This Smacks of a Double Standard

If you’re German father, and a culture-enricher sexually harasses or molests your daughter, you can’t shoot him. You can’t hit him upside the head with a board. You can’t kick him. And you can’t smack him. If you do, you may expect the full legal force of the Modern Multicultural State to come down hard on you.

About all you can do is say: “Good day, sir. My daughter welcomes refugees. You may have your way with her — please avail yourself of her services. Would you like her little sister, too?”

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Freie Zeiten:

Father smacks Afghan for harassing his 16-year-old daughter, and now the police are investigating HIM

Police are investigating against a 44-year-old family father because he smacked an Afghan who was sexually harassing his 16-year-old daughter.

The two Afghan asylum seekers, 18 and 31 years old, had been harassing the two girls from Gauting, 16 and 15 years old, for weeks.

On Saturday they ran into the girls again, who this time, were accompanied by their boyfriends, on the pedestrian walk behind the Fristo beverage store in Gauting.

The two asylum seekers were standing on a park bench. The younger of them exposed his genitals and masturbated. The older Afghan cheered him on loudly.

During this exhibitionist act, the older one of the girls happened to be speaking to her 44-year-old father on the phone, and told him what was happening. The man from Gauting got into his car and immediately drove to the scene.

In the meantime, mutual insults and assaults occurred between the 18-year-old Afghan and the 20-year-old boyfriend of the girl from Gauting.

When the father arrived, he asked his daughter what had happened — then he smacked each of the Afghans. While the police were taking down the complaint, the 18-year-old asylum seeker was still loudly threatening the girl’s boyfriend.

The two asylum seekers, the father, and the boyfriend of the girl will be facing criminal charges now. The police issued a restraining order against the two asylum seekers concerning the girls.

19 thoughts on “This Smacks of a Double Standard

  1. I can believe that sooner, rather then later, the Europeans will get angry.

    When I saw the big beautiful ship bringing in 1000 Nigerians to Italy, I couldn’t but think whether George Soros and such bring these guys in as a “sacrifice”, knowing full well they will get killed by the angry Europeans – sooner rather than later.

    I would strongly advise all Nigerians to stay out of Europe. Europe is not gonna be safe for them. And I don’t mean it as a threat – that’s just the way I see Europe’s future.

    • One would hope that someday the europeans find their wits and their gonads, and the continent will cease to be safe for africans, muslims, and globalist elites.

  2. I’d be surprised if the father was a native German, but I would be enheartened if he was!

  3. Yep! And this is how it all starts!

    We cannot defend ourselves, as if u do, these traitor hypocrite pig cops
    Will start terrorising you, investigating you, and some left marxist socialist prosecutor will start sending the thug coos to your home, hounding you, ruining your life, drag you into the corrupt legal system, where some
    PC socialist judge will fine or jail you, and so it goes on and on and on.

    And this is the weapon the traitors are using to hold us all back against these muslims murderers and rapists, a corrupt flawed so called law system.

    I say, [away with] the law, we must all refuse, you must fight back, and fight the pigs as well, we must break this system, disobedience, soon these judges and prosectors who are betraying us all will be hunted down along with the politicians who sold us all out for islam.

    We must all get armed, and ready for d day.

    • I am already locked and loaded. A few months ago at the grocery store, I spied a couple [culture-enrichers] in their garb and gave them a nasty look. They hauled their skinny rear ends out very quickly.

    • I agree, BUT first, you need to tweak EU gun laws. As today handgun are prohibited for civilians for the most part. Guns are allowed for police n security forces and yes for hunting (license required). Definitely not for personal protection nor CC (conceal n carry). You see the US has “right to bear arms”, EU does not as result of WWI and WWII and more. Yes, very low gun crimes in last 60 years but things have changed. Jihad Islam IS at war with EU and yes civilians need to defend themselves.

  4. I think, no wise adult in Europe, is now unaware that there seems to be 2 parallel law streams operating in the EU. Some, it would seem, are more equal than others. They are sending out a very clear message, “Do not defend yourself against a Muslim” Whether that be verbally, in writing or physically.
    Why? Every time it happens, a Muslim feels elevated and a Dhimmi feels downcast, maybe frustrated, but certainly put in their place.

    What is the endgame?

    • The elite are effectively preparing their dhimmi citizens for the day they will begin openly enforcing the Pact of Umar and full sharia.

    • “What is the end?” You ask? I think you know or have heard it directly from the horse’s mouth (or the rear end) imans or MO himself:

    • Come now, children. The “end game”, as you call it, is nothing other than the final round of Marx’s World Revolution. Islam is the club the Communists are using to beat you into submission. Once you get tired of your wives and daughters being raped and your sons beaten and stabbed out of existence you will cry out with a loud voice “Make it stop” and they will make it stop. From that day forward you will live as slaves and livestock on the great Marxist utopian plantation.

      The Communists are doing the same thing to every Westernized nation on earth at nearly the same moment in time. Look around, the Communists are very busy these days. And you poor [people] have been disarmed. How will you defend yourselves against this onslaught?

      Soon, very soon, the full fury of Islam will be unleashed upon Europeans and their descendants spread across the globe. When the arms caches are in place Soros will give the word and all hell will break loose. As a primer on what we face take a look at the TET Offensive in Vietnam. They will hit us all at the same time.

      We here in the USA have our weapons but we will also face more than just Islam in the fight. The drug cartels from the South, a radicalized black population, street gangs under control of the cartels and many South American Communists infiltrated into our country over the past twenty years. We’re going to be very busy ourselves.

      You can thank traitorous rats like Barbara Spectre and the other ilk like her for our invasion by Islam. Yes indeed brothers and sisters, our downfall is being orchestrated by our enemies within. From the horse’s mouth-

      If any of you still believe in God and pray, now would be a good time to do so.

  5. I understand that if a European defends himself or his family against an immigrant, he will go to prison. Perhaps the job of defending the family should be handled by people who have less fear of a prison term. For example, if the girl’s 85-year old grandfather had shot the immigrant, he might consider it worthwhile to spend his last few years of life in jail. If the girl had a relative diagnosed with an incurable disease and given only a year to live, that person could shoot the immigrant. These people could also acquire the guns that are difficult to get legally, and hide them where other family members can get them in case of an emergency. They could also post things on the internet that would get them in trouble.

    Perhaps residents of Sicily would be willing to pay the mafia a little extra protection money in order to prevent refugees from living in their towns. Mafia people have already committed crimes that would put them in prison if caught, so a few more crimes may not make any difference.

  6. The father should have just killed both of the harassers. Then stood proudly for defending the girls in the face of state sponsored harassment. May both the harassers meet a gruesome death soon.

  7. Sometimes I think a lot of the official actions can be explained as the effort of the authorities to keep themselves from having problems. For example, if the refugees had been cited, they would have had to to be tried in a court. They would claim to not understand German, so translators would have to be provided. If convicted, they would join the gangs of Muslim Afghans already in prison. Their families, tribes, or fellow villagers would be gunning for the police involved. So, all in all, it’s much more convenient for the police to cite the Germans in any conflict.

    The same logic applies to any deportations. Chances are, the country of origin would not accept repatriation…assuming the country of origin is known. Many or most of the refugees have phony identification. Plus, any matter involving immigrants will get reviewed by a European Court of Human Rights. So, any actions taken against refugees will involve the police in difficult situations without solution, that are dangerous to their careers.

  8. Fathers who oppose their kids from getting disgusting ” sex education ” ( which includes watching porn flicks ) are thrown in jail in Germany !!!

    This is a highly demoniac standard , getting worse by the day , and it’s gonna kill all the little bit of good left out there !!!

  9. This is caused by the hostile elites in our governments. Merkel and the criminals around her are DELIBERATELY forcing this mass invasion while enforcing their perverse laws against those of us who resist. Their objective? Irreversible destruction of German ethnicity. The hordes of low IQ Arab and Black African males are a biological WEAPON, and their numbers are limitless! Our enemy is not only in side our gates, our enemy RULES us and they HATE us. They want us gone, dead, because they understand that if we were to wake up to their plan and organise a revolt there would be blood and they would be [dispatched with great alacrity] in all Europe!

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