Iranian Expat in Germany: “The Country is Being Islamized”

After yesterday’s knife jihad attack in Hamburg, an Iranian expat who has lived in Germany for more than thirty years recorded a video message to Chancellor Angela Merkel. In it the Persian woman expresses her bitter anger over Frau Merkel’s “welcome refugees” policy, which is flooding Germany with exactly the same Islamic violence and persecution that she fled from all those decades ago.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:05   Dear Frau Merkel, I have questions,
0:08   and I hope you have the answers to them.
0:11   Many have warned that with Islam,
0:14   terror will come to Germany, and that
0:17   the people who come here, who are let into the country
0:20   uncontrolled by you, will bring their wars from their home countries
0:23   with them, and that they will in just as uncontrolled a way
0:26   attack each other here in Germany as they do back home.
0:30   Today, on the 28th of July, 2017,
0:33   again, an attack took place in Hamburg
0:36   against innocent people,
0:39   and again, the attacker yelled Allah Akhbar,
0:42   god is great.
0:45   Again, innocent people have died in the name of Allah,
0:49   just as millions of people have died
0:52   for 1,400 years.
0:55   Thirty-one years ago, I fled from exactly these people
0:58   and came to Germany.
1:01   Therefore, when I say that I see my persecutors
1:04   on the streets, that is not a joke.
1:07   It is a fact.
1:11   As a small child I experienced the revolution in Iran;
1:14   I experienced the war;
1:17   I saw seen things on the streets that no child should see.
1:21   And today I am a mother myself.
1:24   Today, day by day I fight against the fear
1:27   that my daughter, that any of our children,
1:30   may become witness of what I experienced,
1:33   what happened in my childhood.
1:36   Thirty-one years ago
1:39   Germany offered me protection.
1:42   I had packed away everything,
1:45   and I was of the opinion that it was all behind me.
1:48   I have built a new life for myself.
1:51   And now, the exact same thing creeps up on us here
1:54   in Germany as what happened in Iran almost 40 years ago.
1:57   The country is being Islamized;
2:00   our freedoms are being limited;
2:04   freedom of opinion doesn’t even exist anymore, anyway.
2:07   Freedom of speech? It’s fake.
2:11   All that’s left of it is the name.
2:14   And I cannot depend on our democracy anymore, either.
2:17   Of that, too, all that’s left is its name.
2:20   I do not know what the reason the German government has
2:23   for destroying their own country,
2:26   and abandoning all regard and consideration for their own culture.
2:30   We constantly hear “refugees welcome”,
2:33   but what about us?
2:36   What about those refugees that found their way to Germany many years ago,
2:39   and built a new life for themselves?
2:42   Are we not good enough for you anymore? Are we being traded in
2:45   like pieces of furniture that you don’t like anymore, for new refugees?
2:48   Are our lives again being put in danger
2:51   because new refugees are now coming?
2:54   Not unlike the way in which an Islamic man
2:57   just exchanges his wife for another,
3:00   a younger wife that he’s more interested in?
3:03   Are we not humans? Are Germans not humans?
3:06   Don’t they have any rights anymore?
3:09   If you are of the opinion that the country
3:12   should go down the drain,
3:15   well then please,
3:18   I would like to know now what should become
3:21   of us, and what should become of our children.
3:24   And why, after 31 years, I again have to experience things
3:27   that I experienced way back in Iran.

28 thoughts on “Iranian Expat in Germany: “The Country is Being Islamized”

  1. “of us, and what should become of our children”.

    Frau Merkel does not give a crap! – she has no skin in the game ( no children ).

  2. merkel doesn’t care! she is a communist, her job is to destroy Germany in her and her fellow communists goal of creating a communist world.

  3. Wow! I was born in Germany and moved to the U.S. 23 years ago. Here, I met my partner, whose family is from Iran and fled during the revolution. Your video brought tears to y eyes because you obviously weren’t able to flee and had to witness horrors that even for adults are difficult to process. The stories I’ve heard from my in-laws are very scary because it shows how cruel we humans truly are when we insist on belief and when religion not only creates conflict, but when religion is responsible for the death of thousands. I respect other people’s beliefs and religion, but I will not tolerate having someone’s religion forced upon me. Ms. Merkel clearly wasn’t thinking this through. I hear and read of German women getting raped in broad daylight, stabbings in the streets, and people getting killed in Germany. Attack after attack. Here’s where Ms. Merkel didn’t learn from history: most such mass migrations were actually highly organized by the regime or by religious groups. Regimes get the opportunity to “cleanse” and rid the population of the scum, lazy, unemployed, useless, undesirables, as Trump calls them here (and yes, that’s a whole other story). In modern times religious extremists take this opportunity to send terrorists into other countries to carry out jihad, and kill innocent people.

    My Catholic in-laws told me they lived in peace and harmony with Muslims and Jews for all these years. Never were there issues. So, religion itself isn’t the problem, it’s the extremists, yes, we have Christian extremists here in the U.S. as well, that cause the problems.

    Here’s the thing: when Sadam Hussein was still alive there was more peace in those regions. He may have had a big mouth and he may have killed a few people that didn’t agree with him, but I’m sure that the number of deaths he caused are right there with the number murders the U.S., the U.K., or any other country committed. There’s a reason why some cultures are best controlled by a dictator regime, and others are lead to believe they live in a democracy, even though that is just a myth. But forcing democracy on people that aren’t used to it delivers what’s happening all across Europe now, utter and complete havoc. We all need to look closer at who is stirring the pot and causes these wars (cough cough), and civil unrest. After the Cold War ended I thought “Finally peace”, boy, was I wrong. It’s not Bush, it’s not Bush W., it’s the real leaders of the world that make the money on weapons, and no other time makes more money than wartime.

    To you, the woman that recorded the video, I feel deeply for you, and I’m so very sorry you’re going through this. Hats off to you for having the [courage] to record your video and address Ms. Merkel. Does she ultimately [redacted] care? No. She knows she messed up.

    Believe it or not, but Germany still feels it owes an apology to the world for Hitler, and so, allowing these refugees in looks good. Nobody in the U.S. sees what’s really happening. They just all think what wonderful people the Germans are. Germany has done enough good in the world, take care of your own people for once.

    Ultimately, humanity is too evil. We’re not ready for evolution and we will intimately destroy ourselves. In my eyes, that’s a good thing because this beautiful planet we call Home deserves so much better. We destroy and kill, it’s what humans know best.

    • *sighs heavily*

      So-called moderate co-believers are a huge problem because they will follow in the wake of the extremists. They won’t roll over on their own.

    • “yes, we have Christian extremists here in the U.S. as well, that cause the problems”

      If by that you mean the USCCB and all those well-connected Catholic charities, following directives from the USCCB, bringing more and more of these Muslims here, I’d agree.

      • The “mainline” Protestant “refugee” resettlement industry “Christian” extremists are also pretty bad, not just the Catholic ones.

    • To Ted (W)
      [insults redacted], Christians fought the Crusades for over 1400 precisely to combat islam (which is a satanic religion.) It cannot peacefully exist among other religions for it is based on butchery and submission. That is what they are now doing to the west in their silent jihad.
      Merkel knows exactly what she is doing and is following orders for the destruction of European Christianity, culture and sovereignty – there is no error here in her (or any other European leaders motives.)

    • Like you, I am an expat, Swiss, and have lived now in the US for almost 20 years.

      Humanity are NOT ultimately evil. I have no clue what you mean by “we are not ready for evolution”, but it sounds to me like you’re implying that we should all live happily together and hold hands and sing kumbaya. To me that is exactly the kind of thinking that got Germany especially, into the kinds of trouble they are in now.

      It is simply not possible. Ever heard of the saying, ‘good fences make good neighbors’, it’s yuuuuuge here where I live up in Montana. Everybody up here is armed, and everybody up here respects each other’s boundaries. We don’t wish to be forced to happily live together with everyone and “evolve” into that because we don’t like everybody that comes along, and we have a right to feel that way.

      Everybody has a right to choose their own company. However, now for instance in Germany, I cannot choose my own company anymore, the government is going to choose for me. That means that I might suddenly find myself having to live next to a bunch of loudmouth filthy arrogant Africans who do not give a rat’s butt about my sense of cleanliness or holding themselves to the noise ordinance. No. They’ll trash the neighborhood, they’ll pee on my fence, they’ll defecate in my yard, they’ll harass my ten year old daughter, AND they’ll sell drugs and party all night. Because they have no common sense and they do not care for humanity. Are they evil? Maybe. But most of all, they just don’t care, and they’re not made to care.

      Europe has long ago decided to take God out of everything. Having moved to the US, I have over the years learned to be proud again to be a Christian and to say the Lord’s name in joy. I couldn’t do that anymore back home in the old country unless I was willing to be ridiculed. Europe has decided to ridicule the existence of God, it has brought atheism and apathy to schools and daily life, and this is now the receipt they pay for that. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. What is evil is not humanity, but humans and societies who decide what can be worshipped and what can’t.

      Humanity is only evil once it let’s go of all things good and Christian. Only then will it be susceptible to evil. But it’s not humanity’s natural state of being. It’s a conscious choice they made. And now they pay the price.

      • Thanks Nash, interesting post. I just want to add: I am an atheist {nobody can force themselves to believe}, but I respect the messages attributed to Jesus and try to live by the golden rule. That’s all it takes. ‘Good fences make good neighbours’ in the area of beliefs.

    • Very well said! I agree with everything you say. Being a Canadian and seeing Refugees welcomed here scares me, as there is not proper vetting of them. Our so called leader has welcomes thousands here giving them more than what a Canadian gets as a pensioner,homeless etc. I believe in kindness, but let’s start charity at home. Low income earners get nothing, so why should tax payers have to support refugees when Canada is falling apart. Paying $10,000 to a terrorist just for an example. Germany is a good place to look at when it comes to what is going on there. This will not end well at all. Peace? what is Peace? what store do you buy it? Too many people have their heads in the sand.

      We as Canadians can’t and won’t escape terrorism.
      This lady was brave to say what she did, and I wish more people like her would speak out. But are we humans ready to hear the truth!

  4. What is wrong with the German people? They are intelligent and have a history of great achievements. Why are they allowing merkel to destroy their country? merkel needs to be impeached, removed from office and illegal aliens returned to their homeland.
    Of course that is easy for me to say when the leaders of our country and the people allowed Barach Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro Sabarkah to inflict permanent damage on our country for eight years.

  5. I find it fascinating that all of these Muslim immigrant invaders think they’re taking advantage of the European people by moving there and sucking the welfare system dry. Little do they understand that one of the main goals of the EU is to increase the tax base. Ultimately it can be demonstrated that virtually all Muslim immigrants are going to have to earn a living by working for it. Looks like the invaders are being hoodwinked, big time. LOL So who’s fault is it? The European citizens, of course. They stopped having babies in any appreciable number decades ago, because they couldn’t “afford it”… Now there’s not nearly enough people paying into the retirement fund to take care of the older retirees. Prime examples of this are Merkle and many other “leaders” of the EU. Childless old people, running the show. At least, this has always been the goal, but it’s certain to backfire also, leaving the European citizens with no retirement at all once the Muslims establish Sharia everywhere. Then who’s gotten hoodwinked..? This is a lost game for the citizens of Europe no matter what happens next, because it’s all about the second goal of course, which is to destroy Christianity and establish a one-world government. That’s another story…

    • The reason they couldn’t “afford kids” is that the system was designed so as to de facto lead to low birthrates. It’s not an accident.

    • Uh, they are taking advantage of the system and milking it dry.

      The invaders will avoid EU taxes by going into legal cash businesses like kebab shops, laundromats, and newsstands.

      On top of that, invaders are also more than willing to going into illegal cash businesses like selling drugs (which has the added benefit of destroying infidel lives) and running numbers.

    • It wasn’t about money for many of us. It was also the cold war, making us truly fear nuclear war. And, more than anything, it was the constant message that the world was dangerously overpopulated, the environment almost destroyed, and that the only correct and green response was to be childless.

      These messages were very strong and real in the eighties.

      Thank the Greens.

  6. Germany is an Islamic country. It’s just that most Germans haven’t realized this yet. It’s all about the demographics. Merkel is merely accelerating a process which was already underway. The die has already been cast.

  7. Get prepared, if it does turn south, make some space, put a few extra steps between you and what coming, so you won’t be caught with your pants down.

    • Agreed. Some German and Austrian Jews (including in my family) saw what was coming and had the means and the foresight to get out in the late 1930’s.

      Some French Jews have also made arrangements, in Israel or in the US (Canada is going down Jihad road too quickly at this point).

      Germans would be wise to at least get residency permits and buy a house in a safe country, particularly those with children.

      • No problem, as long as these Anglo refugees stay out of the US. We do not want post-modern European values in our country.

  8. Her time would be better spent getting sized for a burqa, because it certainly looks like she’ll be returning to her islamic roots.

  9. When and where it is a ‘crime’ to ‘insult Islam’, freedom is DEAD.

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