A Culture-Enriching Flash Mob Swarms the Carabinieri

The following video shows a group of migrants in Italy who took to the streets in front of their asylum accommodation to protest the denial of their asylum status. When one of them was arrested, the police were mobbed by other migrants as they tried to put the detainee in a car.

You’ll notice that when a flash mob like this outnumbers the police sufficiently, the cops have to back down. The police were reinforced by other units, and eventually order was restored, but I don’t think the arrested man was ever put into a car.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:06   From the reception center they poured into the street
00:10   with protest banners and billboards. They blocked traffic, marching in procession to Porta Venezia
00:15   to ask for recognition of refugee status or demonstrate against the denial of the measure.
00:20   However, (after) a few hundred meters, the tension was transformed into a brawl
00:25   when agents from the Questura and personnel from DIGOS of Cremona
00:28   tried to put an immigrant into the car,
00:31   who had offered resistance to a public official.
00:43   (Within) a few seconds, as you can see from the images taken by our video cameras,
00:47   dozens of “non-EU citizens” immediately arrived to help him
00:52   and grab their companion away from the hands of police.
00:57   The intervention of the agents, supported also by the Carabinieri of Cremona,
01:00   and of Don Pizzetti, director of Diocese Caritas.
01:03   Order and calm were restored among the immigrants,
01:06   who were convinced to break up the procession and re-enter the reception house.
01:10   The protest, which broke out around 8:30 in the morning involved some 60 immigrants
01:16   of various nationalities, housed by the structure on Viale Trento e Trieste
01:20   With banners and billboards, on which is written, “We don’t want pasta and rice;
01:23   we want documents”, they went onto the street,
01:26   indifferent to traffic and cars were forced to stop.
01:33   The Questura confirms that there were moments of tension, due to the necessity of
01:38   containing the group of demonstrators in a confined space
01:43   otherwise not closed to automobile traffic.

9 thoughts on “A Culture-Enriching Flash Mob Swarms the Carabinieri

  1. In beautiful Cremona (Lombardia). Cue the violins.

    I presume that the Lega Nord party is strong in Cremona and there is little to no sympathy for these african migrants there…unless supporters come pour across the Po from nearby red-fat-pseudo-intellecutal Bologna.

    I’d love to hear from an Italian commentator!

    • Lega Nord is strongly radicated in Cremona and in other parts of Italy. Cremona is the town where Matteo Salvini got re-elected party’s secretary last May. Lega is growing everywhere in Italy, even in the south were Matteo is actively campaigning. Italians are opening every day their eyes on the mess the four non-elected Leftist governments led by the Democratic Party have provoked. Today we hear about Jersey barriers to be put at vulnerable spots in most Italian cities, in the wake of Barcelona’s halal slaughter. The multiculturalist globalist open border government have opened country’s borders to an invasion of barbarians, and is now separating public space with the help of concrete blocks. As if they were enough to protect civilians.

  2. The intellectuals, the ones who coat us with the blatant lie of EQUALITY, will kill us all.

    Ordinary people like me know what blacks are, know it from an early age.

    Only the anointed ones demand that the whole world deny reality and succumb to a PERVERSION OF REALITY.

    • You know what blacks are, do you? You mean they are all the same? Horrible savages?

      There are many ‘blacks’ who are well-educated, decent law-abiding citizens. Perhaps you’ve never met any. I have. In fact I have them in my family.

      People living in poverty with little education can be a real barbaric pain in the neck to themselves and to others – whether they are white, black or brindle. Throw Islam into the mix and it’s 100 times worse.

      Of course our experience always colors our opinions, but if you are a Christian or even just a compassionate person, perhaps you can imagine wear your blacks’ shoes for a while and see how it feels.

      I’m not saying that they ought to settle in the West in droves, because, unless they are Western educated (which most are not) they will be unhappy themselves, and not appreciating the Western culture they’ve invaded, they will treat it with the utmost disrespect – which is what we see daily.

      One can hardly blame them because from their point of view, growing up in a harsh, brutal, corrupt environment, they think Westerners are p..ss-weak, and pathetic in their inability to defend what is theirs. They are correct!

      Perhaps the problem lies with the appalling state of education – in Africa, where it is unavailable to many and in the West, where it is little more than PC propaganda and Marxist drivel. The former are disadvantaged by not being taught to think, and so remaining impulsive blockheads, and the latter, by being educated into sanctimonious but timid stupidity. From that perspective, they are well-matched – two populations of idiots!

      • Some of these Countries are very wealthy…but the money goes into pockets…not the people…

        I once worked somewhere… very poor…no steady water or power supply…I said the west should bring engineers under armed guard to protect your essential services …that way your country grows provides steady work…24 hour power…All were Engineers and agreed…

  3. Islam has declared war on us some 1400 years ago…The war continues…The West needs to WAKE up very quickly…to ISLAM… The RoP…BS…it wants to KILL us all…or we convert…

    Me Never…

  4. Wherever I worked I respected the people I came across…they respected me…It was my job to assist them…make a better world…

    I always tried very hard to learn their language and be polite…and respect the culture…

    I defended locals whom were subjected to racial abuse…it cost me my job in many places…

  5. I remember the articles about Dr Nicolai Sennels who said that muslims teach their children to use violence. They are expected to use violence. Otherwise they are seen as weak and not worthy of being part of the clan.

    I think this fits with Jack Donovans “Violence is golden”
    ” you can’t just wish it (violence) away”
    “If every man lays down his arms and refuses to pick them up, the first man to pick them up can do whatever he wants. ”

    And to blacks:
    I just need to look at Detroit or other black majority cities.
    (According to the movie trailer of “Black Panther” the Blacks are at least 100 years more advanced than whites – if we had not enslaved them. But then I think of a comment by Thomas Sowell who said that while slavery was ended in white countries a long time ago it is still well and alive in Africa today.)
    Or remember what happened in the Superdome during Hurricane Kathrina.

    I would really like to see what happens, if we would build a totally segregated city with big, medievil-like walls between the various city parts. Every group has its own industrial area, police force, waterworks, powerstation etc. And if someone wants to buy something from this city every order is divided among the various groups.
    Lets wait a few years and then look how the various groups have evolved and how their parts of the city have turned into.

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