Bradley Johnson: A Retired CIA Station Chief Discusses Islam and the Information War

Bradley Johnson is a retired Career Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations. He currently serves as the editor-in-chief of The Institute for Security through Intelligence. He is an expert on Counterintelligence issues, and has extensive direct experience serving in operations abroad.

In the following two interviews with Vlad Tepes, Mr. Johnson discusses the current degraded state of American intelligence capabilities as they pertain to the Great Jihad. Our ability to identify, describe, and understand the nature of Islam and the Islamic threat was already hobbled under the politically correct ground rules laid down by President Bush, but it was almost totally incapacitated during the Obama administration. Mr. Johnson discusses the legacy left by Barack Hussein Obama, and the nature of the information war that is currently being waged against us by Islam — which it is so far winning handily.

Many thanks to Vlad for recording, editing, and uploading these videos.

Video #1:

Video #2:

3 thoughts on “Bradley Johnson: A Retired CIA Station Chief Discusses Islam and the Information War

  1. We know where the problem lies and we know the problem originates within Islam. We have been aware of this problem as a civilization for 1400 years ,yet we still cannot bring ourselves to simply identify the fundamental aspect to what drives ‘radical Islam’ that we are now having to deal with in all Western countries and the implications it poses for us from Islamic immigration.

    Mr Johnson has provided an honest assessment of the problem we now all face and has given many clues in how to fight it, but he does not venture into the area that should concern all of us, and that is, before we can effectively combat Islam and utterly defeat it we must at first identify Islam as a supremacist ideology rather than a religion.

    Without calling Islam out for what it is not I fear that we will continue on the same path as we have done for the last 1400 years.

    Thank you Vlad for your input in obtaining this interview.

    • I simply tell people that Islam is not here to integrate, it is here to replace our way of life with its own.

      Results vary.

  2. It’s an amazing set of interviews. I studied “Catastrophic Failure” and didn’t expect to be really surprised, but I was deeply surprised.

    I didn’t know the Holy Land Foundation trial was shut down and the evidence sealed. I know we had the explanatory memorandum, but I didn’t know about the other documents purposely sealed off.

    And I didn’t know about the detailed direction of the so-called “lone wolf” terrorists by ISIS or al qaeda facilitators.

    I knew of course about the banning of all in information about Islam in the training materials of security agencies, but I did not know that the operations capability of the CIA and related agencies was completely shut down by the Obama administration.

    I also didn’t know about the formal and philosophical links between Islamic terrorism and the leftist military establishment in South America. In short, we have a widespread, sophisticated, utterly ruthless, hostile, persistent enemy combining forces to not only terrorize the US, but to commit mass murder on a scale that would make 9/11 look like choir-boy practice.

    The major failure has already occurred. The terrorists are already inside our borders and recognized as residents and citizens. They cannot be effectively fought, if it becomes necessary, without major damage to our freedoms and rights. Obviously, at some point, ruthless actions will have to be taken.

    In spite of that, I don ‘t support the use of people in other countries as cannon fodder. US operations are clearly responsible for the chaos in Libya and Syria. Which brings up the question of, if the US has no operations capability in intelligence, how the US managed to support the al-qaeda affiliates fighting the Syrian government. I guess I’d ask Brad Johnson how the US managed to support so many evil groups if it had no operational capabilities.

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