Another Eyewitness Report From Hamburg — Also the Perp Getting Beaten Up

As reported earlier today, a culture-enricher went on a deadly jihad rampage on the street in Hamburg, stabbing one person to death and wounding four others.

The video below is an interview with a second eyewitness who heard the “Allahu Akhbar” — the mysterious phrase that has German police investigators so puzzled.

Many thanks to Nash Montana and Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

German news reports say the “amok” attacker is a Palestinian “refugee” named Ahmed al-H.

After his rampage, the attacker was set upon by other culture-enrichers, who threw chairs and other objects at him until the police collared him. A reliable source tells me that the vigilantes self-identify as Persians (which probably means they don’t care for Islam):

When the Persians had finished beating him up, the knife jihadi was handcuffed and left to lie on the sidewalk.

While Vlad was watching this video, he said, “Why did those cops just stand there? Surely one of them needed to take a leak??”

Transcript of video #1:

0:00   We sat at the […], we were drinking coffee
0:04   I saw that a young man fell to the ground,
0:07   white shirt, on his back,
0:13   then a few friends came, helped him up and walked down
0:16   but his back was really injured.
0:21   And then, I saw one person run into the Edeka;
0:25   I guess he had stabbed him, too.
0:28   and there was another one, in that car over there.
0:31   He had stabbed three people and then he yelled,
0:34   by the Blockhaus, ‘allahu akhbar’,
0:37   with the knife in his hand
0:40   and the people were like, “Stay away! Stay away!”
0:43   Then I guess the police came…

14 thoughts on “Another Eyewitness Report From Hamburg — Also the Perp Getting Beaten Up

  1. Iranian Shiite Muslims routinely call themselves, “Persians.” If someone refers to them as Arabs, they become offended. They consider Arabs less civilized.

  2. My understanding is that people who identify as Persian left, or their families left, Iran when the mullahs took over. They are mostly middle class and Muslims in much the same way that Europeans are technically Christians. Jihadis consider them apostates and are quite happy to murder them if the opportunity arises. I used to work with a couple of Persian chaps and they were afraid of jihadis long before we’d even heard of them.

  3. I know people who self-identify as “Persians”. They’re generally either secular or “cultural” Muslims (i.e., they don’t care what the holiday is about, it’s just a reason to eat lots of tasty Persian food).

    I wouldn’t call these people “culture-enrichers” sarcastically. As one can see above, they actually did enrich Germany by doing what the Germans didn’t do and which needed doing.

    Generally, they hate the Mullahs. The ones I know seem not to have such strong feelings about Sunnis, but boy-oh-boy, do they detest the Mullahs. It’s what they know best.

  4. Saudi born Palestinian jihadi over come by native German Persians while indigenous Saxons look on helplessly on the streets of Hamburg.

    Never thought I’d write that in my lifetime.

  5. My Doctor identifies as Iranian. He does not consider himself as Muslim, but of the Ba’hai Faith and as such, if he had stayed in Iran would have become persecuted for this apostasy. I have looked this faith up and it is fairly close to Christianity in as far as the Ba’hai are required by their faith to tend to others less fortunate than themselves – he goes to Vanuatu every year and spends two weeks of his annual leave, and at his own expense, in treating the many medical problems that are prevalent among the native population in those tropical islands, and for free!

    He has a beautiful soul.

    I can’t imagine any Muslim, let alone many Christians taking to doing that.

  6. Why have people started writing
    Allahu Akbhar ?
    For years we have always written
    Allah Akbar.

    There is always someone trying to tell us we are not doing a thing right then telling us how to do it wrong their way.

    Seeing as the original writing of the phrase would have been in either arabic or urdu and not in english script it woul dhave made far more sense to spell th eword phonetically.
    Allarrr Akba would make far more sense.

  7. One thing I do like about this article is that the nutter or jihadi if you prefer was never named. Naming these cowardly scum gives them their few minutes of fame and encourages others … exactly what they wanted.

    It makes no sense ..

    what else makes no sense in these cases is that…
    Sometimes I have heard of the body being given back to the relatives for burial when in fact what we want to hear on the news is.

    The nut was shot and his body dragged off to be fed to some pigs
    That would not help encourage them and might put some off.

  8. It has been said that to repeat the same actions and expect different results is one definition of insanity. … Einstein I believe

    Why then do we still let muslims (of which some of them and more of them than any other people are actual or potential terrorists) into non muslim countries?

    And don’t mention benefit of doubt .. there is no doubt …some of them will enter your country and kill innocent people.. where is the doubt?

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