First a Biker, Then a Muslim, and Then an Undercover Agent for the PET

In his youth Morton Storm was a member of a Danish motorcycle gang. Then he converted to Islam. He was a Muslim for ten years before he realized his ghastly mistake and became an apostate. However, for six more years after that he concealed his apostasy so that he could work undercover for the Danish security police, helping them eliminate some of the terrorists among his Muslim associates.

Below is a talk given by Morten Storm describing his odyssey into and out of Islam. Many thanks to Norse Ghost for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Thanks for inviting me, and thanks to all of you for coming.
00:06   Thanks to the police for being here to protect us; nobody has thanked them yet,
00:12   Have they? …Anyway…
00:18   Wow… you have seen some really good speakers,
00:24   I think you have addressed many important points, so I can only
00:30   tell you a bit about myself. I’m originally from Korsør
00:36   and I converted to Islam in 1997, and then I lived
00:43   in ten years as a fundamentalist, and studied Islam in Yemen and North-Africa,
00:49   then also participated in teaching Islam and training Islamist groups in the UK
00:55   and other places in Europe as well.
01:13   …so here in… that is…
01:19   As a former Muslim, to watch the developments which are now unfolding in Denmark
01:26   makes me worried of course. I’m very active on Facebook, in debate groups,
01:32   and I try to use my experience and my knowledge to warn people about Islam,
01:38   and of course also try to get people away from Islam.
01:41   That is, converts and others before they’re Muslim.
01:44   Sometimes successfully, and often it’s of course a difficult uphill battle.
01:51   But I succeed once in a while. Islam is not a religion or an ideology
01:57   as part of a religion, it’s actually an ideological cult, in my view,
02:03   a cult of hate, whose purpose is to undermine and, say…
02:09   it’s like… for me who…
02:15   it kind of undermined my humanity, and replaced my human values
02:21   and, say… morality. When I converted in ’97, I was member of the Bandidos [motorcycle gang],
02:27   but decided I wanted to be a better person. And I searched for something providing
02:33   a larger meaning in life. Something that would bring me happiness and make me a better person.
02:39   One day when I sat in the library in Korsør and read a book about the prophet Muhammad’s life,
02:45   I thought; this is the religion, the ideology I will follow.
02:51   This is what’s right. It’s the truth. You see, I only read the good things about Islam.
02:58   I read that Islam believes in the same prophets as the Christians and so on,
03:04   so therefore it was a package deal that I… you know, I was a rootless person, I was 21 years old,
03:10   I had never had a family, but Islam was this “package deal” for me,
03:16   which gave me an identity, which I had been searching for. And it’s here…
03:22   this identity, which is so immensely important for all of us humans on this planet. We have a need
03:29   to say… belong. To be part of a fellowship.
03:35   When I then converted to Islam, I was so happy! I could forgive myself. For the first time
03:41   I was able to… I could kind of balance
03:47   the wickedness I had done when I was a biker and the things one is to do according to Islam.
03:53   And when I… the first six months as a Muslim, I was just so happy,
03:59   I moved to the UK, I simply changed my life. I could forgive myself;
04:02   I talked to Jews, I talked to Christians,
04:05   I talked to everybody. But then, I remember one day in London, in Wood Green in North London,
04:12   a Jew, a Rabbi stood there, and he said to me; son, have you converted to Islam?
04:18   I said; Yes. He said: one day you will hate me. I said: No,
04:24   I certainly will not hate anybody, that’s not why I converted to Islam.
04:27   I converted to Islam because I want to forgive myself
04:30   and forgive everybody and be together with them, so, like loving everybody.
04:33   But I didn’t know. I hadn’t understood Islam sufficiently,
04:36   but I found out later. A month later I travelled to Yemen, in ’97,
04:42   to study Islam and learn Arabic. I studied with some of the most fundamentalist groups
04:49   in Salafism, in North Yemen, and then I learned that Islam
04:55   means submission. It does not mean peace. It doesn’t mean as much as people say; oh, Islam
05:01   means peace and so on, and that’s what they were “running around” believing,
05:04   that Islam was forgiveness and peace… No, it certainly is not.
05:07   Because Islam means submission. That you submit to Allah’s laws,
05:13   you submit to his commands, the prophet’s commands, and that is the only, ONLY truth,
05:19   and everything else is false. I was in for less than six months…
05:25   (?) …I became one of the most hateful persons. I hated everything that in any way
05:32   was not in accordance with my conviction. But it wasn’t me who said I should hate it;
05:38   it was the religion, it was Islam that said it. I remember one time I phoned
05:44   my mother and told her: you must never ask me to choose between you and Islam,
05:50   because then I choose Islam. With that, I had converted to Islam completely. This way
05:56   of practicing Islam, it meant that I gave up being Danish, I gave up
06:03   being part of the Danish fellowship, I gave up being Danskere, I became Muslim. It was my
06:09   new identity. Islam is an identity.
06:15   It’s not a race, but it is an identity, a community one converts into and becomes part of.
06:21   It’s a declaration of war, against everything the West stands for:
06:27   freedom, gender equality, tolerance, all of these things
06:33   Islam is against.
06:39   Fortunately, during my travels and in Yemen, in the Middle East,
06:45   I met with Al Qaeda, I met with leaders of Al Qaeda,
06:52   with Al Shabaab; I met religious leaders in Saudi Arabia, I met with
06:58   and studied under these people. I was appointed in the UK, designated the leader of
07:04   Al-Muhajiroon, those are the ones who have also been very active in Syria recently,
07:10   and was then leader for training a group in military training… paramilitary training
07:16   just outside of Luton. My journey through Islam has of course
07:22   given me knowledge, it has given me some experiences, which I believe very few
07:29   people in the world who are still alive have. The friends I had… have been tagging along with
07:35   people who either have blown themselves up in Stockholm, they’ve blown themselves up in Syria,
07:41   they’ve been killed in terror attacks other places, but that is not because
07:47   these people I’ve been together with are extremists.
07:50   The problem is; they’re actually fundamentalists.
07:53   It’s people who follow Islam’s texts literally.
07:59   It’s not people who are sitting around there ADDING things,
08:02   it’s not people who LIE about Islam, it’s people
08:05   who are really honest; they are sincere about Islam and wish to follow Islam
08:12   as it’s written in the texts. And because they have done this,
08:15   it’s precisely what leads them to violence.
08:18   Because Islam is built of — it’s made victorious by violence. Just as the prophet Muhammad said —
08:24   and those are hadith you can find in Bukhari Muslim,
08:27   you can find them in Tirmidi and other religious books —
08:30   he said: I have been made victorious through terror.
08:36   And that’s written in the hadith. And I’m happy to challenge all these…
08:39   I’ve challenged people in the media on these things.
08:42   So Islam is of course a problem. Now it has become a problem for me,
08:48   but… following my journey… we come to 2007,
08:54   and that’s when I realized for the first time that Islam is wrong.
09:00   I had chosen sides. I tried going to Somalia to fight for
09:06   Islamic courts there. They’re called Mahakem al-Islamiya; those are the
09:12   Islamic courts. I had tried them and I got an invitation from them. And I did everything to
09:18   travel there to wage jihad. Jihad, you know, is for Muslims the highest and the most noble —
09:25   it corresponds to a football player that’s chosen to play for the National Team,
09:31   but only for the National Team. He’s to play in the World Championship Final. And when he’s in
09:37   the “tunnel”… oh sorry… when you’re in the “tunnel”, about to enter the field
09:43   and play in the World Championship Final, then the coach comes along
09:49   and pulls you out of the tunnel and tells you: it won’t be you
09:55   who gets to play football. I was prevented from waging jihad in Somalia.
10:01   I could simply not believe that Allah, God, could think of
10:07   preventing me from doing those things that he, through his book the Quran and through the hadith…
10:13   how could he think of preventing me from going out and worshipping him by waging jihad!
10:20   It was for me a humiliation. It hurt so much, that when I came home… I lived in Gellerupparken
10:26   When I came home to Denmark… to Gellerupparken, I began to question
10:32   whether there were contradictions in the Quran. And I found that. I found contradictions in the Quran.
10:38   For the first time in ten years, I dared to question my own religion. Because
10:44   every time there were any doubts during those ten years, I’d always tried to undermine,
10:50   to suppress my doubts. Because you know, Allah knows what I’m thinking, he knows where my heart is,
10:56   and that is… if you have not completely surrendered to Islam, then you’re an apostate of Islam,
11:02   just by having this doubt in your heart. So these are things one was afraid of challenging.
11:08   But, in 2007, in January, I thought; you know what, I’ll Google
11:14   contradictions in the Quran. So I did. And that resulted in my finding lots of websites
11:20   where contradictions in the Quran are addressed. It took me two weeks
11:26   to go through these contradictions, to kind of… (?) … Allah says in the Quran
11:33   if you find any contradictions in this book, it’s not from me. That means it’s made by humans.
11:39   I studied them, checked them out, got them confirmed. And that made me
11:45   realize how wrong I actually was, how dangerous a person I had actually been
11:51   not only towards myself, but towards my fellow human beings.
11:54   I had, among other things, wanted Naser Khader
11:57   to be killed. I wanted Kurt Westergaard killed;
12:01   I actually issued a fatwa for his execution,
12:04   but suddenly, I found myself wearing their shoes!
12:10   They chose to use their freedom of speech. And suddenly I’m standing here in their shoes,
12:16   and choose; I will, goddammit, not be a Muslim. This is my choice.
12:22   I simply choose to leave Islam; I cannot accept it. But as I do this and repudiate Islam,
12:28   I’m fully aware… arette (?)… in Arabic it means; he who… that is… (?) it means… he who is
12:34   an apostate, then you are received by… and he who receives the one who’s apostate,
12:40   he is to be killed. So my freedom, my freedom of speech,
12:44   my freedom of choice as a human being have caused
12:47   me to have to be killed. And that’s how Islam is. And I have chosen;
12:50   I said, “THIS I’m gonna fight against, goddammit!”
12:53   I contacted the PET [Danish Intelligence Service] agents
12:56   who had tried to recruit me earlier, and said;
12:59   I’m here to fight terrorism. And so I did, for almost six years.
13:05   At the highest level, certainly on the front line with my life at stake. And the only thing I regret
13:11   from that period is that I couldn’t do more.
13:14   I only want to be able to do more, and I do that of course
13:17   by coming out to speak to people like you. And now
13:20   I would very much like you to ask me questions, because I don’t know
13:23   what you’re thinking about this, but the experience and knowledge I have
13:26   about Islam should be sufficient to answer
13:29   the questions you might have about Islam. …Yes, (just give me) two seconds…two seconds…
13:35   …what I just want to say; the developments going on with Islam right now.
13:39   You know, I lived many years abroad
13:42   and returned to Denmark, I’ve lived in Denmark 18 months now,
13:45   I watch… it’s incredibly dangerous, this
13:48   development, and it’s so rapid! We underestimate, we underestimate the danger from this
13:54   and the seriousness… I have never seen so many Islamists infiltrate debate groups
14:00   in Facebook and online… in Danish! I’ve never seen them infiltrate as much as they do,
14:03   in the police stations! They have prayer rooms;
14:06   they infiltrate political organisations, and so on and so on and so on. This… to me…
14:12   It’s a war, of course. And that’s going on openly. It’s not that it is a physical war;
14:19   it’s cultural warfare that happens right under our nose,
14:22   and we don’t understand it. Every time we see
14:25   a Muslim blowing himself up over there in Paris, then we notice it. That’s true,
14:31   but what’s actually even more dangerous, is this cultural warfare that Islam is waging,
14:37   and they’re winning! The more we underestimate the gravity
14:43   of this cultural warfare, the more we lose. And therefore we Danes, we need identity,
14:50   we need to be proud of being Danes. We need to return to some traditions and have
14:56   these family traditions which Islam… Islam offers these things, and that’s why
15:02   many Danes choose to convert to Islam, because we lack these benefits.
15:08   It’s a cultural competition that’s going on now, and up to this point we’re about to lose,
15:14   if we don’t wake up and start working together and taking this seriously!
15:33   I hope it was OK…
15:39   Yes, you (Question… inaudible…)
15:57   Yes…so, in Arabic, Islam means…it derives from… it means
16:03   that you submit yourself. Any person who follow Islamic scripture
16:10   and commands, that is, Allah’s commands and the Prophets commands,
16:13   they are Muslims. And he who calls to…
16:16   …when one calls to prayer, it’s called Adhan. He who calls to prayers is called Muezzin.
16:22   So it’s a description, a title. And these people submit 100 percent
16:28   in their hearts, in their actions, in their faith. That’s a Muslim.
16:34   “Mohammedan” was used back in the day, it’s not something that’s… it’s not Arabic, and
16:40   …it’s a term used by the West.
16:53   (Question)
16:59   Q: I don’t know if you recognize yourself from some years ago?
17:02   A: Yes, sure, sure… oh, hang on…
17:05   I can tell you, that as an apostate,
17:11   I would very much like to say Cheers (Skaal), WITH alcohol, so…

16 thoughts on “First a Biker, Then a Muslim, and Then an Undercover Agent for the PET

  1. So I have a question for him:

    What’s worse in terms of mentality and morality:
    Biker gangs?

    I’d guess that they’re about the same, personally.

    • In my capacity as a police officer I had dealings with OMGs or Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs as they like to think of themselves.

      While there is lacking the morality that many of us would expect from others not members of such groups, most of these gangs are also willing to let live when it comes to the general population – their favorite target of course are cops, but they know whenever they get to kill one all Hell will break loose over them and their criminal activities brought to a halt, whereas the fundamentalist Muslim doesn’t care who he kills so long as it is not another Muslim from the same sect.

      And, if the President of the gang gives you his word you can rely on it because while they lack in general morality they do not like losing face. Try accepting that with Muslims.

      • Thanks for the details.

        It says a lot.

        Now, if we could just get both of those groups fighting each other :-).

        • Oh, they have been doing that for some time in this country, but not on an ideological basis, but more to do with ‘business’.

          The bodies have been steadily piling up in southwest and western Sydney for some years now.

          Brings happy tears to my eyes every time I read of such ‘incidents’.

  2. In the cultural battle (it IS a battle, and most don’t recognize it–or rather don’t WANT to –) you cannot fight ‘something’ –and win– with ‘nothing’.

    Our thousand-years of western culture is certainly NOT a ‘nothing’, yet the popularizing, Anti-Christian, “free the transgender unborn gay whales whilst opposing our cisgendered paternalistic oppressive cultural milieu and (by the way) all of us should use whichever public bathroom THEY FEEEL is correct at that particular instant”—just ain’t a-gonna cut it.
    What is lacking is an ATTITUDE.
    We (here at GoV.) have it for ourselves as individuals.
    EUrope , on the other hand , seems not to have a clue. How do we give ’em a spinal transplant? THAT is the question. And quickly, too.

    • Loved your comment… With your permission I will use the “free the transgender unborn gay whales”.
      As for your suggestion about the spinal transplant, I am wholeheartedly agree with you!

  3. ‘At 21 I was rootless’. That simple phrase means much to me as to how the West and its gradual erosion has caused the kind of problem where some young people who find they have a need for a strong direction in life, that currently, the Western type culture is not able to provide them with.

    We are lucky to have such a person who is now able to recognize the better side in this Third Great Jihad against the West and is willing to share his first hand accounts of what life is like living in the belly of the Beast.

    Hopefully his experience will turn away others from embracing the soul destroying supremacist ideology that is Islam.

    • You note he chose islam over Christianity. Why? because islam provides structure, it provides rules, it provides a sense of identity. Too much of the Church today is about helping others without any sense of self, of preserving the local community and when it comes to morality, it just isn’t there. Coming from a gang like he did his choice was a strong aggressive religion that believes in itself or the local church full of old people led by mealy mouthed priests preaching nothing but weakness.

      • I agree with your comment, but we need to consider that true Christianity – the message from Christ – was never meant to be taken into a house of worship where vested interests have been manipulating that ‘message’ for two thousand years.

  4. How lucky the Danish security services were to be able to recruit him. I wish Morton a long life.

  5. I appreciate Mr. Storm’s efforts, but he’s gotta hit the gym hard to prep for what’s coming.

    Then again, so do I!

  6. I have an uncle who was a member of an outlaw biker gang. Can’t remember which one. He was I and it of jail so often, it was like he was serving a life sentence on the instalment plan. He had a jailhouse conversion to Christianity, and today, he is a pastor. I have always thought that a real relationship with God should make one a better person. So many converts to Islam become worse, plotting chaos, violence and murder, that you know they’re worshipping a demon, not God, but they are so spiritually blind, they can’t see that. I’m so thankful this Dane has left Islam, but I hope he has’t given up on seeking God.

  7. Dear Friends

    I will happily answer, if you have any questions regarding Islam and so on.

    Thank you for taking your time to read my speech, it was however a bit short, as this topic needs more detailed explanations.

    If you like, you can join me on Facebook

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    I have three profiles, as Facebook keeps blocking me with 30 days, for speaking the truth about Islam.

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