Prayers in the Jordanian Parliament Celebrating Palestinians Who Killed Jews on the Temple Mount

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating the French subtitles, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling in English:

Video transcript:

00:00   Jordanian Parliament, July 16, 2017. Intervention consecrated to the terrorist attack in Jerusalem.
00:04   We pray for our martyrs
00:08   who have refreshed (with their blood) the pure soil of Palestine.
00:12   We can walk with out heads high, thanks to the sacrifice of young Palestinians
00:16   who continue the fight in the name of our Ummah.
00:21   Let us admire our Palestinian youth: the pearls of their lives and their sacrifices
00:25   constitute the adornment of martyrdom. They are alive with Allah,
00:29   well provided for (Quran 3:169). May Allah have mercy
00:33   on our youths from the Jabarin family, whose members deserve
00:37   pride and glory, even if the occupant [invader] abhors it and unleashes his oppression.
00:41   My dear colleagues, the attacks
00:45   of the Israeli occupation against the most sacred place
00:50   in Jerusalem — the al-Aqsa mosque, and the Dome of the Rock— will continue
00:54   to motivate the pursuit of resistance, which will not weaken
00:58   in the face of the injustice of tyranny. My dear colleagues,
01:02   let us now pray for the salvation of the martyrs.
01:06   [Quiet recitation of the fatiha, that curses the Jews (and the Christians).]
01:15   Does Parliament adopt the declaration?
01:19   I thank you.

5 thoughts on “Prayers in the Jordanian Parliament Celebrating Palestinians Who Killed Jews on the Temple Mount

  1. The two Israeli policemen murdered by the 3 terrorists on the Temple Mount–(they were Israeli citizens, these “Palestinians”) named Mohammad Ahmad Mohammad Jabarin, Mohamman Hamed Abdal-Latif Jabarin, and Mohammad Ahmad Fadel Jabarin–were not Jews. They were Druze, Sergeant Major General Haiel Stawi, and Lieutenant-Colonel Kamil Shanan.

  2. Muslims live on a different planet, also called “Earth.” Same laws of physics. Otherwise, completely different than our Earth. Problem is, these two different Earths occupy the same physical space.

  3. This is exactly why more of us need to learn Arabic, myself included.

    The Ummah know very well there are few Arabic speakers in the West, and they take full advantage of the situation.

  4. That’s IT.
    Seal the place off to ALL muslims for the next couple of generations or so.

  5. Jordan used to be an ‘ally’ of the West. And this repulsive prayer of hate happens in their national legislature. This amounts to elected legislators sanctioning and encouraging hate. No Western country should ever be an ‘ally’ to any Muslim state, period. There should be an official exclusion, including all government to government contacts, placed against ALL Muslim countries. Muslim state participants at the UN should be terminated and expelled. All contact with Muslim nations should be terminated. All commercial contracts with companies in Muslim countries should be terminated. Such a complete embargo pursued for a minimum of 25 years would have huge beneficial cultural effects after the initial economic shock. Islam must be bled to death.

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