Immigrants Without End, Amen

A few days ago German Chancellor Angela Merkel notoriously said that there must be no upper limit on the number of “refugees” admitted to Germany. Her words were part of a much longer interview with a lot of discussion on internal German political issues, so Vlad has excerpted the relevant segment in the video below.

The translator includes these explanatory notes:

  • On September 24 general elections will be held. Merkel is expected to win her fourth term.
  • Why that allusion to Seehofer?

    Horst Seehofer is the Bavarian president and head of the CSU. The CSU is like a more conservative version of the CDU. Due to the sheer size of Bavaria, the CDU (Merkel) can only rule Germany in a coalition with the CSU. Seehofer is a sharp critic of Merkel’s refugee policies.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   To make this completely clear, Mrs. Chancellor — should Horst Seehofer
00:03   after September 24 again demand establishing an upper limit for refugees —
00:09   he does not even want to sign a coalition contract without an upper limit —
00:14   then, if I understand you correctly, you will stand firm with your ‘No’? —Absolutely, yes.
00:18   Or will it be like the car toll, where you said you didn’t want it, and then it happens?
00:21   I knew you would bring this up again. My stance on the upper limit is clear: I will not accept it.
00:26   We have in common that we want to reduce, organize, manage, combat the causes.
00:32   And I think that way we will achieve what we want, without an upper limit.

74 thoughts on “Immigrants Without End, Amen

  1. “Bastard”? That is being over-polite. How any sensible German can keep voting for this creature is beyond me. My ancestry German-not too far back and now my family there have been screwed by this hag who should be in prison for High Treason. She and her kind have destroyed Europe with their wicked evil.

    One day she and her pal Peter Sutherland the former UN Slug for mass immigration will hopefully face a trial for the huge attempt to destroy life and humanity in Europe. These “things” are beyond description or words to describe their crimes.

    • Peter Sutherland: Unlimited immigration into Europe from Africa is a benefit
      June 2015
      It is a radio interview.
      Even to read his quote that remains posted on the video, shows how much he is pushing his agenda, and not recognizing any problems.

      From a comment

      “Europe isn’t dying, it’s morphing.”

      Is that what the surgeon says to the lobotomy patient before the operation?

      “You aren’t going to die. You’re just morphing”?

    • I have family in Germany and they refuse to see the issue! They say ‘sure her migration policy is bad but she’s doing a good job’! What! I thank god every day my family left germany for the usa!

      • I have a very elderly friend in Britain. She thinks Trump is a loose cannon and she has no resentment toward the Immigration disaster.

        It’s particularly odd because she lived in Rhodesia and S. Africa years ago and has no illusions about African culture. Having the home country flooded with hostile, parasitic, unassimilable foreigners is nothing to get excited about it seems.

        • It’s called ESCAPISM. In the case of your aunt, she has done it quite literally, too :-).

        • Not really.

          Your friend is like the Californians in the US who bemoan what that once fair state has become, move to other states, then faithfully campaign and vote for the types of policies and politicians that have destroyed California.

          • This is a pretty typical experience.

            Anyone should think twice before accepting even white refugees from a population that supports the policies that displaced them.

            Not entirely offtrack, I expect Israel to revisit its famous “Law of Return” if millions of liberal, leftist Jews start to seriously migrate to Israel.

  2. Infowars has an article on Replacement 21 – a United Nations dictum for the replacement of the White European because the welfare system is unsustainable (in other words, and from their thinking, too many useless feeders)

    Mutte has just confirmed that agenda with her own words. Now I wonder when the real resistance will start to become apparent, if at all?

    • The UN paper
      Department of Economic and Social Affairs
      Population Division

      Replacement Migration:
      Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?

      “Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates”.

      It seems that the countries named, are to have no debate or discussion about this so called “need” as this is picked up by institutions and governments up high and simply applied.

      • It’s a question- ‘Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?’
        it’s a dscussion paper and includes other views, such as the sheer numbers required “are often unrealistically large and would require strict control of both inflows and outflows of migrants. Furthermore, in many countries, additional large volumes of immigrants are likely to be socially and politically unjustifiable” (that doesn’t seem to have stopped Merkel and the EU though), firthermore
        “massive immigration cannot be a remedy for population ageing, unless migrants leave the receiving countries before they reach retirement age because they also get older and eventually comprise part of the aged population.”
        It’s a pyramid scheme in other words.
        “Wattelar and Roumans (1991) argued that the desired dependency ratio could be better maintained by delaying retirement rather than resorting to migration from abroad.”
        (Replacement Migration: Is it a Solution to Declining and Ageing …, Page 81)

        These migrations might have more to do with globalist and leftist notions of ‘developing’ MENA and Africa while redistributing (others) wealth, than replenishing Europe, although that’s how they’re trying to sell it, as economic necessity for Europe, one that apparently costs far more than it contributes and costs are rising, that’s before we get to all the secondary costs and near incalculable social, cultural and security costs.

        Something’s gotta give at some point.

    • Ethiopia has one of the fastest growing GDP in the past decade.
      Per capita as it’s population soared since “Band Aid” and “Live Aid” concerts of the 1980’s it has only marginally increased in the cities, and little in the rural areas.
      The population soared from less than 40 million to over 94 million now, yeah that is how the GDP grew so fast.

      that an ageing population, in addition to presenting new challenges in sustaining social security, had raised the question of how best to embrace migrants to enhance demographic dividend.

      Echoing the sentiment expressed by the keynote speaker, the representative of the United States reiterated that the demographic shift had occurred because “we are saving lives” and added that “now is the time to harness this change for everyone’s benefit”.

      So do we give up our rights to our country?
      Give up rights to a western life style?
      What of our children, grand children?
      I know things change, as life goes on, but one wants to think for the better.

      • No country should ever join an international organization with regulatory or any legislative power whatsoever. The dynamics of self-interest dictate the bureaucrats will, over time, work to make their unaccountable decisions mandatory.

        The TPP set up exactly this type of international regulatory body. If there were no other reason, that would be absolutely sufficient to pull out of it. The candidate Trump declared that relations between nations defined by a treaty should always be bilateral. The candidate was correct, although I don’t know how close President Trump is to candidate Trump.

        • His speech in Warsaw gave a good indication that President Trump is still candidate Trump. We must remember that this fight against a system of encroaching enslavement and white genocide is all of our concern, not just President Trump and his administration.

      • Ethopia is probably THE example as to why the only aid Africa should be getting is birth control and family planning education.

        • Yet President Trump’s recent cut in aid to birth control providers which also give abortion advice is likely to lead to more abortions, and dead mothers, as well as the spread of STDs.

          • Mark, you seem to want to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. Any good doctor will tell you what needs to be done if you wish to be rid of the symptoms for why women desire to have so many abortions in the first place.

            You have to treat the cause.

            Morality, social expectation and self-respect is key in treating the cause of what has become the expedient practice of murdering unborn children.

          • Nemesis, we have to deal with the world, and people, as we find them. Imagine yourself as an African woman cut off from contraceptive help because of Trump’s cuts: even if your partner doesn’t go to the extreme of rape, how long should you both hold out?

            So now you’re carrying a child you don’t want and can’t afford, but the abortion clinic has also gone, and you get an illegal one, and you die, and your other children have no mother. The law of (no doubt) unintended consequences.

        • Mark, have you never exercised self-control in your life?

          Providing the means with which to engage in sexual practices within any ‘undeveloped’ country should not be the concern of the United Nations nor the United States.

          In your thinking, you omit the most obvious aspect to why some African countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and most Islamic states all raise large families. It is their religious/cultural/economic norms that dictate why large families are produced – and that is where the problem really lies and that no amount of fiddling around the edges of such a problem by outside meddlers will alleviate unless the economic, religious and cultural aspects are changed for the better.

          It is only those ‘undeveloped’ countries that have contributed to the latest scare campaign on human over population.

          It has always been the responsibility of those who govern such countries to govern their people, not the seeming to do good outsiders who are only too willing to throw money and drugs at a problem that has been festering for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and without any real plan in place to prevent the next major famine or to stop the murder of those who are not wanted.

          Education is the key in this issue not abortion clinics.

          • Hi Nemesis, I forgot about this thread- are you still here?

            Of course I’ve exercised self-control, but I do have the good fortune to live in the UK, where contraception has been easily available since before I was old enough to be interested.

            I’m not one to blame “the West”, or white people, for all the world’s ills, but our medical expertise (and other factors, eg safe water supplies) has enabled far more children to survive into adulthood than previously, in our own countries as well as elsewhere. This should encourage people to have smaller families, as they no longer need to regard their children as insurance for their old age, but this only works if the state (or they themselves, if able) provides support in said old age; it’s a problem which will loom ever larger in the developed world, and in a way I’m glad that the worst possible consequences will likely occur after I’m gone.

            Concerning “undeveloped” countries, if people are to behave responsively, they need the practical means to support them- which brings me back to provision of birth control, and the role of Western charities whose funding has been cut by Trump.

            Abortion is such an emotive issue, I think especially because decent, conscientious, thoughtful people, whether religious or not, have such different views on the subject; it should therefore behove both sides to respect each other’s standpoint, but Trump’s new bill attempts to impose one set of standards. I’ve seen an estimate that the result, in Nigeria alone, could be 460,000 illegal procedures over the next four years, resulting in the deaths of 20,000 women. Unintended consequences indeed.

    • See the pernicious UN propaganda at 12.07 in the video:

      244 million are on the move
      Migration is INEVITABLE
      Migration is NECESSARY
      Migration is DESIRABLE

    • Papa-

      If Hillary were in the WH we would be neck deep in at least one, and possibly up to three shooting wars right now.

      • I still think there is life in Lenin’s dictum: “The worse, the better.”

        More wars, more open borders, more debt, more spending, fiscal collapse, pension collapse, Obongocare collapse – far better to have happened on Hillary’s watch. A la Mencken, the people have wanted leftism. Now they deserve to get what they want good and hard.

        The old America will never come back.

        • Col-

          I fear you are right about the old America. I’m barely into middle age, and I don’t even recognize the country I was born into two score ago.

      • Reminds me of a joke we used to tell during the Vietnam War.

        One guy is talking to another guy in a bar:
        “I really increased my respect for elections. Someone told me if I wanted war, I should vote for Goldwater. I wanted a war, so I voted for Goldwater, and now we have a war.”

  3. And the good little Germans will still vote for her, after all who would want to look “right wing” (which is German lingo for Nazi) and vote for the AfD…

    • Yes, ‘Right Wing’ is a German euphemism for Nazi. The Left in Germany has been very successful in manipulating the language in this way.

      • One wonders if the Nazi Party was allowed to exist by the Industrial Barons as a means of the control and subjugation of the populace at the time and then a foil to silence the opposition should that become necessary in the future. The whole name-calling bit appears to be too-well engineered to have occurred by chance.
        Just trying to connect all the dots into a picture that would make sense.

        • They use whatever works. The Nazis targeted Jews because some Jewish banks helped to defeat Germany in WWI – but the Nazis took it to the street and persecuted every Jewish shop owner – because all Jews are bad.

          Likewise, in the post WWII Germany – calling someone a Nazi worked well.

          It’s only when you reduce all arguments down to name-calling that you can “control” someone.

        • you do not have to wonder! It is proven that big industry sponsored Hitler’ s party
          and were later on rewarded with the elimination of trade unions and heavy orders for rearmement. I did some research on that matter and wanted to read a book that denied the involvement of industrial powers. The librarian at the institute of german industry told me in polite form that the book had been ” secreted” meaning hidden for shame of having published such nonsense.

        • In “Cabaret” (surely one of the greatest films of all time), millionaire Max tells Sally and Brian that he and his fellows will be able to control the Nazis. After the blond “Aryan” youth sings “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”, and is joined by the entire audience except one old man, Brian asks, “Do you still think you can control them?”

    • At some point in their lives even the stupid come to realize that what they are supporting is not working for them.

      Soviet Russia fell even though the state had been brainwashing its citizenry of the infallibility of the Communist system for 70 years. Germany is now at the same brainwashing crossroad that the Soviets had come to – what occurs now though is really anyone’s guess.

    • Conversation between a man and a woman:

      Man: “I believe in sex on the first date, whether the woman agrees or not!”
      Woman: “Ah…so, what time are you picking me up?”

      Question: How do you help the woman?
      Answer: You don’t help her. You help yourself. Do as much as possible before her date.
      If she has your key, change your locks.
      If she owes you money, try to collect as much as you can.
      If you owe her money, try to pay her off.
      Basically, wall her off from your affairs and keep her life from spilling over onto yours.

  4. Some day it will be revealed what Soros and the NWO mafia had on Merckle – whatever it is it’s the real deal.

    There is no other explanation.

    • I don’t think he has anything on her. I think she is just part of the same one-world-government cabal. Things will get totally chaotic with the unfettered immigration that a totalitarian solution will need to be found. It will be one-world-government. It is all planned and ready to go.

    • I’m with Last Call, and I hope I live long enough to hear what it was.

      Her change of attitude was just a bit too abrupt: from “multi culturalism is a failure” to “globalism is a fact, so let’s embrace it; it is not up to us to decide who can live here and who can’t; and besides, it is technically impossible to protect our borders, anyway” was a bit too abrupt.

      Some have noted her attitude changed after the NSA spy affair, where for example her personal mobile phone was spied on, but that could be coincidence.

      But I am sure that someone out there has something on her.
      In my opinion, it would be just unrealistic to expect that there should be a former East German politician, an aspiring, successful young politician that she was, who has not hidden ‘a dead body in the basement’.

  5. Never mind. The good thing is that ISRAEL HAS NUKES! And Israel now backs the V4.

    If the battle axe wants to bring in Israel’s number I enemy to populate Europe, then she might be in for a nasty shock. The woman in the following website, Tuvia Tenebom has written about the antisemitism in modern Germany, not from Muslims. but an anti-semitism deeply embedded in the German psyche of many, she claims.

    She also exposes the superficially brilliant but moral vacuousness of German culture –

    ‘most of those intellectuals are pseudo intellectuals: they are brainy beyond repair, full of themselves, have a very narrow view of the world, lack a healthy sense of reality and, worse yet, suffer from acute anti-Semitism.’

    The Germans have a regrettable history for stuffing up! (‘a very narrow view of the world’). And yet in the late 19th century, there was a liberal movement, especially in the Catholic Church, but it was destroyed by adoration of ‘the State’.

    Now Merkel has moved her loyalty from the State to the mega Nazi Third Reich of the EU and with the narrow minded globalists like Soros backing her to the hilt, she thinks she is invincible. That will prove to be her undoing. That sanctimonious smugness will be wiped off her face.

    Just imagine if someone had succeeded in terminating Hitler’s life in 1932. Just hinting…

      • Tuvia’s findings could not disturb me, though he is a genius. He found out in a couple of weeks what I did not find in seventy years: antisemitc Germans.There were certainly some leftovers when I was a kid, some closet nazis, but never ever have I heard anything remotely antisemitic by anyone in my suroundings. But maybe their worldview was so ” narrow” that they even didn’t know about the existence of

        • I think antisemitism masked itself as “Israelkritik” after WW2. A whole (pseudo) intellectual discipline, devoted to criticising Israel!
          Is there anything like “Kubakritik”, “Chinakritik” or “Russlandkritik”?
          It is a neurosis in my opinion. People can’t deal with their parents or grandparents being complicit, or even criminals. So “Israelkritik” aka antisemitism as a form of victim blaming.

          • as far as leftist Israelkritik is concerned,I agree with you.I know those people, but they certainly are not racists. Their criticism of Israel is a sort of Ersatz ( kuddling Palestinians) for the working class gone lost to their precious care.

    • Who cares if the Germans are anti-Semitic? Anyone should be able to hold anti-Semitic opinions if he does not act illegally on them.

      I’m much more concerned with the Germans being anti-German than being anti-Semitic. If the Germans were pro-German and lawfully anti-Semitic, the Jews would be able to live very well there: safe streets, right of religious observance or non-observance, access to a thriving business community, good education, etc, etc. Ok, a Jew going around with skullcap and forelocks might experience a backwards stare or two, but would walk around unmolested and would be free to prosper.

      Israel is not going to get involved in a shooting war in Europe. Just won’t happen. Israel will act like any other viable country, and will be building coalitions that would add to its defenses: think Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Gulf states. You think Israel cares whether Saudi doctrine is anti-Jewish as long as Saudi Arabia cooperates with Israel on anti-Iranian maneuvers?

  6. A few days ago German Chancellor Angela Merkel notoriously said that there must be no upper limit on the number of “refugees” admitted to Germany.

    Curiously, just like Merkel’s no upper limit on the number of “refugees” admitted to Germany, there seems to be “no upper limit” on the barbarity of Islamic terrorists.

    Much like how there are 24 bottles of beer in a case and 24 hours in a day … Coincidence? I don’t think so!

  7. Merkel said: ” …I think that way we will achieve what we want, without an upper limit.”

    It’s only “without an upper limit” that Merkel (in order not to put GoV in danger I will not spell out what I really think of her) will achieve what she has intended from the start. She did not make a mistake ! When the consequences of Naivitey are the same as those of Malice, it is safer to assume Malice, especially when one adheres to the idea of “once a Stasi, always a Stasi”.

    As to all-talk-and-no-deed Horst Seehofer: some say of him:

    “He always jumps up like a Tiger, but always ends up as the Bedside Rug”.

    • Actually at this point in time, Merkel is quite clear as to her objectives and methods. Further speculation on her motives and psychology may be interesting, but thoroughly unproductive.

      The most salient question is what is the psychological and sociological character of the Germans (French, Dutch, Swedes) that allows them, or impels them, to support measures clearly leading to national suicide?

      Let me propose a solution:
      Find the most unprincipled, most violent, but highly intelligent (if there is such) Iraqi invader you can, install him as absolute dictator, and stipulate to him he can steal as much money he wishes from the economy for as long as he wishes.

      First thing he’ll do is close the borders with mines and machine guns and the orders to use them.
      Next thing is to deport all the immigrants on welfare, public support or in trouble with the law.
      You think he would want other migrants soaking up the money that should be going to him?
      You think he’d waste money or manpower on setting up “safe” zones in Syria for refugees? No. Again, it would be a drain on the money available for him, with no possible benefit.

      He might arbitrarily arrest and detain those judges who are setting violent criminal immigrants out on the street. These criminals are killing off productive Germans who are producing goods available for the ruler to steal.

  8. *Merkel said: ” …I think that way we will achieve what we want, without an upper limit.”*

    Who exactly is “we”? (Germany doesn’t belong to Merkel but anyway, I’m asking this question: to whom is she referring when using the word “we”?)

    What is it that “we” (?) want?

    This statement of hers is quite opaque and I want to know what she means.

    • I think she likes to refer to herself that way; but I’m not sure. Her sentences and whole speech pattern are notoriously odd.

    • I will pose a question to you and you get to choose from multiple answers.

      The question is: Who do you believe is really running Germany?

      a. Merkel?

      b. The political coalition that Merkel is head of?

      c. The German people?

      d. Globalist Banking and Financial institutions that provide the German Government’s money along with the intelligence services and diplomatic corps that provide foreign and domestic policy to the ‘government’ with which to act upon?

      Now choose wisely.

  9. Seehofer is a dog that barks but never bites. It would be too lengthy and uninteresting to draw all the history files for the international readership. Just don’t put any hopes on him or the CDU-CSU sister parties’ little rivalry. They’ll end up all the same like always, unified over finding their best ways to dupe the voters.

    What is really evil about this Merkel sentence: Yes, of course there can be no upper limit to the acceptance of refugees, because the definition of what a refugee is is fixed and legally binding. Just that in practice anyone can come and claim and abuse this status, and will be pandered to. Total lawlessness by the state, coupled with applying its powers to suppress dissent. If help was limited to real refugees this law was intended for, we wouldn’t have a crisis of such dimensions. But for reasons nobody with half a braincell left to call their own (i.e. not remote-controlled by the state, media, zeitgeist) can fathom, it is used as a lever to completely unhinge a society. To what end? The mind boggles.

    • “….Total lawlessness by the state, coupled with applying its powers to suppress dissent….”

      …AND the creation of new, freedom killing laws by the Goebbels-look-alike, socialist (SPD) Minister for Justice, Heiko Maas, to completely emasculate, (what little there was left to emasculate) the the Herd to better lead her to the slaughter.

      I responded on twitter to a member of the AfD (Alternative fuer Deutschland) the only little ray of hope for Germany) who had posted just after the London Islamist Attack: “our thoughts are with the victims’ families” with “my thoughts are with the politicians who have caused this” and I had added a little cute carricature of Merkel cutting through the German Constitution with a machette.

      One day later I got a “Warning email” from Twitter Germany, telling me that this tweet would not be seen in Germany and that they would investigate if it constituted “Hate Speech”.

      The online writings of the founder of PEGIDA Lutz Bachman can be seen in China, in Russia etc. but not in Merkel’s Germany.

      That’s how you manage to kill 6 million without much protest from the herd.

      • You’re right, the skill set from those times is not only not forgotten, but put on steroids with today’s technology and interconnectedness. And always the same kind of people float to the top power positions as if the recipe is etched into human programming. If somebody ever understands why this keeps happening…

  10. Crumbs the Huns are clearly suffering from a mass mental delusion if they vote for this creature. A few years ago I would have said she was Hitler in drag. Now moving with the times I can honestly say that Merkel is a transgender version of Hitler. She’s a softly spoken dictator leading the continent into World War 3, with innocent women and children her modern day cannon fodder.

  11. “Cuiusvis hominis est errare: nullius nisi insipientis, in errore perseverare”

  12. I think it is total [redacted]. this idea of fertility rate and population number falling. If we consider the prediction of many, by 2025 about 40% to 50% of the active population in Europe will be replaced with automatic devices (industrial robots). That means all these people will have no job. Then, the negative natality is actually a good thing.

    During history, Europe faced many times this falling in population number. Why is now so critical in order to import millions of illiterate people? Just to increase the number of unemployed people in 10 next years? To increase the social tensions? To add more criminals?

    Now…thinking logical, if you are one of the big owners of industry, then you want a society with a lower standard of living, and as result, you can get cheap labour force. In the same time, you want a state unable to fulfill his duty, so you can control the state or make the state your slave. That means low taxation (or no taxation), privileged status for the big owners of industry. You are the one financing politicians, and politicians will help you increase your fortune, in a powerless state. The state is yours when you can buy those controlling the state. With a fully functional state, you can’t do all this. With a crippled or non-functional state, you do all you want. So, Europe must be pushed to a generalized chaos in order to destroy the authority of the state. The fact that Europeans will disappear, is just a beneficial collateral result.

  13. No pity for Germany,France,Italy and the like
    They laugh at east Europe for 50 years
    The payback is now and I am happy
    Let them fall
    Basically they expanded eu with the eastern block just to steal those countries resources And make them consumers of western block goods
    Down with the miserable western countries

    • You are wrong, frate.
      There is a plan to destroy all Europe. And is not average German planing this. When West is down, East is also in danger. We have been divided by masters. The way you react is what masters want.

    • I do remember 2 of my good friends while we were young. They were fighting every day. Real fight…But, if somebody will try to fight one of them, they will both unite and fight against. After that, they will continue their fight. This is how is with east and west. Brothers fighting for stupid things. The point is to not forget we are brothers and unite in face of danger. After the danger is gone, we can continue fight our stupid fights. Just because we are still alive.

    • The bitterness in your words reminds me of the famous Andrzej Wajda movie: Kanal. “Maria, why did you abandon us” at the finale was, perhaps, how all eastern Europeans felt during all those years and it echoed once again in your words. Sad days, anyway.

      About the brand new circus in Europe: Me thinks Westerners are just arrogant people who didn’t share their good times with others (but who does?). The offending coalition are organised criminals; terrible hellish creatures you know well. It’s not too hard to guess which side we should be on.

  14. As I see it, Merkel, the Germany destroyer – and lest Americans feel superior, Obama, the America destroyer – can only get away with it because millions of humans, probably most humans, are impervious to everything short of a punch in the face. Do the Germans now forced into proximity with the Muslim invaders not sense the extraordinary hostility emanating from them? No. Some do of course. Just as I do when I come into proximity with a creature in a burka, of which there are an increasing number here in upstate New York. But most don’t. The excuse is that most are busy busy with their own private lives, private crises, private coping with the exigencies of raising a family or the strain of a job. Maybe so. Or maybe most are just not sensitive. Yes, an unfortunate word. An uncomfortable word. But in this case it applies. Most are just not sensitive. Up to the inevitable punch in the face. And that’s how the monsters get away with the job of destruction.

    • I am afraid most people indeed don’t want to be confronted with the uneasy truth. My grandfather has emigrated from Europe in 1938, because it was all too clear what was going to happen: WW2 AND the holocaust. He told me that simply by reading the newspapers you knew what was going to happen (newspapers then were news and facts bringers, unlike today). Of course not everybody had the means to leave, but from those who had, large numbers were really surprised !?

      Most people are actually serfs who want someone else to take control over their lives: very comfortable, but unlike the Middle Ages when you got protection from your Lord – and some abuse – today only the abuse is left.

      I don’t blame them: mice do not turn into eagles like that. However I am preparing my timely way out.

  15. Merkel is importing poverty, crime and social degeneracy. I am from Latvia and always loved Germany for being an orderly society with a rich history, aesthetic refinement and admirable culture. The first time I visited Germany I was marvelled by the beauty of the cities not only the tourist spots but also the little towns and suburban areas with immaculate gardens.. but this has changed. The streets are now less clean in Berlin and Hamburg and the dirtiness if proportional to the numbers of veiled women and dark skinned bearded men you see in said streets, in suburban areas things are even sadder: many houses with pretty gardens now look like ruins and the gardens like vacant lots, I’m glad things are better here in Latvia but to lose Germany is a sad loss to humankind.

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