On the Agenda of the Hamburg Left: Anthrax for the AfD

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this brief report from Zuerst.de:

Left-wing extremism: Anthrax threat against Hamburger AfD faction

June 15, 2017

Hamburg. The left-radical propaganda and threats of violence against non-conforming opinions are always more frightening. The target of the most recent threat: the Hamburg chapter of the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany]. Left-wing extremist opponents of the G20 sent a threatening letter to the faction and announced the sending of “anthrax letters”.

The chairman for Hamburg residents of the AfD Group, Dr. Bernd Baumann, strongly condemned this: “Left-extreme terrorists intimidate those who think differently and threaten them with the deadly substance anthrax. This is a new dimension of the political debate and represents a low point of political culture. The AfD Group calls on the Red-Green Senate to finally change the course on the subject of left-wing extremism: the Senate promotes left-wing extremism through financial donations and the provision of space. It is utterly absurd to foster enemies of democracy, parts of which are fighting our state by force.”