Geert Wilders Peppers Rutte with Facts While the Prime Minister Tap Dances

Below are excerpts from remarks made today by Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Netherlands. Mr. Wilders was responding to Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the Dutch Parliament:

Video transcript (translation by the PVV):


It makes one despair to have to listen over and over again to these platitudes of the Prime Minister. He says Muslims are suffering twice.

Mr Prime Minister, how about speaking on behalf of the victims here in Europe, people whom by governors such as you, but not just you, have been inundating in the past few decades with masses of Muslims?

Our free West has been Islamified. We have made zero demands when it comes to assimilation. We are now suffering the consequences. Individuals who despise our Western values and rules. They commit attacks. Women, homosexuals are… It is more than just a few exceptions. I mentioned the numbers. 70%, 80% of Muslims say that their rules today, in 2017, are more important than the laws we have voted here in the House of Representatives.

It is not true that Muslims are victims, but it is us who are the victims of Islamization.

People whom you have allowed in. Why do you not say anything about that?


Do I understand correctly that Mr Wilders is saying that Islam, that the Muslims are responsible for the attacks?

Is that what he is saying?


Islam, yes. All Muslims, no. But Islam certainly, yes.

99 of the 100 attacks are committed by people invoking the Koran, shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

We would not have them here if we in Europe had not taken in masses of them in the past few decades. Certainly, not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims, barring some exceptions.

Of course, if non-Muslims are the perpetrators, that is equally terrible. I also said that in my speech in the first term. We of the PVV mourn those victims equally. But do not come here as Prime Minister to say that Muslims are victims twice. We are the victims. We are the victims of people like you who have flooded our country with Muslims over the last few decades, some of whom — some! — use violence against us. You cannot deny that, do you? You cannot deny that most attacks are committed by Muslims? I am not making that up, am I?


I cannot believe my own ears! Indeed, there is a problem with groups who settled in The Netherlands, whom we have insufficiently made to understand our rules and values, our way of life and our laws, which we expect them to accept.

Far too long we have been praising the multicultural society in which groups exist next to each other, instead of demanding that immigrants realize what our country stands for.

Sociology teachers are complaining that we should be more clear about what “citizenship” means. To me the answer to this question is that this is a free democratic society with equal rights for men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuals, white and coloured.

And it is also about freedom of expression and religious freedom. Of course, there is broad agreement here in this Chamber that huge mistakes have been made. But you cannot, after realizing this fact, which in itself involves a number of social issues which this debate is not about, pretend that this leads to terrorism.

People who go to the mosque on Friday, who are pious Muslims, who are allowed to profess that religion in this country on the basis of freedom of religion and who want to exercise that faith in a decent way, should feel co-responsible for the attacks committed here. That is what I hear Mr Wilders say. I’m shocked by this.


Well, you can certainly be shocked by that. But I just haven’t said that. What I did say was that Islam is the cause and I said in my speech that there are not just a few perpetrators.

Of all the people who left the Netherlands to fight in Syria 80% are Moroccan.

I already mentioned it: 70% of the Muslims in the Netherlands say that the rules in the Koran are more important than our secular laws. This is all based on academic reports. Of the Turkish youths, some 80% find it okay to use violence against non-Muslims. Of the 1 million Muslims in the Netherlands, say more than 100,000 — 100,000! — say that it is good and they can imagine themselves using violence in the Netherlands in the name of Islam. You cannot ignore all that?

Do not say that I’m talking about all Muslims, because that is not the case, but Islam is a tumor in our society and we have to get rid of it. That is something you cannot deny by simply seeing Muslims as a sort of double victims. We are the victims of this Islamization; that is the truth.

53 thoughts on “Geert Wilders Peppers Rutte with Facts While the Prime Minister Tap Dances

  1. I can’t believe my ears! This globalist scum still defending the muslims and “outraged” when someone points out the obvious??? I can’t believe this!

    • Can someone find a link to whatever poll Geert is referring to? I can’t find it.
      Thanks Tony
      “70% of the Muslims in the Netherlands say that the rules in the Koran are more important than our secular laws. This is all based on academic reports. Of the Turkish youths, some 80% find it okay to use violence against non-Muslims. Of the 1 million Muslims in the Netherlands, say more than 100,000 — 100,000! — say that it is good and they can imagine themselves using violence in the Netherlands in the name of Islam.

    • they always misunderstood difference about Muslims and Islam…Islam has been written on quran….ambushed and covered savage text among some really nice text…people are victims of islam if they found how much brutal iot is….just look at islamic government or even islamic republic country! you will understand how much beast are… doesn’t matter muslims behave brutally or not ;but as soon as they got majority or authority they will begin kill and hating free mind people

    • still you can prove sir wilders to the prime minister by soft attacking to islamistic logo and koran

  2. The people who have been brought up to see themselves as Muslims are ambulatory hardware. Same as everyone else. The problem is the software they have on board.

    Human beings are “hardware”. Islamic beliefs are “software”.

    It is settled law that human beings are protected under human rights legislation – but religious beliefs are NOT!

  3. The legislative chamber was basically empty. Have the representatives of Dutch people basically given up?

    • basically they do not care what Wilders have to say.He speaks the truth but he does not have any power.They made sure of that.

      • Agreed! Wilders may as well be bashing his head against the nearest brick wall for all that his TRUTH will change with this Globalist mindset.

    • he doesn’t need the chamber and parliment member…..he is free to bring his idea to street….the place that many potential terrorist show them uncovered…how can you understand a muslim is a potential terrorist or not ?????the answer is easy! playing with koran,prophet and Allah every where .if they react to that playing you must be sure they are real potential of terrorist……a muslim calls a girl with no hijab as a bitch,whore therefore anger against comic icon for koran prophet and Allah uncover terrorist in day light… must be used extensively

  4. Europe must listen and act on what mr Wilders is saying , it’s factual and however unsavoury it is to some it’s the truth, Islam has no place in Europe, its decisive, its barbaric , and it is clearly the aim of the Islamic invaders to turn Europe into an Islamic state wake up before its to late

  5. Of course, there is broad agreement here in this Chamber that huge mistakes have been made. But you cannot, after realizing this fact, … pretend that this leads to terrorism.

    If Rutte believes this- and I think he does- then he is an arrant knave, despite his fine coif and sartorial elegance. Yes, the “mistakes” you have made have lead to terrorism, moron.

    • Who’s pretending like? It’s him – he’s pretending that it hasn’t led to terrorism. The man’s a walking definition of the word “traitor”.

  6. Most politicians and people in the Netherlands belong to a faith called social democracy and this religious ideology makes them immune to reality as it contradicts this very way of their brainwashed thinking.

  7. It’s been announced today that several of the top police & lawyers who have been involved in what happened at Hillsborough, and in the cover-up afterwards are being charged – all these years later.

    So this give me hope that at least some of these traitorous politicians will face justice in years to come – for their crimes against the people they were elected to represent.

    They certainly deserve to be “banged up” for what they have done to OUR countries.

  8. So Geert is stuck in a Rutte. Oh well, it’s a pity they didn’t count the votes properly.

  9. Islamic violence has to occur every day before learning takes place. Well, it will.

    • The traitor class will just turn it around and say that Wilders’ discourse of hate has poisoned Dutch society and that Wilders needs to be confronted, tried, and punished to undo the damage. The traitors are caught within their own syllogism. Nothing can break it now but violence. It’s 10 times more pernicious than the circular anti-gun discourse.

    • William, with over 30,000 Islamic Terrorist attacks around the world, and that is just since 9/11, as those Islamic attacks, and previously from about the end of the Second World War, have to my knowledge, not been recorded as such, I think we can safely assume that the lesson has well and truly been taught, and it is now only the willful, and for whatever their reasoning, who now ignore all the evidence.

  10. I would say that Wilders has [manly generative organs] of steel. But I know a little bit about material and I would say he has [manly generative organs] of Hastelloy. Unfortunately, it seems he is speaking to deaf ears. I’m sure those ears will hear their own screams (at least for a few seconds) one day when their heads are being cut off with a steak knife.

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    • We used to have those on the button bar — it had Twitter, Facebook, etc. We had to remove it because it was generating problems, and made us more vulnerable to DoS attacks. It’s unfortunate that we had to do that, but removing it was better than having our site go down for hours or days through such an attack.

      • god bless you man!!!! this a pretty nice site…i found on by sir Geert wilders :)….i suggest you add a part about koran,quran the islam’s book?(heart of brutallity) for referring and warning humanitarian people in societies that how islam hides its brutality among beautiful sentences and how abuses man emotions!

        • This site is as you suggest it should be, it is all here vise. All you need to do is to go back into the many posts that are available on this site.

          Cheers, and happy researching!

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        • yes ! that is very good suggestion!…..but just know in a Islamic governmental country ,all people except named-carrier muslims are in danger ,terror,beating not just a person but all of the family are so lucky that you still live in a christian free country.all islamic country are wild and anti human right in depth layer.if a muslim flee into europe and america to live free,maybe he dont know the real islam.government kill anti-muslim speecher writer and interpret as Allah order… are free go to street and burn down the koran and see how much dirt anger muslims will be around you but they are not in majority to kill you in the name of religion law…

    • davy, thanks to a helpful commenter here, I’ve discovered that Firefox has a facility for emailing links to blog articles, etc. Hope this helps.

      • it’s not for me but you will receive a much much bigger audience then when people start sharing your articles on facebook and twitter.

        The average person has about 200 friends on facebook so every share people make about 200 new people who maby never heard of this website can read your articles and come to your site to read more (and then share it to their friends)

  12. Stay the course, Baron and Dymphna; you do not reach beyond your grasp.

  13. At some point Geert Wilders has realized that it does not matter what he states to those in the Dutch Parliament who still control an open mind that what he states is the TRUTH! No, the problem lies with those who have been bought and paid for by the Globalists and whose elitist and criminal lifestyles Wilders now threatens. And it is those who are in control that Wilders must wrest that control from.

    And, that is the brick wall that Wilders has to dismantle.

    • The Netherlands is lost. Commenter Jan Dhaene describes the current state of mind of the majority of the Dutch people really well.

      All the major countries in the West are infected by these traitors who call themselves social democrats, liberals, socialists etc. etc. They keep importing their own voters.

      The people of the US should be warned. If they want things to stay the way they are they should do all that is possible to deny all power to the Demorats. The rats in the Gop- like Mc Cain, George W Bush and some of the other islamlovers- should be thrown out of that party.. The US still has a chance to turn things around. The Netherlands is lost forever. Or we have to take up arms now..

      The future of my children lies in the USA. A USA free and brave! A USA without socialisme and islam. The future does not belong to those who kiss islam and slander the constitution of the USA.

    • it seems like doomed days because Muslims are abusing your humane rights against you……..they are criminal in their ideas and you look for evidence around their place

    • you can touch his insight just by anti-islamisation flag on the street to show how much Islam dirt is

  14. In the face of such intransigence, as exhibited by MR, the only appropriate response is an armed rebellion.

  15. What I do not understand is : Wilders wants to get his point out there.. that’s why he started PVV.. but when he is asked to talk to the “informateur” to express his worries and has the chance to state what he thinks is best for .nl and .eu, he declines.. only party which refused to even talk and state his business.. That’s my main issue why I do not trust his intentions. Sure other parties will shut him out, but people vote for him to be a voice.. no matter what, he is paid and by us, elected to represent us willingly.. and then doesn’t speak for us.. that’s disrespectful to his voters to say the least – no matter if all parties think he is scum or whatever is up their butt when someone tells it like it is : if you don’t even chose to represent us, it’s shady business.. wether a camera is near or not, should not change the message nor the willingness to express that message in my opinion.

    On Islam he is right.. being a christian himself and apparently being proud of it, is either just stupid, or he is just playing the extremist US christian white rich ppl to get his party funded, which is smart but still wrong as well… he should be on the barricades to broaden a religious ban to get rid of every religion.. people should smarten up by now.. every religion is evil and made up.. invented just to oppress and brainwash their people to stay in power and enrich themselves.. we the dumb commoners are finally waking up and starting to understand that we lined religious movements pockets for 2000 years… it was and is all a lie.. Christianity is a lie.. Islam is.. name em all.. even the ones that seem peaceful.. Nietzsche explained it already more than 100 years ago.. of course he was portrayed as evil himself and a heretic.. but invest only a short time to read his short book Antichrist and see him pinpoint accurately expose all religions for what they really are in less than 70 facts… and still more than 100 years later 90+ % of the world population is religious to some extend.. believing their made up “god” is better than the other made up “gods”..

    if people
    1) SEE barbaric behaviour which is totally repulsive and does not make sense whatsoever.. all done in the name of whatever make belief religion…
    2) can educate themselves by reading SO many studies available online (fact checked academic proven to be truthful sources are in the millions and easy to find)…
    3) people standing up and SCREAMING out it is time to ban all that crap and start the process of de-brainwashing the people which still belief because they fell victim to the [falsehoods] of rich and powerful so-called religious “scholars” in charge by forcing them to be REALLY educated…
    4) get behind a political movement which grows to be the 2nd biggest party of a country in what is a very short timespan compared to the age of the parties still in charge, SHOWING them the people are sick of this [odious material] by sheer numbers.. and the oh-so “righteous” party-leaders of these political correct, old, established parties are all getting schooled by the one man they all hate, since he dares using proven facts.. and they still dismiss those facts as untrue…
    if all this (and many valid reasons more).. and the many can’t make the change to weed out the biggest, most evil, horrors of “modern” time ( meaning last 5000 years ), because of the few desperately trying to keep their power.. well.. mankind will then truly show it is a failed experiment of evolution and it will be killed of in just a small matter of time ( most likely by hand of mankind itself ), compared to the age of this earth.. and rightfully so..

    I still have hope that humans can turn out to be humanists.. and even no matter my distrust to Wilders for reasons mentioned before.. at the moment he is the only one not completely chock full of [ordure].. of all the bad choices the least bad and at least partially speaking truth… even if he [messes] up.. not trying is staring into a fast approaching black hole…

    there.. needed to get that off my chest.. relief for a few minutes until reading the next [messed] up thing by the next complete powerhungry idiot, inspired by his fake version of a deity

    [Administrator’s note: this comment required WAY too many redactions. Another one like this, and I will simply delete it. You’ve been warned.]

    • Digidiaree, you omit what once made the West the leading civilization of the world – Judeo/Christianity. And while the West advanced due to its superior outlook on humanity, Islam remained stagnant and introspective while embroiling itself in sectarian violence that still controls Islam today.

      Judeo/Christianity gave us the Ten Commandments – Islam rejects such temporal guidance and relies on the word of its prophet.

      Humanism is doomed to fail simply because God is no longer the higher authority, and when there is no higher authority than Man with which to turn to, then Man will eventually turn on himself, as we are now bearing witness to through the so called liberal democracies that still control much of the West and only the West.

      Man’s greatest folly, in my humble opinion, is to deny the existence of God while favoring his own fallible ways. The 20th Century is full of such Human stupidity that can provide a valuable lesson for those who choose to learn.

      • Morality doesn’t come from religion, nor from commandments.
        The Judeo/Christian Western world didn’t dominate by being moral.. being a-moral, looting, enslaving, killing and pillaging made the west rich and the dominant force all over the world.. doesn’t take alot to reason why for instance all these extremes are still in play.

        Religion was no katalyser to progress.. the opposite.

        • ‘Religion was no katalyser to progress…the opposite.’

          Really? And you have absolute proof of what you put up? Or, are you simply tying all the bad into one big knot and blaming a belief system for the wrongs that Man does despite the teachings of Christianity?

          So, at what point in your thinking do you attribute the actions of individuals for their own wrongdoing rather than blame a belief system that teaches what they do is wrong?

          You cite ‘religion’ as being no catalyst to progress without bothering to provide any example with which to back up your claim.

          Could you please provide at least one example of that which you criticize?

    • your discussion is about religion.but Sir Geert Wilders is talking about savage and nude brutal induction of islamic beliefs to children and to the free society .that barbaric has been written in the book and has been hidden among beautiful words.Mr Wilders is trying to stop that hell disgusting violence called islam and lead to a new book,the book of freedom and humanity.he is so wise.he knows that Muslims are people whom are not familiar with all of islamic text,but will be abused as soon as islam got authority.

  16. In this context it’s also important to realize that the Netherlands still have no government, almost 4 (!) months after the elections. Wilders’ party the PVV came second with 21 votes, after Rutte, and in the Netherlands the biggest party always gets the first move to form a coalition.
    However, it was Rutte’s VVD that, while still remaining the biggest party, lost 12 seats, while Wilders’ PVV gained 6, an important fact which the corrupt left-winged state media prefer to ignore.
    All those months the coalition of the so-called “conservatives” of the VVD, Christian Democrates and left-winged liberals D’666 (the extra “6” makes sense here) were trying to get the horrible Greens into the coalition, who are led by a young empty-headed nitwit of half-Moroccan descent, who wants even more muslims to enter the Netherlands, while Rutte was deliberately ignoring the most obvious choice, a coalition of VVD, CDA and PVV, with possible the young party Forum for Democracy as a 4th junior parther.
    The only explanation for the fact that Wilders did not get more votes, was that many voters who wanted to avoid another socialist coalition, and knew that Rutte would not allow Wilders to participate, hoped their vote would still contribute in allowing another left-winged coalition to take the power if they voted for Rutte.
    Yes…how naive can one be!
    The only possible reason why the unpopular, unreliable and double-tongued Rutte did not lose more seats, was his sudden unexpected stance against the Erdogan mafia, who wanted to influence the Dutch Turks to vote for the dictatorship of the ne Ottoman Sultan at the Bosporus.
    It’s to be expected (and hoped) that they won’tbe able to form a coalition with the current choices, and that new elections will have to take place soon.
    Let’s see who will come out as the biggest next time!
    I only fear that the Soros-mafia will do everything to avoid the Dutch (and other Europeannations, see f.ex France and Austria) to take back what’s their legitimate right: The right of the original inhabitants to rule over your their own lives and countries again.

    • Correction of sentence that starts on line 15:

      “….hoped their vote would still contribute in NOT allowing another left-winged coalition to take the power if they voted for Rutte”.

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