The Red Star Flies Again Over Ljubljana

It seems that Communism is the Ideology That Will Not Die.

Our Slovenian correspondent Andrej Turjaški sent the following note today about a recent event in Ljubljana. Despite the bitter lessons of experience, some people in Slovenia are still enamored of the Red Star and all it represents:

Yesterday the Slovenian followers of the Red Star gathered in our capital to celebrate the symbol of the Red Star. They showed who has the power in Slovenia. 26 years into independence, but there were still Yugoslavian and Slovenian flags with a Red Star on display. Sad, very sad for those of us who know what kind of atrocities were committed under the Red Star.

For more info and photos, click the link [in Slovenian].

Best regards to you,
Andrej Turjaški

8 thoughts on “The Red Star Flies Again Over Ljubljana

  1. Communism is still seductive to many folks who have not had honest and truthful education….mostly owing to pervasive progressivism in the schools. Sad. How many trials does socialism deserve?…until someone gets it right?

    • Eh… the problem is, when commies fell in Eastern Europe, the worst kind of predatory capitalism moved in. Everything got plundered and “tunneled out.” So there is no wonder people get nostalgic for the simpler days when everybody had work, the villages were still functioning, and despite the oppression, life made more sense.

      Make no mistake — if we want to win this fight, we gotta look at the toxic stuff on our side too.

      • Capitalism? Since when capitalism means you rig law or tenders? My native Poland has its “transition plan” delivered by a group of economists from IMF headed by our much beloved Mr Soros. Go figure … I believe it was very smiliar in other EE countries [and I know that it was so in Russia during Yeltin’s presidency; Putin stopped the robbery but he’s no better himself – a thug, but at least local]

  2. It is foolish to even think that Communism died when the wall came down in Berlin. Sadly the world Communist movement is alive and well working hard to bring hard core Socialism to many countries. After all it has been said that “Socialism is Communism’s waiting room”. To this day there are fools who believe that a Socialist government can give you everything. However these dupes fail to realize that the same government can just as easily take it all away.

  3. Communism is still highly seductive in Western academia, where announcing oneself as a communist remains socially acceptable.

    I see no reason why it should be any more socially acceptable than announcing oneself to be a Nazi.

  4. It is the East European countries, those who were the most under the boot of the USSR empire and communism, which are the most resistant to the soft totalitarianism of the EU and its rush to abolish native populations through immigration. Under communism, life was hard and you had to be smart and tough to survive.

  5. It seems that Communism is the Ideology That Will Not Die.

    If ever there was a “zombie” ideology, it is Communism. As we have seen of late, rudely attempting to elbow it out of the winner’s circle is the death cult of Islam.

    What they have in common is that both are Cults of Personality. Be it Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il-sung, Castro or Che, all of them have oceans of blood on their hands. While it might seem to be a given, it is still worth noting that Communism and Islam are almost physically conjoined in their mutual dedication to causing human suffering on a scale that is unprecedented in all of human history. It is as if humanity’s mangled flesh and bones represent an irreplaceable ingredient without which either ideology has no hope of worldly success.

    One of the post-Cold War era’s greatest blunders was not arresting and then convening a trial of all Soviet Communist leadership which charged, convicted, and executed them for their collective (all puns intended) Crimes Against Humanity. Would that Red China’s Mandarins could have joined them in the dock as well. One can only hope that (however unlikely) their time will come in the not-too-distant-future.

    A final and rather striking similarity with Communism is how the fight against Islamic jihad would benefit immensely from scraping away its top tiers of political, clerical, financial, and scholastic elite. While drone strikes have contributed a valuable narrowing of targets, and concomitant reduction in collateral civilian casualties, a much broader application of such “sanctions with extreme prejudice” would jam a major stick in the spokes of Islam’s donkey cart.

    The only alternative is simply carpet bombing all ISIS strongholds (civilian casualties notwithstanding). The current whack-a-mole policy being employed will never see any end to Muslim delusions of a revived (zombie) caliphate.

  6. My ex-wife was from Belgrade. She didn’t want to know about Stalin’s mass murders, and refused to believe the evidence that Tito “disappeared” his opponents.

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