In Cologne, a Dozen-Muslim March Against Terror

A large Muslim demonstration and march against terrorism were planned for today in Cologne. Thousands of participants were expected. However, when the event kicked off, only a few hundred people showed up. And, if you examine the video footage carefully, you’ll see that most of those visible in the clip are ethnic Germans.

It’s Ramadan, you know — the Muslims were too weak and exhausted to take part…

Vlad Tepes dubbed it the “Dozen-Muslim March Against Terror”. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

Egri sent these notes and links earlier today, while the huge mass demo was still ongoing:

Muslims in Germany are holding a demonstration against terror today.

The organizer of this demonstration is a German-Syrian lady named Lamya Kaddor.

I strongly suspect she organized this in response to Marek Lieberberg’s asking why you never see Muslims on the streets demonstrating against terror, because she announced this event immediately afterwards.

She was a school teacher for Islam, and — in the eyes of the media and the general public — has become an “Islamic Scholar” and a celebrated public expert on terrorism, since five pupils of hers went to Syria to join the Jihad in 2013 (now that is one hell of a qualification, eh?).

The demonstration right now is trending under the hashtag “#findedenMoslem” (“Spot the Muslim” — like, a needle in the haystack).

In all fairness though, they are probably just staying away because Ditib, the Turkish Islamic organization, said Muslims should not participate, since it is Ramadan, and it would be unreasonable to expect people who haven’t eaten to be out and about in the glaring sun (it is cloudy and 17°C [63°F] in Cologne right now).

Focus: “Just a few hundred participants – Peace March by Muslims turns into a disaster”

Here are two jokes about today’s Muslim march:

1.   The director says to the cameraman: “Leave the wide-angle at home today.”
2.   Not sure if this will get lost in translation, but someone just commented on the Peace March: “New Year’s Eve, there were more Muslims in downtown Cologne” (the groping jihad)

Video transcript:

00:00   With a peace march on Saturday, Muslims in Germany
00:04   want to set an example against violence and Islamist terror.
00:07   Thousands of participants were expected for the demonstration
00:10   and the subsequent march through downtown Cologne.
00:13   But just before the event started, only a few hundred people — including journalists — were there,
00:18   as Focus Online reporter Axel Spilcker reported from the event.
00:21   Many non-Muslims and politicians across party lines had called for participation.
00:26   The Council of Muslims and the Turkish community supported the event.
00:30   In contrast, the Islamic Union Ditib called it unreasonable for Muslims now fasting for Ramadan.
00:35   Moreover, demands for anti-terror demonstrations would stigmatize Muslims.
00:39   Ditib’s refusal sparked a lot of criticism.

13 thoughts on “In Cologne, a Dozen-Muslim March Against Terror

  1. If you want Muslims to demonstrate against Islamic terrorism, you’ll first have to spread rumours that some new innocuous cartoons of the prophet have been published.

    Then tell them that a protest march against this “travesty” has been organised, and sims-Allah-bim the streets will be filled with outraged Muslims demanding an end to such barbarous actions.

      • Correct me if I am wrong but does this event finally prove
        That the most popular names for new borne within the
        islamic community are now Hans closely followed by

  2. Ms. Kaddor is a school teacher with no academic merits on islam and other subjects. She is a self- appointed ” expert”. Her expertise is so profound that,some years ago on TV, she stated that St.Niclas( the one that brings presents on december 6 th through the chimney) had been a Turk, to value their contribution to occidental civilization, when,as a matter of fact, he was a christian bishop in the early byzantine empire and no Turk had showed up in the area in the 5 th century.Apparently, turkish education also teaches that Jerusalem has never been part of the osmanic empire.Cf. history atlas.

  3. Good morning.

    Even if this one was a failure, it strikes me as a useful first attempt. I do think there are a couple of potentially avoidable factors which contributed to the very low turnout, however. Perhaps these are addressable or being addressed elsewhere – I don’t know, would welcome pointers to such. But my thoughts:

    1. Credibility/gravitas of the organizer – about Frau Kaddor I have no knowledge other than what the Baron mentioned here, but I must wonder about her significance generally in the eyes of the Muslim community in Germany or more widely. I think it would have been good if someone with more pull among Muslims had been working on this event. Perhaps there was no one willing to do so who fits that description, for which I am sure there are reasons.

    2. Question on goals of this demo – was there clarity around what the attendees were to be for and against? Demonstrating against “terror” and “violence” seems to me to be an overly broad target. I realize that it can be painful and would turn off some significant proportion of Muslims if the target of the demo became more specific, but I still wonder if it was a mistake to leave the point of the demo so relatively broad, if in fact that occurred.

    Maybe this ticky-tack kind of low-level, slow-burn jihad that we see going on is not enough to really incite a reaction of the kind that was hoped for, i.e. a Massenaufstand. The frog in the kettle again comes to mind. I’m just trying to be realistic – these are factors that occur to me. Obviously, Ditib’s position is contemptible to us, but unfortunately, it is also a factor.

    • I do not want to be sarcastic, but the only Muslim who has pull among the Muslims in Germany is Erdogan. 30,000 Turks took to the streets of Cologne at the pro-referendum demonstration earlier this year.

      • You are both right about your observations. As I am living here in Germany, I have access to other “truthiness” media. In the main news show here, the numbers were skewed to 1500, but Mrs Kaddor could not hide her disappointment. And these state tv programmes call everything else as “fake news”.

        About Mrs Kaddor: As teacher, she is on the payroll of the state.

        Thus I am free to say that despite billions of Euros dumped into “Integration Programmes”: Take this as measure how far the geman state is in Control. The influence of the state on the mohammedan comunity is pityful.

        My guess is as well that Mr Lieberberg’s outburst forced them to make their move, as he is an eye-opener for the many unpolitical Music fans.

        As he caused quite an uproar, certain apologetic circles within the state were in dread and thought they should do something. Thus the pityful attempt of the state media to disply 300 People as 1500.

        Personally, I take this as a troubling warning sign: Any state with a sound promotion of his deepest self interest would now ban DITIB. The german state marvellously does not do this.

        In the Inversion of the Argument: The high influence of the radicals intimidates the rest of the muslims, in the best case.

  4. Actually those few Muslims and the many Nonmuslims demonstrated not so much against terror, but for Muslim terror being something unislamic.

    Which leaves a lot of room for semantic interpretation anyway.
    What is terror, what is legit violence in Islam…
    And maybe about a hundred times more (exclusive Muslim) demonstrated recently in Germany for the turkish President Erdogan.

  5. Should have put out some women as bait; many more would have come. There was famous demonstration on NYE in Cologne in 2015.

  6. Did anyone try to make an official count of Muslim attendees? Turkish people are white enough that I don’t think it would be easy to guess about numbers of Muslims based on appearance. So it’s hard to tell anything except that almost no hijabi Muslims showed up.

    Even if all 200-300 were Muslim though that would still be a rather poor turnout.

  7. Here’s what Wikipedia says about Kaddor:

    > Lamya Kaddor (born 1978 in Ahlen) is a German scholar of Islamic studies of Syrian ancestry, a writer and founder and chairwoman of the Liberal-Islamic Association (LIB e.V.).[1] She is known for introducing Islamic education in German in public schools in Germany.[2] Together with Rabeya Müller she has published the first German Qur’an translation for children and adults: “Der Koran für Kinder und Erwachsene”.[3] Furthermore she is initiator and editor of the first German school book for Islamic education called “Saphir”.[4] Especially since 2014 she works on the subject of Salafism and Islamism. Five of her former students volunteered for jihad in Syria, which Lamya Kaddor perceived as a personal defeat.[5]

    > She taught Islamic education in a secondary school in Dinslaken in North Rhine-Westphalia.[6]

    Chalk this protest up to another “personal defeat” I guess….

  8. The Wikipedia article may be a good start. Lamya Kaddor has a Homepage, in which she reveals she has received the teaching licence from the NRW muslim council.
    Note that all other teachers in germany need the licence (including protestant and catholic religion) from a state University, as part of a 5-year-course with doubled working load compared to many other studies.
    The Muslim Council NRW is constituted of muslim NGO, in which DITIB(an puppet of Erdogans turkish ministry of religious affairs) has an veto power for everthing.

    Thus it puzzles me why DITIB boycotts the Demonstration.

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