Wild Bill Busted in Calgary for Thoughtcrime, Then Booted Out of Canada

Wild Bill is a well-known vlogger (YouTube channel: Wild Bill for America) who lives in Florida. Among other characteristics, he is what is nowadays called an “Islamophobe”, which means he is persona non grata on both sides of our northern border. However, only Canada has recent legislative backing — Motion M-103, opposing blasphemy against Islam — to provide grounds for arresting people like Wild Bill and bunging them into chokey. We haven’t fallen that far in the USA. Not yet.

The background for Wild Bill’s story:

Last Saturday a “hateful” group called the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI, see their Facebook page) held a rally in downtown Calgary in front of city hall. Wild Bill was one of the invited guest speakers.

Here’s a PC view of the “hateful” rally, excerpted from a CBC report:

Anti-Islam Rally in Calgary Meets With Counter-Protest But Remains Peaceful

Worldwide Coalition Against Islam members march to city hall, met by members of Calgary Anti-Fascist Action

The event billed on social media as a “Patriotic Unity Mega Festival” in front of Calgary’s city hall on Sunday was met by an opposing group rallying against what they saw as a message of intolerance.

Gathered on one side of the municipal plaza were members of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI), which was denied a special event permit for the rally by the city.

Officials said in a written response to the group the decision was “on the basis that your organization, and messages it espouses, are hateful.”

Across the plaza were members of Calgary Anti-Fascist Action (AFA), who say they wanted to show unity against what they called messages of intolerance and hate.

Standing between the two groups were Calgary police officers, ensuring things remained peaceful.

Insults, slurs and chants were hurled back and forth. However, no arrests were made.

Among the few dozen people watching the two sides rally was Lifetime Adventure Travel guide Judi Sommerville, who was leading a two-hour tour of the downtown.

“It’s totally embarrassing,” she said. “And it does not represent our city in the least. This is where we start the tour and talk about city hall and some artifacts, and it’s not a very good way to begin a tour of our beautiful, interesting city.”

When Wild Blue flew into Calgary, he was arrested at the airport by the Canadian authorities, and his iPad was confiscated. The evidence for his “crime” was the “hate speech” contained in his iPad — the notes for the speech he intended to give at the rally. He was detained for more than seven hours, and then allowed to leave the country. But the police kept his iPad, saying that they needed to send it to Ottawa for forensic analysis, and to determine how much tax he owed for bringing “contraband” — that is, his words — into the country.

Read more details on the incident at Adrienne’s Corner.

As Wild Bill points out in his video about what happened, the words on his computer would never be seen by anyone but him. How could they possibly be “hate speech”? If he had spoken them at the rally, then they might have violated the Soviet-style speech restrictions that now prevail in Canada. But to classify them as illegal while they were just sitting in digital storage on his personal computing device is simply absurd.

As a matter of fact, given the circumstances, Wild Bill’s words on his iPad were more serious than hate speech: They were thoughtcrimes. If he had spoken them at the rally, that would have been crimethink. So the police were doing their duty by preventing his crimethink in advance.

In the following video, Wild Bill tells the story of what happened last Saturday:

And here’s an earlier speech by him that is more or less the same as the speech he would have given in Calgary:

It sounds more or less like what we say here, doesn’t it?

In fact, it’s completely mainstream as far as the American Counterjihad is concerned. It follows that any of us who cross the border into Canada had best be careful — no doubleplus ungood notes on our computers. And no thoughtcrimes in our minds.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The above story is an example of why I don’t carry any Counterjihad materials with me when I travel to Europe. No laptop, no “Islamophobic” books or “racist” periodicals. My clothes, a toothbrush, a passport, a detective novel for the plane flight, and sometimes a piece of paper with a few necessary phone numbers — nothing else.

My thoughtcrimes remain invisible.

Until the Powers That Be deploy remote brainwave scanners that can read thoughts from a distance, that is. I hear Google is working diligently on the project even as we speak.

When that day comes, any thoughtcrimes will be detected, and crimethink prevented, before a criminal word passes anyone’s lips.

At that point I’ll have to start avoiding airports. And Times Square. And bus stations. And concerts. And baseball games. And…

31 thoughts on “Wild Bill Busted in Calgary for Thoughtcrime, Then Booted Out of Canada

        • That’s alright, as long as you BELIEVE. You can even call it “climate change” if you want. You see, we’re not totally fascists.
          Soon they’re gonna have to come up with a new name by the way, the old ones are starting to wear out.
          Same with “refugees”. “Migrants” already doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore. What next, “dreamers”?
          Oops, already done.

  1. Canada is EVIL NAZI country!

    I visited Canada in winter 2011, I landed from Germany at Calgary airport,

    Little did I know what was waiting for me.

    On arrival, I was redirected to a very long counter, with border guards,
    The are called CBSA, remember this name, CBSA!!!

    (Canada border services agency) CBSA

    For the next 5 hours I was interrogated by A VERY aggressive CBSA woman, I was subjected to insults, ridicule, abused, humiliated, threatened with violence, arrest, imprisonment, detention, deportation….

    I was forced under threat of arrest, to open my smartphone, so this CBSA NAZI slut could read my emails. And look through the content of my phone, photos, messages, all my private and business communications,
    Then she started questioning me about my business, who are the emails to,
    I was told that if I didn’t open my iPhone I’d be arrested and detained.

    She tried to call a number in my phone, she was asking about receipts I had in my pocket, to explain in detail where they from what for.

    I told this CBSA fascist I wanted to call the British embassy, her reply was,
    “are you threatening me?”

    This woman was dressed in paramilitary style fatigues, armed with a pistol,
    And there were other people in booths next to me, I could hear remonstrating with cbsa nazis who were looking through the contents of their laptops.

    I was then herded to another area, where this cbsa nazi brought over another nazi, and told him to go search me and go through my luggage in fine detail.

    He opened my laptop without my permission, threatened me with arrest if i didnt, he took away my laptop,

    He took my money, also, all the while talking to me in threatening tone and language. It was truly truly unbelievable.

    After some time he returned the laptop,

    And he counted out my money, there was 200€ missing (from 4000)

    He also stole 200 € from my savings.

    I was too afraid at this point to argue, the whole situation was scary aS hell, like something out of cold war Berlin border movie.

    I was witnessing terror, this was not the free western world, this was USSR but in Canada.

    These CBSA ARE NAZIS. and there out of control.

    It was now after 5 hours, and I had now missed my connecting flight to Vancouver,

    They told me that they had decided that they will give me the 2-month entry visa I wanted,

    I replied, I don’t want your visa! I want you to put me on the next flight out of Canada, I want nothing to do with your country!

    At this point I was told by this cbsa whore that if I don’t sign and accept the visa, then they will arrest me, and maybe after one week there could be a flight.

    This is Canada, this was in 2012.

    After I arrived in Vancouver, I visited lawyers, I was directed to an organisation called, Canadian Civil Liberties org. I spent hours and days, visiting this org office in Vancouver, my holiday ruined, I was in shock and anger, I rebooked my return flight, I lost 500 € doing that, I cancelled the room I had booked, I lost my deposit, about 500$.

    Instead of staying 2 months in Canada, I left after 7 days.

    I made a complaint against the cbsa people who abused me.

    I also believe they may have planted malware ln my computer.

    Some time later, back in Europe, I started to receive a lot of bogus emails, and it was clear by nature of these emails that the CBSA, after hearing I had made a complaint against them, were targeting me!

    I saw from google analytics, that my websites were receiving lots of visits from different border locations around Canada, I imagine the 2 cbsa thugs I reported had internally sent my info to their other nazi border buddies, black list.

    I started receiving strange emails, it waS clear the cbsa swere spying on me, and with google analytics i could see locations, all cbsa border locations.

    The complaint was a waste of time, their defence was, that the cctv in the arrivals area of Calgary airport was only available up to 4 weeks, and was now deleted.

    The spying against me and my websites and bogus email campaign went on for over 2 years!

    These cbsa are very desperate for revenge types. This organisation needs to be major investigated, and a worldwide expose carried out against them.

    It’s claimed the cbsa have legal right to open your computer and read and steal your private data at Canadian borders.

    This a travesty! This is war against the people!

    I hope other people will be warned with my story here, I hope others will tell of their experiences arriving in canada, and the cbsa terrorists.

    This cbsa have murdered many people, and its all been covered up!

    • Sorry for your experience and thank you for sharing. I don’t know they can be so cruel. Gods be with you.

    • My lady friend and I visited my brother in Vancouver last year, from London. The guard at the airport was hardly welcoming, but relaxed when he knew where we were staying.

      I’m not saying you don’t have a perfect right to take your laptop, but we didn’t, since we had adequate access to our hosts’ computers. Maybe others could avoid the problem similarly, or by using libraries etc? Not ideal, but a way of getting round the current insanity.

    • Your experience, which I believe, was so bad I can only resort to sarcasm, which I’m sure you’ll understand.
      I’m left to wonder, if you came here on a business visit from Europe and were treated this way, just think of the horrors experienced by all the illegal aliens who crossed into Canada recently from USA and were met by the RCMP…. (dragged off to torture chambers? Yeah, right….)

      To think, we came here voluntarily….

    • Your story is appalling. Canada used to be a nice place to visit. Looks like not anymore. Just shameful.

    • I have long wanted to go to Newfoundland and Labrador because of my fathers childhood connections there. In his day, Newfoundland and Labrador were not part of Canada yet. Perhaps he was very lucky.

      I am wondering now if for entering Canada it might be best to bring no computer, no smart phone and very little written material. These were cautions I believe Michael Totten made for visiting Cuba. That is a tough pill to consider.

    • Were those CBSA border guards non-europeans? I recall my entering to Canada from Buffalo 1977. It was like an entry exam to a zoo. Already then.

      • The 2 cbsa scum that terrorised and robbed me were, white, the woman, with red hair, and the man had british accent, he was from uk, prob emmigrated to canada.

        I bet these 2 cbsa scum!!! Are reading this post, and they remembe me, and what they did to me, scum! The bccr, british columbia civil rights org, handeled my complaint, they have been handeling thousands of complaints from traveleres for years and years against these dirty traitorous scumbags, the cbsa!

        They have warnings on there website, to travelers coming to canada, about this cbsa terrorist gangsters, thugs.

  2. This act or motion passed into Canadian Law also affects UK, since legislation in Common Law systems is advisory. Actually the same applies the other way around. The Act of Settlement 1688/9 applies in Canada too. Such motions and acts of Canadian legislators are illegal if the Law is applied properly. WE are heading for a huge Social War on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Oh how I hate and loathe the Left! God forgive me but they seem hell bent on making society as miserable as possible. A psychiatrist I know reckons this stuff is more about personal agendas and a kind of psychosis or paranoia, where the subject cannot function normally unless it has personal control of others. I think there is a lot of truth in this. The “Left” are increasingly wacky and violent. I have seen the same when visiting inmates at my local asylum. Beyond reason.

  3. What a star he is. I hope he sues the pants of the officials that have falsely imprisoned him for seven and a half hours.

    • I’ve seen enough of how my crappy country works to be virtually certain that he won’t win, and if by some miracle he does, he’ll get $500-$3000 at most.

  4. Meanwhile Canada Premier wears threatening socks to an LGBTQ event. That is how I took those socks knowing how islam treats (slaughters) gays.

  5. Canada, the cleverly disguised Orwellian Police State to our north. IMHO another shining example of the left’s perverted fascination with Islam.

  6. It seems that there is a bar on counter jihad or so called islamphobia, so lets carry the real islam.

    Perhaps it could be tested out more thoroughly, like carrying a koran, picking out the abrogation verses, showing the chronological order, (to assist the police and forensics investigation) and a hadith like Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī ( صحيح البخاري ) which is devoted to the explanation or “Tafsir” of the Quran, and I am sure muttering Allahu Akbar, would remove any doubt.

    A large number of people should be doing this, particularly walking alongside Wild Bill, and say they are bringing understanding, about that larger than life prophet Mohammad, for every one.

    If any of those books are seized, tell them that mosques will be informed, that those books must never have any other books placed on top of them.
    The nearest imam must be publicly told so that he can see that the police dept. does not give any insult to the most memorable messenger and the unchangeable word of Allah.
    After all in no other country (particularly 57), confiscates the words that allah gave his messenger.
    Is that a “thought crime”, to take the word of allah as delivered by his messenger, , “would be victorious with terror”.

    Those are the books to be carried around.
    I see that Tommy Robinson in debate with Piers Morgan, who became so up set when Tommy raised a copy of the koran, and quoted Gladstones view of the koran.
    He then went on to quote from the koran 9:5 right at the end.
    Includes 2m50sec U tube part.

  7. We will have to build a northern border wall as well in a few years. Canada will go dhimmi faster than Europe. Their speech censorship is already stricter than what we have seen in Europe, though they are catching up.

  8. Small wonder that Canada is the preferred destination for American Leftists, their announced place of refuge whenever there is a new temper tantrum in the USA. They will fit right in, and those of us on the Right should encourage them to go North, as fast as they can.

    Canada always seemed like a reasonable country until recent years, but the drift to the Left has been pronounced over the past 20 years or more. What virus has infected them, and how is it transmitted?

    • I am beginning to believe that the procession from liberal to radical left to Islam is the natural course of rebellion against the constituted and created order. If you examine closely the attitudes that are held against what is generally accepted practice you will likely find, as I have, that these attitudes run counter to every aspect of ‘normal’ life as we know it. In fact, the further down the primrose path to Islam and beyond you go, the broader the scope the rebellion becomes. The Star Wars analogy comes to mind in that a normally thinking and behaving person goes aside and begins the journey to the Dark Side and eventual destruction of the person and everything around him (or her). In that, liberals, radix sinistra, and followers of the ‘prophet’ are all the same are all the same in varying degrees and in various places on the path of the Dark Side that leads to destruction. If there is still a ‘spark of good’ in them then perhaps they can have a metanoia moment with a change of heart and turn away from darkness and towards the Son.

  9. I’m Canadian. I’m a lawyer in one of the provinces, though I don’t practice much.

    None of this surprises me, under the Trudeau government. This type of BS is very much “Canadian-style” behaviour generally, and targeting someone like Wild Bill totally fits with the Trudeau gov’t’s “values”. And don’t worry, Wild Bill, the court system will probably protect them against your attempts to seek justice.

    The truly sad part is that most people here are brainwashed enough that they probably don’t see a problem with it.

    As a practical matter, I would recommend encrypting all files of this nature in the future. It may feel defeatist, but at least it slows them down and makes it harder for them.

    The only thing that keeps this country somewhat free on the speech side is that when all else fails, it’s possible to host the material in the USA. Which is why I often say that the U.S. First Amendment isn’t of importance only to the USA, but to the rest of the world, too – because it’s the only place where it really has the cultural teeth to match the written words.

    I am ashamed of (most parts of) my country.

  10. First off there is no lesgislation in Canada regarding Islamophobia. M103 was a motion made by a muslim member of parliament to see if she could drive attention to islamaphobia. The motion passed she gets her attention. No law has been formed or passed into law. As for CBSA having murdered people. I draw exception to the comment. Kindly provide your citations showing who they have murdered. This story sounds flakey

    • They murdered this polish man at vancouver airport arrivals hall, killed in cold blood,

      “Robert desikanski”

      This video was shot by a bystander, as the murdered him!!!

      The cbsa are murderers!!!!

      Watch the video, they taseredmhim, then strangled robert to death with a choke hold, none of these [epithets]
      Nazis were charged!!!! The all got off scott free!


      The cbsa are killers!!

      They have murdered many people after they took them into custody, many deaths of innocent people.

      Google it all!!!

      • Fawkes, you and many others should get your facts straight about Robert Dziekanski, who knew he was coming to Canada two years before, knew we spoke English, but made NO effort to learn the language.
        In Poland, he was a bully who served 5 years for violent armed robbery, he was also, shall we say, ‘slightly overcast’, and should NEVER have been allowed into Canada with that record.

        When ‘mommy’ wasn’t at the airport to meet him, and airport officials couldn’t speak Polish, he went berserk, and grabbed computers and started throwing them about–that’s when someone called the police, who came when he was starting to calm down a bit, and yes, they tasered him, and he died–that sometimes happens when people are tasered, there have been several deaths.

        The news media then went crazy (just like today in the States) and screamed: “This poor Pole was just coming to Canada to be with his mom and get a job…” Completely forgetting what they had found out about him in Poland, where in fact he’d been on welfare, had that record, and couldn’t speak a word of English, so you work it out.

        Dziekanski would have gone straight on to welfare and been a drain on the taxpayer, so although it may sound harsh, the police inadvertently did something for Canada that day.

  11. Many people have been murdered, by the cbsa after being taken into custody,

    And all covered up, no charges against any cbsa scum! The cbsa is also only gov org that investigates its self if any complaints afe made against its operatives! Theres no independent authority that investigates the cbsa if any one makesccomplaint against them!

    Heres video, live video shotbat vancouver airport arrivals, the cbsa murdered this polish man, robert dezikanski, after he just arrived at vancouver airport,
    They killed him in arrivals area, with taser gun and strangled him to death with a choke hold.


    The cbsa, are killers in unifirm, the cbsa are involved in the terrorisation of millions of travelers and citizens daily, the cbsa have killed, murdered a number of people at airports in canada, google it!!’

  12. After they killed dezikanski, they realised they were filmed doing it, they arrested the traveler who shot the film, confiscated his video camera, and the video,mand refused to hand it back, until the guy retained a lawyer!’

    They tried to cover this up as well,
    They tried to destroy the video recording!
    But they came unstuck!

    The videos is only the tip of the iceberg, the cbsa and its leaders must be zrrested and locked ip.

    • I’m a retired military professional myself, Fawkes, and your story has more holes in it then a Steven Spielberg script. You simply present absolutely neither any believability or credibility whatsoever.

      While neither CBSA nor any other law enforcement agency is perfect, be it here in Canada or the USA, the fact is that in-custody deaths are a very, very small percentage, and in almost EVERY SINGLE CASE, those deaths (almost 100%preventable) come as a result of violent outbursts by the one in custody, such as attempting to reach for the officer’s weapon (we call them ‘gun grabbers’), and THOSE are every cop’s nightmare.

      The case you are so quick to wrap around is the one case of the guy from Poland, and after review of the tape was one that in three short words, is best described as SUICIDE BY COP (SBC), and that is every cop’s ultimate nightmare.

      You have NO IDEA AT ALL what goes through a cop’s head who is involved in an SBC, the split-second decisions that have to be made every single day on the job, and the clueless civilians who haven’t got a SINGLE FREAKING CLUE to the inherent dangers and risk of what the job entails., and especially the way it can mess the cop up if he or she allows it to, when in reality, it’s a cross between an attention whore’s FINAL desperate plea of ‘pay attention to Me…” and a final “F%^& YOU!” to the cop who for need to save his/her own life, has NO CHOICE but to pull the trigger in order to keep from getting their own head blown off, all in the hope of messing the cop’s head up for good as they go out in their delusional blaze of glory.

      Given the choice between me and some wack, if it’s one of us going home at the end of a shift, and the other leaving the scene in a body bag, and the other drew down on me, and my hand has been FORCED, I’m going to fall back on my training and go for the three-round burst as I was taught well over three decades ago, if THAT is what saves my skin.

      Fawkes, from what I have seen, you are in need of some really serious professional help with what I perceive as some SERIOUS personal issues that are best dealt with by the full-time staff.

      There is no shame in admitting you need help; in fact, it has been my willingness to seek help as needed on my end that has helped me through some of the difficulties that come up in my life, some of which have been occupationally-related, not only for me, but also my colleagues who have needed the same, especially when we’ve been too close to a situation to see it objectively.

      As a profiler, getting help can only benefit you; there is NO DOWN SIDE in this, and I highly encourage you to do so. I wish you well to that end, in the hope that it may lead you to pursue inner peace. ***

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