A Free School Lunch is WAYCIST!

A recent proposal to offer a free school lunch to all children in order to help German families is being criticized as “racist”. The following video features some heated remarks on the issue by Tobias Rausch, a member of the Sachsen-Anhalt state parliament for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Decisions of the People in Germany
00:04   Mr President, dear colleagues, today we have applied
00:08   to introduce free school meals for all the children in our federal state,
00:12   in order to make healthy development possible and help their parents financially.
00:17   In our justification there was the designation: “German family.” But I think
00:20   I’m in the wrong movie: the CDU [Christian Democrats] fraction considers
00:24   the designation “German family” as “contempt for humans”! Where are we?
00:28   In what country? For whom are you making your policies?! Who is paying your salaries?!
00:32   Are the French or the Russians [paying you]? You’re being paid by Germans, so you’re supposed to
00:35   make policies for Germans! And for nobody else in the world! What sort of behavior is this?!
00:40   I’ve been a taxpayer in this country for years!
00:44   and I find it incredible —Could you please lower your tone? —No!
00:48   This can simply drive a person mad! The way you are treating the very people
00:53   who pay your salary, who put their trust in your work, whom you are betraying here!
00:57   If the people only knew what game you’re playing here, they would spin in their graves;
01:01   they would think what’s going on here… —They are still alive, the voters, ha-ha!…
01:05   Perhaps in the past, for example, the ancient Left voters! If the old Left voters
01:09   only knew, what kind of Antifa troops have marched into their party in the meantime!
01:13   They are… You notice.
01:17   You notice it… you notice it…
01:21   I have to say, in all honesty, that I have no words…
01:25   that for that story I really find no words. We haven’t,
01:30   at any point, in our entire application,
01:34   excluded anyone! No! We have — in the justification —
01:38   made it for the “German family”, that’s correct. But it’s very clearly written in the proposition
01:42   that it’s for all children, in all the schools. It’s for all the children: it’s totally clear!
01:46   The Left even describes it as a “racist image of the world”!
01:50   Are we Germans a race now, or what?!
01:54   If someone becomes a German citizen, does he become of a German race now?!
01:58   What kind of BS are you talking?! I have never heard such BS!
02:02   Never heard it before!
02:07   [unintelligible] — This is a leftist dumbing-down ideology!!! —Perhaps on the side,
02:11   concerning the financing, because it was the only argument in principle
02:15   you were against, and the rest whatever; in the last year there was in this federal state
02:19   €600 million fallen from Heaven. Why isn’t that the case also for the families?
02:23   Why can’t money fall from Heaven for our families for once as well?
02:27   No, it doesn’t work! Because, quoting the CDU: “It’s contempt for humans,” quoting the Left:
02:31   “It’s a racist image of the world.” Why can’t money fall from Heaven just once for those people
02:35   who pay you, who vote for you? Here this is unfortunately
02:39   not possible. I think this debate today was really
02:44   really… —Hopeless! —Yes, you know, we’ve never been this deep in the basement.
02:48   It’s really a catastrophe. I think it’s really a shame, that
02:52   we didn’t give a chance to that truly constructive application today.
02:56   The Left wanted the same, the Greens wanted it, sometime in the past, as well,
03:00   and the SPD [Social Dems] even made an attempt to introduce this subject at the federal level.
03:04   You have wriggled like a worm only to avoid voting positively for this kind of proposition.
03:08   Yes, you have let something pass by again, I hope the voters appreciate it, thank you very much!

2 thoughts on “A Free School Lunch is WAYCIST!

  1. What is that word at 1:58 that is translated as “BS”? It sounds like “Bloessen”, but I can’t find this word in a dictionary. Oh, now I get it: it’s “Bloedsinn” (= nonsense, rubbish, idiocy).

  2. The Left is entirely out of substantive issues to run on. All their policies have been tried and have ultimately backfired, because they’ve led to exorbitantly expensive State monopoly and regulation of life – including feeding children at school. Both Right and Left have already accepted all the Left’s positions on Welfare, so they have no further advantage in the social welfare area!

    Therefore, in order to differentiate themselves, they must find OTHER divisions and NEW ‘victims of oppression’ – ie raising Hitler’s ghost of ‘genocide-obsessed nationalism’.

    It just shows that the Left has now put all its eggs into one basket as a last ditch effort to retain power, and that basket is globalism, i.e. the entire destruction of Western civilization. They are supported to the hilt in this endeavor by the global capitalists and the vipers like Soros.

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