The Faces of Antifa That YouTube Doesn’t Want You to See

Note: This post was originally published on June 6, and was a “sticky” feature for a couple of days. Scroll down for more recent items.

Marching to Utopia
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Over the weekend we covered the demonstration at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, where opponents of the M-103 anti-blasphemy motion gathered to protest the encroachment of sharia in Canada and declare their support for free speech. Predictably, the “anti-fascists” came out in even greater numbers to confront the peaceful protestors, and there were at least two significant incidents of violence.

One of them, as I mentioned earlier today, was an attack on the journalist Kevin J. Johnston, who nearly lost the top of his ear to an antifa knife. His cameraman was beaten and seriously injured.

As I mentioned in one of the earlier posts, a reader who was at Parliament Hill on Saturday sent us some photos. Later that night she sent an additional tranche of high-resolution pictures she took that day. Vlad Tepes composited them into a video that showed close-ups of the faces of some of the antifas.

A few hours later YouTube took that video down, saying that it “violated community guidelines”. If I understand it correctly, the nature of the violation was that the footage constituted harassment of the people in the photos, or perhaps stalking or something like that.

Designating those images as “harassment” makes no sense. I’ll explain why.

If you watched Mr. Johnston’s video, you will have seen him show a photo of a young male antifa who was harassing passersby that day. The journalist followed him to a nest of antifas, who then proceeded to beat up the two “fascists”. Mr. Johnston is now appealing to his audience to help him identify the young pamphleteer, because the latter is directly connected with the group that sent the two men to the hospital.

As it happens, the pamphleteer Mr. Johnston encountered is in the batch of photos that was sent to us, and was in the video that was taken down. The young man appears in company with various other antifas in these photos. This means there is at least one person in these images who conspired with people who committed an act of felonious violence against the persons of Kevin J. Johnston and his cameraman.

In other words, posting these photos is no more “harassment” than when a newspaper publishes a CCTV still of a suspected bank robber with the caption: “If you think you have seen this man, please contact the police.”

As a public service, we are doing the same thing here at Gates of Vienna. I have chosen a representative selection of photos of antifa people from Saturday’s event who associated with one another and with the pamphleteer. Please study them. If you think you can identify any of them, I urge you to contact the Ottawa Police or the RCMP. Even if they were not among the conspirators, they almost certainly witnessed what happened that day.

These are fairly high-resolution images, and may load slowly, so I’ve only placed four of them above the jump. If you live in Ottawa or were on Parliament Hill last Saturday, please click through and take a look at the rest.

If the above doesn’t apply to you, please spread these images to other people who might have been there. The only way these photos can be taken down is if we come under DDOS attack, which is not beyond the realm of possibility. For that reason, making copies of the photos and posting them elsewhere would be prudent.

The Pamphleteer
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Group Shot #05
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Greylocks #1
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Greylocks #2
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Group Shot #13
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Spikey #1
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Spikey #2
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Group Shot #06
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Group Shot #12
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Photography Enthusiast #1
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Photography Enthusiast #2
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Photography Enthusiast #3
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Green Hat #1
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Green Hat #2
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Big Mouth
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Group Shot #01
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Group Shot #02
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Red #1
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Red #2
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Group Shot #08
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Group Shot #07
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Group Shot #03
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Red Bandana #1
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Red Bandana #2
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Group Shot #04
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Stripey #1
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Stripey #2
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Group Shot #09
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Group Shot #10
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Group Shot #11
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Group Shot #14
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  1. Look like a bunch of Jugalos without the clown makeup, sporting Hemingway’s “uniformity of eccentricity.”

  2. This somewhat reinforces my belief, that most people with ugly ideas also look ugly.


    The “Antifa” groupings are not anti-fascist at all, in fact they show all the characteristics of fascism, with the addition of stalinism

    They were screaming at white women on the street. This lamentable situation in Canada centred on two young men, and Johnston followed them to an Antifa group. There they were very seriously assalted with feet and flag poles. The police had arrested four of the assailants and this particular guy appeared again as another protest against the arrests got underway (if I follow Johnston correctly)
    Main report by Kevin T. Johnston and the now seriously injured Michael McCormick (his cameraman)
    (Kevin J. Johnston attacked By ANTIFA IN Downtown Ottawa)
    During the trip to the hospital the cameraman was unable to feel his feet. The cameraman McCormack was already a disabled man.
    Johnston is asking here to identify one particular Antifa…these two antifa were screaming at white women,
    (ANTIFA Member: PLEASE IDENTIFY HIM Ottawa Attack on Kevin J Johnston and Michael McCormick)
    A man speaks about the Intifa attack on a bus of people coming to a protest against the attack on free speech law which is being enacted by the Canadian Government. Towards the end he outlines how an elderly lady on the bus was effected. These thugs spray painted the bus and masked thugs entered the bus.
    (ANTIFA hijacks bus to Ottawa, vandalizes and terrorizes passengers: June 3 2017
    Vlad Tepesblog)

    I am a Marxist and I have obvious differences with some of the political things that kevin Johnston says in the video but that is part of the political discussion. What this group Antifa are out to do is to end the political discussion as they act lie the thugs they are. I defend Kevin T. Johnston and his camaraman Michael McCormick unconditionally.

    These reports from Canada have prompted me to do some reporting on the Antifa organization in Ireland where on February 6, 2016 very similar incidents took place in Dublin.

    In his reporting Kevin T. Johnston does not give any elucidation as to what Antifa IS – politically speaking. This comes from a weakness in his analysis which I observed when he referred to China as being “communist”. In fact Johnston is creating confusion and indeed is the opposite of education because the Chinese under Mao were always “Stalinist” and not “Communist”. They used Marxist words but in essence were a serious revisionism of what Marx stood and fought for. In the case of Marx and Engels by “fight” I mean politically and theoretically – the hardest and main fight.

    I therefore complement Kevin T. Johnston in his reports but will seek to augment and not just repeat because what is at stake is the education of a whole new generation. I hope to form a unity to protect free speech against what is a stalinist/fascist type force in Intifa. How much it is one, how much the other, can only come from a closer examination of this `phenomenon. The roots of this may go back very far indeed and perhaps even to the massive differences that emerged between Marx and Engels against the anarchist Bakunin which resulted in marx winding up his international group at the time.

    I conclude with reference to two videos.

    This video shows a few Irish working class women who see themselves as freedom fighters against Islam and Sharia. They are indeed socialist in outlook whereas the Antifas are Stalinist/Fascist. This short video probably gets as close to the truth as any.
    (Pegida Ireland from April 20 2015)

    This video is total proof of the Stalinist/Fascist nature and political roots of Antifa. Kevin T. Johmston and Michael McCormick should see this video shot in Dublin on Feb 6 2016 because the climate of intimidation in central Dublin (GPO historical fame) and fear creation by Antifa is very similar to what they experienced in Canada
    (PEGIDA Get Chased Out Of Dublin)

    • You don`t have any idea what Pegida really is.
      In Dublin it may be just a bunch of Hooligans or Skinheads who choose a trendy new name for themselves.
      But in Germany Pegida overall are ordinary citizens of any age and social background.
      Even someone like Akif Pirinçci took part in their protest.

      • As a God fearing infidel I have been observing the build up of Muslim forces all over Ireland. It’s amazing. Islam just can’t stop winning in this roll over House of War.

    • They’re exactly what the communists were and still are. The fact that communists didn’t follow the true concept of communism notwithstanding, what history calls communists is how these antifa behave.

  4. Sharing would be counter-productive in any of the local Peoples’ Republics, but I’ll keep my eyes open. I’m big on situational awareness. Thanks, again. [I’m already on various ‘lists,’ and earned it.]

  5. The three men you are describing as Photography Enthusiasts are all one man, Kevin Metcalf of the so-called Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, who ran to the cops (and CBC) after getting chest-bumped.

  6. I notice in group shop 9, the person on the far left … so to speak … is wearing a green “army” cap with a red star on it. No shame at all.

    Have these people never even read a history book?

    • Yes, and there are multiple hammer-and-sickle flags. These people are hard-core commies.

      • Well, Baron, the hard lesson learned from reading (and mostly lurking) here is what AntiFa really is. The European roots of AntiFa are from the old (and still around) Red Army Faction which I had run into as a US soldier in the ’70’s in Germany. Their modern collection of useful idiots are AntiFa. They have just been transplanted and tarted-up for American ‘tastes’ as International Answer, IWW (Industrial Workers of the World – Wobblies), any self declared “Marxist” and the alphabet soup of Transnational Progressive groups. They are still hard-core Marxist and Communist tools.

        Any who says ‘I am a Marxist’ is just a useful idiot for the real totalitarians.

        BTW, I will close and tell a small part of my personal history. Dear Old Daddy, birthed in Alameda, Ca., educated at Berkeley and a lifelong member of CPUSA educated me to what and who these folks are. He organized for the old Wobblies in the central valley of Ca in the ’30’s until Cesar Chavez kicked his gringo [tushies] out. He also taught at The New School in NY in later years. And yes, they will help us to the boxcars if necessary.

        There is only one way to deal with AntiFa.

        • The Antifas as organised groups came out of Vienna in 1945 and were the local shock troopers of the KGB as they tried to undermine the return of democracy to Europe.

          They were funded, trained, and directed initially by Soviet military intelligence, the GRU, and then their handling was taken over by the KGB.

          The Red Army Faction, Red October, Red Brigade, etc., ad nauseum were offshoots of Antifa, not the other way around.

    • The only part of history they understand, is the part where, if their revolution succeeds, they get to be;

      The Boss.

      Beware, the Death Worshipers come… they are being indoctrinated in what we used to call; Universities… there can only be one response by rational men;
      Send them to hell…

      • You are exactly correct. They are not taught to think and reason but are indoctrinated with half-baked ideas and have NO understanding of history or philosophy or religion (apart from supporting the moronic Muslims).

        Like Mao’s cultural murderers and the Islamists., they are trained to be barbarians. Unless universities which teach this crap are defunded, or unless the public takes matters into our own hands and start seriously attacking these idiots, we’ll be defeated by them.

  7. I’ve got an Idea what might help against the Antifa:

    Here in Germany, the so-called Merkeljugend meh Antifa is indirectly state-sponsored.
    Some sources ( in German):
    – Payment 25€/hour (about 30$):!5020381/
    – City of Munich and state intelligence of Bavaria are supporting antifa association with Money. The Association pays legal fines and lawyers for unrepentent Antifa perpetrators:

    If any investigative Journalist finds out if and who finances These rioteers: Is there a better probability than 0,0 % as here in Germany, that These perpetrators can be jailed or the possible Support with Money from donors (Sanctuary Cities? NGOs from G Soros?) can be traced and cause a public scandal?

    With Antifa attacking Pro-Trump-Rallies, You might be able to get the Attention and Support of Your Chief Magistrate / the POTUS.

  8. Baron,

    Photography Enthusiast #2 & #3 are the same person. You may wish to revise.

    Aside from that, good on ya for using your soapbox to go after these gangsters. These thugs are reminiscent of nothing so much as Hitler’s brown shirts. Does this mean I’ve invoked Godwin’s law? Ask me if I give a rip. The Orwellian aspect of supposed “Anti-Fascists” acting like some of the worst Fascist hoodlums in the past half century gives this entire charade a true through-the-looking-glass sort of flavor.

    • I know they’re the same! The numbers are simply the sequential identifiers for photos of the same person. Ditto for Spikey and Stripey and the rest. What a lovely bunch of comrades!

      • P.S. This was the Baron using Dymphna’s computer in the wee, wee, wee all the way home hours of Thursday June 8.

  9. R. Daneel

    You write:

    “They are still hard-core Marxist and Communist tools.”

    “They” is referring to “antifa”.

    Well you had need to define your terms. What is Marxist and Marxism, what is Communist and Communism?

    If you are so sure of the claim you make above then you must have a very clear idea of what these things are? Over to you…

  10. With the exception of the fat girl with blue hair, they all appear to be infected with AIDS or maybe even the HIV

  11. Baron

    quote…”Yes, and there are multiple hammer-and-sickle flags. These people are hard-core commies.”

    Is that supposed to advance our understanding of who these people are politically?

    It does not advance it one inch. These types always like to put on a radical front. What they wear may mean a lot or very little.

    But by using the very word “commie” you put yourself into a bracket of being a communist hater in the same sense as was say Joe McCarthy and this has got a definite history in America. You may oppose McCarthyism but there is sadly this tinge to your use of that hateful word.

    Rather than throw such a term about it would be better to make a better analysis of these people.

    I believe that the antisemitic issue is being omitted on this thread on this site. In Europe there is a close connection to “Palestinianism” and if that is true then this starts from the very tops of the bourgeois states themselves.

    If that is so then these “leftists” as the term is used are not doing anything other than reflecting the dominant ruling class ideology, or more specifically the ideology of the EU, of the British elites etcetera.

    • You’re right. I should have been more careful in my phrasing:

      “They are members of a radical crowd of people who don’t mind being associated with the likes of mass-murderering despots such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Pol Pot.”

      My shorthand for the above is “hard-core commies”.

  12. I am a Marxist and a Trotskyist and I am quite alone in this respect in relation to the London Bridge murders.
    I am referring to the Dublin antifa violent demonstration against Pegida in February 2016.
    The reports that I have read show that one of the killers was living in Ireland, in Dublin, for FOUR years and that they were there until March 2016.
    My weighty question more important than most at first glance realise is: Was the killer and knifer Rachid Redouane and was his wife at that demo against Pegida on Feb 6 2016 in Dublin which also used extreme violence against Pegida (I am not in political agreement with Pegida but I defend their right to free speech and am in opposition to those Stalinists/Fascists of that notorious Dublin Feb 6 2016 hate-filled actions)
    There are huge lessons in this and in what happened on that fateful day in Dublin Feb 6 2016

    • When you understand what a horrible idea centralized government control is in any society, I find it hard to understand anyone who self identifies as a Marxist. The biggest mass murderers in history all were Communists/Socialists (I’ll include Hitler in that group as well). Everyone of those societies failed eventually. There is no utopia or utopian society that is possible on earth. Start there, reject your previous identity, and go for what works for the greatest number of people who actually attempt to support themselves in some meaningful manner. It’s called Capitalism, it does work for those that want to work at it. As for all the rest, I’m sure that a lot of them would fail in whatever society you put them in. They are obviously angry about their own miserable existence, but a lot of it is self inflicted, or they have “daddy didn’t love me” issues.

  13. If antifas want to demonstrate, they have to unmask themselves. If they’re so sure they’re right about everything, why do they hide?

  14. The biggest myth of all time “The Pen is mightier than sword”

    Revolutions only happen through war and bloodshed, not peaceful democracy.

    • The “Pen” (or more generally, the media) can provoke or incite people to take to the sword, or its equivalents. Look at Hitler, or indeed the Qu’ran.

  15. My characterisation of the witch hunt against Trump by Comey:

    This is because the Russian issue is pure McCarthyism
    Defend Trump because defending Trump is the first step to stop FASCISTS

    Is this McCarthyism?

  16. One out of a hundred members of these groups could sit down and write a paper describing the theoretical doctrines of their beliefs and how antifas are different from fascists and Stalinists and transnational progressives, blah blah. And each theoretician would write a different diagnosis. The others would write illogical gibberish.

    But they do seem to have common denominators: They are all angry. They all want to change their autochthonous cultures so that they become winners. They are all mad at themselves for having failed themselves or someone else.

    So the most accurate words to describe them are just those words the public uses in disgust: angry losers.

  17. Playing on a comment on another thread here.
    Antifa is the BORG!

  18. What I see of Antifa has never envolved preaching, teaching or advocating a better way of any sort. It only envolves attacking and doing physical injury to others who are. Their only known objective is doing as much injury to others as possible and remaining unidentifiable or responsible for having done so. That’s it. That is their idealism. That is all that they have to offer.



    October 7, 2009

    Dead Labor

    Marx and Lenin Reconsidered


    “Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.”

    –Karl Marx

    If Karl Marx and V. I. Lenin were alive today, they would be leading contenders for the Nobel Prize in economics.

    Marx predicted the growing misery of working people, and Lenin foresaw the subordination of the production of goods to financial capital’s accumulation of profits based on the purchase and sale of paper instruments. Their predictions are far superior to the “risk models” for which the Nobel Prize has been given and are closer to the money than the predictions of Federal Reserve chairmen, US Treasury secretaries, and Nobel economists, such as Paul Krugman, who believe that more credit and more debt are the solution to the economic crisis.



    This process by which financial capital destroyed the job prospects of Americans was covered up by “free market” economists, who received grants from offshoring firms in exchange for propaganda that Americans would benefit from a “New Economy” based on financial services, and by shills in the education business, who justified work visas for foreigners on the basis of the lie that America produces a shortage of engineers and scientists.

    In Marx’s day, religion was the opiate of the masses. Today the media is. Let’s look at media reporting that facilitates the financial oligarchy’s ability to delude the people.

  21. They look in a bunch of middle class students lead by “Grey locks” their Liberal Arts professor. These pampered idiots, drunk on the tales of Revolutionary glory, only become bold when they hide behind a scarf in a mob chaos situation.
    I suggest you print out the photos on paper with caption “Antifa’s Cowardly Criminals” and stick them on lampposts and walls around Ottawa. What they fear is being exposed and Mummy and Daddy finding out and cutting off their allowance.

  22. Is it just my perception, or does it appear from photos that Antifa groups are largely made up of ugly women and Beta- males? No wonder they’re angry and frustrated!
    Just sayin’ …

  23. There have been so many attacks made on this thread of Gates of Vienna against Marxism, against Communism that it has taken me aback.

    I did think that this was a website devoted to the fight against Islam, its Jihad and Sharia.

    So why then this hatred for communists? This raises the question does being opposed to Islam mean that you have to be opposed to communism?

    Note I said communism. That is another word in a general sense for Marxism. And in another general sense for Leninism or Trotskyism. But not Stalinism. make the distinction.

    So if you are a Trotskyist, if you agree with the teachings and writings of Trotsky, and that leads you to be an opponent of Islam, are you going to meet the hostility of the people on sites such as Gates of Vienna.

    From the various comments on this thread you have to reach that conclusion.

    But what I raised still stands. It was my reason for writing here. The attacks on Johnston and McCormick (his disabled cameraman) by Intifas in Canada were cowardly and fascist in nature, and they closely resembled similar attacks that I knew about on Feb 6, 2016 in the main street of Dublin, O’Connell Street, where some basically libertarians in my view, wanted to set up the Pegida Movement in Ireland.

    I was and am on the side of the latter. I was and am opposed to the antifas.

    In this regard I was offering, and will continue to offer, as a Communist and Trotskyist, my solidarity with these two molested guys in Canada, and also with whoever was setting up the Pegida branch in Ireland on that fateful day of Feb 6 2016.
    It is very important in my opinion that I do it like this. I raise the banner of Trotskyism in this way and this certainly does raise in a concrete way the issue and big question…who really politically speaking are these intifas? In any case and in the meantime, whether Gates of Vienna and its comenters like it or not, I will be continuing to defend the rights of those folks who tried to set up the Pegida branch in Dublin onthat day in 2016, and I will seek to defend at every opportunity Mr Johnston and his disabled cameraman Mr McCormick molested by Michael Moore types in Canada. No Moore would not be there as he cannot run but he provides some of the ideological poison.

    • Felix,

      The distinction between Leninism and Stalinism is not one of degree, but of duration — Lenin died, and Stalin was able to extend and refine Lenin’s methods for decades afterward. They did not differ on strategy and tactics.

      Lenin created the model for Soviet mass murder in the early days of the USSR. There is a record, in Lenin’s own hand, of an order for the liquidation of “class enemies”. I can’t remember how many were to be shot, but the number was at least in the thousands. This information was contained in a biography of Lenin written by a Marxist who at least sympathized with the Soviet regime. And all of it was sourced, with footnotes, bibliography, etc.

      I’m not as familiar with Trotsky, but given the fact that he was Lenin’s right-hand man, he could not possibly have been unaware of such actions.

      The unfortunate historical fact is that whenever any political ideology that describes itself as “communist” has gained political power, anywhere in the world, it has rapidly turned into a repressive police state employing extra-judicial mass murder as a tool of state policy. There are NO exceptions.

      If what I say is an “attack” on communism, then so be it. It is nothing more than simple, well-documented historical truth.

  24. Baron the bottom line here is these crowd are dangerous. They were very dangerous in that Feb 6 2016 Pegida event in central Dublin, and were very dangerous to Mr Johnston and Mr McCormick in Canada. I do not know enough about them except in Ireland they are a mixture of things, some anarchism, some republicanism deformed, much antisemitism of the Palestinianism variety.

    All need to be careful and that includes myself

  25. Felix Quigley. Sat Cong. See I’m multicultural. See you on the road to your utopia.

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