Refugee Caregiver Beaten, Disfigured, and Blinded in One Eye by Culture-Enricher

Switzerland is tougher on violent migrants than Germany is — the culture-enricher who attacked her caseworker with a billhook may see as much as 18 years in the slammer. This is in contrast with the asylum seeker in Brandenburg who actually killed his wife and will serve a sentence of no more than 13 years.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the Swiss news site Tages-Anzeiger:

Refugee carer blinded in one eye by knife attack

June 7, 2017

An asylum seeker wounded a carer gravely with a so-called gertel [billhook]. Now the African woman is charged with attempted murder.

It is hard to imagine what the 28-year-old refugee carer went through. A resident of the transition centre for asylum seekers in Embrach struck the head and upper body of the carer about twenty times with a so-called gertel, a machete-like garden knife, on November 18, 2015. The young Swiss woman suffered injuries to her eyes and has been completely blinded in one eye. The reason for the attack: the asylum seeker was supposed to leave the transition centre and move to a different centre in the canton.

The accused is a 36-year-old woman from Ivory Coast. As an undocumented immigrant, she applied at the Bund in June 2013 for asylum, which was denied. She was expected to leave Switzerland in November 2014, but resisted departure repeatedly. At the time of the deed, she was living in the Embrach transition centre. She was supposed to move to the Adliswil emergency shelter for families and solitary women. The African refused, in spite of daily talks with the team of carers.

Resisting departure

On noon of November 18, 2015, the carer went to see the African in her room. She did not make a move to pack her belongings, but said that her stomach hurt and that she was unable to leave. When the carer offered to help her pack, the accused suddenly walked to the door and locked it. According to the bill of indictment, she then got a gertel with a 30 cm long, curved, and very sharp blade from the closet.

She walked towards the carer and hit her head several times. The woman collapsed and fell to the ground. “At that point, the accused lunged at the victim and chopped relentlessly and with great force about twenty times on the head, upper body, and extremities of the victim,” the bill of indictment says. The victim suffered grave injuries to head and upper body. Her left eye is completely blind. Her face is badly disfigured from the scars, and she lost three teeth.

“Je vais mourir à la prison”

Initially, the victim tried to defend herself, but then grew weak. When the carer pretended to be dead, the perpetrator stopped. She locked the room door [sic; the contradiction of earlier statement is in the original] and moved the freezer in front of the door. In the meantime, the carer tried to get her mobile phone out of her pocket and call for help. When the asylum seeker noticed, she wrestled the phone from her. Then she poured methylated spirits over the body of the gravely injured woman who was still lying on the floor. Thereupon, the perpetrator changed her blood soaked clothes, put on a wig, and fled out of the window with the words “Je vais mourir à la prison” (I will die in prison). The canton police were able to arrest the woman the same evening in Kloten.

Prosecution demands 18 years

Charges for attempted murder were pressed against the woman in mid-May at the Bülach district court. A trial date is yet not set. Prosecutor Adrian Kaegi demands a prison term of 18 years and ambulatory psychiatric treatment. “The accused acted particularly ruthlessly; the attack is equivalent to a massacre,” he writes in the bill of indictment. Moreover, the accused intended to burn the defenseless victim alive. She acted out of malice, lured the victim into a trap, and locked the room.

21 thoughts on “Refugee Caregiver Beaten, Disfigured, and Blinded in One Eye by Culture-Enricher

  1. And 18 years will be not enough.
    That is if she receives this maximum sentence at all.

  2. When will Europe come to its senses? This is ancient history being repeated again. Enough is enough.

    I would recommend DEPORT!

    Immediately. Do not pass go, do not get anything, just GO!!!

    I just don’t understand why Europe lays supine before this invasion. Do they not remember their history? Evidently not or they have been so brain-washed with multi-culti they can no longer think for themselves.

    It is, in many ways, a tragedy. However it is self-inflicted.
    The part I don’t understand is WHY don’t people remember history? Bad education, perhaps? Too much multi-culti? To much political correctness (the bane of our times, along with other things).

    Anyway, Baron — thanks again for all your good work!

    Maria — oh, wait — maybe it should be Mariadee?

    • The problems with History arise when Fact is subordinated to politics. This has always been so, In Ceasar’s ‘Gallic Wars’ JC claims (in the context of Britannia “I came, I saw, I conquered” and this is taught as fact, but the archaeology does not agree, he was defeated by the Celts in a battle south of London and withdrew to a small enclave.

      However, in Rome, there were few who could verify Caesar’s account and it was a long way away.

      So we find Claudius having to ‘re-invade’ a century or two later.

      When ‘history’ is used as the whipping post of politics then History (as truth) loses credibility. Why did Paton go to Prague not Berlin? Was it to cover up German advanced nuclear weponry and thus enabling the changing of History to history?

      Millenials are taught a slanted history of subjects such as slavery and colonialism that, although politically correct, do not match the reality that they see around them, so all history becomes unbelievable and discredited. I suspect that this is done purposely because the real history of Marxism and cultural Marxism is very ugly and bloody, and with a tainted history, this can be glossed over, and only those who actually open a History book and read it start to get the flavour.

      • Veni Vidi Vici was not said by Ceasar in Britain. He used the phrase in reference to the quick defeat of Pharnaces II of Pontus at the Battle of Zela (in northern Turkey).

        Don’t forget, Patton distrusted the Russians and wanted to eradicate them before they became a problem.

    • I recommend the death penalty. Execute this vicious criminal, and get it done before the end of the week.
      This violent cretin will attack someone else if she’s give the chance.

  3. I am beginning to lose all sympathy for those that willingly come into proximity with these predatory “immigrants”, “refugees”, and economic tourists. Their patterns of violence and mayhem are more predictable than moon phases.

    Virtue signal at your own risk but, if one of these cretins pokes out both your eyes … don’t come looking for me!!!

  4. I feel sorry for the poor young woman, but I have lost sympathy for all these people who work in this fake-asylum industry, earning their bread by facilitating the entry of these violent criminals into our countries. And if this fake asylum seeker, or any one else of her ilk had been facilitated into our lands and blinded or killed somebody else in the general public, would this young carer had batted an eye? No. Those who assist in the destruction of my society no longer have my sympathy.

      • Refusing to leave since 2013/2014?

        Shackle, stow on cargo plane, attach parachute to crate
        Drop over the Ivory coast, it would have been that

        If she had behaved like this in her country of origin she
        Would most probably have faced mob justice and lynched accordingly.

        Stop pussy footing around with these savages, what has she done to enrich your nation during her short sorjoun?

        Absolutely gutless, witless, suppine response from the state
        As per usual!

        • Ridiculous, stupid response from the state. One can’t (well, can, apparently) “refuse to leave”. “You order me to leave but I leave if I want to.” (?????) You just put them out. Where is the hard bit?

  5. An African, huh? It is a law of the animal kingdom, a law that holds across all species, that the darker the animal the more prone to violence. Will a black stallion always attack you? Of course not. But a black stallion is much more likely to become violent than a light chestnut stallion. Or mare.

    The amount of suffering brought about by the adamant denial of this well known and well documented biological law is staggering. I should add well known to scientists, to biologists. The general public is purposely kept in the dark.

  6. Europeans are over-civilized. This has resulted in a failure of imagination: an inability to imagine that there are peoples and societies on this planet that are barbaric. The laws of Europeans are meant for a civilized people. Laws meant for sheep cannot be used for wolves.
    – In any case, what is going on in the Ivory Coast? The amusing part is that an over-educated fool like me will not be allowed entry into Switzerland. But if you are willing to lie and enter illegally, a young Swiss woman will martyr herself for you.
    – It is terrible that I do not feel sorry for the victim; she has been disfigured for life.
    – I expect that she will be ruled insane. She will get to spend her life in a cushy sanatorium in the Alps. The view will be nice. Definitely better than a life in Cote D’Ivoire.

    • I do feel sorry for the victim. Following her convictions and beliefs (I suppose) she was charitable and gave something of herself to those who-according to her perception-were in need.

  7. Cote d’Ivoire is an ex French colony.It is one of the more civilised countries in Africa.Close French friends of mine lived and worked there for a number of years.Their daughter and two of their grandchildren live there at this moment.They visit their daughter on a regular basis
    There is no need for any citizen of that country to claim “Asylum”. As is the case with huge numbers of “Asylum” seekers it is all a scam.

  8. The attack was intended to be fatal ( I believe), so the attacker should have received a life sentence. If it had been fatal, the death sentence would be appropriate.

  9. Asylum? From Ivory Coast???

    I would hope that this is just an artifact of the translation, and she was just applying for ordinary *immigration* status.

  10. Nope. Don’t feel sorry at all for anybody who collaborates with this filthy business.

  11. Well, I’d say that migrant got what she wanted.

    She knows she’ll be better off in a Swiss jail than going back to the Ivory Coast.

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