German Nurse Eats Pork, Becomes “Christian Fascist”

The following text is an excerpt from a letter sent by a German nurse, as posted on Facebook. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

A woman who is a nurse, and works in a refugee shelter, wrote to me:

Last weekend a woman came to me with an inflammation of the bladder. After consulting with the physician, I told her that she should drink one liter of tea, so that the bacteria would be flushed out.

Subsequently, a security staff member from Morocco came to me and said, don’t discourage people from Ramadan. Then, this security-man wanted to pray, and I was kind enough to give him my office keys, so that he would not have to pray in the hallway.

Then, on Monday, I quickly ate a Bifi [a German jerky-like Salami sausage snack] in the kitchen, out of consideration for the colleagues who are fasting. I left the kitchen with the rest. The security guy was sitting there again, and he asked me what I was eating. I said, “I would like to share with you, but it contains pork, sorry.” He replied “Disgusting! Are you a pig, too…?!” Then he grunted at me whenever he saw me for the rest of the day.

Tuesday morning I arrived at work and asked him, how are you, and he grunted, again! I said this isn’t funny. He replied “Just admit it that you are eating pig!” Then I complained to our superior. The guy got reprimanded, but he is telling everyone that I am trying to pull people away from Islam, which isn’t true, of course. I let him pray in the office, and I only eat in the kitchen, not in front of all the colleagues.

Now it has gone so far that the Muslim colleagues are calling me “the Christian Fascist”.

9 thoughts on “German Nurse Eats Pork, Becomes “Christian Fascist”

  1. And she hasn’t yet been fined by the authorities and had her house raided for insulting muslims during Ramadan?

  2. Taking sides is a great simplifier.

    Islamophobe? More of an Islamo-Expulsionist: I want them rounded up and removed, with no access to our courts to interfere with orderly, prompt expulsion.

    The only “pulling” that interests me is pulling them up the gangplank by their ankles for their pleasant sea voyage to their point of debarkation: the shallows off Arabia. And a hearty good luck to them in their new home, Arabia-stan, Home of the Arabs. Really, they never should have left.

  3. This nurse is so wonderfully naive.

    When you are among the Ummah, you live by their rules, no exceptions.

  4. Stupid woman gave him her office keys! That’s against Office Regulations, in the first place. And she’s lucky the islamic:
    1-Didn’t steal everything in sight.
    2-Bring in his friends to to grovel there, as well.
    3- Drag her in to rape her.

  5. I think it is time to update the, “First they came for ….”, to something like:

    First they came for my Dignity, and I thought it only fair, so it atrophied.
    Then they came for my Self-Respect; and, without Dignity to support it, I wouldn’t argue, so I abandoned it.
    Then they came for my Honor; and, bereft of Dignity and Self-Respect, I was too fearful to defend it, and acquiesced to all of their insults, abuse, and outrages.
    Then I recited the Shahada and Dignity, Self-Respect, and Honor became moot.

    Perhaps Europe can save itself, but it will take many bloody generations to do so.

  6. Yet she refuses to acknowledge exactly what is going on. Keep helping your precious refugees.

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