A Vote for Germany’s Future

German Turks are so unhappy with the Bundestag’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide that they have formed their own political party to represent the interests of Muslims in Germany.

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

ADD: A Vote for Germany’s Future

by Egri Nök

A new party will be on the ballot in the German national elections on September 24, with the promising name ADD, “Allianz Deutscher Demokraten” (“Alliance of German Democrats”).

A Turkish gentleman named Ramzi Aru formed the AD Democrats as a protest in 2016, when the German Bundestag recognized the mass killings of the Armenians by the Turks as a genocide. According to Mr. Aru, this puts all German parties out of the question for Turkish voters.

Wait — Is that Turkish President Erdogan on a German election poster?

Intrigued by the ADD poster for the German Bundestag election, which curiously appears to show the counterfeit of Mr. Erdogan, we went to their website to read their mission statement:

(excerpt : )

The AD Democrats champion a communal right to vote for all foreign nationals and people without nationality who are of the necessary voting age, and who have been legally resident in Germany for a period no longer than a communal legislative period; independent of their nationality.

Whoever feels that their opinion matters is already integrated. The communal right to vote must be granted to all people, to enable them to participate in the active forming of their direct environment.

Excluding people from the right to vote is discrimination against their exercising their political rights. Due to demographic developments, a growth of the population that is not politically represented is to be expected in the coming years. Thus, in communities with a high proportion of foreigners, democracy-free areas will form. Foreigner Advisory Boards and Migrant Premiums alone cannot replace the active democratic process. The AD Democrats champion the granting of the full right to vote to every foreigner at the community and national level after ten years of residence.

The AD Democrats also champion to grant families more political weight by giving the parents the right to vote for their underage children. This increased weight will mean that families will move into the center of the political processes, and family policies will automatically become more sustainable. Only someone has the vote can be sure to be acknowledged politically; especially children.

In what appears to be a jingoistic Turkish news portal, we found a report on the ADD’s party convention in Duisburg in November 2016.

ADD Vice Chair Ramazan Akbas and Martin Lejeune (right) at the ADD party convention in Duisburg

Regular readers will recognize two familiar faces at the event: One of them is the German ‘journalist’, former Marxist, and convert to Islam Martin Lejeune (photo right). We covered his unfortunate little mishap at the Berlin Marathon, where he was shilling for Erdogan: Taking One For Team Erdogan (Gates of Vienna, April 8, 2017).

The gentleman on the left, speaking to Mr. Lejeune, is Mr. Ramazan Akbas, vice chair of the ADD. He is new to us, but from another news portal, Turkishnews, we learn that he has lodged a complaint against the aforementioned Armenia resolution in the German Bundestag, arguing that the resolution violates his human rights. His complaint was turned down, so now he is suing at the European Court of Human Rights.

The “famous blogger” Bilgili Üretmen at the ADD party convention

The other familiar face is, we learn, “the popular blogger from the Turkish immigrant community, Bilgili Üretmen”, here seen holding his membership card. We did not know that he was popular or a blogger, we only knew him from what appeared to be a nervous breakdown and a screaming fit directed at the German concert organizer Marek Lieberberg, when Lieberberg’s “Rock am Ring” event was cancelled due to a terror risk, and Lieberberg suggested that terror might have something to do with Islam (full story: Ramadan am Ring, Part 2, Gates of Vienna, June 11, 2017. Turn the volume down should you watch the video).

All in all, we think that with such personnel, and such a programme, this newly-founded party is a welcome contribution to the diversity of the German political landscape. What could possibly go wrong?

(Thank you Gate of Vienna’s Baron Bodissey for suggesting the title of this article — and apologies for stealing it!)

[Note from the Baron: No problem! Plenty more where that came from.]

11 thoughts on “A Vote for Germany’s Future

    • Not at all – can’t you feel how much are his human rights violated?

      “he has lodged a complaint against the aforementioned Armenia resolution in the German Bundestag, arguing that the resolution violates his human rights.”

      How this is violating his human rights?

      Let me rephrase this: this is akin to a Nazi butcher from Auschwitz complaining that recognition of Holocaust as a genocide violates his human rights.

      Bottom line: Germany truly is in a process of committing its suicide.

      • Sign of the times and of things to come.

        Wasn´t it Gaddafi who said that the moslems would use democracy to overthrow democracy ?

        • He also said something about how Africans would flood Europe if he were removed.

          I also saw a video where he was (essentially) ranting about how the Arab League shouldn’t be so smug about the removal of Saddam, because any one of them could be next. Bashar was smirking in the background. I’ll bet he’s no longer smirking. Gaddafi certainly isn’t any more.

          Unfortunately, he wrapped all of this in an antisemitic rant, but he seemed to otherwise have been a LOT more sane than he was given credit for. In fact, I think that he was often presented as insane in order to neuter his message, because in retrospect, he seems like he was VERY sane. A dictator and a nasty one, yes. But insane? I don’t think so.

          Thank Hillary for getting rid of him. It’s one of her great achievements…

          • Gaddafi’s liquidation will provide future generations with final proof of the old maxim:

            “Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.”

            As in, how’s that Arab Spring thingy working out?

  1. The add mission statement was clearly written by a Muslim, it exhibits the delusional, meandering grandiosity they tend to speak and write with.

    anyways, in a sane alternate timeline, ADD was banned a month ago, all supporters have been arrested and detained while they wait to be sent back or otherwise dealt with.

    • Even seems to have irked Merkel, or at least provided an opportunity for her to “be tough”, or a victim of Turkish accusations:


      That no bank would associate themselves with them is just proof to ADD of institutional racism , but a theme that will likely be used to maximum effect if possible…. peaceful resentful migrants need something to gather round and associate with…. or they will be more easily lured into extremism… right?

      ( Hope you catch the cynicism in my tone, just trying to explain how this monte works)

      Seems if you want to buy nail varnish remover or bleach your hair with peroxide in France, from now you have to present ID… in case you decide to cook up some tatp while you’re waiting.

      Moustaches will be in vogue again…or I suppose a… err… balaclava, yes balaclava fashion.

  2. So they think that Moslems will vote for Christian democrats ? I thought germans were smart .

    • I have just heard that a Christian party has been formed in
      Ankara to represent the rights of Christians in Turkey.

      Oh sorry my mistake that should read a vigilante party
      Has been formed to round up Christians in Turkey!

      Easy mistake to make.

  3. ADD seems to move strictly within the framework of EU and German law. They only exhibit the entitlement and victim-hood mentality that can be fully expected of them on any and all occasions.

    The host country and its elite are the ones responsible for this potential disaster of an islamic party ruling in coalition with Die Linke, the Greens and eventually the SPD. I see a real potential for that within a rather short time frame. Make no mistake: the muslims in Germany WILL use their right to vote en bloc.

    This development in the German political landscape has eery parallels in Houellebecqs book Submission.

    • Houllebecq and Raspail are two very gifted writers. Both of them got so much right that one wonders if they had access to a crystal ball to peer into the future.

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