The German Ship of Fools on the Rocks in Hamburg

Below is a commentary piece on today’s G-20 satellite events in Hamburg, from Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

Grit your teeth and carry on!

by Alexander Marguier
July 7, 2017

Riots of the left extremist scene overshadow the G20 summit. The police in Hamburg asked for reinforcements from other countries. But it is the state that has let it go this far.

[Photo caption: Masked persons, police, burning trash cans — a street scene like from a war zone / picture alliance]

Did anyone in all seriousness believe that the G20 summit in Hamburg would pass off peacefully? Then that would have been just as naïve as the opposite case would have been an unparalleled irresponsibility: to hold this event in the Hanse city in spite of considerable security concerns. But it seems that the government wanted it like that, apparently; the date, shortly before the elections, is a swell opportunity to stage yourself as a world-class agent with pose. So whether it was stupidity, or the usual German hubris: the motto of the planners was a determined “Grit your teeth and carry on!” The citizens will have to put up with a bit of collateral damage. Thank you for your understanding!

HMS Germany, Ship of Fools

Fortunately, there is always someone to pay for the party — you can rely on the taxpayer. And when a protest under the peaceful moniker “Welcome to Hell” gets just a little bit out of hand, then surely it was the fault of the police officers who forgot their good manners. That’s the way things are on the Ship of Fools HMS Germany, where every protest is “political” as long as the “activist” can just scribble his phrase on his banner — like “sink capitalism” and all that. On such occasions, even the local theater opens its gates for those brave anti-globalists who did not find any more room at the nearby campsite. A halo is best polished with state money.

State Sovereignty? No chance!

The G20 summit in Hamburg could be a farce, but the attendant circumstances are too depressing for that. A state that forbids its own army staff to wear uniforms in town during the summit, because otherwise, there might be “spontaneous attacks by potentially violent left-extremist protestors” has de facto surrendered its sovereignty. If a G20 meeting, intended to find answers to global problems, is enough to water down the state’s monopoly on the use of force — then what will happen should there really be a fire someday? And who protects all those politicians and well-meaning functionaries from the left-alternative echo chambers, who always flirt with violence when it comes from the right direction? It might be people in uniforms — at least, if they aren’t under curfew because their outfit might provoke one or another militant clown.

Opinion free, on the house

“For a Germany where we live well and gladly” is the extremely stupid election slogan of the CDU (Christian Democrat Union, Merkel’s party). They probably should have added: The definitions of “well” and “gladly” are brought to you by the party of your trust. It seems that you can live well, and gladly, in a country where the government allows anti-G20 activists to hand out posters with crude anti-capitalism slogans to shop-owners to put in their windows to protect themselves from “de-glassing” and other assaults by marauding spoilt autonomists [the Black Block are calling themselves “Autonome“, “autonomists” — translator]. I guess that is what you call freedom of opinion: when the others deliver their opinion to you free, on the house. And if you don’t share that opinion, well, they’ll just slap you around. Or burn up your family car. It would be strange indeed if so-called “anti-fascism” did not orient itself against its antagonist — methodologically and in other respects.

A reflection of our times

In the end it won’t matter whether the persons responsible decided in favor of Hamburg out of stupidity or out of irresponsibleness. The monkey circus, where even calls for murder are knighted as art performances, is a pretty reflection of the Federal Republic 2017: Deranged leftists are railing against a state that supports them with pocket money, and at the same time is too cowardly to show its colours. These days, it seems, things like that are subsumed under “taking a stance”.

For more on Hamburg, see Breitbart.

30 thoughts on “The German Ship of Fools on the Rocks in Hamburg

  1. I think there are several questions here: Who is controlling who in that scenario? Does the state not have influence and control over its own monster it has been creating for decades? Or, is there some other entity, probably non-state, that is the driving force behind these kinds of attacks on the German status quo? And if that is the case, is the German state also being controlled by that same entity and to what extent does that control extend?

    • Most of these young brain-washed fools don’t even know what they are protesting about. Were it not for capitalism, they wouldn’t have a roof over their heads.

      Their mission in life is to be professional malcontents, indulge their desire to hate those who are more resourceful and substitute destruction for creativity (which requires initiative and self-discipline).

      They are vulnerable to every evil-doer, like Soros, who is willing to pay them – prostitutes of political porn!

      • I think there is more to this than that. This is not the same situation like the protests against free speech. This is to show the global hegemons that the peasants do not like what they are doing. How else? All they have is contempt for us.

        The people on the G20 photograph, or their immediate predecessors, have engineered the destruction of Europe, and a number of other countries like Libya, Syria and so on. Isn’t it time to show them that no, this sort of status quo is unacceptable?

        I am convinced that if we are to be successful in the defense of the West, we must not only defend the values we hold dear in the sense of living them, celebrating them, and teaching them to the next generations, but we must also recognize the malignant aspects of capitalism and press our leadership to seriously apply themselves to making changes. Would FDR have made reforms without the red scare? They will not act without strong pressure from somewhere. What else do you suggest? Writing them curt letters?

        • The protesters are not opposed to the forces currently trying to destroy Europe though. This isn’t anything but a childish desire to see things burn backed up by a hazy concept of ‘sticking it to the man’.
          These protesters would gladly smash a hammer into the head of anyone who posts here for daring to think differently to them.
          Nearly all of them are too young and without the care that raising children brings to understand the importance of having a stable society where you can trust your neighbours to have the same values as you.

          These protesters couldn’t care less about the future of Europe, preserving its cultures and lineages, its ideals. They only care about the now and their own narrow ideals.
          They most certainly are not standing up to international anything when they loot shops, burn cars and attack the police.

        • Raduit, you are very mistaken if you think these protestors are against the globalist policies of the EU leaders. They are instead the true sons of the increasingly fascistic EU. Do you think they’re against throwing more western money into the money pit of the climate change scam? Do you think they’re against Muslim immigration? Do you think they’re protesting rule by an unelected EU bureaucracy? No, they agree with all of the above.
          The protests are against President Trump and the few eastern European leaders who are non-conformers to the western suicide pact and to pre-empt any wobbling among the sellouts like Marcon and Merkle.

          • Do you think they’re against throwing more western money into the money pit of the climate change scam? Do you think they’re against Muslim immigration? Do you think they’re protesting rule by an unelected EU bureaucracy?

            Excellent questions all, Laine. I doubt that over 1% of the rioters could expound with even a slight degree of clarity when asked about such topics.

            This sort of “ignorance-in-action” is what makes them so dangerous (and gullible).

          • Re: “Throwing money…”

            Just remember that it is ALWAYS SOMEBODY ELSE’S money that is being thrown.

    • I think all the above comments have good points to the questions asked. I would also put forward that if any of those who ‘protested’ at the G20 were asked for their reasons for doing so, I wonder how many could give the kind of lucid responses as written above?

  2. I think the German military will have to stage a coup d’etat if they want to save their country from destruction. Just as general Pinochet had to do in Chile.

    • They’re taken to ‘weeding’ out those displaying ‘fascist’ tendencies and dismissing them.

      There will be no coup from a most compliant German military.

  3. Breitbart also has the editor of Die Welt denouncing “Left wing Fascism”. Some people are awake!

    • Don’t be deceived. They will denounce “left wing fascism” when it’s an anti-globalist protest, and promote it when the crack down is on free speech.

      Gotta be nimble in today’s politics… recognize the culprits by what they do, not be which label they wear (or which label is imposed on them).

  4. So now, in a little over a hundred years, yet another German monster is beginning to flex its muscles, what will it be this time: Antwerp, Verdun, Ypres, Treblinka, Dachau, Oradour, ???.

    First they came for the Christians, but I was not a Christian and I did not believe in any god, but money so I just did not care….

    Then they took my houses away, the migrants needed them. Property is theft and I should just share.

    Then they took all my money away, because there was no longer a commandment about not stealing. They said the migrants were destitute and their needs had to be financed

    Then they came for my daughter, the migrants were frustrated and had to be serviced….

    Then for my spouse, as an infidel I did not deserve a wife….

    And only then did they come for me, but with a scimitar to forfeit my life.

  5. …”the usual German hubris”…

    If I recall correctly, it was Stephen Harper who decided to situate the 2011 G20 in downtown Toronto, even though he was warned about security issues. Apparently he had an axe to grind with Toronto, or so the rumours went at the time.

    That two-day party, by the way, cost Canadian taxpayers about 1.3 billion, most of it for security. 20,000 cops, 10,000 protesters, 750k property damage.

    Not as bad as Hamburg, but I don’t think the Germans have a monopoly on hubris.

  6. don’t get it why anti-globalists at GoV aren’t happy about these anti-globalist protests.

    everybods knows that G20 are evil coudheneve kallewgri (or whatever) planners, all these heidelbergensis clubbber illuminatis.
    mutti always holds hands in the form of secret eye.
    you guys shoulf be happy that these soros-appointed globalist frakfurters’ cabal are getting trouble.

    • Actually, the bosses aren’t getting any trouble at all. Only the police, firemen, and ordinary citizens of Hamburg are getting trouble. The Big Boys are well-insulated from such annoying distractions as burning cars and smashed plate-glass windows. They don’t care. They don’t have to care.

      Once again, Ogden Nash is appropriate (from “I Yield to My Learned Brother”, written ca. 1935):

      You can’t say When
      To professional men,
      For it’s always When to they;
      They were doing fine In ’29,
      And they’re doing fine today.

      • Personally, I would prefer a meme war against these people. CNN is in big trouble, and the pathological liars that run it will have to scramble to do some merger and rename themselves and change coats, because both the left and the right is hammering them with ridicule all over the web. And a law suit may be brewing. I hear they control Fox now, is it true?

        Destruction of property and fighting the already abused German cops… that is less desirable. But Germans have an aggressive fifth column among themselves that is not afraid to use violence. So getting some experience in street fighting may be of use to them shortly.

        More ideas on fighting globalism? Surely Pinochetian terror is not the way to go? What the heck would that accomplish? The means are not justified by the ends.

        • “the one who has conscientiousness, doesn’t need law”.
          add here archetypical tribalism and imagine what is brewing – on both opposing sides.

          those in G20 think of themselves as enlightened feudals.
          in reality – hostages to all sorts of nihilist gangs.

          those on the streets are nihilist gangs, only low rank.

          enjoy your meal.

      • so on which side should be sympathies of The Proud Legitimate Autochton Post Last Ice Age Indigenous Indo-European Neanderthal Descendants, – The True Best Peoples known to history.

        what is better, – the rotten establishment or the rotten rot?

        • I find your supercilious attitude and convoluted phrasing to be less than conducive to a productive discussion, so I’ll leave you decide which one is better.

  7. well, to dive into confusion, is voluntary issue.

    the best was pedestrian young woman who offered bottle of water to injured policeman.

  8. It is hard–from the comments– to tell what people think the protestors actually believe in:

    Spoiled anarchists with no unifying belief?

    Anti-capitalism. Does this mean anti-EU and could this be the Exit folks and Right wing?

    Anti-capitalism from the Left, that is actually pro-EU?, but anti G-20?

    [i.e. are they against the EU or for it?]

    Old banal postmodernism with transnational progressivism and Gramsci-ism?/Critical theory and new way socialism?

    Islamic Koranic anti-capitalism?

    Immigrant anger at host country?

    Resurgent right wing fascism?

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