“Dane” Born in Denmark Will Be Expatriated For His Crime

If the young man described in the story below had crossed the Øresund to commit his crime, the Swedish media would have referred to him as a “Dane”. But that’s obviously not how the Danes think of him, even though he was born in Denmark.

The action of the Danish Supreme Court should be a model for the rest of the West. It’s what Geert Wilders has demanded for all these years: anyone with dual nationality who commits a serious crime must be deported.

As far as I am aware, this is the first action of its kind in Western Europe.

Many thanks to Anne-Kit for translating this article from TV2 News:

Man born in Denmark permanently expatriated

June 7, 2017

A triple murder attempt in Løsning, East Jutland, has resulted in a Supreme Court verdict which includes expatriation of the perpetrator.

A Supreme Court verdict of eight years in prison for three murder attempts also triggers expatriation for 28-year-old Burhan Kibar. Kibar was born and raised in Denmark, but because of the severe punishment he must also leave the county, the verdict states.

Vestre Landsret [a regional High Court] handed down the same verdict last year.

Kibar’s defense stated that it would be in conflict with Denmark’s international obligations to expel him from the country. But Denmark’s highest legal authority disagrees.

It is true that Kibar was born and grew up in Denmark, but he also speaks and writes Turkish. In addition his wife and children live in Turkey, and therefore it makes no difference that his parents and brother live in Denmark, the verdict says.

Shots hit two people

In June 2015 Burhan Kibar released a shower of bullets at his ex-girlfriend’s front door in the town of Løsning in East Jutland.

There were several people behind the door. Two of them were hit by shots. They were his ex-girlfriend’s two sisters.

When the case was initially brought before the District Court, Kibar was pronounced ‘not guilty’ of attempted murder. The District Court thought the evidence warranted merely a verdict of aggravated violence, which carried a sentence of 4 years of prison and conditional expatriation.

This meant that Kibar could stay in Denmark, provided did not commit any further serious criminal offences.

Verdict sharpened

But in Vestre Landsret (High Court) the verdict was sharpened. The High Court was of the opinion that Kibar’s six shots at the front door constituted a murder attempt. Even if he had not intended to kill anyone, he accepted the possibility that someone might die, the verdict said.

This conclusion resulted in a substantially more severe punishment. The prison sentence was increased from four to eight years, and his conditional expatriation was made unconditional. This means that Burhan Kibar will face expulsion from Denmark at the end of his prison term.

And this verdict has just been upheld. For the Supreme Court showed no mercy. His crime was deemed to be grave enough that his right to remain in Denmark shall cease to exist when he has served his sentence.

8 thoughts on ““Dane” Born in Denmark Will Be Expatriated For His Crime

  1. While it remains to be seen whether this murderous cretin will ever actually be expelled, it is heartening in the extreme to see Denmark’s high court take a less forgiving stance in the face of such an egregious crime.

    As in, slingshot this steaming road apple straight back to his Turkish Islamic paradise.

      • I agree! I don’t see why Danish tax payers should subsidize his next 8 years living comfortably – turf him out now!

  2. Good. This is one more instance where Denmark is setting itself apart from the Western European mentality vis-a-vis Islam.

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