The Hamburg Mujahid: A Palestinian “Refugee” — And an “Extremist” Known to Police Who Could Not Be Deported

As reported earlier today, a young culture-enricher went on a jihad rampage in Hamburg today with a large knife — possibly a kebab knife — killing one person and wounding five others.

Egri Nök has compiled a report on the day’s events in Hamburg, and the official response.

Hamburg Jihadi a Palestinian Refugee

by Egri Nök

The attacker who today killed one man in a supermarket in Hamburg and injured six other people, one of them gravely, was a Palestinian “refugee” named Ahmed al H., according to the German newspaper Tagesspiegel. He was born in 1991 in Saudi Arabia [or the U.A.E.] and came to Germany as a refugee. Although he was due to be deported, he couldn’t be, due to his lack of papers.

He is reportedly known to German intelligence agencies as an extremist, and as a so-called “risk” — one of those assessed by German intelligence agencies as willing to commit acts of violence.

According to Bild, the refugee accomodation where H. was residing was raided this evening by police.

A video shows passers-by fighting the attacker with chairs.

There will be a police press conference tomorrow at 12:00 PM CET that we will report from.

Police press release 70728-6a:

POL-HH: 70728-6a. Suspect arrested after knife attack, further information (see also PM 170728-4a. and —5a.)
28.07.2017 — 21:20

Hamburg — time of crime: 28.07.2017, 15:10 scene of crime: Hamburg, Barmbek-Nord, Fuhlsbüttler Straße

Due to today’ events a special commission was set up, which is entrusted with the further investigation. The investigation will be conducted with the participation of the homicide department (LKA 41) and the state security department (LKA 7).

The suspect is a 26-year-old male, born in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). His current citizenship has yet to be clarified.

The presumptive murder weapon was found and seized.

Because of identity cards that were found it is currently assumed that the murdered person is a 50-year-old German male.

As far as we know by know one woman (54 years old) and four men (64, 57, 56 and 19 years old) suffered stab-wound injuries. A 35-year-old man was injured while overpowering the suspect. Some of the injuries are severe. The injured persons are currently being treated or in surgery in different hospitals.

A special phone line +4940-4272727 for clues was set up by the special commission.

The investigation will be conducted in all directions. This includes explicitly an investigation by the state security department.

A special website was set up to upload pictures and videos of the event. The URL of this site is

Police press release #170728-5a:

POL-HH: 170728-5a. Suspect arrested after knife attack, further information (see also PM 170728-4a.)
28.07.2017 — 19:44

Hamburg — Time of crime: 28.07.2017, 15:10 scene of crime: Hamburg, Barmbek-Nord, Fuhlsbüttler Straße

Meanwhile it is clear that the suspect attacked one of the victims in the supermarket. This person died at the scene of the crime. While trying to escape the suspect injured additional four people with his knife.

Passers-by were able to overpower the fleeing suspect. The suspect was lighty injured. Arriving plainclothes policemen arrested the suspect.

For the time being there is no evidence that there was a second offender.

The background of the act is yet to be explained. Investigations will continue.

There is an ISIS mosque just down the street from where the perp went Allahu Akhbar:

This is an old photo from the mosque down the road; the article (behind a paywall) is from 2015.

Summary of the Hamburger Abendblatt article from 2015: according to the Verfassungsschutz intelligence service, about 50 Hamburgers left Germany for Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS, and some of them were students of the imam of the mosque down the street. The mosque itself is being monitored for extremism.

18 thoughts on “The Hamburg Mujahid: A Palestinian “Refugee” — And an “Extremist” Known to Police Who Could Not Be Deported

      • Your reasoning is just another graphic example of why all Western countries will eventually erupt into civil war.

        The Left will not willingly let go of what they have gained from the once ordered societies of the homogenous Western nations over the past seven decades, and the election of Trump has simply highlighted the irreparable social damage they have done from their long march through our institutions.

        Marxism and the ideology that drives such thinking, is now entrenched throughout the West. Those who have taken hold of our institutions are not going to simply roll over and play dead to ‘populism’ but are fighting back against what they perceive is a counter -revolution that we who have not been taken in by such thinking have yet to realize.

        If we want to keep what we still have left of our cultures then I believe we are now going to have to fight to keep them, and by the only means left available to us, war.

    • agree. The situation in Germany is like the situation in Sweden .According to the Swedish leftists and the representatives of the Swedish government, Swedish people should be replaced by the barbaric murderous animals , cannibals from a sick subculture called islam.
      There are only former communist countries and Portugal who try to protect their countries from the islamic racists and terrorists

  1. ISIS was never set up to be any form of Islam. They forbid their members , each one, to never speak on the qu’ran, they were given young orphan boys to rape in place of waitng orphan marriage girls as young as pre pubescent, their leader publically shamed an USA white girl, by raping her, hate rape and then cutting off her head and bragging about it, all banned in Islam and all proper Shariah Schools. You westerners have been played by the AntiChrist USA officials on all sides of the American political isles. I live in Los Angeles and we had myriads of black la ganstas, no future as Mexicans took all their jobs, went over to ISIS just because it was fun to shoot people with guns.

    ISIS was CIA, deep state, emails and leaks and now a public record at the UN, still not spoken of to the weak media world zombies.

    911 was a Deep State, 5- EYE, multi national operation Called #NewCentury and nothing to do with Usama bin Laden.

    I threw out the Judeans and Islam replaces them on the 12 tribes list.

    #IAM Archangel Michael of the Bible

    • So, if I take out CIA, ISIS, al-Qaida from world….then islam is peace ? Looking in the history, I am sure that CIA used islam as a tool and weapon. Right because islam is designed to be a tool (for controlling people) and a weapon (trigger mass killings when islam want). Look in muslim comunities, where they never saw a CIA agent, never manipulated by NWO or any secret agency and you will still see blood and crimes, honor killings and blasphemy law. And over all this, hate for everything non-islamic.

    • ‘If they are not at your feet, then they are at your throat…….’ Winston Churchill on the Mohammedans (Islam) from his book the River Wars.

      And from the same book, ‘Mohammedism is the most retrograde force on Earth……’

      No CIA or ISIS in the days of the ‘River Wars’ Michael, just astute observation from one of the West’s greatest statesmen.

  2. (Redacted)( redactified)( redactification).
    Now and forever more:

    I don’t think there is anything more to say.

  3. How much longer will the patience of the German public hold until
    It finally snaps?

    Cannot be deported because he had (conveniently) lost his papers,
    So one man dies and others are severely injured!

    Get a grip and change the law or surely there is some enterprising
    Lawyer who could sue Mutti Merkel in a civil action for damages
    As it has already been established that she has broken constitutional
    Laws in opening German borders to these savages?

    • I fear it will never snap. At one time I had hopes that the Germans, French, etc., had backbone at least as regards defending their own cultures. Now it appears they do not believe their way of live is worth much.
      How long before ‘they’ realize how many innocent citizens have died, how many families’ lives are now ruined all because a head of state cared more for the well being of migrants than her own citizens. When will these victims’ families speak out in anger and accusation and demand a stop to this? Do the complacent gut volk not realize any one of them could be the next lamb sacrificed on the altar of ‘no upper limit’? What contributions to society will never happen because a migrant allahu akkbarred someone to death?

      And this is what the EU wants to force on those former Warsaw Pact countries who never had the ‘luxury’ of needing to import low wage menial workers from the MidEast. I hope the V4 never yields on this issue no matter what the penalties. Better the penalties than seeing your ancient culture obliterated.

    • Europe’s problem is inevitable demographic inundation and utter political degradation.

      European sole options are:

      1. Stop further immigration and

      2. Remove immigrants already inside the borders.

      The shiny weapons available to security forces are issued for a serious purpose. The questions are

      1. Are Europeans serious people?

      2. Do they have an infinite capacity to lick the boots of foreigners and loathsome politicians who betray them?

      Prediction: Merkel in September by a landslide.

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