Polish Left Calls for International Intervention to Stop the Actions of the Conservative Government in Poland

The leader of a far-left party in Poland is calling for intervention by trans-national organizations to stop new legislation that is being passed in parliament by the country’s conservative government, which holds the majority.

The following article about what happened yesterday is from the conservative news site wprost.pl. Ava Lon, who translated the piece, includes this introduction:

The Polish Parliament is voting in laws that the Left hates. Therefore the progressives have decided that the laws are “unconstitutional”, and that foreign powers must intervene to restore democracy in Poland.

Under the PiS (Party of Law and Justice) government, the Polish Parliament is now majority-conservative. It is changing the structure of the judiciary. The Left is foaming at the mouth. Now they have suggested (based on the presence of protective barriers around the Parliament building — as in most countries in the world nowadays) that the ruling party will “use force” to implement the law.

Ryszsadr Petru is the leader of a far-left party called Nowoczesna. He is making appeal to the OSCE, among other international organizations, to stand in solidarity with him and protect the rule of law.

Note: the letter in question is pictured in English in the text.

The translated article:

Ryszsadr Petru wrote a letter to “his friends all over the world” calling for solidarity concerning judiciary reforms in Poland.

The leader of Nowoczesna [Modern Party] sent his letter to many representatives of the world political scene. President [of the COE] Gianni Buquicchio, Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker, his deputy Frans Timmermans, President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland, Secretary General of the OSCE Lamberto Zannier and US Senator John McCain.

[Tweet] The Democratic World (UN, Council of Europe, OSCE, EU) can not be indifferent to the authoritarian rule of PiS.

We appeal in defense of your law!

“PiS is capable of enforcing the law by military means”

“I am aware that PiS is prepared for everything. The Sejm [Polish Parliament] is fenced off by railings. From what I’ve heard, there is a rented company that can equip the hall in stereo within three hours,” said Ryszard Petru in Koszalin. “PiS is able to enforce this law manu militari. Hence my appeal to world institutions concerned with the rule of law, asking them to appear as delegations monitoring the process of the rule of law in Poland,” he added.

24 thoughts on “Polish Left Calls for International Intervention to Stop the Actions of the Conservative Government in Poland

  1. It would appear the Communist International/Maoist International Movement is alive and well.

    Yet another nightmare for the all right-thinking, reality-based folks out there to deal with.

  2. Familiar tactic. Looks like liberal-fascists are the same everywhere. If something not working for their favor, they scream bloody murder and they do everything in their power to betray their country… More precisely, they have no country, that’s why they are such great ally to the Globalists and Muslims. The are the ultimate scumbags.

    • …that’s why they are such [a] great ally to the Globalists and Muslims.

      Please let me know what you think of my ensuing post once it clears moderation. I think you will enjoy the amazing degree of concord shared by our respective positions.

    • Leftists are so anti-democratic it defies belief. The results of elections are only valid if they win. I mean, really, how infantile!

  3. The Polish Parliament is voting in laws that the Left hates. Therefore the progressives have decided that the laws are “unconstitutional”, and that foreign powers must intervene to restore democracy in Poland.

    Is it just me or does the above sound like an open invitation to have some outside agency interfere with Poland’s legitimately elected government?

    I seem to recall that usurpation of a legally installed, ruling body—be it conducted by external or domestic forces—is a widely recognized definition of treason.

    This routine insistence by “Progressive” groups that any sociopolitical outcomes which they deem unsatisfactory be resolved through extra-legal means bespeaks an attitude of legal compliance being something of a perfunctory nature.

    As in, when confronted with situations that do not correspond to their (frequently absurd) expectations, there does not seem to be much concern on their part about any unequal application of the law.

    More plainly put, it’s a case of, “laws are for the little guys”. While the 1% of global elites appear to believe this as well, there arises a noteworthy convergence of Progressive and Transnational agendas when it comes to being, “above the law”.

    These, and many other, remarkable aspects make the recent G20 riots in Hamburg take on an aura of a “false flag” attack, whereby groups with parallel interests (e.g., one-world-government, borderless nations, universal monetary currency) attempt to differentiate themselves for the sake of each side recruiting their own portion of the electorate—albeit for an identical objective.

    This, despite how these seemingly opposite forces are in pursuit of a final goal which does not feature much in the way of meaningful differentiation. For this reason, native populations (e.g., Identitairian and nationalist blocs) had best carefully scrutinize the Left and its supposedly contrary Globalist counterpart whenever these superficially odd congruities arise.

    By now, it is abundantly clear that the 1% has no compunction about using Antifa or other Leftist thugs as shock troops to both clear a path through nationalist groups and enact a startling variety of legal measures which curtail the most basic human rights.

    Thwarting this hellish confederation will likely emerge as a task whose urgency is matched only by the need to roll back these recent “immigrant” invasions.

    • “Is it just me or does the above sound like an open invitation to have some outside agency interfere with Poland’s legitimately elected government?”


      I think that in some places, it’s called “sedition” and is criminalised, too.

      Expect this conservative Polish government not to fold, unlike what happens in the West.

      I have lots of hope for Poland!

    • This is the reason I quit voting for propositions here in California even if I was in favor of it. No matter what it is, the losing side will go judge shopping and get it overturned. They have become a waste of time and money.

    • You were right, we do have the same opinion, what is going on… I bet, we are not alone with that opinion either.

  4. Wow – nothing new under the sun I guess. The last time I saw such “call for help” was in 1968, when the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia lost their standing. They sent a letter out to Moscow, asking for a brotherly help on behalf of the poor Czechoslovaks, who were being misled by American CIA or NSA or MI6 or – whatever, out of the brotherly love of the Great International!!!

    It took a few weeks, and the Warsaw Pact sent Tanks into Prague, effectively ending any reforms to the Bolshevik Democratic Peoples Republic of Czechoslovakia.

    The main excuse for the invasion – was the “letter” asking Communist International in Moscow, for Help.

  5. Only the Modern Party [Nowoczesna] isn’t really far-left. It was founded during the last parliamentary election, when it became clear that people tired of the Civi Platform’s rule would be looking for an alternative. PiS has always been demonised, so it was hard to imagine that the majority of the disaffected CP voters would vote for it. On the other hand, one Paweł Kukiz and his semi-party has appeared on the political scene. Kukiz is a punk musician who earlier on was an “anti-establishment” candidate in the presidential election (2015) and managed to receive in the first round the third largest share of votes (20%), mainly young voters. The success has encouraged him to found a big-tent electoral association [although with visible rightist-populist leanings]. If the CP voters terminally biased against PiS voted for him or abstained from voting in general, it would mean a crushing defeat of the „democratic liberal” camp. Therefore CP had to have some „anti-establishment” – but moderate in comparison to this Kukiz guy – alternative … Nowoczesna initially presented itself as a moderately liberalist party [free market, not ‘liberal’ in the American sense] and pro-European [they want to introduce euro – sic! Ecce Crux Domini, fugite partes adversae!]. Cultural or societal questions weren’t particularly highlighted, but at the same time they did declare to support giving homosexuals more “rights” [civil unions] and a will to fight against “intolerance”. In short – ahem, ahem – a modern party. I am not sure whether to see it as more comedic or perhaps rather cringeworthy. Naturally, its character was pretty clear since the very beginning. Petru, the leader and the founder thereof, used to work for the World Bank, while members of it have many connections with the Civic Platform [including familial ones] and many of them belonged to the electoral committee of Bronisław Komorowski [Civic Platform, the ex-president, lost in 2015 getting the second largest number of votes]. Fortunately they aren’t much to be afraid of … because, well, they are literally a bunch of clumsy doofuses. Petru and most of his colleagues are known for hilarious slips of the tongue, faux-pas, a kind of careless awkwardness – the proper English word is goofiness, I believe – and plain ignorance. A Chaplinesque character and a chaplinesque party.

    • Just to give you a taste of this Ricky Petru fellow and his team, a few examples of their profound wisdom:

      Petru during one TV programme: “the Polish government unknowingly strengthens the position of David Cameroon [sic!] in the negotiations … ”

      Petru at a later press conference: “If the Polish Intelligence and Mr Wasczykowski [Foreign Minister] trace all the caricatures of Jarosław Kaczyński in the world, they will – ladies and gentlemen – have a lot to do. Because as far as I remember there are some 130 countries in the world. Therefore there is really a lot to do and I assume that the more of the caricatures and the more of our reactions to those caricatures, the more caricatures there will be. And I think that you cannot behave like a complex-driven … uhm … female grade-school graduate [WHAT?]. “
      Jounralist: *giggles* “Well, there are a bit more countries, Mr Chairman, in the world.”
      Petru: “Ha! I have handled it well.”
      Journalist: “Uhm … Don’t you have this problem that sometimes you speak faster than you think, sir. Taking into account all the blunders, like the one with Cameroon for example …”
      Petru: “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to check how to pronounce the name of the Prime Minister of the UK. It is pronounced ‘David Cameroon’! And the all who don’t know it … If somebody has difficulties with the English language, then I ask them to check how it should be pronounced.”

      Journalist: “According to the bill, it’s not like you cannot procure an abortion when the life of the mother is in danger.”
      Petru: “The bill – as far as I know – is what it is.”
      Journalist: “No, the danger of mother’s life is the sole reason to procure an abortion.”
      Petru: “But health can result in life … “ [WUT?]

      Petru: “It’s a worldview question and in this case there will be no party discipline. For example in the case of terminating a pregnance to the 12th … 20th month.”

      Journalist: “Why do you say that Donald Tusk has escaped. He has been given an offer.”
      Petru: “I wasn’t a supporter of his government. I am happy that he is the head … that he is the head … the president of the EU …” [Tusk is of course the president of the European Council, not the EU.]

      Petru: “There are such moments that empires fall. Empires usually fall at the peak of their glory …”
      Journalist: “Wait, wait! Which empire fell at the peak of its glory!?”
      Petru: “The Roman Empire.”
      Journalist: “The Roman Empire?”
      Petru: “Yes, of course!”
      Jounralist: “The Roman empire was at its peak – when? – in some 100 CE and it fell in which year? 476 CE.”
      Petru: “No … Well, yeah … You know … It is precisely the same thing. You have a big empire you aren’t able to manage.“

      Petru: “Better things are produced in [Western] Europe, though. They are usually the most expensive, but – yet again, price and quality. So what if I buy some very cheap shoes and they will wear out very fast. I had bought my first shoes in Germany, and they were torn within two days. I was thinking they were cheap.“
      Jounralist: “And those” [pointing to his schoes]
      Petru: “Those aren’t.”
      Journalist: “Aren’t cheap?”
      Petru: “Those aren’t bought in Germany.”

      Petru: “We begin Christmas break now. After the Christmas break – let me remind you – it will be the Six Kings’ day … [instead of the Three Kings’ day, Epiphany, in Poland an official non-working national public holiday] … Right? And the first semester ends. In the world, people make a deep analysis what the gymnasia [junior high schools, compulsory schools for kids aged 13-16; created in 1999] were created for. Whether the goals have been achieved?”

      Journalist: “Who else have been invited? Party leaders?”
      Petru: “As far as I know, but perhaps I don’t know it, it just me.”
      Journalist: “Hmmm …” 🙂

      Petru at the parliamentary podium: “We invite the leaders of the opposition parties for a meeting. I ask for a 15 percent break …”

      Petru in some interview: “The less – so to say – … turning a cup without … uhm … in a glass without sugar, the less bureaucracy”. [Nope, it’s not a Polish saying. It has no sense whasoever.]

      === Joanna Schuring-Wielgus ===

      Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus speaking at a pro-abortion rally: “It cannot be that some fanatical margin will dictate us what to do! It cannot be that the government and the parilament give in to such fanatism. Because if they do, if they do, then the government and the parliament become a dictatorship! Down with the dictatorship of women! [Yes, women.] Down with the dictatorship of women! “
      Some guy standing on the podium joins in: “Down with the dictatorship of women! Down with the dictatorship of women! “
      A woman standing on the podium screams: “Of men! Of men, Joanna!”
      Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus: “Of men! Of men!”

      Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus in some interview: “It is a completely thoughtless argument, because a potential terrorist may buy himself such a card in Czechoslovakia or Slovakia!”

      Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus in some interview: “Conceptual pills schould be for free.” [The Polish term for birth control pills can be literally translated to English as “anticonceptual pills”.]

      Speaker of the Parliament, Ryszard Terlecki announces: “Mrs Joanna Wielgus … Mrs Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, The Modern Party. [Not noticing her] The lady isn’t here.”
      Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus gets on the podium: “Mr Speaker, my name is Scheuring-Wielgus. I would ask you to utter [sic!] my name as it is named [sic!]. Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen, MPs of PiS, what has happened … Where is Mr Terlecki [Ryszard Terlecki, the speaker, sitting right behind her] ?”
      MPs burst in laughter. Scheuring-Wielgus continues apparently unaware of the reason: “I would like to ask … ” MPs still laugh. Probably somebody tell her to turn around. She turns around and for some odd reason makes a gesture as if she wanted to touch Terlecki’s face and then claps her hands. Finally clams down and tries to hush the much amused House: “May I? May I? May I ask a question? Mr Terlecki it is a question for you. Mr Terlecki, you move quickly like a lightning. I like it very much. The question is what has happened today that it turned out suddenly that you have nevertheless some intelligence … ” MPs giggle.

      • They may well be a joke at present, but there is a large part of the Polish electorate – especially among urban, educated 20-40 year olds, who may be in agreement with their policies, such as being pro-EU, liberal, pro-gay right, anti-“hate” etc. When faced with the prospect of 4 more years of Kaczynski, do you think that such voters will be put off by Petru’s faux-pas, numerous as they are?

      • I could barely stop myself. I had to translate a few more.

        The Wisdom of Ricky Petru. Part II

        On the age of consent and gynecologists: Today, formally one can have sex being up to 15 years old. But if a girl or a boy visits a gynecologist, she must go with parents.

        On aborting a pregnancy … I mean, abortion: I cannot imagine a situation in which somebody could not abort an abortion.

        On abortion … I mean, pregnancy: We can simply restrict the legal possibility to perform the procedure of pregnancy. Today, in the Subcarpathian voivodship according to the current law performing the procedure of pregnancy isn’t possible at all as doctors have signed the conscience clause.

        On exhuming the Smolensk catastrophe victims: It is also digging the shovels … this hole … between … towards … the families that do not want it. [He was apparently referring to what the journalist he was talking to about digging a hole/grave using shovels … ]

        On his nickname used in the Civic Platform – The Cannibal: [I am not a cannibal] I have not eaten anything that would be mine.

        On the judiciary “reforms”: If they completely politicize the judiciary in Poland, a man will not be able to appeal and question any bureaucratic decision. Without courts one cannot appeal from a decision. It will be like in the Process by Kafka – a little man will have nowhere to go.

        On Brexit and euro: With this letter and – of course – earlier on with the referendum, Great Britian has started the process of leaving the Euroshpere.

        On the danger of Polish-German border: I have brought up the question that the government’s lack of involvement in the external border control may lead to the creation of a Polish-German border introduced in order to stop the refugees crossing through Poland. I want to ask Mrs PM how she plans to prevent the creation of the border.

  6. Snitching and tattling to the EU is not going to make any more popular with the Polish voters than they already are, and they were not popular enough to win the last election to begin with.

  7. British democracy is far from perfect (why do we still have an unelected Upper House?), but in Poland as with the US Supreme Court, the idea of political appointees to the judiciary seems quite alien to us.

  8. Calling on foreign powers to assist in domestic disputes is an ancient and widespread habit. It is also an extremely effective means of a country’s losing its independence and coming under foreign rule.

    The question was specifically discussed by the defenders of the Constitution when it was being put up for a vote. In history, countries often lost their independence to a foreign army that was invited in by a disputing faction. Therefore, the Constitution specifically forbade a state, or a private citizen, from carrying out a diplomatic mission.

    It’s pretty obvious that for the left, access to the levers of power far overrides national independence in terms of desirability…except for the Stalinists, of course. Stalin was very good at ruthlessly pursuing his own objectives, while appealing to the altruistic feelings of everyone else. But, there seems very little wriggle room between todays leftists and Stalinists.

    • Yes. It makes you wonder: given the help we had from the French in 1781, how did we avoid being annexed by France?

      They must have had insufficient boots on the ground to be able to persuade us…

      • You make an excellent observation. It’s so much to the point that I’m not going to attempt a reply, as it’s a very powerful question that deserves a real answer within the framework of the principle I mentioned: foreign involvement in domestic disputes leads to loss of independence.

      • Baron-

        Without going into all the details you are basically correct.

        Lafayette and France provided enough support to put the US over the top versus the British, but they did not have enough forces available to force the US into submission under French rule.

    • remember King Charles lost his head trying to do the very same thing in England by recruiting help from the Irish and French. We need many Cromwells to arise throughout the western civilized nations and expose this dual conspiracy before both Islamfascism and the Progressive left are joined immutably together like two sides of a pair of scissors and takes the world completely over.

  9. “…the progressives have decided that the laws are “unconstitutional”, and that foreign powers must intervene to restore democracy in Poland.”

    I think they tested this in 1939-1941?
    It did not end up very well did it? 😉

    But maybe there were not enough foreign powers who intervened at that time?

    • It’s a fallacy to believe that knowledge of past failure drives present-day decision-making. It’s almost as if disastrous past failures act as an attractant for the leaders of today.

  10. Amusing to hear this was also in the radio news in New Zealand in the early morning.
    Thank goodness for a better understanding of it here; thanks to ‘gov’.

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