Hungary Assumes the Rotating Presidency of the Visegrad Four

The presidency of the Visegrad Four group — Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary — rotates annually among its members. Yesterday the Poles handed off the leadership to Hungary for the coming year.

Below is a brief report from Hungary’s English-language news service:

Hat tip: CrossWare.

2 thoughts on “Hungary Assumes the Rotating Presidency of the Visegrad Four

  1. Brilliant move! Viktor Orbán already has positioned himself as refusing to tolerate an EU-sponsored “immigrant” invasion of Hungary. Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia, now need only ride on his coattails and continue their monolithic stance.

  2. Well, in contrast to his “America First” campaign rhetoric, Trump seems to be setting us up for a shooting war with Russia over vital US interests such as Crimea, NATO membership for Estonia, and the proper government of Syria. This might work to the benefit of the Visegrad countries. The Brussels gnomes heading the EU might think twice before poking the Russian bear who is primed for defense. The Visegrad countries, alienated from the EU and probably anticipating an armed intervention, will be low-hanging fruit for a Russian strategic alliance.

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