave the union with Christians.
1:56   Otherwise, we will never let you be, never, ever.
2:18   You Spanish Christians forget about the Muslim blood spilled
2:22   by the Spanish Inquisition. We shall avenge your killings.
2:25   And the ones you are currently carrying out against the Islamic State.
2:39   And with Allah’s permission, al-Andalus will be what it once was: Land of the Caliphate.

8 thoughts on “Al-Andalus Will Be Ours Again!

  1. “It’s a reminder that one of the engines driving the Great Jihad is the urgent imperative to reclaim territory that has been lost to the Ummah.”

    You mean the Muslims need an excuse to commit terror? Progress!!!

  2. You are right on the claim staked on Iberia, particularly Al-Andalus, it is believed in. Now I am going to adjust your view to historical reality, not to pronounce judgement but to simply create a factual panorama. I do this because if you are going to argue a point, your argument should take into account the following :

    Visigothic rule after the collapse of the Roman empire was relatively short, around a couple hundred years. The goths were a small minority. The later northern Christian conquests used their previous presence as cause to claim a re-conquest, though the gothic line was very limited in actual obtention of power…hence the Austrian kings and Borbones. It was in real terms a Christian re-conquest. Religious.

    The Moors ruled Al-Andalus, more particularly the Kingdom of Granada, for around seven hundred years. Longer than any “faction” before or since. The moors, religion aside, are ethnically close to native Iberians.

    I could go into much greater detail, but the point is that the accusation regarding Islamic claims on Al-Andalus is no different than could be made on the claims used during the re-conquest.

    Apart from the argument therefore being at least slightly hypocritical, we are simply faced with a blunt reality:

    The kingdom of Spain is now run and owned by who it is, power over it is exercised by claim of conquest and occupation. There are no plans to cede it to outside rule. Whatever claims any other has is not recognised.

    The saying is ” Reaching the summit is not the hardest part, staying there is ”

    How does that play out in reality?

    It depends, it depends… some will seek to vindicate their claims by open conquest, others will simply peacefully occupy until they are respected as owners. A physical battle or a cultural battle/fusion… or both.

    The same is happening in Arab lands btw, under a slightly different guise, by the west.

    Who knows where it leads to, but you must be wise in how you handle the territory you now control, not harsh… just wise, and in the choice of who you choose to lead your own nation. There is much history, recent histoy also, that does not work in favour of traditional western values.

    • Regardless of a very finely presented argument, there actually does remain an ultimate reality of the TRUTH, found at the “summit”. When all, of fine quality, or usually lesser quality than your discourse, is said, what remains stated or missed from being stated, is the stark and fundamental absolute, difference of islam and all other beliefs, whether atheism or any of several classic religions.

      None but islam bless as ordained by the ultimate criminal satan god all the massively deranged criminal behaviors, murders, mutilations, torture, thievery, sex, and all else that can be dreamed up, as is islam purely made up of, other than day to day instructions of how, and which hand to wipe one’s a**, 0r which foot to enter the crapper with.

      Thus the actual choice is whether to live under the most repressive darkness imaginable by distant dictators, whether closely enforced or just a dark cloud of vague evil knowledge, affecting all’s mental outlook, without exception.

      Not possible is any period but brief ones, of carefree Godlike living or atheist free thought. Women must live in constant fear, tiptoeing mostly, for fear of rape, or beating, or death, being doomed to heavy worthlessness. All else, with men on a relatively safer plain, are subject to serendipity in a dictatorial death cult.

      Under such rein, the fundamentals of islam, doom any bright future, collectively or individually, to “hell”, on earth or later!

      Anon, if you are not aware of that critical difference, I suggest you consider going back to the books, and study the fundamental truths of the hadiths, first, sharia second, koran next, sura last. Perhaps then the fine argument of the “summit”, will seem less critical, than what is right, best, and correct, for the human soul, both the spiritual one, and/or the physical one, here on this plain, called earth, let alone for God, in any day of judgment.

      Right is really right, and evil is just plain filthy vermin infested, evil. With or without any emotional appeal. Just plain TRUTH-REALITY, it is what we have!

  3. “anon”
    You are wrong when you say : « The moors, religion aside, are ethnically close to native Iberians.» See DNA maps of Portuguese and Spaniard with Morrocan types, There is 5-10% in common (part of this is more than 5000 years old).

    Sorry again: but i’m a descent of Rodrigo Froeles, aka Pelayo, and yes it tooks rivers of our blood to return to the graves of our forefathers. And Muslim will rule here on my dead body OK?!

    Christians from outside Iberia were not helpers -they tried to subdue us and turn part of us to Islam

    And al Andaluz is Spain and Portugal!

    We, from Portugal sail round Africa to fight Islam in the Indic Ocean. We ruled there for 100 years. Our domain was then seised by Dutch and English in aliance with Persia and the Sultan of Babylonia (=Cairo). Venice stood by this Sultan.

    There will not be a fusion! Do you know our medieval word for law: Foro (= liberties and duties). Yes, like Frei; free, it is of gotic origin. Do you know what Islam means? =submission.

    Freedom and submission together -no waY

  4. On another aspect, soon we (those free or not, knowing or not, Godly or not) are going to have to conduct, what has always been needed in history-The Answer. We are rehearsed, we have worked as a coalition of forces, many former victims of the evil gang, (even so, America-Barbary-Tripoli-during our founding, through 9-11, since, our people have bled!).

    Any good version of 10-10-732 AD, a 9-12-1683 AD, a 10-7-1571 AD-Lapanto, (Holy League-Pius5-Ottomans), or even if needed, a 1448 AD-Vlad Tepes. (shish ka bob isn’t difficult after all, remember, they do it every day). We’ve been in police actions so far, kind of mini crusade actions, not enough but to dissuade, but keep ‘em busy. Soon will come the demand for decision, that time is not historically long!

    Self-defense of our family, our nation, Freedom, is expected, demanded, by God, and by Nature. Good demands the hatred of evil, the elimination of evil-raw evil! Those misunderstanding, study original history, study the Bible, remember over a hundred thousand former slaves, helped fight for their freedom in the Civil War, alongside the Freedom loving Republicans, Lincoln, so many of us all, paid the maximum price, already. Those globalists, who want to control us, and our very life and moneys, will never understand. Freedom is dear!

    • Bear in mind, no one has yet permanently obliterated the evil of islam. In the “garden of good and evil” unamassed evil may remain individually, until perhaps the second coming, of our Lord, as a condition of “free will”, but amassed evils, of so many cult gangs, have been minimized as with the nazis, Shinto’s, and Mussolini’s fascists. islam has been beaten down, justly, but not removed, as has been its seamless twin, nazism-such a twin as to be a little brother. WW2 removed, exposed, and illustrated the evil in national socialism of Germany. We don’t yet know what will do the same for the utter evil beliefs, practices of islam. We’ve never been able, yet to destroy the amassed evil of islam, or motivated, to try, yet. In the West, and in God’s name, that is our task.

      Another cult, out of Japan, (the “aum” evil currently shown here: preys yet on a few uneducated, or disturbed followers , now in eastern Europe, given to paranoid thinking, even though shown to be maximum violent, and quite disturbed in thoughts, as with Jim Jones, and others, seeking bizarre utopias, they dream up, always to be accomplished by evil dictatorial force, not positive building upon demonstrated successes.

      Who but our Founding Fathers, speak for the individuals, fairly, Godly, and with honor, for each individual, benevolently, to have the Freedom to have ultimately that equal opportunity to try to succeed as well as each may be able. To have equal opportunity for education, and equal protection under law-that is to have the benefits of the Declaration of Independence, and the rights bestowed under the Constitution, reflecting in fact, the principles of the Holy Bible, especially the New Testament. Certainly no socialist-communist-marxist would, no dictator (religious or secular type), nor would any cult, of any sort, ever, be able to self-correct, and last, more than part of a generation. God and the Bible have withstood time, and America has stood through hell, for ten generations.

      For those of little global history knowledge, who worry about the slavery of a relative few among our best Founding Fathers, history will show, after thousands of years of global slavery, practiced by nearly all peoples, including blacks, our Founding Fathers were actually deeply conflicted recognizing both the evil of slavery, and the practicality of risking all their lives, families, and fortunes, (which most lost all or part, eventually) in the revolution, to put off the abolishment of slavery for a time, to win the greater good for all. Ultimately, whites (both in Britain and America) brought non arab and non islamic slavery to an end, at exceeding high cost. Today, in mostly muslim lands, and arab lands, slavery continues, according to many, many, sources-both sexual and personal slavery, sex slave human trafficking, even being imported into America. Just open ones eyes, and see!

      In spite of the “resistance” of the media, democrats, and some bereft rinos, abetted by such evil atheist entities as soros family’s multi-dozen NGO evil enterprises, hiring thug demonstrators, like Hollywood extras, in craigslist adds, for $25 + per hour.

      We again face evil forces, within and without, it will be very trying and very difficult, but the Way will be Shown.

  5. This is another reasons Leftists and the Ummah get along so well – both want to roll the world back to a pre-Western condition.

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