Tommy Robinson: The Koran is an Instruction Manual for Sex Slavery

Last night we posted a video of Tommy Robinson speaking in Sunderland. In his remarks he quoted the Koran to demonstrate the scriptural justification for sex slavery in Islam.

The sound in the video was poor, so I asked for help in transcribing the clip for subtitles. That help came through this morning: many thanks to ECAW for the timed transcription, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

If anyone needs a timed transcript of Tommy’s talk for translation purposes, email me at gatesofvienna (at) chromatism (dot) net.

Video transcript:

0:00   This verse tells Muslim men that they can take non-Muslim women
0:05   as sexual slaves. That’s what it says.
0:32   First of all… First of all, I wouldn’t have heard of this campaign if it wasn’t for Billy.
0:46   And… this is about getting justice for Chelsey.
0:51   Now that battle has to be fought on every avenue,
0:54   on the street as well as through the legal process.
0:57   This week we sat down with Chelsey’s family
1:00   and one of the leading solicitors in the country
1:03   who’s agreed to take on her case.
1:10   Now there’ll be videos going out this week
1:13   which’ll give everyone the details of how they can support this.
1:16   The CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] needs to be battled. The legal process needs to be battled
1:20   in every avenue. If there’ve been failures they need to be exposed
1:24   and we need to get justice for her. So while Billy’s running a street campaign
1:28   we now need a legal process campaign against it as well.
1:35   And… when you look at the statistics
1:39   of what’s happening across our country to our women and our children
1:42   90%…
1:45   Loving the bikes. I’m gutted. I got here late
1:48   and I missed the Hell’s Angels leading the march.
1:54   What we need to be looking at —
2:03   We need to be looking at why…why is this happening in such…
2:06   it’s happening with industrial levels across our country.
2:10   90% of the gang grooming convictions of rape are Muslim men.
2:18   90% out of a population of 4%.
2:23   Out of that 4%, 2% of them are women.
2:27   So 2% of our population in this country is responsible for the rape
2:30   of 90% of gang street grooming gangs.
2:36   And no one, I’ve not heard one politician or the media
2:40   get to the bottom of the reason why, why are these men doing this? Why is it happening?
2:47   Islamic sex slavery from Islamic scripture.
2:51   Sura 33 verse 50. Let me read this first:
2:56   “Oh Prophet! We have made lawful to thee the wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers;
3:03   and those whom thy right hand possesses
3:06   as the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee”.
3:12   This verse tells Muslim men that they can take non-Muslim women as sexual slaves.
3:18   That’s what it says.
3:24   Sura 23 verse 36, sura 4 verse 24
3:29   I could go on all day. Sura 8 verse 69.
3:32   Multiple times it says it in this book of hate
3:35   that Muslim men can… they can… they’re obliged to… it’s OK.
3:40   Do you know why? This is the first time ever in our country’s history
3:44   where we look at cases of paedophilia where men are sharing children
3:49   with their brothers, with their work colleagues, with their bosses, with their brother-in-laws.
3:55   A man, a man is raping a child with his sister’s husband.
4:00   That’s what’s happening. We have to realise, we have to realise this is viewed so differently
4:09   Under Islam it is viewed so differently and the biggest problem we have…
4:13   Last night, again this is across the country, last night we went to Didsbury mosque again… OK.
4:21   We’ve got a factual video, it’s all facts, of the preachers who have spoken there
4:26   and a young English couple come up and started trying to attack us, shout at us.
4:30   And this is a peaceful mosque. This is a peaceful mosque.
4:34   This is facts. We’re talking about facts.
4:37   [indistinct] The prophet Mohammed, it says in the Koran, is the perfect human being.
4:42   He, there is nothing he did wrong, yeah?
4:45   He is the moral compass, this is what the whole of our country has to understand.
4:50   Mohammed is the moral compass for all Muslims, OK?
4:55   Now let me tell you, this is not my story. This is Islamic scripture, OK?
5:00   A man called Kinana, he was a Jewish man, he surrendered to Mohammed. OK?
5:05   He had a beautiful wife called Safiyah. Again this is not my story.
5:09   This is Islamic scripture. He had a beautiful wife called Safiyah,
5:13   OK, and he surrendered. Mohammed tortured him.
5:17   He burned his stomach. He tortured him till he told him where his gold was
5:20   Then he beheaded him, OK?
5:24   So Safiyah’s husband was beheaded, her brother was beheaded,
5:28   her father was beheaded. Her sister and her cousin were given as sexual slaves to Mohammed’s men.
5:35   That night Mohammed, wearing the same clothes with the blood of her husband,
5:40   had sex with her and married her that night.
5:43   So he raped her that night.
5:46   This is a man who is the moral compass for Muslims.
5:50   This is the man who they… this is the man that wish to emulate.
5:53   This is the man… when we judge things, we have to understand
5:57   the way that they think, the way that Islam teaches them to think.
6:00   Right and wrong are very different in our communities.
6:03   What they view as right we view as wrong. It’s a whole system. People don’t understand that.
6:09   So the biggest cause of the problem, the book of hate,
6:12   they are following an instruction manual. The Koran is their manual.
6:15   It clearly says you can take women, non-Muslim women, as sexual slaves.
6:19   If we look along the Middle East, it’s happening across the Middle East.
6:22   That’s it, we need to be getting to the bottom of why it’s happening.
6:25   No one is asking why. We keep hearing about it. Why? Why? Why? Why?
6:30   Because they’re being instructed to by the Koran, time and time again.
6:41   Again, Billy… I can’t even answer the question you put me.
6:47   This campaign, you’re right. It’s not gonna stop, OK? It’s not gonna stop.
6:51   I’m happy to be supporting it. It’s a local demonstration.
6:54   I’ve just come here to support it.
7:04   And that’s it, yeah? Our part, or the Rebel Media’s part,
7:07   was to give this a lift, let everyone see it and everyone hear it,
7:10   let everyone hear the voices of the community, how angry local people are, and get justice for Chelsey.

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  1. I cannot understand why the editor cannot transform the video transcript to a regular text with paragraphs. Is it laziness? Is it lack of respect for readers?

    • My husband is the editor. He is not lazy.

      The text is timed, so that it can be easily copied and used to make a translated transcript, which can then be used to subtitle the video in that language.

      Anyone who wants paragraphs can easily copy and paste the transcript into a text editor, remove the times, and combine lines where appropriate.

      Unless, of course, that person is lazy.

      • Dymphna, I’m astounded at the effrontery of some people. The service you are providing is FREE and yet there are ingrates who want even more for nothing. No mention, of course, about the content of the report, just selfish whines about the format.

  2. I don’t understand why they don’t deport these criminals. DEPORT!! Get rid of them, return them to their ratholes.

    Dymphna, I know your husband is not lazy. My congrats to both of you. You are doing valuable work, I just wish it were more widely disseminated so more people can be aware of it all.

    And Mr. Venitis, please don’t be so judgmental — educate yourself first.

  3. Tommy Robinson: the bravest Brit alive. Everyone should read his book to understand the unrelenting persecution he’s faced from his own government. But he won’t back down, he won’t quit!

  4. He should also point out that from the Muslim point of view, the Koran takes precedence over the much-vaunted British Constitution.

    They’re just waiting until they have the numbers to enforce this point.

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