Police in Chain-Mail Armor on the Streets of Germany

This is the latest trend in German apparel, at least among the police.

When I showed the above photo to the future Baron and told him it was a German police officer dressed to deal with a violent Muslim criminal, he asked me: “Is he wearing a burka to keep from offending Muslims in the neighborhood?”

I wish it were something so amusing. But no; I had to explain to him that the policeman was dressed in special chain-mail armor to confront a culture-enricher who had run amok with a meat cleaver. Such is Modern Multicultural Germany.

Note: The text of this article doesn’t give any hint of the ethnicity of the perpetrator. However, look at the photo from the time of his arrest: Even with all the pixelation, he’s distinctly “Southern”. I’m sure the bookies would be delighted to take any bets that he’s an ethnic German.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Bild:

Because a man threatened to run amok with a butcher’s cleaver: Special Units go in chain armour

War of nerves ended after three hours

[Photo caption: The elite officers moved into the building in ballistic protective suits and chain armour against stab wounds. Photo: Simon Mario Avenia]

by Simon Avenia
June 20, 2017

War of Nerves in Neunkirchen (Saarland)

The Special Unit officer is protected. He wears a complete body armour, because a man (25) threatened to run amok with a butcher’s cleaver.

[Photo caption (not shown): The officer in his protective suit.]

Around 6pm on Monday family members contacted the police: their relative (25) had a knife and a butcher’s cleaver and threatened to kill anyone who came close.

A police speaker: “In addition, there was an unidentified smoke development. As there were fears that the man might commit arson, firefighters were called, too.”

[Photo caption (not shown): Force open, if need be — with crowbar and chainsaw, a police officer goes to the apartment.]

SEK and rescue services in protective vests

First, the new special forces OpE (Operative Unit) sealed off the street, armed with machine guns, and the rescue services were equipped with bulletproof vests.

Then the SEK arrived: the elite police officers went into the building with ballistic protective suits and body armor to protect from stab wounds.

[Photo caption(not shown): Police approach the house in the Max Braun Street well protected.]

Family members kept talking to the 25-year old who had barricaded himself in the apartment, until after three hours, he finally gave up in the end and came outside.

The man was taken to hospital. In the apartment the weapons were found, but he had not committed arson.

[Photo caption: Finally! The man was taken to a hospital. Photo: Simon Mario Avenia]

52 thoughts on “Police in Chain-Mail Armor on the Streets of Germany

  1. That chain mail is probably quite heavy to be walking around in. I can imagine how the extra weight would have a tendency to reduce the wearers agility in dodging flying meat cleavers, slashing machetes or plunging knives.

    I think I would take my chances without it.

    • Not that heavy. Probably 10 or 5 lbs. The most. Maybe lighter thanks to advancements in metallurgical technology.

      Keep in mind ye olde chain mail was the common footsoldier’s last line of defense against swords and axes, and it would often time do a damn good job of stopping the blade if it was made right. Of course, they’d still have to eat the impact.

  2. Chain mail to deal with a muslim thug armed with a blade? What happened to just shooting the jihadi?

    The home country that is home to some of the finest engineered firearms in the world, and they choose to go full Society for Creative Anachronism on a criminal armed with a knife? Modern Germany continues to demonstrate daily that intelligence does not automatically imply common sense…

    • You can’t shoot Him/Them/Her.
      It would hurt Him/Their/Her feelings!
      And Him/Their/Her feelings matter! 😉

    • I believe there is this problem that a suicidal maniac can come stalthily from behind and stab at least one policeman in the back before anyone can draw a gun.

    • The Germans do like bad ideas that have some theoretical potential. Oh no- was that racist?

  3. The commenters here have no clue how dangerous bladed weapons can be in close quarters. At close distances, a gun will not stop someone who is intent on stabbing you, you need distance and clear space to react quickly enough. Forget the movies. Forget James Bond, that’s just fantasy.

    The chain mail worn by the policeman is ill fitting and the weight can’t spread well, but he’s glad to be immune to blades by wearing it. You won’t dodge a blade that you don’t see coming.

    • Somehow I doubt the knife man is a ninja hiding in the shadows. I was also under the impression that modern riot armour was meant to turn a blade and would have been a better option here.

      The real issue here is the unwillingness to shoot the guy. It’s all well and good that they wear all this protection so they can talk this guy down, but what about the rest of society this crazed knife man might come in contact with? No thought for their safety.

    • Tancred. As an ex-cop myself, the wearing of that chain mail I consider to be more a hindrance than an effective tool in deflecting bladed weaponry.

      Staying in tune to one’s surroundings will always alert the observant to what may be coming his/her way. IMHO, the wearing of chain mail will induce a false sense of security for the wearer that leads to complacency, thereby unintentionally causing the observational level of the wearer to fall and become more at risk of being attacked.

      That cop pictured wearing chain mail looks more fit for the medieval battlefield than the streets of modern Germany, and I’ll wager, his is about as comfortable wearing it.

      Australian police training instills in the officer the need to keep moving away from an attacker who comes at them with a bladed weapon by putting as much distance between the attacker and the body of the officer by either side stepping or moving backward while placing as many shots into the attacker as possible before the attacker gets close enough to do serious damage.

      Saw several graphic videos of how ‘expert’ knife handlers can kill a person within 10 seconds of them getting within arms length of their target – very sobering to an operational cop I can tell you. But, Australia is not Germany and the summers here, and sometimes the so called winters, can be very unpleasant heat wise, so comfort is an important factor for the wearer of chain mail.

      With any form of ‘defence clothing’ the wearer has to be prepared to give away something like comfort or lack of normal agility. I had available to me two types of anti-knife vest I could have used. I chose not too wear them because my comfort level while on duty would have suffered, so instead, chose to rely on my own observational skills to spot trouble at a distance and not when trouble got too close for me to react to it.

      It is called officer safety and is a very effective tool when used constantly.

      And it is amazing what one will notice when they keep their eyes and ears open to all possibilities while remaining comfortable in their surroundings.

    • Yeah. They had a similar situation in Chicago. A policeman shoot a young black threatening people with a knife, and was charged with first degree murder. The family of the black potted a cool $5 million.

      Studies and tests have shown that someone of average proficiency with a knife and decent reflexes can stab someone with a gun within about 20 feet before they can pull the trigger, even if the gun is drawn.

      The Central Park rapists also netted a grand sum for the inconvenience of being jailed for raping, beating senseless, and almost killing a white female jogger.

      I guess if Germany is like Chicago or New York in the least, the police would be charged with a major felony if they shot a Muslim coming at them with a knife, or charged a Muslim with assault and rape.

    • It’s shear madness that liberals & politicians defend these sick demonic followers of a sick demonic cult, this should not be the new norm, this should be outlawed & eliminated.
      Islam’s prophet Muhammad said “I have been victorious thru terror” and liberals response?…..”Islam is peace”


  4. Mister Peabody. Crank up the “Way Back” Machine.

    Forward, into the Past!!

    Now, it is obvious to all how Islam drives the spark of European innovation.

    Next will be flying carpets with sirens and light bars.

    • Going into the past was one of my first thoughts. Either this guy was doing one of those 11th C. re-enactment things that we do from time-to-time on WNA* battles, or he was taking a break from a Monty Python film shooting.

      *War of Northern Aggression

  5. Ah, nothing will put the fear in them like a Teutonic gentleman in chainmail. I think perhaps next they should ditch the tasers for two handed swords.

    And the police wagon for a war horse….

    You can see where I’m going with this?

  6. Eventually, Muslim areas will be cordoned off and they’ll have to have permission to come out!

    • You can always trust the Germans when it comes to putting people in ghettoes.

    • A decent idea, but they communicate with each other quite extensively. They form webs, so if it’s more than a few of them, there’s a problem with not getting a “rapid response team” bashing against you. Any move you start to make causes a huge reaction, like startling a flock of birds.

      Seems A LOT of white people are so averse to bonding that they can’t form groups, even for their own survival. They have this Hobbesian view of things (which excites them by making them feel like they’re “at war” and/or in a dangerous environment while also generating an ego trip-because they’re not the “bad ones,” they’re the ones that realize that more or less everyone else is bad).

      Also, a near-total inability to work through problems of a combative nature. They usually don’t bother figuring anything like that out & it doesn’t occur to them that maybe they should. Add a fanatical, subtly cult-like affinity for law enforcement & they’re frozen in place like a deer in the headlights.

  7. Have a marine friend who was in MP duty for a while. His training said a guy armed with a knife can close a 15 foot distance in less than a second and do far more damage with that knife than any small caliber gun (up to 38). The chain mail might not be as heavy as it appears if made of modern composites but the eye slit seems to be inadequate for peripheral vision.

  8. “Around 6pm on Monday family members contacted the police: their relative (25) had a knife and a butcher’s cleaver and threatened to kill anyone who came close.”

    I wonder if this part is true, or if they’re [fooling] us again.

  9. I remember 1999 there was an enricher who took people hostage in the Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen) branch of the Deutsche Bundesbank (in 1999 it was called the Landeszentralbank).
    The Police waited a few hours and then a sniper shot him right where it hurts a lot.

    De-escalation is something wonderful (IRONY OFF).

    But if you belong to the other side then there is NO de-escalation. Then you are hit with the full force of the law.

      • Hello,
        with the other side I meant Germans.
        A Migrant or muslim is given any leniency possible.
        But a german is hit with the full force of the law.

  10. Remember Gen. Patton’s Statement to his troops. It is your duty to kill the B——. before he kills you!

    • It is WAR ! ! !
      Dar al-Harb (دار الحرب “house of war” as declared from the
      The Sword of Islam
      “Enmity and hatred will reign between us until ye believe in Allah alone.”
      – The Qur’an (60:4)

      The Qur’an commands Muslims to go and rule the entire world and submit all mankind to the religion of Islam.

      In the Dar al-Islam (Arabic: دار الإسلام‎‎ literally house/abode of Islam; or Dar as-Salam, house/abode of Peace; or Dar al-Tawhid, house/abode of monotheism), everyone lives under the Islamic Law, the Sharia. The Sharia controls all aspects of life, including social, domestic, private political and religious life.

      In the dar-al-Sulh (House of Truce) , a temporary truce [hudna] is made with the unbelievers, if muslims feel endangered and can not continue the war. The Sharia cannot be implemented completely in this area. When they are stronger they must go on the attack.

      In the Dar al-Harb (دار الحرب “house of war”, there is a war of conquest being waged against the unbelievers. Assassination and terrorism are common weapons in the war.

      There is a declaration of war, that we ignore, at a great cost to ourselves, in security, financial, and then in deaths and injuries.

      For me, the greatest threat is through loss of free speech.
      From that I can repeat the koran, (abrogation verses) hadith sunnah and sira, for others to learn about submission.
      That is slowly getting out there, though seemingly impossible with msm media, but with U tube, live leaks, twitter, blogs (thanks to ‘gov’ that gives great balance and perspective, also to our lives)

      A concerted exertion to expose Mohammad’s flaws for all to see and consider, not only giving us a greater ability to defend ourselves, but to attack, with knowledge, using media, cartoons, drawings, movies, billboards, mockery, jokes with wisdom, so that muslims will have to consider just what they are defending, and who they declare their loyalty to.

      They have the choice to go back to Christianity, Judaism, Hindi, or Buddha, or as some parts of islam moved on to Druze, Ahamadiyya, and Baihai faith. Then there is agnosticism or atheism. All of those have a sense of the “golden rule”.

      Also do appreciate that on a proper war footing, the enemy is better defined, my security, free speech will be improved, and the pressure by many will be on islam to concede and close down.
      The time and costs will be much more effective, when actively focused on the islamic ideology.

      Then a true peace will be able to be accepted by muslims, when islam capitulates unconditionally and recognizes the fundamental reasons why it was formed, as a war lord’s supremacists murderous terrorism ideology and so leads to its demise.

      The kkk, bushido knights, nazism, thuggees, mafia, have been pushed down if not out in our societies.

  11. Muslim invaders, edged weapons, Europeans in chain mail… What was that about forgetting history and being doomed to repeat it?

  12. Forget the damned metal costume, the real deal is a well applied ‘lead shower’. BTW my brother taught edged weapons defense for police, you would be surprised how fast a lethal attacker can move in 25 ft. or 6 meters. If the officers gun is not out ,it’s already too late.

    • The problem is that islam is not recognized as being an ideology that is at war with us.

      Any police man or even a soldier now, is stood down if they fire a weapon and an investigation/inquiry starts and goes on. That can take a few years to show one had just cause. Then there are the considerable resources that can be put into the dispute, and appeals by “victims” families for years after.

      So the police have just become more defensive, and do not ‘serve an protect’, but turn up, to apply the rule of law, which increasingly seems more aligned with sharia concepts.

      It is the same with soldiers with ever tightening rules of engagement. Sure there has to be some RoE but it is not suitable for purpose and now is used as tool for the other side, with accusations of “war crimes”.

      yeah “islam means submission”and we should look at what it wants us to submit to, as advice, sayings, actions and deeds of Mohammad as found in the koran, hadith sunnah and sira

      • “Not recognized as being at war with us”, yes that is the problem.

        For 1400 years we have been at war with them, now quite suddenly we are told they are really our friends, and will work in our countries and pay taxes so we can keep receiving our ‘obscene’ pensions in old age.

        Not even a seriously retarded idiot could come up with such a scenario, yet surprise–the entire western world is (sullenly) accepting it!!

        This is the only reason I’m actually glad to be in my ‘golden years’, so I probably won’t see the horrible end of this nightmare when/if
        people wake up!

  13. German people are conditioned to be respectful towards and frightened of authority. Given its history, one might think it understandable but it will be the undoing of the nation at this sad point in history. They are very obedient. Hitler coined the term “useless eaters” towards those whom he despised. Merkel has the same response to native Germans today and I’d bet my house on the fact that she will win the next election. I was born in Germany and have relatives there who would object to this statement but it is true. Thankfully I left, decades ago.

    • lol! I have worked 37 years in teaching and found reasonable , well funded polite respect most of the time, not always, but never fright of authority. This I learned working in a Paris office, where staff shut down any kind of conversation when a superior came near. So far for the ” rouspeteur” people of our neighbor country.

      • I agree to noodle. Maybe “frightened” is a strong word. Subservient. Obedient. In my personal opinion, there is fear at the heart of these behaviours, but it is presented to the world as correctness.

  14. Why not simply send a sniper and take the [guy] out? The sniper disappears and nobody can pin it on anyone. No public costs, no hospital and prison costs, as the neighbourhood simply gets rid of the body.

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