Bill Whittle Nails Media Bias in Five

Well, a tad over five minutes.

Many of us still miss Andrew Breitbart. His ability to see through the fog of political war sloganeering was/is unparalleled.

Today, perhaps in Reason magazine, I read that CNN’s audience is half that of Fox News. Given how much credit the Left gives CNN’s every utterance, it’s probably still a pricier venue for ads. As in real estate: “Location, location, location”.

As for Van Jones… do you recall when even the sainted Barack had to give him the boot? He “resigned”, of course. And now he reigns at CNN; a fitting end.

5 thoughts on “Bill Whittle Nails Media Bias in Five

  1. Thanks for bringing that up, Baron. I would have missed it. Whittle as ever, does a great job, and again has, with this piece.

    I’ve been resenting the media, since the 60s and the late 70s, and now its complete. First from management friends learned first hand of their lying ways, then first hand heard their atheist mocking ways, of the Reagans in a campaign stop, the big media was covering.

    Don’t need them, have “fired them all”, personally, now, with the web, they are pretty much “buggy whips”, they just don’t understand that quite yet, there horses are with slim, on the way out of town…… They say OAN is all conservative, I can’t get it on my system, so I have found the highest and best of the giant web based coverage, that is available, too.

    Media aren’t even redundant for me, just replaced, with better robot technology. Except for Hannity, Pirro, Dobbs, Carlson – Highly useful, worthy, any venue.

  2. 93% of journalists are self-declared Liberals

    0% of White House journalists are Republicans

    15 points of undue media influence (way back in 2004)

    And mass media wonders why it is flaming out and cratering.

    Yet, people still wonder how it was possible for mass media to so mistakenly predict a landslide win for Hillary in 2016.

    Short only of the Soviet Union, last year’s presidential election had to be one of the most stupendous cases of people breathing their own exhaust.

  3. Sad to say this is world wide in the Western World.

    Thanks for bringing this up.
    We need this in many ways, to reaffirm that we do see and understand things differently, with good reason.

    We sort of know it, but like a poison it keeps leaking around us, insidiously affecting family, friends, neigbours and communities.
    It has an isolating affect, and so brings doubt, to make one think they can not be right, in thinking and understanding differently.

    Good discussion, open debate, free speech, and listening, exposes the nonsense and agendas that others push.

    Thanks to B&D for bringing a broad spectrum of open thinking and perspectives to many things that others try to cover over.

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