Straight Out of Left Field — To Hijack a Bus in Kingston

I posted earlier today about a bus carrying free speech protesters that was attacked and vandalized by Antifa “activists” as part of what was probably an attempted hijacking. At the time — the morning of Saturday June 3 — the bus was in Kingston, Ontario, and was bound for Ottawa to deliver passengers to the pro-free speech demo on Parliament Hill.

I posted screen caps of the young woman who was obviously an antifa plant among the passengers on the bus. She has now been tentatively identified as Sabrina Bowman (second from the left in the photo at the top of this post). If you check out her photos on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., you’ll see that she does look an awful lot like the woman in the bus video.

Her C.V. also fits the standard profile for an antifa affiliate. She represents a group called, whose members bill themselves as “political, grassroots, and labour organizers”.

Their national headquarters seems to be in British Columbia, where the local franchise is known as Organize BC. These people are not shy about their political position — their motto is “Straight Out of Left Field”:

This is one of their exciting educational events:

Make what you will of all this. But I think the RCMP should be having a chat with some of these folks, especially Sabrina Bowman. And also those estimable comrades at the national headquarters in Vancouver.

If these people aren’t made to sweat a little under the bright lights, we’ll know that something must be seriously amiss with Canadian law enforcement.

11 thoughts on “Straight Out of Left Field — To Hijack a Bus in Kingston

  1. I wonder how these people would react having done to them what they plan to do to others – I think most of us would know the answer to that one.

    There is an apparent lack of empathy for others that figures prominently in aloof to reality people like these.

  2. The interesting thing is the make up of the audience; it’s quite varied and they look like normal people.

    But the sinister implication is that the organisers are well prepared and they must have been trained by others. That suggests a much larger body is providing money and expertise. Does Mr Soros figure at all in this violence and agitprop?

  3. The Lower Mainland of British Columbia (Greater Vancouver and most of Vancouver Island) is very much like Southern California , If the woman is from there then don’t expect any police there -RCMP or city – to do much of anything. The mayor of Vancouver is such an idiot that he makes the stupidest mayors of left-leaning cities in the US look like geniuses . He likely endorses the group this woman belongs to ! Him and his civic party is one of the most corrupt in the country. A bunch of socialist nimrods.

  4. why did they let the girl leave the bus? They should have learned lessons from their enemies and have used her as a living shield to ward off stones thrown at them.But sorry, they are certainly humanistic and would not do that. Or, should she have disturbed the driver, have her arrested for taking hostages.

  5. As with the Antifas that assaulted Kevin J. Johnston, I commend you for using this space to publicize and highlight the role of these treacherous thugs. Only intense legal scrutiny will serve to peacefully resolve the routine violence caused by these fascist gangsters.

    Any alternatives (should law enforcement not prove up to the task) will be much uglier and far more difficult to defuse.

  6. Baron, something seriously amiss with Canadian law enforcement? If we had any doubts about that one they were dispelled for ever with the High River gun grab; the betrayal of the Canadian people by the national police force.

    • That’s one of the risks of having a national police force — when it is corrupted from the top, the whole country is compromised. It would be better if there were only provincial or local forces.

      Despite eight years of Hussein’s best efforts, we don’t (yet) have a national police force here in the USA. It means there is still a slim possibility that a local jurisdiction’s police force may be independent enough to take its duty seriously and do the job properly.

      The NYPD comes to mind. For years after 9-11 they were doing the best counterterrorism work in the country, including monitoring the mosques — they ignored the PC outrage. I remember one time, after a culture-enriching incident, they held a press conference without prior notice on a Sunday evening, and caught the FBI by surprise. Without the feebs there, the commissioner could tell the story straight.

      When De Blasio took over all that changed, but for a while the New York City police served as an example for the rest of the country.

      • The NYPD comes to mind. For years after 9-11 they were doing the best counterterrorism work in the country, including monitoring the mosques — they ignored the PC outrage.

        Please begin reading the works of Nelson DeMille at your earliest opportunity. Hoots are guaranteed! Promise.

        • hi. I have read all of Demille.I recommend the John Corey novels.A perfectly pol.incorrect detective. In Operation Wildfire, a vilain plans to nuke the entire muslim sphere by taking over the nuclear armed submarines, a whim that one or another reader here might enjoy in, as do I. Of course, no harm would be done to innocent civilians.

      • The RCMP is contracted out by ,and are expected to take direction from the provincial governments in the eight provinces they operate in. Ontario and Quebec actually have their own provincial police services. In the 2013 gun grab in Alberta some of the gun owners blamed Alison Redford’s government as much as the RCMP. During that time Redford was involved in different scandals which weakened her government’s popularity and the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. She resigned as Premier in March of 2014. In the latest Provincial Election the Conservative and the Wildrose Parties “split” the right-of-center vote ,which allowed the socialist NDP to form a government. That’s where Alberta is today.

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