Algerian Journalist on Muslims: “Stupidity is Incidentally Deeply-Anchored and Rooted in Us”

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating the French subtitles for this video from Algerian TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   The Algerian-Swedish journalist Yahya Abouzakaria, October 12, 2012
00:08   It became a habit on the part of the sheikhs who preach in the mosques
00:12   to invoke in their sermons and lectures
00:16   the “Infidel West”. The “infidels”, “the House of War
00:20   and the House of Islam”.
00:24   I already mentioned that some Muslims in Andalusia
00:28   were practising fornication,
00:32   homosexuality and debauchery. Nowadays
00:36   if you travel in Europe, where 50 million
00:40   Muslims live, you’ll see that 80% of them
00:44   are beggars who live off
00:48   the charity of Western welfare.
00:52   In other words: Europeans pay their taxes, and the State
00:56   gives money to the Muslims to buy food.
01:00   Muslims in the West don’t work for a living.
01:04   If they were in the Muslim world it wouldn’t be a problem; cows and goats
01:12   also have access to food. 80% of them [Muslims] are unemployed.
01:16   For example, in Sweden, there are 500 Muslim associations
01:21   and only one Jewish association.
01:25   All mosques in Europe are victims of theft.
01:29   Given that European laws support diversity
01:33   of regions and cultures, the State subsidizes
01:37   Muslims, but the leaders of those mosques steal those funds.
01:41   Sometimes you see an imam who employs his wife for floor cleaning.
01:45   Then he tells her to stay at home. There is also cheating
01:49   on divorces: there are Muslims who divorce their wives only on paper.
01:53   Then social services find the wife a house. Then they take their wife back,
01:57   and lease the house on the black market.
02:01   I often visited Muslim detainees in the West. Those drug dealers
02:05   and rapists tell me: “ Ask the prison director
02:09   to serve us halal meals.” They wanted meat sacrificed
02:13   according to Muslim rites. I would answer them:
02:17   “You don’t even deserve to eat pork. You are dealing drugs,
02:21   and you still dare pretend you belong to Islam?” When the attacks
02:25   were perpetrated in London, Madrid and in all the other places,
02:29   and the media showed bearded Muslims proud of their
02:34   actions, cutting people’s heads off while shouting “Allahu Akbar!”
02:38   What do you expect
02:42   from the West when you see those evil actions and those rotten morals? That they forgive you,
02:50   and that they would be satisfied with you?
02:54   Who is queuing in front of the welfare office [in Europe]?
02:58   Those are Muslims from Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia,
03:02   Somalia, Bangladesh… When the Europeans pass by, I swear by Allah,
03:06   they say: “Voilà those, who live thanks to our taxes”. We invite
03:10   Muslim preachers into Western capitals. They were told that it would be difficult
03:15   to hold sermons in the morning because most of young Muslims
03:19   would be in school,
03:26   and it would be easier to assemble them in the evening.
03:30   However, by Allah, some of those sheikhs prefer spend their evenings watching
03:34   pornographic movies, rather than teaching Muslim children.
03:38   I had many conversations with Muslim thieves in Denmark,
03:43   in Norway, in Paris… They told me that imams explained to them
03:47   that it was halal to steal money from the infidels:
03:51   in other words it was permitted to Muslims
03:55   to steal money from non-Muslims. Other thieves told me
03:59   that an imam assured them that “since the West was stealing from us for 500 years,
04:04   it is permitted for you to steal on public transportation, to cheat on the electricity bill,
04:07   to rob banks… Do whatever you want.”
04:11   Let me tell you that one of major mistakes of
04:15   the Muslim mentality
04:19   is the refusal of self-criticism.
04:23   It seems that the Muslim mentality was struck by idiocy and stupidity.
04:31   Stupidity is incidentally deeply-anchored and rooted in us.

14 thoughts on “Algerian Journalist on Muslims: “Stupidity is Incidentally Deeply-Anchored and Rooted in Us”

  1. If he were in Europe, instead of Algeria, he would get done for hate speech.


    • Heavens is that true? I thought little klein europa was civilised and enjoyed genuine not fake freedom of speech. So europa is worse even than Algeria.

    • Anywhere he is, I bet he is in danger for his life from all the righteous muslims…

    • Bloody oath yes..

      All you need to do is look at a Muslim cross-eyed and you’re auto-guilty of a “hate crime”.
      Meanwhile Scotland has Imams that preach out their message of hatred, Muslim women scream at UK residents about how they MUST dress…. and none of that is called “a hate crime”.

    • You are very correct! Also he is wrong too… Not the Muslims are the dumb ones but the gutmenschen population.

      • Without the Gutmenschen enablers, Muslims would have no power.

        I totally agree.

        I actually consider that Islamism in the West is a SYMPTOM of the rot of Western society, rather than the actual cause.

        • I am inclined to agree with your last paragraph. When a body’s immune system fails due to a sickness of the spirit – as Western Society’s has, thanks to wishy-washy Liberalism – it leaves the body prey to attack by all kinds of virulent diseases, such as Islam.

          Humanity’s cancer, I call it. Instead of fawning over it like silly ignorant seven-year-olds, or hiding behind the sofa like pathetic University snowflakes, we should be cutting it out and burning it.

          If you were diagnosed with a virulent cancer would you rush to Facebook and proclaim the wondrousness of inclusivity, or would you call the surgeon?

        • Exactly. Muslims think they are clever and that they have devised the perfect strategy for victory. In fact, all Muslims need to do is show up and Westerner halfwits and traitors do the rest.

          As per the immortal observation, Westerners don’t have the brains the Lord gave a duck. Nude marathons; worship of foreigners, perverts, minorities, and parasites; little boys wearing dresses and fairy wings; ruined women; sacramental abortion; pointless wars; hatred of tradition and the ancestors; abandonment of law; suppression of speech; adolescent views of socialism, totalitarian or otherwise; massive, lying media monopolies; flight from responsibility and manliness; rotten art; fiscal and debt insanity; hostility toward the productive; and elections the playthings of the super rich – all integral to daily life in the West.

          Why would it be an achievement for Muslim parasites with their primitive views to take root in the West?

  2. Europe is the new Soviet Union. Comrade Merkel is a sleeper.

  3. They don’t sound very stupid to me. They have us exactly where they want us.

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