The Hamburg Mujahid: A Lone Wolf, and Mentally Unstable

Below is a more detailed account by Egri Nök of yesterday’s jihad terror attack in Hamburg, drawn from information supplied at a police press conference earlier today.

This post was published previously at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Hamburg Terror: Report from the Joint Press Conference of the Interior Senate and the Police of Hamburg

by Egri Nök

For a detailed account of the attack jump right to the statements of Ralf Martin Meyer, Police President of Hamburg, and Hennings, leader of the Investigation Team.

For background on how and why he was known to security authorities, jump to the statement by Torsten Voss, Office for Protection of the Constitution.

Hamburg Town Hall, 12:00 CET

Opening statement by Andy Grote, Senator of the Interior Hamburg, Social Democrats:

One dead, seven wounded, partly gravely; a random “barbaric” knife attack in an everyday situation that could have hit any of us.

What makes it worse is that the perpetrator came to our town asking for our protection.

Thank you to the citizens who detained him; they were very courageous and determined.

The Department of Public Prosecution is leading the investigation. The perpetrator was known to the intelligence agencies; they had evidence of radicalization. There was contact with him, talks by the State Office for Criminal Investigations and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

He was not seen as immediately dangerous. But he was classified an Islamist, not a Jihadist.

It was a random attack with primitive equipment at a random place. We do not have any clues at the moment that there were others involved; we assume a single perpetrator, psychologically unstable.

The perpetrator was obliged to leave the country; he did not object to his asylum application’s being rejected, and he was cooperative in getting new passport. Only yesterday he spoke to the aliens registration authority. The Palestinian National Authority was willing to issue new papers for him, so we were expecting him to leave soon.

The city must stand together. We must confront the hate that manifested itself in this deed. We must not let fear rule our daily lives. We should probably adapt a combative attitude like the citizens who detained the perpetrator.

Thank you to the doctors fighting to save the lives of the wounded and comforting their families.

Statement by Hamburg Police President Ralf Martin Meyer

We received the first call at 15:11, the act had occurred at 15:10. The caller said a person was attacking people with a knife in the Edeka supermarket on Fuhlsbütteler Street. We immediately sent officers. It was unclear at that point whether it was amok or terror. After Munich, the concept for such situations was changed: the patrol cars were equipped with protective armor. The first officers who arrived were plainclothes officers; they saw men at the Hellbrookstraße surrounding one person, and as the situation was unclear to them, they fired warning shots. Then they determined that the person attacked was the perpetrator. They handcuffed him and called for an ambulance, as the perpetrator evinced head injuries.

The perpetrator had attacked people in the supermarket and on the street when he was fleeing.

A mobile task force began a manhunt, as it was unclear at that moment how many attackers there were.

It quickly became apparent that the perpetrator resided in the refugee accommodation Kiwittsmoor in the district Hamburg-Ochsenzoll.

There was one mortally wounded victim in the Edeka supermarket, and five wounded on the street who had to be taken to hospital.

It quickly became apparent that he was a single perpetrator. This does not exclude the possibility that there might be instigators in the background.

Statement by Hennings, leader of the Investigation Team

The attacker went to Edeka and bought sandwich toast. Then he left the supermarket, entered a bus, but immediately left the bus again. It is unclear why. He then went back into the Edeka supermarket at 15:10, and 15:11 police received the first call for help. He went straight to a shelf for a kitchenware company and took a kitchen knife with a 20cm long blade from it, tore it out of the packaging, ran towards the victim, who later died, and attacked him brutally, without any prior warning at all. He then attacked the person next to the first victim and wounded him most seriously. Then he went to the entrance and attacked another male person, 19 years old, wounding him gravely.

After he had committed these three crimes in the supermarket, he left and bumped into two people who were standing at their bicycles, and attacked and wounded both of them, and then wounded another female cyclist, but not with his knife. Then, he attacked another, a 64 year old man, and badly wounded him.

At this moment citizens who had been witnessing what was going on began pursuing the perpetrator and attacking him with objects. At the same moment the plainclothes officers arrived. All this happened within a few minutes.

The perpetrator was arrested in Hellbrookstraße, after he had managed to run away and attack another female person in the Schwalbenstraße. He still had his knife in his hand when he was arrested in Hellbrookstraße.

Statement by Mr. Fröhlich, Office for Public Prosecution

A district attorney was promptly sent to the crime scene. The district attorney immediately requested a search warrant for the perpetrator’s accommodation, which was quickly granted. At the search, no weapons were found. There was an inquiry made of the criminal database; the perpetrator has one entry for a supermarket theft in April 2017, which was dismissed due to paragraph 153 pettiness.

The perpetrator is being presented to the committing magistrate right now. We have requested an arrest warrant for murder and five counts of attempted murder. He appears mentally unstable. He has not yet commented on the crime, because he has bad headaches due to the arrest.

Statement by Torsten Voss, Office for Protection of the Constitution

The accused is one of 800 suspects we have classified as ‘Islamists’ in Hamburg; but we have not classified him as a ‘Jihadist’.

An acquaintance of the accused contacted police. He was worried by changes that he had seen in the suspect. The police passed this information on to us, and we spoke to the whistleblower. The whistleblower told us that the perpetrator had been partying and drinking alcohol, but suddenly stopped doing that, and started talking about the Koran. This worried him so he wanted to speak to us.

The accused has excellent command of English and Norwegian, but not of German. When we spoke to him we had the impression that he was a mentally disturbed personality, but not immediately dangerous.

Afterwards, it became apparent that for example he had loudly recited Koran suras in refugee cafes, and the manager of the refugee accommodation where he lives contacted us, too.

So we instructed police to conduct a psychological evaluation. The evaluation concluded a mixed form of mental instability and religious radicalization. We wanted to have him examined at that point. He is not a member of the local Islamist scene. We do not have hints of a network. He seems to be a single person, living in Hamburg on his own, who suddenly changed. He had mixed opinions about living in Hamburg. At his most recent visit to the Aliens’ Registration Authority, he absolutely wanted to leave Germany.

Press Questions and Answers:

Q: Which nationality?

DA Grösser: He is ethnically Palestinian. Did not have a passport with him, but a birth certificate showing that he appears to have been in the UAE. He was sent to the “Palestinian Mission” in Berlin twice. They indicated to us that they were ready to accept him as a Palestinian and issue papers for him. He was cooperative in that. We were indeed expecting to shortly receive papers for him. The final approval of the Palestinian Authority in Palestine was missing. This whole process takes a few months.

Q: You spoke to him and saw a radicalization. Was he seen as a “risk”?

Grösser: He had not been that long in Germany and in Hamburg. We have clues from the whistleblower, and our own impressions, but we rather tended towards mental instability, rather than religiously motivated. The aggravation of ‘Islamist’ is ‘Jihadist’, but he did not fall into this category. ‘Risk’ is a police term.

Meyer, Police: He did not reach the category where we have to take concrete measures. His cooperation regarding his papers was commendable, so we did not assess him as being a ‘risk’.

Q: Fingerprints, phone analyzed?

[Name]: He came to Germany in 2015, from Norway. Before that he had resided in Sweden and Norway. He arrived in Dortmund and was distributed to Hamburg, arrived here in March 2015, and applied for asylum in May 2015. As he had come via Norway, Sweden and Spain, he told us that he expected better perspectives here, as he was told in Norway that he did not have any chance for asylum there. As he had his birth certificate with him, we do not have reason to doubt his identity. His application for asylum was rejected in November 2016; the deportation process has been ongoing since.

Hennings: Yes, we have his mobile phone, from one of the several crime scenes, but also mobile phones from his accommodation. Extensive material that we will analyze.

End of Press Conference

21 thoughts on “The Hamburg Mujahid: A Lone Wolf, and Mentally Unstable

  1. “We must confront the hate….” – Senator Andy Grote.

    Yes. Indeed. Please go right ahead and confront it. It is in the Koran, Senator:

    “between us and you enmity and hatred forever…” Koran 60:4.

  2. Maybe the judge will have helpful lawyers to put him straight about the lack of motive. When American tourist Darlene Horton was stabbed to death in Russell Square, London, last year her Somali muslim killer wore a “crazed smile”, was muttering “Allah, Allah, Allah” when arrested, and had a booklet “Fortress of the Muslims” in his pocket. Lawyers assured the judge that these were “not considered relevant”.

    Lawyers have NO TRAINING in Islamic law.

  3. Memo to Hamburg Police:
    This was not a “random” attack.
    This was a muslim-vs.-infidel jihad attack, as instructed in the mosques.

    “Muslims must kill non-muslims wherever they are unless they convert to Islam”,
    Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt.
    No, he did not invent it: it is in the Koran,
    “Kill them wherever you find them”, 2:191.

  4. All these murders of German people by jihadists must be carved in stone and put in prominent places. Saying ” in memory of ——— who was killed in a jihad attack”. At the bottom of the inscription should be carved. Another victim of Merkel’s multikulti failing policy.. It will have to be done clandestinely and in areas where there is a CCTV blindspot. And use quick drying cement to set it in place…A form of passive resistance in the mean time..
    It’s a telling fact that no one is allowed to criticize anything about the huge influx of migrants in Germany. In the 1930’s no one was allowed to criticize the brown shirts. Look where that led Europe.. Isn’t it ironic that stasi sounds like nazi. While she never wrote a book like Mein Kamp, Angela Merkel was a prominent member of Stasi, the East German secret police.. I don’t know whether she is stupid, like very stubborn people get, or she is criminally complicit in the destruction of her own country.

  5. *The perpetrator was obliged to leave the country; he did not object to his asylum application’s being rejected, and he was cooperative in getting a new passport. Only yesterday he spoke to the aliens registration authority. The Palestinian National Authority was willing to issue new papers for him, so we were expecting him to leave soon.*

    [“We were expecting him to leave soon”. It sounds like he was a guest in some B and B, checking out when he felt like going.]

    “He did not object….”. But what if he had objected? How would things have been different? Would he have been detained in secure accommodation (locked up)? “…. he was cooperative”. And if he hadn’t been? I ask the same question. “The PNA was willing to issue new papers for him”. And if it hadn’t been? Would he have been locked up?
    No, no, and no are the answers to these three questions. In other words, a person leaves only if they agree to and if an authority is willing to issue papers for them. So if you don’t want to go, destroy your papers. In the unlikely event of the authorities coming by to take you to an airport (at the authorities’ = taxpayers’ expense, naturally), get a mob of regressives to attack/insult those authorities. If a person doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t have to.

    It was open borders. The sham of paying Turkey etc. was not in the interests of the Germans (whom Merkel and her gang don’t give a [redacted] about) but in the interests of appearing in the electorate’s eyes less bad and therefore more likely to be reelected. And now, if you’re here, you don’t actually, have to go. The victims in Hamburg, very sadly, are yet more “collateral damage”, “part of the price”, and so it will go on.

    Germany, at least, will succumb to Islam, and until its people DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SITUATION, LIKE WAKING UP, INFORMING THEMSELVES, AND ENSURING THAT THEY CHANGE THEIR LEADERSHIP, it deserves this fate. Read some history, Germany! And use your God-given common sense before it’s too late.

  6. And it just goes on…..

    So when is the next attack? It could be you or me who gets knifed while having a coffee in a cafe or shopping in the store, cut down by one of these many millions of [redacted], who believing in this utter nonsense of a bloke they call mohammed, allah, what insan[ity].

    When will the merkels and many many other traitors who brought this upon us be held to account???


    Who is this merkel woman???

    How can she still be alive, let alone running for re election,

    The world has turned into an insane asylum, I pray that this merkel woman will [redacted].

    She surely has massive enemies,[redacted].

    • Why doesn’t merkel start wearing a hiab in public? She’s a muslim convert in every way except in dress.
      After reading countless articles like this, the question is always why do so many Germans lack courage, have no sense of identity, have no patriotism?
      If they don’t know their deluded politicians despise them by now, they must be hopeless sheep.

  7. **”…….the perpetrator has one entry for a supermarket theft in April 2017, which was dismissed due to paragraph 153 pettiness.”**

    But the case against the impoverished, old German lady sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment for stealing food from a supermarket wasn’t dismissed due to paragraph 153 pettiness. She made the mistake of not having changed her religion and/or skin color.

    • Its obvious the paragraph 153 doesn’t apply to muslim thieves. Would many Germans protest if this “refugee” is set free due to some other paragraph? How about a paragraph 154, that only prosecutes non muslims for murder?
      Just think how glowingly der spiegle would write of frau merkel if she pardoned this jihadi. Should merkel follow Canada’s trudeau’s example, and award this killer a few million Euros?
      One thing for sure, when and if the other wounded Germans recover, they better not say anything negative about their muslim invaders.

  8. *We were indeed expecting to shortly receive papers for him. The final approval of the Palestinian Authority in Palestine was missing. This whole process takes a few months”.* [ yep, a few months”! The wheels of bureaucracy and all that. When I lived in a certain Islamic country and a work colleague offended any of the the host’s rules, such as appearing in shorts (that is not as in US “underwear”; it means beachwear) on a street near a beach, the wheels of bureaucracy moved with extraordinary efficiency: the offender was on a plane out by the latest the following evening. A one-way ticket, of course. Oddly enough, we didn’t find that unfair or to be an infringement of this or that right. We knew the rules, had broken one or other of them and been caught.]

    Ah, well then, let this man in Germany roam freely in the meantime, give him a place to sleep, three meals a day and some of the world’s best medical care, all at the expense of you-know-who. The very, very last thing that must be avoided is the risk offending him or infringeing any “human right” he might care to claim. (Hadn’t he thought of saying that in his home country he was wanted for murder and rape and would be executed if sent back? This is “the new vogue” in Germany, I hear.)

  9. *”Yes, we have his mobile phone, from one of the several crime scenes, but also mobile phones from his accommodation. Extensive material that we will analyze.”*

    Analysis won’t bring anyone back to life, though.

    Do I have any “mentally unstable”/mentally unstable Islamists living in my house, who’ll leave when it suits them? Not the last time I checked but I’ll check again. But in their HOMEland, that big, collective, very important home, the Germans have many. And apparently they’re not yet ready to (1) lock the door and (2) throw out the ones who’re already there.

  10. So yet another murdering, enricher country hopping for the bigger-better-deal. Just how many of the thousands that have arrived in Italy in July alone will be murderers, rapists? Even if they are not criminals, how many of these low i.q. illiterates will ever find jobs in high-tech Europe? It will only be once the citizens, en masse, start suing their respective Governments for breach of care will anything change. The sheer insanity of this situation seems to continue unabated.

  11. DA Grossner: “He was ethnically Palestinian”. Ain’t no such animal, unless you count the Bedouin.

  12. “He was not seen as immediately dangerous.”

    Translation: We just let our ticking time bombs tick. That how “evolved” we are.

    • We just let our ticking time bombs tick.

      Now, now … you wouldn’t want to be caught out as one of those supremely bigoted “Anti-ticking-time-bomb” types, would you?

      Perish the flipping thought!

  13. We must confront the hate that manifested itself in this deed.

    Please stop talking about “hate” or “hate crimes” and all of that nonsense.

    THIS IS WAR. Emotions have nothing to do with it.

    Islam’s cold calculating assault on all other civilizations is WAR.

    What about this is unclear?

  14. “The evaluation concluded a mixed form of mental instability and religious radicalization.
    He seems to be a single person ….. who suddenly changed” – Police spokesman

    Islam roulette.

    • The point of a statement such as this one is: “We can’t do anything to prevent such unfortunate occurences, because we just don’t know when someone will snap like this. A tiny minority of unstable mentally ill people suddenly become violent for no discernible reason. There are no advance symptoms, so it’s impossible to predict the deed.”

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