Riots at School Prevent Deportation of Afghan “Boy”

A young Afghan entered Germany illegally when he was 16, claiming he had no papers. Now he is 20, and his case has been adjudicated: he has no grounds for asylum, and must leave the country.

The poor, poor Afghan boy is now enrolled in a trade school. When the police came to school to fetch him, Gutmenschen among his classmates — reinforced by outside agitators — staged a violent sit-in and fought with police.

Below are videos and text about the tragic case of Asef N., the Afghan “refugee”. All materials were translated by Egri Nök, and Vlad Tepes did the subtitling.

The translator includes this note:

I have translated three videos about the school riots. Video #1 is a news report from May 31 in “Brisant” a news magazine by ARD, i.e. German state TV. The narrator’s voice is dripping with irony and smugness, because it shows how the brutal police treat innocent kids who just want to protect their perfectly-integrated classmate from deportation. The last sentence is a threat to the police.

The innocent pupils were so violent that one policemen had his teeth knocked out, and police had to come in with pepper spray and dogs.

The deportation drama is still ongoing.

Video #1: A TV news report on the riot at the school:

Video #2: The Franconia police press conference on June 1:

Video #3: The puir wee Afghan bairn is interviewed, along with students and staff at the school. From ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, state TV), “Heute Journal”, June 2, 2017:

The following commentary on the case is from Roland Tichy’s website:

An illegal migrant makes a death threat at his deportation — so what?

by Hugo Müller-Vogg
June 7, 2017

The arrest of an asylum seeker in a school, attempted violent obstruction — certain media outlets are praising that — and the death threat which the person to be deported made is reduced to a footnote.

In Nürnberg, police tried to arrest a 20-year-old Afghan at his trade school to deport him to his home country. Hour-long riots ensued. Police had to face 300 protesters, who were more than just simply classmates of Asef N., but also “activists” from the radical left. The result: five injured policemen, zero injured protesters, fierce criticism of the “tough operation” of the law enforcement forces — and no deportation custody for the refused asylum seeker.

The case has four aspects: The arrest of an asylum seeker in a school, the attempted violent obstruction, the praise from certain media outlets for the pupils who deem themselves above the law, and — last but not least — reducing the death threat made by the person who would be deported becomes a footnote.

Police actions in a school: Nürnberg was not the first case where the law enforcement officers arrested illegal immigrants. Even when, in most cases, there were no violent riots as in Nürnberg, this approach seems out of place. Of course schools are not extra-territorial grounds, even if some functionaries of the teachers’ union like to give that impression. But the police could enforce statute and law in a less noisy way if they arrested people to be deported rather on their way to school, instead of entering school buildings. It serves no one’s interests when that disturbs and frightens younger, uninvolved pupils.

Resistance against deportations: We are living under the rule of law. And when in doubt, courts decide who can stay and who can’t. Whether someone, due to offenses against our laws, is arrested in his apartment, at his place of work, or in a school, his family, friends and colleagues are free to be indignant about that. But club law [law of the fist, of the jungle] against an alleged injustice contradicts the very basics of the rule of law.

Praise for “Brave Citizens”: It was not the policemen of Nürnberg who broke the law but the classmates of Asef N. and their supporters from the radical left. The more astonishing is the praise from the Süddeutsche Zeitung in the June 3 edition. The commentator praises the young “Brave Citizens” [“Mutbürger”, a pun on so-called “Wutbürger”, “angry citizens”, a derogatory term for people who criticize Merkel, which has come to be tantamount to “Nazis” — translator]. The comment literally says: “Obedience to the law cannot mean that the citizens have to accept every step of the executive immediately and meekly, especially, when it is as insensitive as in Nürnberg, and with such see-through political intent.” In other words: Whoever puts himself above the law where the abuse of asylum is concerned is a model citizen. One wonders how the SZ editors would like it if right- or left-extreme protesters stopped the delivery of their paper with violence, because they don’t agree with their political inclinations?

A murder threat? So what! According to the Marshal of Nürnberg, Norbert Guth, Asef N. yelled at his arrest: “I will be back next month. And then I will kill Germans.” Regardless of the rights and wrongs the police made in Nürnberg: An asylum seeker who threatens to return as a terrorist after his deportation has definitely forfeited his right to stay. Additionally, his actions show that a good command of German and regular school attendance alone do not prove successful integration. But in many media outlets, Asef N.’s outrageous threat shrinks to the size of a footnote — for reasons of political correctness.

SZ, which does not attempt to hide its sympathy for the young man, reports the incident in this manner: “If he really said that, then he is very sorry, he declared, he must have not been in control of himself. Still, it seems the sentence was said.” And then they quote a social pedagogue, who is full of understanding for the allegedly so exemplary integrated young Afghan: “The things that slip out in existentially exceptional situations, if you feel psychologically hurt,” she said. “Then you will say whatever will hurt your opponent the most.”

The Seed of Sixty-Eight [the year of the “student revolution” in Germany— translator]: The Nürnberg incident happens to coincide with the 50th “birthday” of the extra-parliamentary opposition (APO) on June 2, 1967, the day when the student Benno Ohnesorg, who was just peacefully protesting, was shot in cold blood by a policeman in Berlin. 50 years later the progressives praise how beneficial were the changes made by the APO to the society of the federal republic, made it more democratic and more humane.

Indeed: the protesters of Nürnberg, unknowingly, stand in the tradition of those who acted under the moniker: “legal, illegal, shmillegal!”. That spirit still seems very alive in some editorial offices.

Die Welt has more background on the innocent Afghan child:

Deportation in Nürnberg: “Afghan had been fiddling, deceiving and lying for years”

Who is the Afghan who is supposed to be deported in Nürnberg? He allegedly threatened an attack, his classmates defend him. Bavarian Interior Minister Herrmann raises serious allegations against the 20-year-old.

June 6, 2017

According to Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU), if possible, refugees should not be collected directly from school for a deportation.

“Such measures are an absolute exception, and will remain the absolute exception,” Herrmann said to the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung in Halle.

On Wednesday, police tried to collect the 20-year-old Afghan refugee Asef N. From a trade school in Nürnberg, to deport him the same evening. Riots ensued.

Herrmann puts part of the blame on the Afghan

“Of course we do not want something like that to be repeated,” says Herrmann. But he adds: “When the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the relevant District Court have clearly determined that he does not have a right of residence in Germany, then this has to be implemented accordingly.”

The CSU politician places part of the blame for the development on the person in question [the Afghan] in Nürnberg. “The young Afghan has been fiddling, deceiving and lying for years,” says Herrmann.

“He stated for the longest time that he did not have any papers, and then finally he produced an Afghan passport issued in 2007.”

He also paid US$7,000 to traffickers, and now he wanted a job in order to pay the money back. “We should not encourage this typical pattern of criminal trafficking organizations.”

Transcript video #1:

00:01   Erik Düffler, protester
To put it mildly: the situation in front of the Nürnberger
00:05   trade school went completely out of control.
00:12   Violence escalates — on both sides.
00:21   This is a bit extreme. Just to help one person, so that he won’t get deported,
00:25   they go really hard at people, and even injure people!
00:29   A lot of people were pepper-sprayed, punched in the face!
00:35   The officers, on the other hand, assess the situation rather soberly:
00:39   The police had been trying for hours to dissolve that spontaneous demonstration.
Bert Rauenbusch, Police Headquarters Middle Franconia
00:45   They tried to appeal to the participants several times; but were not met with any sense.
00:52   Whether the police strategy was ideal
00:56   will be up for discussion. But how did this all start?
01:00   This morning, around 8, several officers arrived at the trade school,
01:04   to take this young man away with them: a 20-year-old Afghan
01:08   who has been living in Germany for four years, who is said to be
01:11   very well-integrated, allegedly even has prospects for an apprenticeship.
01:15   There was a final deportation order, which had to be executed.
Bert Rauenbusch, Police Headquarters Middle Franconia
01:18   The airplane was scheduled to leave tonight from Frankfurt.
01:22   Therefore, the Afghan in question, here in Nürnberg,
01:26   had to be taken into custody, and to be taken to Frankfurt for deportation.
01:30   It does not go unnoticed in the school. The pupils show solidarity,
01:34   protest against the deportation, try to stop the police car from leaving via a sit-down strike.
01:40   “No man is illegal! Right to stay — everywhere!”
01:45   After futile attempts to dissolve the sit-in strike,
01:48   the officers try to put the 20-year-old into another car,
01:52   but he resists; the situation escalates.
01:59   Theresa Buhr, protester
In my feeling there were
02:02   indeed extreme aggressions committed by the police, who, um,
02:09   well, rather less than delicately moved us out of the way,
02:17   so that some got received wounds,
02:22   and in the end we weren’t successful anymore in blocking the car,
02:27   and the human has been taken away now.
02:30   The official preliminary assessment: nine injured policemen,
02:34   five of the 300 demonstrators taken into temporary custody.
02:39   And the 20-year-old Afghan? He still is in Nürnberg.
02:43   Due to the attack in Kabul, the deportation flight has been cancelled anyway.
02:48   But this will not be the end of the story,
02:51   as these pictures raise damn many questions.

Transcript video #2:

00:00   Dr. Thomas Bauer, District President of Middle Franconia
Allow me to briefly outline the aliens law situation as it appears to us.
00:06   The Afghan citizen N., according to his own account,
00:12   entered Federal territory on December 1, 2012, at the age of 16 years,
00:17   illegally, without passport or visa.
00:21   His asylum application was rejected by the
00:25   Federal Office for Migration and Refugees a few months later,
00:28   as there were no reasons for asylum, there were no characteristics of a refugee,
00:33   and there were no obstacles for deportation, either.
00:37   This decision has been valid since October 2013.
00:42   This means that Mr. N. has been residing illegally in Germany for three and a half years.
00:47   He has been obliged to leave the country for three and a half years.
00:52   During that period he has refused eight times
00:56   the request of the aliens registration authority to cooperate in providing a passport.
01:02   At a visit to the Afghan Consulate General
01:06   on March 3, 2016, he declared to the Consulate General
01:12   that he did not want to apply for a passport, which, according to the Afghan legal position,
01:18   made it impossible for the Afghan Consulate General to issue a passport for him.
01:27   An example for us of the uncooperativeness of Mr. N. was —
01:32   let me briefly look at my notes — November 25, 2016,
01:39   when he was talked to, in written form and in oral form,
01:42   in German, and in his native Afghan language, Dari,
01:49   and it was explained to him that he needed a medical certificate
01:54   showing an inability to travel, when he argued that.
01:59   He refused to sign the acknowledgement of receipt,
02:04   and tore the admonition to pieces, in the offices
02:08   of the aliens registration authority, in front of the officers.
02:12   When Mr. N. realized that deportation was getting serious,
02:17   on April 13, 2017 he produced a photocopy of a travel passport,
02:25   and applied for a residence permit.
02:31   A photocopy, because, of course, without the original, a deportation is not possible.
02:38   Then later he produced the original, with the date of issue 2007.
02:45   This means — at least we have to assume this —
02:50   that he, or his family, had been in possession of an identification document all the time.
02:59   These actions make him an offender according to paragraph 95 of the Residence Act.
03:06   Such is my perspective.

Transcript video #3:

00:00   “No Deportations to Afghanistan”
Around 200 protesters are taking a stand this afternoon in Nürnberg, for Asef Nasiri
“Right to Aslyum = Human Right”
00:06   A stand against the deportation of the 20-year-old to Afghanistan,
“Right to Asylum = Human Right — Right to Stay for All!”
00:10   which escalated two days ago, and ended in violence.
00:14   Because it was a brutal police action! Because it is right
00:16   Kerstin Rupprecht
00:17   to actively resist deportations! Afghanistan and other countries are not safe!
00:23   I don’t like it when people are deported from school, like that, and, um —
00:25   Roman
00:26   and the police violence, meh.
00:29   On Wednesday, police officers want to fetch Asef Nasiri from his trade school.
00:34   His classmates stand in solidarity with the 20-year-old,
00:37   stage sit-in-strikes to prevent his deportation.
00:41   But, alerted by social media, violent protesters
00:45   mingle with the pupils, too. The situation escalates.
00:49   Hours later, the police finally are able take Asef to the duty station.
00:53   There, it seems, the 20-year-old snapped.
00:57   “In a month, I will be back anyway, and kill Germans.”
00:59   Hermann Guth, Police Chief of Nürnberg
01:00   this is what he said at the duty station.
01:05   Shirt: “I am not discussing it, I am simply explaining why I’m right” (slogan on the shirt the Afghan is wearing)But Asef is released the very same evening —
01:08   because of the attack on the German embassy in Kabul, his deportation is temporarily suspended.
01:13   Back in school, the young Afghan disputes the police accusation:
01:17   No, it is not true at all what they said. It is a — a lie.
01:24   You never said that, none of it? — No.
01:28   So it is his word against their word.
01:31   Anyway, the incident on Wednesday is still a topic of conversation at the Nürnberg trade school center.
01:36   I thought it simply sucked. I really gotta say that. It sucked.
01:38   Jared, classmate.
01:41   Headmaster Michael Adamczewski reckons
01:44   that this police action destroyed so much integration work in his school. And…
01:49   I do not want school asylum, similar to church asylum.
01:51   Michael Adamczewski, Headmaster of Trade School 11 Nürnberg
01:53   But I think that nowadays, there should be other means
01:57   to take custody of people who are to be deported,
02:00   it is not necessary to go into a school and produce such scenarios.
02:05   Admittedly, actions like this should remain an exception, say Bavarian politicians,
02:10   but on the matter itself, they remain tough:
02:13   He has been obliged to leave the country for three and a half years,
02:15   Thomas Bauer, Governor of Middle Franconia
02:16   but he has persistently refused to cooperate since.
02:21   When the law is not enforced, then it becomes a farce.
02:25   But Asef’s supporters object to that statement, too.
02:28   In the evening they demand: The young man must have a future. In Germany!

22 thoughts on “Riots at School Prevent Deportation of Afghan “Boy”

  1. “No man is illegal! Right to stay — everywhere!” (In German, the first bit is “Kein mensch ist illegal”, wrongly written with a small “M”, as I’ve seen it, as if to show that “we don’t respect orthographical conventions, either”.)

    When I was in Germany I saw this slogan a few times as a house-door sticker. I understood the literal meaning but genuinely didn’t understand what it was trying to say. When I asked about it and was told, I still didn’t get it. I myself have overstayed three times in different countries and was thus illegal, very clearly. Without complaint I paid the fines. I was guilty of breaking their laws. I didn’t lie and I didn’t tell anyone I’d go back and kill them.

    So this pathetic bunch of law-breaking moaners can go to any country in the world, stay as long as they like, lie about their situation and then blah-blah-blah?

    Germany is a fine country, necessarily imperfect, but fine. Get this lying, threatening shitbag out, together with his repulsive shirt. He doesn’t belong there, shouldn’t be there.

  2. Why aren’t the police in full body armor and covering the schoolyard with tear gas?

  3. When police in Sydney need to nab a person of the Islamic persuasion they don’t go to the Mosque on Friday that he is known to visit for ‘prayers’ amongst other things, but will kick his door in on Saturday at 4:00 am at gunpoint.

    Why did the police assigned with removing this ‘illegal’ not appreciate the brainwashing that is now so apparent among the young and impressionable and grab him at home away from all those brainwashed useful idiots?

    I hope the cops who took part in that exercise have re-considered their future approach to such ‘job’ and operational requirements.

    • They tried to get hold of him at his home for about 6 times previously and he was never there, as I’ve learnt from other articles.
      I would not rule out the possibility that someone was tipped off.
      You have to wonder: how can violent protesters arrive at a school so quickly (at a time when they should still be sleeping), how would even the pupils at the school know what was going on? It was just 2 or 4 policemen, they did not go to his classroom or cause any other kind of scene, but discreetly went to the headmaster’s office. Something in this case (and probably many other similar cases) is weird.
      I think the “refugee care” organizations involved in these cases deserve critical examination.

      • I think you’re right! Those ‘instant’ protesters could have been alerted via some kind of central agency using electronic means such as a mobile phone and that is precisely how the Antifa and Muslim mobs ‘suddenly’ spring into action and as if on que.

        Someone within the police dept. may have tipped them off also if police had already gone to his house – I would suggest at the wrong time – but, if he avoided police attention altogether over many visits, then someone or some people were tipping him off who knew the timing of those visits.

        But, then again, that is the nature of the beast we now have to combat to get our countries back.

    • police tried to arrest the youngster at his place on several occasions, but he was never there.What can this tell us?
      He was probably sponging welfare on his own account whilst living with a family or what have you.

      • From what I can glean from this ‘incident’ it would appear that police were not suitably informed of this person’s protection within the community he was living – and that is a police intelligence failure.

  4. To be honest, I can appreciate that especially young people pick up a spirit of rebellion and actually go about defying state authority. Even if their choice of sides is a sign of poor guidance here, it is a matter of principle. If they know and gain the confidence that they can actually force change when something goes truly against their conscience, then there is a chance they can do it upon waking up to the facts. E.g. if that particular boy really returns to commit an act of terror, they may wisen up pretty quickly. But if they are brought up to accept complete and utter powerlessness, there is no hope at all.

  5. Twenty years old? I’ve seen close-up still photos of this guy.

    I did not have forehead lines like that until I was at least 40.

    • I saw a photograph in my local newspaper of a german chaperon ( 20ys.) and his ” refugee” from Guinea, who was introduced as being 18 😹. I had to laugh out loud and was very angry at the paper for presenting such nonsense I pay for! That guy looked like 40 and had his greying temples hidden under a cap.
      A granted him one point for the correct estimation of his skills( to judge by his “ivy leage” physiognomy): he wants to become a road construction worker!!Not,as all of his fellows, a doctor or lawyer.

  6. Expel the student rioters and prosecute for violence offences, sack the principal of the high school for losing control of his charges, unleash the full force of the law
    On the rest of the dumb, self loathing, ethnomasochistic rabble protesting on
    Behalf of someone the state wishes to deport from within it’s borders.

    The snow flake generation, along with the rest of the SJW morons,is destroying
    The western world from within.

    Here in the UK we had the disgusting spectacle at tribute concert of youngsters, supposedly spontaneously, singing “Don’t look back in anger” in memory of
    The Manchester bomb atrocity. They should be shown explicit photographs
    Of the young victims in the hope that their tiny brains may just comprehend
    The full horror of this attack, the trauma suffered by the bereaved families
    And maimed survivers, but somehow I doubt any of it would sink it.

    I would just like to pose the question to them JUST WHAT WILL IT TAKE
    TO MAKE YOU ANGRY? Ten dead prepubescent girls, twenty, fifty, perhaps
    One hundred? God help us all, I truly despair of the suppine, acquiescence
    Of Europe to the 3rd world invasion engulfing our shores!

    • The ethnomasochists should be offered a one-way ticket to the Islamic or Sub-Saharan paradise of their choice so they can live out their beautiful, culturally-enriched dream lives.

    • I would just like to pose the question to them JUST WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU ANGRY? Ten dead prepubescent girls, twenty, fifty, perhaps One hundred?

      This is the West’s butcher’s bill. However high it must go, there will come an inevitable (and irreversible) body count where the tipping point is reached. As in, when living with Islam becomes more trouble than living without Islam.

      Sooner or later, this point will be reached and woe betide the world’s Muslim population when the other THREE QUARTERS of this planet’s people finally lose all patience with even one more terrorist attack of any size.

      • Is there a tipping point?

        At this time it seems as though the Left’s hatred of the West, and the programming of the sheeple runs so deep that they would not be stirred to action if San Francisco was nuked by Muslims.

        • I think you should consider that the radical Left is losing this fight, albeit ever so slowly, and they know it – that is why they are now out in the streets countering those who are awake and protesting.

          • Very much agreed. The Left’s violence and irrationality reeks of desperation. A key factor will be Conservatives applying unrelenting pressure so that cracks begin to propagate in the façade of modern Liberalism.

  7. IMHO all of these dupes and fools , interfering with the application and administration of law are as dangerous as the people being deported. They are disturbing the civil order, basically helping Germany in ‘assisted suicide’ as a nation.

  8. Why would they NOT want school sanctuary? School is to them what church is to Christianity… except, you know, paid for by the proles.

  9. “Obedience to the law cannot mean that the citizens have to accept every step of the executive immediately and meekly, especially, when it is as insensitive as in Nürnberg, and with such see-through political intent.”

    Better be careful of this because it can cut both ways… When the state is heavily fining a 70 something Grandma for a facebook post something will eventually give.

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