A Whiner-Chick Blows the Whistle on Viktor Orbán

As reported here on Sunday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave an important speech at last weekend’s “open university” colloquium at the Tusnádfűrdő resort.

The following humorous piece describes the pathetic attempts by leftists to disrupt the speech. First, a preface by the translator, CrossWare:

A few days ago Viktor Orbán gave a lecture at the Open University summer camp in Tusványosfürdo, Transylvania,. His talk, like many others, speaks not only to the Hungarians but to the invaded and suppressed Europeans, and even overseas to the patriotic citizens of the USA and Australia.

The following article and short video exposes the opposition provocateur (it was only one!) and the colluding liberal MSM funded partly or fully by your favorite globalist: George Soros.

In the video you’ll see people shouting (including old ladies with hats on their heads and wearing their Sunday best — obviously all part of the tyrannical fascist conspiracy against democracy):

  • Oh shut it!
  • Go home!
  • Stop bothering people!
  • Go back where you come from!
  • Stop this concert!
  • Go back to Pest!
  • I want to listen to the lecture!

The brief essay is dripping with irony, and I hope the translation will be as funny as I think the original is. The article was published at the PestiSracok.hu web portal (“Boys of Pest”, as in Budapest, essentially it’s the Hungarian Breitbart).

The translated essay:

Whiner-Chick At Tusványfürdo

by Gyula Máté T.
July 23, 2017

Immediately clutch your chest! Hungarian democracy is in danger! The local provocateur training is in crisis! Yesterday the opposition could only send a single girl to Tusványfürdo, one who was obviously facing various mental challenges. She wanted to protect the trees here…

It was a great day on Saturday for Hungarian liberals! The “star-day” of Tusványfürdo arrived, the time for Viktor Orbán’s speech. But the Euro-conforming Hungarian democrats did not for the content provided by the Prime Minister of the country. They were waiting for whistles.

Orbán’s speech did not interest opposition leaders either. They wrote their reactions ahead of time. “Orbán taking Hungary to Asia, Putin’s and Trump’s henchman, Chinese, Turkish and Israeli cat’s-paw” — he should slow down; the list of his friends getting longer and longer. If he does not suddenly resign, they [the opposition] can continue to sunbathe quietly. If the whistling provocation works, then they will react.

The action was advertised a couple of days ago by “unknown activists” on the web. The goal: whistling against Viktor Orbán. Why? Because everything! And why not? In the “crime list” of the head of government everybody could find something for their taste: by whistling against Orbán they could protect the European values, or Gábor Vona’s [right wing party] gender identity too. Who would not jump at such an opportunity?!

Mostly on Facebook, they explained what to do. I must quote this word by word:

1.   Run quickly to the paper store for a whistle!
2.   If you are local, then start organizing your trip NOW. Go early, so fans cannot take the space before you.
3.   Bring a sign! Write something cool on it, make others think about it! It should be big, so the cameras of the public service media can’t avoid it!

Well, it was possible to avoid it because there was no big “opposition crowd”… At Viktor Orbán’s speech only a single activist arrived with a whistle. Thousands of people and one whistling chick. It’s a miracle the Orbanian tyranny did not collapse immediately.

But an even greater miracle was the journalistic performance shown by yoke-mates in the liberal-left media. The enthusiastic Orbán-critic had only to whistle once and they hears it and found her in the crowd. Or at least that is what I think, because it could not have been that they organized all their reports with this hapless girl? The free and objective independent media would never do such thing, right?

In any case, we mere mortals could be only grateful for them, because from many angles we could follow the way in which the “political elite terrorises an innocent citizen” and the humiliated lady could not say anything for minutes [from shock]”.

In this case the “political elite” was a couple of decent, grizzled people from the audience. The “terror” was that they told the “lady” to stop whistling, because they had not come to Tusványosfürdo for a “concert”, but for Viktor Orbán to speak.

Was the “political elite” angry? Yeah, it was. Did they call out the girl? Of course! There was someone who wanted to take the whistle? Yes. When she continued to whistle despite the requests, did they push her aside? Yes. Push her around? Yes. Was there an idiot, who pulled her hair? Yes. Did she fall? Yes.

Is this nice and good? No, not at all. But this would have been pretty much the case if she had started screaming into her cell phone during a performance, or if when she had been in the path of peaceful consumers at a retail outlet on Black Friday. Not to mention at a rock concert or the Pride.

Finally the “lady” was chaperoned out of the crowd, no exaggeration, she was rescued. Yes, by her arm, in her best interests. All of this in the liberals’ language sounds like this: “While Orbán spoke, they brutally beat a woman in Tusványosfürdo — they tossed her out by her hair, because she had an opinion.”

What was her opinion? Once she was rescued from Orbanian suppression, she was ready to give an interview.

Well, yeah… from this point on the whole thing become pretty uncomfortable [for the liberals]. From the young “lady” we immediately found out, that she, in a nutshell, was in an indisposed state [I think the scientific English term is: “drunk as a skunk” — translator]. The enthusiastic liberal reporter asked her: is this from the beating of course, right? She answered: nobody beat her, she had just not slept the night before.

That caused a palpable disturbance among the representatives of the opposition media. Many of them tried to squeeze out at least one sentence about her horrible persecution. By God, they could not succeed. By her own admission, even the fact that she was led out of the event had not really caused mental trauma. She said: “Stuff happens”.

Then they tried to “investigate” why she was protesting. It would be hard to ask a more directed question, but they tried: “Is the trouble, as you wrote on Facebook, that Orbán in Tusványosfürdo does not speak a word about national strategy and issues concerning Hungarians beyond the state borders, but talks only about his fight against the West”?

The “lady” first gazed at the world with glassy eyes, then — twice pulling her hair back and forth for every single word — explained her problems. Based on that the trouble with Orbán is that he ruins everything. That is mostly about trees and baths and trees. Of course Paks is a problem too. [In Paks Hungary has a Russian-built nuclear power plant, which will be expanded soon]. But mostly she wanted to talk about the head of government about the closure of stores on Sunday… That was why she whistled.

After this, the “independent” media’s interest in the “lady” significantly dried up. The fact-finding reports are cancelled, we were unable to hear more tear-jerking moments about her life, which is ruined day by day by the Fidesz state-mafia. The opposition leaders did not start to beat the drums, in case the whiner-chick wants to deal with LMP [Liberal-Green Party] topics, then Bernadett Szél [leader of the Liberal-Green Party].

The only thing left for the independent media is the turbo-charging the “news”: spreading the latest horror of the Orbanian tyranny! The professional reporters can go to Brussels so they will have material against Hungary.

The CEU [Central European University, run by George Soros] can start thinking about taking up a new specialization… Because it is intolerable that not a single protester, paint-tosser or whistler can really get himself/herself decently beaten up!

22 thoughts on “A Whiner-Chick Blows the Whistle on Viktor Orbán

  1. Nothing like the arena of public opinion in which to make a society’s intention plain to those who wish to destroy it. No wonder the Left go to extreme lengths in their efforts to shut down such a guiding influence within any culture.

    Only the vested interest or the truly deluded will not see the truth in what Orban puts forth in his speeches.

  2. Some time ago GoV had an essay report about Soros and his activist network operations: https://gatesofvienna.net/2017/05/the-gravedigger-of-the-left
    In that writing the author talks about how the liberal MSM is laundering information.
    Short recap: a small blog or site (sometimes a single activist personal blog) publish an article, usually with huge overstatements, like the one they attempted above as the journalist quoted in his ironic writing:

    “In the shadow of the barb wired fence, which exactly the same as the concentration camps (here is the anti-Semitic stamp), thousands… no, no… millions are suffering under the jackboots of the fascist tyranny of Viktor Orbán… “Brown rain” is falling, “progressive patriots” who dare to have an opinion are beaten to death(ish) by the fascist killing squads…” etc, etc, etc.

    Yeah stuff like that. Obviously the rant, which shows a need for some very urgent mental care, would go unnoticed, but not this time. It get picked up by another, usually foreign outlet, mostly smaller German or British left wing (is there any other kind there?) media. Then the German or British article gets published and the large liberal-marxists Hungarian web portals like 444.hu 24.hu or index.hu, which partly or fully financed by George Soros write their report. In their articles the source will be the German or British media outlet as a trusted source. Then another bounce coming, large German, British or US media picks up the news now from the large Hungarian portals and publish it from the “obviously highly trusted source”.
    Well the process might include a couple of extra bounces, but you get the picture. This is how they make a mountain out of a molehill. In this case they failed but numerous other times succeeded and most likely will succeed!
    Just watch out for it…

  3. It is called TUSNAD [epithet]!
    Organ has no right to go in another country that is not his and speak politics.
    I bet the president of Romania would not be allow to go an bother Romanians in Hungary.
    This is a bad move, because the [expletive] Hungarians have no chance in HELL I TELL YOU TO EVER GET BACK TRANSILVANIA.
    Read your history, if [insult redacted]…
    If not [redacted].
    This are very sensible politics and you may get stung, I promise you.

    • Transylvania (Erdély) was Hungarian until 1920, the Trianon Treaty. Millions of Hungarians are living there. If the Romanian government would not deny their basic human rights to autonomy, they would have it now!
      In your place I would not be so eager complaining here. As both countries are member of the EU, people can travel between them and even have the freedom to say a speech or two. In Tusnádfürdő, there are less Romanian than Eskimo by the way…

      • Regardless of whom has Transylvania belonged in the past, Transylvania is today a Romanian region, with an overwhelming Romanian majority. It would be common courtesy to acknowledge the benevolence of a foreign country that allows you to make political propaganda within its borders. Germany and Netherlands weren’t so gracious with the Turkish officials this year. Aside from a couple of insults tossed our way by some of Mr. Orban’ s underlings, I haven’t heard anything, let alone something resembling common courtesy. And there is no such thing as territorial authonomy being a basic human right. After five centuries or so during which Transylvanian Romanians had NO rights whatsoever, basic or otherwise, I’d have thought that Hungarians know pretty well to tell which rights are which. Oh well. By the way, that particular region is heavily subsidized from the state budget. Cut it off from the rest of the country and you’ll have a nice Nagorno-Karabakh. Right above that BRUA gas pipeline on which Mr. Orban is counting to make Hungary a gas hub for the Black Sea exploited gas. Imagine that. Hungary being able to export gas in the Balkans and Central Europe. Such grandiose scheme. But then again, one reaps what one sows and methinks that neighborly relations are just as friendly as they were 700 years ago.

      • Cross…you cross the line….Transilvania was and will be Romanian. When the Huns came in Europe, Transilvania was populated by Romanians. There is not even 1 seconds in history when romanians
        were outnumbered by hungarians. Transilvania was not part of Hungary…Transilvania was under the administrative control of Habsburgs. But not integral part of Habsburg Empire or Hungary. And I can tell you how hungarians acted against romanians when Hitler gave the administration of a big part of Transilvania to Horty. My grandfather run from there to save his life.
        So…we can be friends as long you try to be friend.

      • I’ve spoken with some friends from Hungary…They say Orban is idiot and is creating enemies in Romania, Slovacia and Serbia when is using his revisionist agenda. So, Hungary have a problem not only with Romania. The only good thing Orban did, was to stop the migrants and Soros agenda. But in internal affairs, he destroy many things.

      • Watch this and you will understand that there is not so much difference between hungarians and arabs when it comes to attacking others.
        Hungarians tried to eliminate the romanian majority from Transilvania every time they had control there. From this point of view, my grandfather told me few times that for romanians, hungarians are as bad as ottomans.


      • As a end point in discussion:
        hungary used all the time the big powers of Europe to invade and control parts of other countries arround Hungary. When Romania decided to end this, Romanian army occupied Budapest as a demonstration of power, not to kill hungarians. After that the romania army just got out from Budapest. The point was made.
        Looks like today Hungary want once again something from others.

      • one more point….
        hungarian word Erdely comes from romanian word Ardeal.

        • Let us keep a level head în this story, Ștefan. It does us no good to do otherwise. The word “Ardeal” is indeed transliterated from Hungarian as there was no Romanian founded political construction with that name when the Magyars occupied the land that makes today the center of Transylvania. There are many unknown things and it’s not really worth delving into them as the only thing they are bound to bring is endless quarrel.

          • I’ve read a analise regarding the source of many words. Ardeal, as word, has been used before hungarians…it is written in a letter stored in Vatican library. It is suspected to be latin or dacic as origin.
            I do agree that contradictory talk is useless…but if you keep your mouth shot all the time, people forget the truth and a lie can become the new truth.
            Also my family name looks to be atleast 1500 years old, a dacic name. But it is not my fault 🙂

          • The Romans were NOT the original inhabitants of what is now Romania. They “stole” it from someone else. I don’t know whether it was the Slavs or another ethnic group, but someone was there before them. That ethnic group has just as much reason to hold a grudge against Romanians as Romanians do against the Magyars.

            It’s similar to Ireland. The Irish hate the English as the usurpers of their land, but the Celts “stole” Ireland from the Tuatha de Danaan, and the latter “stole” it from the Fir Bolg (who may or may not be the original inhabitants; they’re deep in prehistory).

            At some point there has to be a statute of limitations on this kind of stuff. I don’t know how long would be enough, but ten generations — 250 years — seems sufficient to me. After that, people should be willing to just get over it.

          • Actually, Baron, the Romans were around here before the Slavs. They stole the land from the Getae (or Geto-Dacians), a Thracian tribe who, at their turn, might have stolen it from some other people who lived here in Neolithic. It’s reaaaally complicated so the poor migrants unlucky enough to step foot here would turn tail and flee at top speed: the tribes here do know how to keep a grudge for a millenium.

          • The Hindi-speaking Indians took much of India from the Dravidian-speaking Indians.

            The Japanese took Japan from the Ainu.

            The English took Virginia from the American Indians, but the Indians took it from another group of Asiatics who arrived before the Indians.

            Even Australia may have been inhabited by someone before the abos.

            Almost every square foot of land on the planet was “stolen” by one group or another.

          • Well, I merely wanted to point out that a nation “savage” enough to keep a grudge over things like these it’s savage enough to fight other savages. A “civilized” nation like the Western ones doesn’t stand a chance against “barbarians”. You’ll need barbarians in order to fight barbarians.

          • There is no historic documentation or element that suggest the fact that tracians/dacians took that teritory from other civilization. It can be posible, but nothing suggest this. So, as long in all documented history tracians / dacians are presented as defending their land, we can suggest that they were the first to populate that teritory after the ice age…At least this is how I see things. Or, juridic, no victim, no agression.

      • I am disappointed to see you also have some traces of chauvinism. In your article you didn’t mention once that there is actually Romania and Tusnad you are talking about. You let the impression that Transilvania is part of Hungary, populated by hungarians.

  4. Awwwwww…poor widdle drunken collectivist bint..pobresito….

    Sad panda cries with you..NOT!!!

    She,should consider herself lucky,..she could have gotten a big double helping of ‘fist sandwich’ just like her pal ‘moldylocks’.

    Maybe she’ll wander over to the nearest mosque and start blowing her whistle during their call to [hoisting of buttocks]…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

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