Editor-in-Chief of Hamburg Paper Sticks it to the “Insufferable” Donald Trump

I just watched a little bit of the speech given by Donald Trump today in Poland, and what stood out was how much the Poles in the audience liked him, as indicated by all the chants and the cheering.

It’s not going to be like that in Germany. West of the Iron Curtain, everybody who is anybody is going to come down hard on President Trump at every opportunity:

Take the following example from Politically Incorrect, which describes one Hamburg newspaper editor’s crusade to bring down Donald Trump. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Hamburg Morgenpost: Editor-in-chief’s hate campaign against US president

The Hamburg Morgenpost, which counts itself as “quality press”, shows once again just how degraded its journalists are from the top down. Back in November of last year, in line with a bunch of other “decent media”, the paper called US president Donald Trump a “horror clown”. And now just in time for the G20 summit and the arrival of Trump in Germany, the paper is handing out stickers today under the motto “stick one to Trump” [wordplay; “sticking one” means “bitch slap to the face”]. The paper asks everyone to put up the stickers everywhere in Hamburg, as many as possible.

Chief editor Frank Niggemeier (photo) justified the journalistic masterpiece in this way:

“What Trump personifies is the opposite of our values. As a human he is insufferable, as a president an absurd risk. Therefore, with this sticker we give to all people of Hamburg who agree with this the opportunity to display them prominently in the coming days in as many as possible places in our city.”

When criticized for his lack of “journalistic distance”, Niggemeier reacted just as arrogantly:

“Journalistic distance is absolutely appropriate in many cases. But in the face of his shameless lies, his limitless ignorance and his primitive craving for recognition, a clear stance is appropriate. Trump embodies everything that is the opposite of our own values… This is not a statement against the G20 summit, but it is a statement against the largest and most powerful G50 opponent of all — the climate-killer and refugee-fiend Trump.”

Such people are sitting at the helm of the brainwash facility for the people, and they pretend to be neutral reporters of news. It’s quite clear without a doubt who really is the primitive, ignorant and — most of all —incredibly overrated craver for validation around here.

Morgenpost Verlag GmbH
Chefredakteur Frank Niggemeier
Griegerstraße 75
22763 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-8090570
E-Mail: frank.niggemeier@mopo.de

23 thoughts on “Editor-in-Chief of Hamburg Paper Sticks it to the “Insufferable” Donald Trump

  1. Almost childlike “The climate-killer and refugee-fiend Trump”.

    Yes, that’s very persuasive.

    And this from a professional journalist.

    Does he feel porous borders are making Germany better?

    Or is the sanctimonious showboating worth the pain?

    He can hope his family are not next in the firing line.

    That’s all he can do.


  2. Aside from Frank Niggemeier’s outstanding display of self-projection, he and others in his column can go take a flying “leap” at a rolling doughnut. From South Korea to Western Europe, a whole lot of 0300 phone calls may go unanswered in area code 202.

  3. Trump to Frank Niggemeier: And I should care about your opinion why, exactly?

  4. Why is it that the old east-bloc nations are the ones opposed to the Islamic invasion and the west isn’t?
    Could it be that the memories of tyrannical rules are fresher in their minds?

  5. E-mail:

    Jonas Parker
    11:10 AM (0 minutes ago)

    to frank.niggemeier@mopo.de

    My grandparents emigrated from Germany to the United States just prior to WWI. They did well here, but were always proud of their German roots.

    I am glad that they are no longer alive today, since they would be both embarrassed and appalled at your “newspaper”, and your lack of objectivity in reporting the news.

    From this day forward, I will no longer acknowledge what once was my proud German heritage. What shame you have brought to us German-Americans!

    Jonas Parker
    Richmond, Virginia, USA

  6. It looks like the old Iron Curtain which was built to keep Communists IN the “East” will have to be rebuilt to keep OUT the Communists of the “West”.

  7. “Trump embodies everything that is the opposite of our values…”
    Yes, indeed he does; President Trump loves his country, wants borders, (good fences make good neighbours) is extremely suspicious of islam, and want’s to make America great again–all the complete opposite to the wants of Niggermeir, Merkel and all other brainwashed Germans and west Europeans.

  8. This pimple is not even worth replying to.

    He should be investigating why the streets of Hamburg are on fire during the G-20 summit.

  9. Germany….

    Consider that land of so many very disparate enclaves: 1970’s squatter areas enclaves, red brigades enclaves, Turkish, Kurdish and now who knows what all. Not to mention the large number of people who probably do not like this but seem powerless to deal with it.

    It can appear as if Germania is an inherently unstable construct, always trying to fly apart, always trying to get back to the hundreds of principalities it was before Bismarcks unification.

    I say this as speculation rather than fact, but it does seem plausible.

  10. The paper asks everyone to put up the stickers everywhere in Hamburg, as many as possible.

    Erm … isn’t this incitement to vandalism? After all, Chefredakteur Frank Niggemeier said, “everywhere” and not, “on your own private property”.

    Here’s hoping that some responsible citizen files a lawsuit against the Hamburg Morgenpost that holds it responsible for the careful (as in, causing no extra or unnecessary damage) removal of every last “stick one to Trump” sticker to be found in all of Germany.

    Perhaps some enterprising individuals could arrange for a group to purchase several dozen bales of this particular edition and then travel all over Germany placing the stickers in exceptionally difficult to reach locations. A long pole is all that would be needed to plant these adhesive nuisances on the undersides of bridges, far up on lampposts, in railway tunnels, and so forth.

    A record of GPS locations and images of the offending advertisements in place could be assembled in order to ensure that the Hamburg Morgenpost had no opportunity to ignore these specific incidents.

    Were someone so morally compromised as to do the unthinkable and [GASP!] print up several thousand duplicates that—without costly scientific analysis of each and every one—were indistinguishable from the originals, that might cause even more financial mayhem for Chefredakteur Frank Niggemeier.

    Imagine the several million euros that would be required to dispatch sticker-removal teams to distant and inaccessible locations throughout the land in order to remove every single last one of these little suckers.

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  11. Suicidal Germany and its self hating madness is getting too schizophrenic , too satanic to ignore or endure. I am only 19 years old and no longer able to swallow all the filth that is being shovelled down my throat, I am tired of people who feels offended by the cross hanging on my neck, my blond hair, my eating pork, the length of my skirt.. in sum my whole existence is an offense to many people in Germany today, I am dating a Icelandic man and I plan to move to his beautiful country with him, the madness in Germany is a toxic miasma that pervades everything: media, schools, college anywhere, everywhere the ghost of Hitler is resurrected, the suspicion of racism real/imagined and or fabricated is always lurking like Damocles sword hanging over our heads, now everything has to be “inter” cultural/racial/religious… I am done with my country and its madness I want to get out.

    • Make sure to have Icelandic babies. As many as possible. Four would be nice – doing your duty for the rest of civilization. And I’ll bet they have good maternal benefits and paternal leave.

      • yes, I want to have a family and my boyfriend agrees, something sad I found out in Iceland while I visited was that many icelandic girls have abortions they seem to be as “family-phobic” as German women, very sad.

    • Well put young lady. We must hope there are others like you – currently under the despotic yoke of fascistic ‘Liberal’ governments in Europe – who are poised to rebel should a leader worthy of the name come along.

      Strange isn’t it that the only Western leader on the European Continent at the moment with even the faintest presence of a statesman, or grasp of reality, is the endlessly, spitefully and patronisingly reviled Donald Trump?

      “Does the West have the will to survive?” he asks, as the others run around like headless chickens with Stockholm Syndrome, frantically arresting anyone who points out the gross nakedness of their infantile Liberal Emperor.

      Unless someone clears out the Islamo-sycophants currently in charge of the EU, Trump’s conclusion that the West does have the will sounds rather hollow. The sad irony of “everywhere the ghost of Hitler is resurrected” is that if the man himself were, he would probably sort this mess out in even less time than it takes the current cretins to arrest an old lady for ‘liking’ a
      Facebook post..

      And therein lies the danger of a naive, idiotic Liberalism that hides behind the sofa like a frightened child when faced with reality. When the people are about to be thrown into a hate-and-violence-addled Islamic abyss by the incumbent ‘leadership’ and a clone of Adolf Hitler promises to save them, guess who they will vote for?

  12. It is gong to happen again. The EU was well intended but war will happen again.

    And, should we, the US, be a subject of it from perhaps, North Korea? Will Europe stand with us? No, it will not, although we fought two wars for them.

    It is down to the US, the Kiwis, the Aussies, and the free Eastern Europeans.

    Western Europe is doomed by its own making.

  13. My thought is that in a news market with any competition at all, from blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, anything, this shell of a paper would slowly sink, taking its sponsor’s money with it.

    This is a reason why any freedom of expression in Germany is oppressed so heavily and so quickly. The fascists feel uneasy that the people are hearing another point of view. I don’t agree with any government actions to compel this faux-journalist to practice journalism. Let the real market decide. The German government needs to get out of the way, quit colluding with Facebook, Twitter, etc to forbid the distribution of viewpoints it doesn’t like.

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