Viktor Orbán: The EU, Soros, and the Destruction of Europe

Last Sunday we posted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech at the “open university” colloquium. Below is a shorter excerpt in which Mr. Orbán focuses on issues related to the European Union and George Soros.

Once again, the translation is by CrossWare and the subtitling by Vlad Tepes:

See the earlier post for a full transcript.

14 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: The EU, Soros, and the Destruction of Europe

    244 million are on the move

    Migration is INEVITABLE
    Migration is NECESSARY
    Migration is DESIRABLE ”

    Source: UN video cited in:
    INVASION-21: UN Document Plans People Replacement War Against West
    Infowars (at 12.07)

  2. Viktof Orban is right. In every word he says. I watched the whole thing. My Hungarian is a bit sketchy but with the words provided and his speech I think I caught it all.

    What I wonder is why “they” want to foist all these 3rd world people on Europe (and America). Why can’t they help themselves? God knows the mid-east is overflowing with oil and the money therefrom. Plus charity from the west.

    This almost sounds like a man-made emergency with some other purpose underlying it. I wonder what it might be. Calling Agatha Christie!

    • The EU and UN are inflicting this invasion on Europe. It brings to fruition the vision of the “grandfather” of the EU, Coudenbove-Kalergi:

      ” The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future … will replace the diversity of peoples … .”

      See “Europe Down the Pan” at Liberty GB

    • This is all happening because of the oil contracts made in 1970s. Europe would only get oil for immigration of arab people.

  3. The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states.
    Peter Sutherland, UN’s special representative for migration has said.

    According to the German language Wikipedia, this Peter Sutherland inter alia was or is a high ranking member of Goldman Sachs, Trilateral Commission, European Round Table and the Bilderberg-Konferenz.

      • Personally I am already to old for migration, nor do I take it into consideration right now.
        When the time comes I will make my last stand, if necessary.
        For younger people it may be an option…
        At least they should look to qualify themselves for it, fe. with a well founded education and the right occupations.

  4. By the time the native Europeans are uncomfortable enough to realize there is no alternative but to fight for their survival…..

    The standard ending to that sentence is “it will be too late.”

    Although I don’t agree that it will be too late it probably will be too late to defend an entire nation state, a Germany, a France. The map of Europe will shatter into possibly hundreds of free regions or city states or statelets and just as many enslaved regions. And the fighting will be chronic.

    Just a guess.

      • Do you know why “Balkanisation” happened? Hint: it’s not because of the people living there. It’s because of the “Great” Powers carving up territories and hindering the fight for independece of those people. When Michael the Brave beat the hell out of the Ottomans and unified the Romanian Principalities, Rudolf the II ordered his assassination. Maybe if he didn’t, the Ottoman Empire would have ended sooner(clearly avoiding the whole Gates of Vienna situation). But their interes was to rule a huge swath on land, which later became the Austro -Hungarian Empire, which existed only because people in “The Balkans” had to fight 2-3 enemies at a time: Russians, A-U and the Ottomans.

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