IQ, Immigration, and the Welfare State: A Recipe for Civilizational Suicide

Helmuth Sørensen Nyborg is a former professor of developmental psychology at Aarhus University in Denmark (and also a former Olympic canoeist). He has caused controversy in the past by his numerous writings on the forbidden topic of race and intelligence.

Prof. Nyborg gave a speech last month laying out the evidence that the former high civilization of Northern Europe and the European diaspora is well along in the process of destroying itself. It is rapidly reducing its collective IQ by two simultaneous vectors: the welfare state and the mass importation of low-IQ immigrants.

What he says is totally WAYCIST. Yet it is completely true. These are simply the facts that we must face.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I would like to say thank you for your invitation (to speak here today).
00:08   Today I intend to talk a little about Europe’s greatness and decay.
00:16   First I want you to imagine something.
00:21   Think of Skagen’s northernmost tip [most northerly part of Denmark, in Jutland].
00:26   From there, travel a little west to England, Scotland, and cut down through Europe.
00:33   Make a turn by Rome and then go up through central Europe
00:40   and cross over to Skagen’s northern tip again.
00:47   Then you have actually outlined the area where the people who have been born
00:54   since the 14th century created 97% of all the scientific
01:02   and artistic progress, that at least 50% of the authoritative sources agree
01:10   are historically unique.
01:13   Some of these Nordic people
01:16   later traveled to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
01:22   and spread democracy, welfare and civilization like nobody else in history.
01:30   The question now is: What made these people so special?
01:38   One of many suggestions is that it can be explained by Cold Winter theory.
01:46   You get the ultra-short version here —
01:49   those of you who are more interested can read the details on my website
01:55   Cold Winter theory is based on the very simple fact
02:00   that the further the prehistoric African emigrants travelled north,
02:07   the colder the climate became. And that’s not an irrelevant thing…
02:12   Because it requires a better ability to survive
02:15   in a cold environment compared with a hot one, all other things being equal.
02:19   Therefore, the migrants were subjected to a relentless
02:23   Darwinian selection for intelligence
02:27   and for the willingness to share sparse food and warm dwellings.
02:32   We now know that intelligence is related to brain size
02:38   and it is also linked to altruistic sociability,
02:42   or what we may call trust in each other — or the ability to cooperate.
02:48   The correlation between, for example, brain size and intelligence
02:54   is between .34 and .45 and that means that we can actually explain
03:00   some of the individual differences by looking at brain size only.
03:06   But since the correlation is not 1, this means there is also room for other relevant factors.
03:12   The organization of the brain also means something — not only its size.
03:17   But together it shows that there are people who were sorted for brain size,
03:23   for intelligence, and for altruism,
03:26   explaining why the northern peoples could develop sociability.
03:33   If we look at the current figures
03:40   we can see it has something to do with the fact that there is a difference
03:44   between the average brain size in Africa
03:47   and the brain size of northern people of about 100 cubic centimeters.
03:51   In fact, if you look at people’s hats, you can actually start to get an idea
03:57   of where people were born. It sounds odd, but it has been scientifically proven.
04:03   There is a difference in average IQ from Africa up to the northern countries
04:10   of two standard deviations, i.e. about 30 IQ points.
04:15   The average IQ in Africa is 70, in England 100.
04:20   The hereditability of intelligence and also brain size
04:26   actually explains why the northern people —
04:31   when they emigrated to the United States and Canada —
04:36   also brought these same abilities with them,
04:39   and that means that the Cold Winter theory explains
04:44   in a very simple way both the journey towards a highly development Nordic civilization
04:49   and also its later propagation into selected areas of the world.
04:54   Now we have arrived at the more unfortunate part of my presentation.
04:58   Because all of this amazing evolutionary process has gone into reverse gear
05:03   due to a number of different things.
05:06   The high Nordic civilization had already started
05:09   to take a downturn around 1850
05:15   and the explanation is as simple as its first appearance.
05:18   Because at that time, low IQ people began, for the first time in history,
05:23   to have more surviving children than high IQ people.
05:27   And this drives the national IQ average down.
05:31   Next, northern people make less than the 2.05 children needed
05:37   to keep the population stable and that means that a space then opens up for others.
05:42   We are quite simply eradicating ourselves because of low fertility.
05:47   And then comes a little detail that I have had a lot of “fun” telling about.
05:53   High IQ women not only have well below 2.05 children,
05:58   they also have them late in life. And as also almost 25% of high IQ women in the United States
06:06   suffer involuntary abortions, it’s not just a choice, it’s not just high education,
06:12   it actually also has something to do with physiology.
06:15   The problem then lies in that low-IQ women have more than the required 2.05 children —
06:22   the end result being that women’s intelligence goes down from generation to generation in Europe —
06:28   which of course also sends a nation’s average IQ down.
06:31   And I strongly advise you not to talk openly about this knowledge.
06:35   We then also see that the average Danish IQ has fallen a few points since 2000.
06:43   It sounds innocent, but it’s not.
06:46   There is an American researcher, Gerhardt Meisenberg,
06:49   who made a rule saying that if IQ drops by 3 to 5 points, the GDP per capita —
06:56   the average of the country’s financial capability, will fall by 18% over time.
07:04   This is something that takes a long time to happen, but the effect is proven.
07:10   Then there’s a third thing that causes the downturn:
07:13   The welfare state. We consume higher-quality food, we have better hygiene,
07:19   we have better medicine and hospitals —
07:22   and we help the weak to survive in larger numbers than before.
07:27   This also puts evolution into reverse gear.
07:30   This increases average morbidity
07:33   and causes more hereditary diseases to be carried on to the next generation.
07:36   As K.K. Steinke said back in 1920
07:40   when he described the poor in Denmark —
07:43   in two volumes, you should read them, it is very interesting reading —
07:46   the story shows that already at that time the problem could be identified.
07:50   Steincke said, “We must make sure that we do not get too many misfits
07:55   when we establish the welfare state.”
07:58   And by “misfits” he did not mean anything degrading,
08:01   he just meant “below average” (mental underachievers).
08:05   All of what I have just mentioned implies that the European welfare states
08:10   are well on their way through the process of “eating their own children” —
08:13   and they are doing it from within. It has nothing to do with external influences.
08:20   Therefore, it appears to me almost traitorous when leading politicians
08:24   and university people do not want to analyze the situation objectively,
08:28   but on the contrary, misdiagnose the problems
08:32   and talk about racism, extremism and “we hate eugenics,
08:36   because that’s something only Nazis talk about.”
08:40   This is actually not true. Eugenics is the teaching of how to improve human quality
08:45   and we have not really figured that one out yet.
08:48   Until now I have talked about the inner causes
08:52   of the imminent fall of the high Nordic civilization,
08:56   but this can only be seen in the very long term.
08:59   Now I would like to talk about an added external threat
09:02   that has a completely different dynamic built into it,
09:05   and which has irreversible effects.
09:08   And of course I am thinking of the new wave of migration
09:11   that is in the process of replacing Europe’s populations
09:15   in a transition of historic dimensions.
09:18   The replacement of peoples has always taken place,
09:22   but hardly ever before with such force and with such dynamic
09:26   as after the introduction of new modern means of transport.
09:30   A qualified bio-demographic analysis begins by noting
09:36   that immigrants are culturally and biologically very different —
09:40   and this is important when we talk about these things.
09:44   For, oddly enough, these differences are related to whether the immigrants
09:48   come from Northern cold-selected areas or Southern areas
09:52   that have not had that cold selection.
09:56   For example, immigration from the “cold” North East Asian territories,
10:00   i.e. China and Japan and surrounding countries —
10:03   they are of no major importance for Europe.
10:06   These people are generally more intelligent than we are,
10:09   they can take educations and support themselves
10:12   and they are able to contribute in a positive way to society.
10:15   But unfortunately, they are as infertile as we are,
10:19   so they will also disappear out of circulation in the foreseeable future.
10:24   Other Europeans have much the same IQ and infertility as Danes.
10:29   They support themselves and then they, too, disappear.
10:32   The societal danger comes from southern non-Western immigrants
10:38   who have not undergone cold selection.
10:41   Their average IQ is below 90.
10:44   A study I made in 2011 shows
10:48   that the immigrants’ average IQ in Denmark is 86.
10:52   This is disturbingly low.
10:55   This means that at least half will never get a qualifying education,
11:00   nor ever be able to support themselves.
11:05   The problem here is that our leading politicians and researchers
11:12   have long assumed that this problem can be solved through dialogue and education,
11:17   despite the fact that differential psychology has shown for more than 100 years
11:22   that this is not possible.
11:25   It therefore creates a panic when Danish-speaking third-generation immigrants,
11:29   born and raised in Denmark, are already lagging behind during their first years of school.
11:34   With a heredity factor of 60-80%, we can with great certainty predict
11:38   that half of them will run into serious problems and will end up on welfare.
11:46   Especially if we take into consideration that Scandinavia is a high-tech society
11:54   where we systematically eliminate jobs of the sort that could have made a difference —
11:59   like digging ditches and things that today we have machines to do.
12:04   What’s even worse is that the group of functional illiterates
12:08   will grow very quickly, as on average they start having children early
12:12   and some of them have 4 to 6 children per couple.
12:16   Those responsible have not yet understood that religious people
12:20   have more children than non-believers —
12:23   and that Muslims have more children than other fertile religious groups.
12:29   If this trend holds, Muslims could eventually form a majority in Denmark
12:33   and they could lawfully introduce Sharia —
12:37   and most of them also agree that that is actually what they want.
12:41   At the same time, their many cousin-to-cousin marriages
12:48   increase the frequency of genetic damages. And the numbers are disturbing
12:52   when you see the collective results, for example in the Middle East.
12:55   One wonders then, at least I think so, why Europe’s feminists,
13:01   evolutionary biologists, cultural leaders, politicians, and bishops,
13:07   seem quite unable to act on, nor understand what this development means for a free society.
13:13   They just have to look at our neighbor — Sweden —
13:16   a country that is sinking into the abyss in front of our very eyes.
13:19   Here the Swedish national economist Hans Jensevik says
13:23   that even if Swedish GDP is slowly growing,
13:27   the different migrant clans produce less than they consume.
13:33   This is hard, cold and factual economic language.
13:36   At the same time, their numbers are growing,
13:39   thereby creating a ticking bomb under the Swedish economy.
13:42   This cannot yet clearly be seen, says Jensevik,
13:45   because the Swedish state covers the establishment costs of immigration.
13:49   But gradually the municipalities will be required to take over these expenses,
13:53   which means that the welfare of the individual citizen will deteriorate drastically,
13:57   and Swedish companies will be starved.
14:00   You could of course raise taxes, but then incomes would decrease,
14:04   and you will still have gotten nowhere. He also says that Malmö will soon be bankrupt,
14:10   and more than 40 municipalities in Sweden already look like Malmö, financially.
14:15   A mathematical projection of the figures shows that all municipalities in Sweden
14:20   will have finances as bad as that of Malmö as soon as 2025 —
14:25   that is, in only 6, 7, 8 years.
14:29   Before 1960 Sweden could be characterized by economic thinking.
14:33   They talked about which projects they would start
14:36   that would benefit the citizens and the state.
14:39   Today, he says, many Swedish municipalities are reduced
14:42   to merely chasing money where they can find it,
14:45   and Jensevik fears that one of the first things that will happen
14:48   is that Sweden will soon lose their elderly care.
14:51   And then we get to social unrest and crime.
14:54   The head of the Swedish security police Säpo
14:57   said recently that the number of militant Islamists in Sweden
15:01   has now risen from the hundreds to now many thousands.
15:05   “But we have no idea where they are and what they want.
15:10   We have never seen anything like it,” he says. “Säpo now receives
15:14   around 6,000 tips a month about terrorism and extremism.”
15:18   We have now 60 registered no-go zones,
15:22   which the police, however, call “particularly vulnerable zones”.
15:26   Swedish schools and cars are burning in vast numbers.
15:30   The numbers show that non-European immigrants
15:33   account for 49% of all sexual crimes committed since 2015,
15:38   even though they represent only 9.5% of the population.
15:43   They are also younger, but the victims can’t really use that for anything.
15:53   In other words, I think we can safely say that Sweden is about to become
15:58   a failed [third-world] country. Jensevik does not think
16:01   that they can reverse these developments in Sweden
16:04   as long as their politicians do nothing.
16:07   I think Sweden has long since gone past the point of no return.
16:11   What about Norway? Here an economist has calculated
16:15   that those immigrants who came to the country in 2014 alone
16:21   will, in the perspective of a lifetime, cost 600 billion Norwegian kroner —
16:28   That is 14 times the dividend of the Norwegian Oil Fond.
16:32   Danish economists believe that immigration “only” costs taxpayers 50 billion —
16:38   because the third or fourth generation will get educated and get to work.
16:43   This is one of the prerequisites for using the “Dream Model”,
16:47   the mathematical formula by which, amongst others,
16:50   The Rockwool Foundation presents its predictions. But all differential
16:54   psychological research shows that that it is not going to happen.
16:57   Research also shows that low-IQ people commit significantly more crimes
17:02   than high IQ people.
17:05   There is an inverse relationship between intelligence
17:09   and all sorts of social pathology.
17:13   As for the rest of Europe, the trend indicates that most countries are following suit
17:17   and the decay is exponential in character —
17:21   and let me add that only a fool does not fear exponential curves.
17:26   My own analyses suggest that low fertility and declining IQ
17:31   initially will lead Europe towards American black-and-white conditions
17:36   with increasing social tensions and the well-known recurrent racial problems.
17:41   In the second phase, the infertile northern peoples are replaced
17:46   with fertile low-IQ tribal peoples.
17:49   Thus, the enlightenment’s historical democracy, prosperity, and high civilization
17:55   are replaced by a new religious medieval age. I do not hesitate to say
17:59   that the responsibility for this tragic development —
18:02   or the destruction of high Nordic civilization —
18:06   lies with the leading bodies of Europe and the national states.
18:10   They are like anxious old men sitting paralyzed in their rocking chairs,
18:16   letting a brilliant sun be replaced by a dark crescent moon.
18:20   I wish everyone present here a good — and more “active” — future. Thank you.

47 thoughts on “IQ, Immigration, and the Welfare State: A Recipe for Civilizational Suicide

  1. And so we have made it absolutely taboo to talk about standard intelligence particularly as it relates to brown and black people. We don’t talk about Asian’s IQ because it disrupts the narrative (and by Asians for you EU readers I am referring to Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Koreans.)
    How do you import Somalis and Eritreans into your country and expect your school scores to remain stable or even improve? I’m actually amazed that US scores are flat rather than declining. I can only attribute that to the dumbing down of the tests.
    I purchased two books not too long ago that were “high school history books” written in the 1920’s. The forward claimed that they were a quick glance at world history as this was just a high school text… I dare say that now they would be Masters degree college texts as the language alone would be far beyond anything a high school student would comprehend or even a typical college student.
    Regression to the mean baby, that’s where it’s at.

  2. Yes, but…at 10:00, he discusses Asians, and his verdict is that they aren’t significant to this issue because, like Europeans, they support themselves and aren’t as fertile as 3d worlders. He’s making the common mistake of not visiting California.

    California is basically a colony of China. True, the Chinese are high IQ and have all the good things attached to that, but they are absolutely not in danger of disappearing. Here is why: because there are a lot of Chinese, and even though they don’t have huge families, most families have children, including high-IQ professional women.

    Even though the Chinese can be wonderful people and neighbors, they are not Europeans and Americans, and they are replacing us. They are somewhat like Jews, they keep their identity, even as they succeed in the new country. Unlike Jews, they will never pass as white, so they must be more alienated and self-conscious than Jews. And unlike Jews, there really are a lot of Chinese.

    So, anyone who has preconceived ideas about the model minority, please come to California and see how well the Chinese are assimilating to America. It’s more like occupation. And it’s deliberate. Ignore this issue and you’ll have nothing to worry about WRT Islam and Africans. The Chinese will handle it.

    • Hi Ketzel,

      I have an idea. The Chinese can attend assimilation lessons to become more like California and adopt Californian identity.

      What are your responses to my idea?
      Thank You.
      Zheng Yong.

  3. This is the truth that cannot speak its name. I used to be a biologist, and can assure you, the human animal is no more exempt from the laws governing populations and individuals than any other animal. Environmental pressure ensures only the animals who are able to exist and reproduce, continue. Death before reproductive age, or inability (or unwillgness) to reproduce, ensures that organism does not pass its genes to the next generation. The welfare state has ensured that the halt, the lame and the stupid, who would not have been able to reach reproductive age, do so, and whats more, have endless children that the state supports because the parents are unable to. The able, healthy and smart, have between 0 and 2 children, late in life. You don’t need to be that clever to extrapolate that through several generations to see where it leads. While I by no means think we should leave people to die in the streets, I do think some sort of cap on children, if they are in receipt of benefits, should be implemented. And why would you import a group of people with vastly inferior IQ, culture and work ethic? It will eventually dilute and swamp the indigenous population. Why should I, who had 2 children because thats what we thought we could afford to support through childhood and university (and wanted a 3rd), have to pay for some ignorant, feckless lout to have 8?

    • Without aid to unwed mothers, these people would be simple parasites. But now, they provide what we need: motherhood. And we must need it because we are so eager to pay for so much of it.

      Professional motherhood is a demanding task restricting resources available for proper mate selection. And anyone insensible enough to aspire to becoming a broodmare requires viable sperm from high IQ donors just to maintain stasis, even if acquired by eminent domain.

      “So drop’em, Brainiacs, while the matrons prompt a deposit. It’s for the good of our species, I tell you! And it is customary to tip the matrons.”

      • Uh, there are tons of studies that show children raised in single parent families are hugely disadvantaged in their development.

        • Oh sure, there are some disadvantages, like single-parent homes keeping the maximum security prisons chock-a-block full of brutal psychopaths, just think of it as another avenue to full employment. Not everyone gets to ride the race horses, someone must muck the stalls.

  4. This is fair, albeit a bit one-sided view.
    Not all scientific/technological inventions were made in the West.
    Decimal numbers, gunpowder, jet propulsion, air balloons, compass, paper, printing press, – all these enabling novelties came from China/India.
    Confucius lived about 2500 years before Kant, and still they share some similarities. 🙂

    Also, the linear view of civilization development through demographics only, is deficient.
    In high IQ world, single individual’s contribution and influence (including influence on demography) may be far beyond gonads function, and last beyond a lifespan.

    • A lack of foresight has ruined many a good man. Here’s the story of one now:

      [A] 33-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., resident has reportedly set a Knox County record for his ability to reproduce. He has 30 children with 11 women. And nine of those children were born in the last three years….

      But Hatchett is back in the news this week because he’s struggling to make ends meet on his minimum-wage job.

      for an even more gruesome depiction of this recurring tragedy see:

      A reproductive hero to some, why is this over-achiever being victimized?

      And if bastard children are such [vulgar intensifier] assets, why aren’t we paying both of them?

  5. Helmuth Nyborg pretty much nails it. If his eighteen minute speech could be reduced to four or five sentences, it easily could serve as Scandinavia’s (and Europe’s) epitaph.

    Very few people fully understand that, by conventional scientific standards, an IQ of 70 is, essentially, semi-retarded. Expecting high tech countries to absorb countless thousands of tribalistic, marginally intelligent, and fast-breeding people who exhibit an obvious unwillingness (if not outright, adamant refusal) to assimilate goes far beyond any classic “recipe for disaster”.

    Led to the genetic slaughterhouse by deluded “progressives” like Angela Merkel, the EU is hurtling towards a renewed conflict whose ultimate dimensions may well eclipse those of WWII.

    As I have previously stated, this situation and its potential outcomes are BINARY.

    When push comes to shove, there will be little (if any) in the way of proverbial “middle ground”. Even as Europe finally recovers from the cultural shock of three massive conflicts (i.e., WWI, WWII, and the Cold War), The Continent’s collective abhorrence of confrontation will continue driving its population and bureaucrats towards the favorite (and utterly dysfunctional) EU strategy of “nuanced dialogue”.

    The central problem being that these Eurocrats can nuance their blathering dialogue until they’re blue in the collective face and it will mean exactly diddly squat to these invading hordes of semiliterate, fighting-age, corrupt, rapist criminals.

    Consider why Nyborg is so concerned about Denmark’s collective intelligence. Since Sweden’s 1895 introduction of the Nobel Prize, tiny Denmark has collected over a DOZEN of them in many of the most challenging categories. From Wikipedia, “To date, of the 13 Nobel Prizes won by Danish people, 5 have been for medicine, 3 have been for physics, 3 have been for literature, 1 has been for chemistry and one has been for peace.”

    When one considers Denmark’s diminutive population, its achievements easily rank against the world’s Jewish diaspora in terms of (its own astonishing) number of Nobel prizes per “capita”. Given the tremendous quantity of Jewish Nobel Prize recipients, this is no small matter. Then add to this the glaringly conspicuous lack of awards attained by Muslims in the hard science categories (or any at all, for that matter).

    When these numbers are integrated into this equation, the notion of Denmark somehow managing to successfully absorb a multitude of unproductive, hostile, and difficult-to-educate intruders isn’t just counterintuitive, it’s SUICIDAL.

    As Nyborg so succinctly points out, Caucasians are being bred out of existence (voluntarily or otherwise). Need I mention that there are very few peaceful ways to swiftly reverse such a devastating trend?

    Angela Merkel and her sycophantic, brain-dead coterie of EU collaborators are leading all of Western Europe directly towards a racially-based conflict of the most ugly sort. The supremely hideous aspect of this soon-to-arrive crisis is that it could have been averted simply by prohibiting this massive, unvetted influx of avowed enemies.

    And still this BINARY outcome hovers above Western Europe like an evil spirit attending the birth of some calamitous future tyrant. What shall it be?

    A.) The collapse and eventual looting of Western civilization’s European roots?

    B.) A civil war that violently purges The Continent of its new (and unwelcome) arrivals?

    Were the majority of European people readily blamed for this horrific outcome, it would be far too easy to shout, “A plague on both of your houses!” and walk away.

    However, the Caucasian race cannot afford to sacrifice so much of its genetic heritage on the altar of political purity. Somehow, one more stinking time, America probably will be obliged to rescue The Continent from itself … if only to secure the nuclear arsenals of Britain and France from falling into Islamic hands.

    All of which predicts B … Along with its repellent requirement to liquidate at least a million violent invaders who think that A. is a perfectly fine choice.

    I welcome anyone to suggest a “Plan C”, because there sure doesn’t seem to be one.

    • I think it’s quite possible to get both A and B — A first, B shortly afterwards.

    • Uh, America has its own massive problems with the Latino recolonization of California and the Southwestern states.

    • “Plan C” could be that Russian forces move in by invitation at some late stage of the conflict, liberate Europe and form what Guillaume Faye predicted and called ‘The Euro-Siberian Federation’ – a vast Muslim (and sub-Saharan African) – free entity stretching from the Atlantic to the Bering Sea.

    • There might be a sort of a Plan C, or rather a “gradual progress of all the above” – not necessarily erupting into an outright and omnipresent violence. I am thinking of a protracted agony of the West where there is no will to act, fight, decide and turn things around: just slow decline, day by day on end.

      That arguable agony is most likely gonna end when the society gets sufficiently “Venezuelized” – but even in this country so far: no war or widespread skirmishes and violence engulfing its whole territory. That’s why I think Venezuela may be a prefiguring snapshot of Europe’s development … and being European myself and sensing my inner unexcitement to fight make this scenario even more imaginable – alas.

  6. This is the definition of Scandinavia today:
    Scandinavia is a historical and cultural region in Northern Europe characterized by a common ethnocultural North Germanic heritage and mutually intelligible North Germanic languages.[2] In English usage, Scandinavia sometimes refers to the area known as the Scandinavian Peninsula.[1]

    It is just heart breaking to think that in the future this description will only ever appear in history books.

  7. A prescient article well written and succinctly presented. Thank you Baron and Dymphna for featuring it.

  8. Forbidden truth. The sheep must only look down and remain silent while they are herded over the precipice.

    “Stay quiet, and you’ll be okay.”
    Mohammed Atta to the doomed passengers….

  9. Dear Baron: Thanks for posting this video. It only confirms what a lot of us suspected it´s happening not only in Europe but in America (Latin and North) too. The problem is that if you talk about this subject – considered taboo by lefties and SJW- you are, as you pointed out, a BIG WAYCIST. But that´s because lefties and SJW totally ignore facts that contradict their ideology.
    BTW, do you know where we can find more research or videos of Prof. Nyborg?

  10. Don’t you know you are a racist for telling the truth.
    Northern Europe is dead but it looks like Eastern Europe may survive the coming difficulties.

    • “Northern Europe is dead…..”

      Only if those who impose the insanity of egalitarianism continue to rule. They can be overthrown. Admittedly, things will have to get worse, much worse, before Europeans in their ten thousands are willing to risk everything for the survival of their SUPERIOR civilization. But overthrow will not be impossible when conditions of extreme stress prevail.

      Think of it — as it now stands it is a scandal to declare our civilization superior. But wait till it is inescapably and undeniably obvious that the Muslims are untermenschen. Then watch the egalitarian lie collapse and the fight for the survival of the superior begin.

  11. It’s amazing to me how arrogant and ignorant atheists really are. Even the Chinese get that our incredible cultural advances are related to Christianity. These cultural marxists and darwinists (all of a piece) are in a time warp. They’ve not kept up with DNA discoveries and real scientific breakthroughs. Science was and is a natural outgrowth of seeking God and trying to understand and appreciate His works as well as improving our lot here on earth, healing the sick and nuturing our families. As we get further from Christian ethics this good intentions become tools of evil. Science becomes twisted and used to destroy God’s works. [Insult redacted].

  12. Back in the nineties I became enamored of the famous and infamous African explorers. The premier one being Sir Richard Francis Burton. Read three of his biographies and part of a fourth authored by his wife. Please read about this man if you’ve never have. He raised every red flag about the heart and soul of Islam despite the fact that he was accused of going native. Which I always interpreted as conversion to the faith due to immersion or passion.

    One of the subjects that always accompanies reading about these men is big game hunting in Africa. Too most readers often hunting supersedes the native and non-native peoples, the linguistics, and geography of Africa, as regards the great explorers of Africa. Daresay they’re more books written about African big game hunting than even about the men and women who boldly lost themselves in uncharted Africa.

    Here’s my crypto-analogous argument that Islamo-marxism is very much akin and a continuation of post Victorian age “going native”. Which I also argue is akin to evolution of zoological parks or reserves.

    The main companion in the first East African explorations with Sir RF Burton was Captain John Speke. Speke historically is described as a one man holocaust meat grinder towards big game and small game wildlife in Africa. The fact is this was the typical description attributed to most 19th century hunters in Africa up to and including President Theodore Roosevelt, another 19th century zoological cretin, as interpreted in the politically correct modern zeitgeist.

    When we enter into the 20th century, motion pictures and photography witness to the whole planet the awesome variety of Gods’ creative diaspora of creatures across Africa and also the accompanying carnage. This initiates a wellspring of pathos in the hermetically sealed (cutoff from our hunter gatherer roots) population which surmises “let’s not hunt earths species to death”, let’s collect them in zoological parks and reserves. We’ll feed these beasts from our abundance (welfare) and educate the public how even the most predatory and dangerous beasts our our friends (Islam; subset; “Paganism”). As more and more people are propagandized into this Orwellian truth, it begets movements to release the beasts to move freely amongst the people and even to suffer carnage for we have no right to impose our cultural and moral inhibitions upon these equally invaluable species and their cultural and moral choices. ( Relativism of Workers of the world Unite!}

    The best dichotomous example is the early 19th century circus with its’ “lion tamers” and the harsh and vicious handling of especially elephants (regulated by beatings and enslaved in chains) and the cages that cruelly imprison “big game”. Then compare this too late 20th century celebrities lounging around with “pet lions and tigers”, being celebrated as forward thinking superior individuals. A simplistic mask to IQ and easily obtainable to the morally bankrupt masses who have been groomed into believing you harbor shameful and regressive sensibilities if you don.t agree to the endless propaganda that the lion and the lamb can and lay down together and all you have to do is ignore the hot breath and the toothy grin of your predator neighbor. My God don’t you realize “he’s just like you and me!”

    Where I disagree with Professor Nyborg is his advocacy that Darwinian theories of evolutionary forks in the road that divert European from African and and Middle-Eastern people. I say it was Christianity introduced to the known world by the 1st century disciples of Jesus Christ that distinguish the European from everyone. To so many contemporary ears this is the height of a regressive sensibility and megalomaniacal neanderthal like thinking.

    The Middle-Eastern and North African where the first peoples introduced too and adopted into the faith that changed the world. Fretting over Darwinian forks in the road will change nothing. The only substantial action that will change the landscape is men and women must return too the “Church”. Even Sir RF Burton in the waning years of his life ended upon his knees as did many others enamored of Big Game (hegemony).

    The irony historically is that the people the Apostle Paul first introduced to Christianity these are their progeny, the same folks who are coming to Europe to finish off the corrupting influence of Darwinism and complete the destruction of Europe.

    Asia Minor (modern Turkey and Greece) the home of the churches of the book of Revelation the namesake churches of the New Testament epistles these lands are presently filled with Islamists who are wreaking havoc on the last gasps of Christianity in the Middle-east. The question is not will the European regain it’s IQ hegemony over Europe (hegemony=big game) . Frankly, will they submit to Christ and defend the faith of their fathers by reclaiming the inheritance that Christ gave to the whole of humanity.

    • Funny thing atheists are getting to the point where they are live-and-let-live with Christianity and other religions you have some cultural Marxist atheists who advance atheists the same way cultual-Marxist Marxist feminists advance women, but they are a minority

      But in face of the evolutionary, Darwinian, fully documented and researched disaster overtaking us, we now have a class of people saying, Devil take evolution and differential beeding; all our problems can be solved by eliminating those pesky atheists and convincing the hard-headed Jews that Christmas actually existed

  13. Why do every one of the race realists now act as if low fertility is the problem? Below replacement fertility is not a problem in the short term if immigration is halted.

    • Economies depend on growth. Without an increasing population (consumers), increases in growth are not going to happen unless we have increased robotics/mechanization and a market to sell the goods to. Ultimately I still see the end game as a desire on the left to create chaos and then get full control of an increasingly ignorant society. What they don’t realize is their plan has the fatal flaw of the change of culture.

      • We are not all co-owners of BASF/Bayer…are we ? I don’t care about economics and arithmetics so much…why is economic growth more important than people of Europe ?

  14. Affirmative action in these countries can destroy otherwise competitive industries. If computer CPU designers/makers in the US had to hire to represent age and race of the US population (instead of younger and Asian) they could not compete on the world market and would have to relocate to Asia. When world famous Nordic companies are force to hire these immigrants they will not be competitive with Asian counterparts who are not forced to do this.

  15. Yes, the facts are harsh and it makes for sad reading, or listening in this case). Mother Nature is brutal, and not very politically correct at all. If current trends continue, native Europeans will face the same destiny that many other native populations have faced in the past, namely extinction.

    There is however one point that the professor didn’t touch upon, and that is bioengineering.

    Somewhere down the track it may be possible to increase a person’s intelligence by manipulating (make changes to) their genes. I read a paper by a Chinese/American scientist about a year ago or so, and he believed that a person’s IQ could be increased by several standard deviation points in the future.

    There are obviously numerous arguments to be made (both morally and technical) against altering a person’s genes, and it may never happen, but still, one never knows what the future holds in store.

    I know, I’m digressing but there are many interesting scenarios that could play out if this were to happen. Same thing goes with the rise of the machines (artificial intelligence).

    • Somewhere down the track it may be possible to increase a person’s intelligence by manipulating (make changes to) their genes. I read a paper by a Chinese/American scientist about a year ago or so, and he believed that a person’s IQ could be increased by several standard deviation points in the future.

      Please ask yourself this: “Would it be a good thing to have much smarter Muslim fanatics (i.e., jihadists)?”

      Solving this problem requires placing a priority upon ridding Europe of its Islamic parasites. Let the Arab oil ticks spend their precious treasure on “uplifting” (see: David Brin) their own masses. The West has no obligation, nor is there much of any upside, when it comes to making its Muslim invaders any smarter than they are.

      If anything, Muslim stupidity may prove to be one of the West’s few saving graces. As Matt Bracken routinely points out, all of those “no-go zones” are, in reality, supremely “target rich” environments. Similarly, Islam’s hidebound adherence to doctrinal canon makes it just that more difficult for Muslims to “blend into the scenery”.

      When push comes to shove, these conspicuous traits will facilitate Western strategy and tactics whilst increasing the vulnerability of Muslim colonists.

      Same thing goes with the rise of the machines (artificial intelligence).

      Your mention of AI (Artificial Intelligence) only serves to further cement the catastrophic prospects involved. As Helmuth Nyborg points out:

      Especially if we take into consideration that Scandinavia is a high-tech society where we systematically eliminate jobs of the sort that could have made a difference — like digging ditches and things that today we have machines to do.

      Recent studies mutually conclude that almost half of all minimum-wage (i.e., unskilled labor) jobs will vanish in the next twenty years. As Nyborg observes, what use will high tech countries have for these masses of “obsolete farm equipment”?

      It is a fixed rule that automation always strikes the most vulnerable. It’s precisely why they are “the most vulnerable.”

      Be it British Luddites and the arrival of Jacquard looms, or Cesar Chavez’s striking farm-workers gradually discovering that their refusal to work hastened the advent of automated agricultural equipment’s arrival—those who can least afford it inevitably fall into the path of technology’s advance.

      The timing of Europe’s invasion by these innumerable unskilled savages will be nothing short of an historical object lesson. It’s like a mob of starving people descending upon a town’s lone grocery store the day before it goes out of business.

      All that remains is the looting (and quarreling over whatever few spoils remain) before a stark realization sets in that Europe has no room, nor even the resources, to support a vastly redundant class of bitterly hostile new arrivals.

      That is when the real “festivities” begin.

      • The ultimate determination may well rest upon what sort of military resources are available and who controls them. One 30mm cannon on an APC can kill thousands of ignorant savages armed only with simple weapons.

      • Ironically, many recent jihadists have been otherwise intelligent people that were raised in normal circumstances and went on to obtain science or engineering degrees.

        So, no, we do not want a larger group of intelligent jihadists to develop.

      • I wasn’t talking about enhancing violent jihadis IQ. I was just making a general observation. It could quite possibly be an answer to ‘lift up” the non Islamic population in the third world.

        Anyway, by the time science is capable of safely increasing a person’s IQ, the battle for Europe will have been fought.

        Who will prevail in such a battle? I don’t know, but I don’t think it will come down to who has the largest number of fighting age men. It will come down to technology and the will to win (using the necessary tactics regardless of the human suffering this may cause).

        A dozen of modern fighter jets could easily have won World War One….

        • I think is better to have a genetically improved material in order to start increasing IQ…

          • Precisely. Reversing a millennia of Islamic inbreeding will take centuries.

  16. Problem with the theory. Plenty of native peoples living in northern climes, none of which seem to have acquired above average IQ’s.

    I wish Europeans would understand that the battle is already over. Europe is an Islamic continent. It’s already baked in, demographically speaking. You lost.

    • The battle is over if Europe’s will to exist is truly and forever broken.

      If that condition is true, then yes, Europe is lost.

      If that condition is not true, then we are not even at the end of the beginning.

  17. My longer attempts to comment are getting picked off by the firewall. Just wondering if the short stuff can get through.

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