Prayer Time at the Zoo in Montreal

A Muslim group recently reserved a space in the park at a zoo called the Parc Safari in Quebec. Among the group’s activities during their day at the zoo was a period of ostentatious public prayer, complete with fundaments tilted skyward. Some of the non-Muslim visitors to the zoo were unhappy with the display of piety, but — as the TV report below makes clear — they were out of line when they objected to it. Montreal residents are advised to be tolerant and suck it up: “They’re here; you’re kafir; get used to it.”

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I invite you to watch those images. They are not
00:04   extraordinarily shocking, and yet
00:08   they upset many people in Parc Safari. The day before yesterday
00:12   it was put on YouTube. Those are Muslims, united,
00:16   they have in fact made a reservation for part of the space;
00:20   they totally have the right to do so: it’s done all the time, to have a picnic
00:24   and a meeting of Muslims. So they met in Parc Safari and
00:28   they also prayed.
00:32   Those images were seen at least 5,000 times on YouTube,
00:36   and it shocked people, who said, in some cases,
00:41   that they should stay in their mosque, but that they shouldn’t come
00:45   on our territory, they shouldn’t come outside in this way. There is the group of the
00:49   Muslim Association of Canada, who brought a stereo and broadcast a prayer,
00:53   and this displeased several people. So there are reactions today from the Parc Safari which
01:01   wanted to correct or at least explain concerning this controversy.
01:05   “The Parc Safari, which is a place welcoming everybody,” they say, “regardless of
01:09   nationality, religion, culture, language, sexual orientation.
01:13   The Parc Safari doesn’t discriminate against any group and doesn’t tolerate any heinous attacks
01:17   at their site. They insist, really, that in this case, there were several other groups which
01:21   asked for a space, and obtained it, and in this case,
01:25   this group had a space reserved at the site, apart.
01:30   They were given the same rules as any other groups, meaning that
01:34   they couldn’t prevent people from circulating, they had to respect people who were
01:38   there, also the animals, by extension,
01:42   and so they insist on the fact that there was a sound system
01:46   which was brought, which worked independently and wasn’t connected to the
01:50   Parc Safari system. Additionally, the group had to respect
01:54   the rules required…” — and you can see the rest of the message.
01:58   They didn’t disturb anyone, they respected everything that was integrated in the
02:02   the contract. So the explanation from the Parc Safari: those people
02:06   respected the contract they signed; there was this
02:10   audio system which perhaps annoyed people, but
02:14   there’s a desire for tolerance on the part of Parc Safari. So the broadcasting of that video forced the Park,
02:23   the organization, to specify the context in which all that
02:27   happened. Refuse tolerance at the moment you see Muslims somewhere,
02:31   and you can regret it: I’m saying it very personally.

27 thoughts on “Prayer Time at the Zoo in Montreal

  1. The human equivilent of dogs urinating on fire hydrants… Its all fun and games until someone gets their head cut off.

    I would have put them right next to the dingo exhibit or the wild boars if I had to accept them at all. And put a group of Pastafarians in full pirate regalia right next to them, and maybe some holy rollers on the other side for good measure!

    • Exactly right – this is all about marking another bit of territory and making sure the filthy kuffar know who it belongs to.

      • Territorial [micturation] writ large. They’re just beginning to establish their foothold and there’s not a damned things the [clueless fools] in charge can do about it. Morning calls to prayer in 6 months.

        • A good way to deal with such noise disturbance is to do a similar foolishness until the authorities are forced to ban both kinds of public displays. Such as creating your own “religion” and calling it something like “The Holy Church of the Braying A$$”.

          Members could gather publicly multiple times a day to eat bacon in memory of their own Prophet Mu”Ham”med, who according to their Koran (written in pig latin of course), mounted a flying sow and ascended to Paradise. And it just happens that their holy call to prayer (which consists of ten minutes or so of donkey braying and pig squealing at top volume from public loudspeakers) also follows the same rules as muslim calls to prayer and occurs at the same times…

          I would imagine it would be only a short matter of time before officials took steps to ban such public displays at which point it could be legally challenged and allowed to continue, or all such public displays of religion could be dealt with.


  2. So they “stayed within the rules and didn’t upset anyone…?” moslems ALWAYS upset people, that’s what they do–intentionally. They could indeed (and should) do their incessant praying and yowling in the mosque; what’s it there for! (or at least, that’s the theory, in fact, the outdoor praying is wholly and solely to inconvenience the kuffar, and “don’t you complain–or we’ll riot!!”)

  3. I wonder what it’s going to take for these moron bureaucrats and administrators to finally realize that people are just plain sick and tired of Muslims. Period.

    Squalling adhans, mass [elevation of posteriors], and women in body bags tend to irritate the [heck] out of people who enjoy their personal freedom and liberty.

    The only upside to all of this is that more and more people are becoming intensely dissatisfied with even the slightest presence of Islam in their lives.

    • Exactly. Peak Muslim. Just tired of hearing about them. Everywhere they go they cause trouble.

  4. When you see rows and rows of Mohammedans bowing and scraping, does it not look like they’re sniffing each other’s bums?

    • Oh, but they are!

      I’ve heard it described the front row is the place to be because the view and the smell are much improved!

      Plus, you appear much more devout!

  5. So, this is it. This is their micro-cosmic view of the pen-ultimate future of humankind: falling to our knees upon thought command, like worker bugs in an insect colony.

    Become an obedient cockroach, or it is the sword!!

    • Become an obedient cockroach, or it is the sword!!

      The only problem being that—due to Islam’s constant intramural “festivities”—it’s more a matter of, “Become an obedient cockroach, AND it is the sword!!”

  6. Jesus warned us about those who ostentatiously pray in public.

    I’m afraid that every time I see pictures of muslims praying I want to kick them up the backside.

  7. “Refuse tolerance at the moment you see Muslims somewhere, and you can regret it.”

    The man has nicely summarized the current situation in the West.

  8. I recall reading somewhere a while ago someone in America asking an anti-terrorist expert why Muslims were building so many huge mosques in places where there were few Muslims. His answer: “They are marking out their territory.”

  9. As the muslim mayor of London said of his city’s chronic islamic terrorism: “It’s just part of living in cities, & we must accept it.” In other words, “You can’t stop these attacks, and we *won’t* stop them, so shut up and kneel, infidels! Allahu Akbar!”

    My thinking is, accepting islam into a community is like accepting a rattlesnake into your home:

    “About 97% of the cells in the snake’s body are harmless, and it’s not right (not PC) for us to judge the entire snake by a small percentage of lethal cells! When it bites you, you’ll be comforted by bearing in mind for a short while that the great majority of the snake hasn’t killed you.”

  10. This vignette illustrates the problem of government facilities and multi-culturalism. The fact is, you can’t write rules to cover every eventuality. A homogeneous society can let many things be unspoken but understood. A multicultural society needs to have everything spelled out, as there is no common basis for interacting.

    Thus, the European denominations would generally not make nuisances of themselves, without being told. It’s in their makeup (except for the Westboro Baptist Church, which is its own form of crazy).

    But start importing Muslims, or Rostaferians or whatever, and there are people acting normally to their own point of view, but obnoxious with regards to a Westerner.

    It’s almost impossible to write a rule that doesn’t rely on a common background or set of assumptions.

    So, the people in charge of the park have a dilemma. They’re not permitted to make a selection between religious doctrines so they have to allow the Muslims or forbid all religious displays. But the natives, including the atheists, may have valued the traditional religious displays as part of their culture. So the choice is between allowing a display of an alien religion, or withdraw a traditional display of the prevailing culture of the real natives.

  11. Time to start packing a spray bottle of bacon grease. You come across a similar scene, start spraying! Didn’t a group of mohameddans pull the same thing in NYC traffic recently?

  12. There are 69 mosques and 48 prayer rooms in Montreal. Why not pray there?. The United Kingdom has about 1,750 mosques but they still go into very public places and pray en masse even if they block the streets. They have now started doing this kind of thing all over Europe. I honestly believe it is just to let the kuffar know that they do not give a damn.

    • They obviously don’t; they may not be so bright, but they learnt very quickly that their incessant demands produced results, so they have continued to push all issues including praying in the streets, and the kuffar have continued to give in, and every year we are so much closer to sharia.

      If the western countries had any intestinal fortitude they would say: “Look, you have your mosques and prayer rooms–no more street praying!” They don’t, and I really believe they wouldn’t dare–it might offend the rabble!

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