Italian Mayor: “We Have Been Invaded”

The mayor of Messina in Italy was upset with the way the central authorities treated his city when it came time to dump a large, fragrant load of migrants on him. And he was also irate at the role played by a “cooperative” — that is, one of the innumerable “refugee”-helping NGOs that have sprouted like mushrooms after a heavy rain of Soros money.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:21   It bothered me, practically — look, I am the mayor of this town.
00:25   And the State has literally climbed over us. Look, I was advised by the prefecture
00:31   around the 22nd, saying that the immigrants would arrive
00:34   and I said, “OK, my Prefect [civil governor]. I am here.”
00:38   I arrived, and the immigrants were already here.
00:41   The State had already organized everything in the morning, and they had arrived by bus.
00:46   There is a cooperative, a group of young people who represent a cooperative,
00:50   that was managing these immigrants.
00:57   So, we want to block it because now they
01:01   are trying to fix a situation that is precarious
01:04   and therefore the arrival of a [unintelligible] group
01:08   passes through the satisfaction, let us say,
01:12   carries forward only an agreement within a cooperative.
01:15   The fact is that things have gone like this.
01:19   The prefect has authorized a cooperative within a structure that does not function.
01:28   We have been invaded, climbed over, overwhelmed by the management of immigrants
01:33   by this cooperative, which has nothing to do with our community.

5 thoughts on “Italian Mayor: “We Have Been Invaded”

  1. Soros and his minions have a powerful stink of dysfunction. Their actions remind Douglas Murray of self-harming adolescents, and I agree. Consider that this entire horrid farce of mass immigration has been done to slake one old man’s ( Soros ) sense of grievance at the losses of WW2. As if no one else suffered.
    If the anti – Christ hadn’t been already created, he would have to be to describe him.

  2. “Motus in fine velocior” (“Motion accelerates when the end is near.”)

  3. Wow, you serious, Mayor? An invasion. Nothing escapes the Europeans these days.

    You get an A for the day for being so on top of things.

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