When the Migrant Ships Come to Salerno

Thousands have African migrants have arrived in Italy in recent weeks, most of them “rescued” and ferried there by NGO boats. Below is a news video of the arrival of one such boat at the port of Salerno.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk and Giusy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Also on Friday the 18th disembarkation of migrants at the port of Salerno.
00:07   Of the nationalities represented, mostly Nigerians.
00:11   Two hundred forty-one persons women, men and children.
00:15   Like the other disembarkations, so many immigrants coming from nations not at war,
00:18   such as Pakistan, Bangladesh or Morocco, which makes it necessary to verify their refugee status.
00:23   Among the news, aside from the arrival of an NGO ship, the Aquarius
00:28   of SOS Mediterranee, Doctors Without Borders,
00:31   also the new system for the first welcome reception.
00:34   Compared to the past, in fact, the major part of the operation was transferred to
00:38   (street name) in the industrial zone of Salerno, in NOAP,
00:42   the Red Cross, the communal civil production, therefore avoiding
00:46   long waits at the commercial wharf of the port of Salerno.
00:58   118 are women, 21 of whom are pregnant;
01:02   886 men, amounting to a little over 1,000 persons. Of these 214 minors
01:07   almost all, 193, are unaccompanied.
01:10   The distribution is already settled. 600 will remain in Campania, 150 will go to Lombardy,
01:15   100 to Emilio-Romagna, 50 to Piemonte, Toscana and Puglia.
01:20   Also on alert are the health services in Salerno University Hospital, Company Ruggi.
01:24   At the moment Salerno
01:28   is overcoming a shortfall, a scarcity that unfortunately
01:32   other cities cannot guarantee
01:36   providing support, for contingent reasons. And therefore we have
01:40   a further challenge for the forces to provide all the relevant solutions.
01:43   We are calling Vocanzi, our director of the radiology department,
01:47   to verify whether everything is ready from his point of view,
01:51   because there has obviously been an emergency, also to
01:55   guarantee that the necessary number of personnel
01:59   are ready for provide support activities for
02:03   health, x-rays, also for this large
02:08   number of immigrants that are arriving today in Salerno.
02:11   It is obvious that the community, everyone, opposes
02:15   the problem because, effectively there is
02:19   a notable need from the point of view of the situation,
02:23   from the social point of view, from the organizational point of view, for reception.
02:28   Therefore, it is a problem. If it lasts, it will be greater in the future.

23 thoughts on “When the Migrant Ships Come to Salerno

    • 100 % correct, in these small European countries there will be no place safe for the local citizenry, especially due to the fact that one cannot defend themselves from the migrant horde.Those brave souls who raise objection or question the situation are quickly branded ‘racist’, bigots or oppressed by their very own government.

    • You say we are approaching the tipping point, but what will the Italian young man fight for? Italy? Italy is dead! The country is full of foreigners and the only way to remove them is the sword, is there the will to do that? No! The Italians have acquiesced to rule from Brussels. That country famous only for his chocolate, if they were patriots, this would be unthinkable. Religion? Catholicism is dead, not even the Pope believes in it’s creed anymore. A strong, dominant man to unite behind? There is no such man in Italy! The government is full of useless bureaucrats who only care for form filling and collecting taxes.

      90%+ of Italians would become Muslims if the alternative was a bloody and difficult war. There is no will or desire to fight. The Italians aren’t even any good at making more Italians anymore!

      • Well whatever happens from here on in is really anyone’s guess. People in those countries that are now being over run still have their properties let alone family to consider.

        Whether one may believe that this country or that country is dead matters not in the slightest when it comes time to defend yourself, your family and your property.

  1. How to say “Gutmenschen” in Italian? Slow but certain cultural suicide. Unbelievable but true. The film wasn’t faked.


  2. Oh goodie, yet more of the future doctors, lawyers and aeronautical engineers that Luigi and Maria need to help pay their pensions! They’re not here to suck on the public teat, and won’t be a drain on our governments one bit.

    Keep ‘em coming, Nigeria, Eritrea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, et al!
    They’re all fleeing the brutal Syrian civil war in whatever country they left from.
    Valuable future European citizens, one and all.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. How many ships are in the waiting queue, how will Salerno cope with more ships, more migrants.
    When will Italy and western Europe wake up? Probably never.
    National suicide, one country at a time.

  4. Madness! All civic responsibility gone! Politicians and NGO’s should be treated as the criminal conspirators they are. Words fail me. UK is £4,000.000,000,(trillion-revised US short scale) in debt thanks to this social engineering catastrophe.

    How is this “Christian”? This is population replacement and our deaths.We cannot feed our existing populations. already feeding from soup kitchens. 50% unemployment in Greece and the same in Italy and Spain.

    Each one of these “refugees” costs around £1,000,000 for upkeep (ONS stats). Hardly any are literate enough for work. Yet we are expected to pay. With what? We are bankrupt. Yet such is the fear of being called “Racists”.

    This is genocide in plain view. These people have not paid a penny into the system, yet expect full rights and welfare- free house, free car and endless largess from the “white racists”. Why are we “guilty”? Why do we have to keep doing this? For God’s sake end this now! This is criminal.

    Sweet Jesu, have mercy upon us! This is pure evil.

  5. I sincerly hope that these people have not lost their …………. smartphone!

  6. Can someone please tell me how these people from Africa are being funded? If they’re so darned poor, where are they getting the thousands of Euros for the journey, not to mention the smartphone? Selling a couple of animals? Working overtime in the village store? I don’t think so.

  7. Its all been planned many years ago,

    The Eurabia project!

    Theres no regugees, its a pre text, a euphemism, to hide the truth,

    The european union MUST NOW be destroyed by any means, and all persons
    Who involved in this genocide, [intemperate recommendations redacted].

    including cops, journalists, news readers, all and any politicians who advocated our cultural and national destruction, all [intemperate recommendations redacted].

    Theres no otherway now.

    Stop paying taxes, stop using banks, start fighting bank, organise like french resistance, guerilla tactics.

    Stop co operating with councils and start breaking the law!

    Organise, we have to get at these traitors, how can they get away with this crime against humanity????

    We need [intemperate recommendations redacted] now.

    Where do the traitors sleep at night???

  8. Note that Merkel will be elected again. Macron will also have a significant majority in the legislature. Things are going to get much worse.

    • If those who chose to not vote had done so, even for a drover’s dog, then the results may have been different. Macron won on less than 50% of the vote.

      Hardly a ringing endorsement on the vote of apathy.

      • The stupid French voted for more of the same, as did the Dutch, as will the Germans.
        Gutless moslem-huggers.

  9. Does anyone believe these human deliveries are the fruition of ‘rescues”, the same recue, over and over?

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