Andrew Bolt vs. the Antifas

This is a cheerful report from Down Under — which makes two heartening stories in a row. That’s practically unheard of at Gates of Vienna.

Andrew Bolt is a popular and politically incorrect columnist in Australia. He has a new book out, and was recently at a book signing when he was set upon by several antifa thugs (they look like antifas to me, but in Oz they may call themselves something else).

Mr. Bolt did not take kindly to being attacked, and fought back — taking on two of the thugs at once with righteous zest. In the first video from CCTV you can see him punch a lefty in the face and then kick him in the, ahem, orchids:

As he says, one guy will have a bruise on his face and another between his legs.

In the second video, taken at street level, you can see Mr. Bolt get knocked down and then spring back up to fight both his assailants:

His suit was ruined, so he’s auctioning it off, and will give the proceeds to a children’s charity.

There’s an article about the incident in The Daily Mail.

Hat tips: SS and Vlad Tepes.

7 thoughts on “Andrew Bolt vs. the Antifas

  1. It appears Mr. Bolt was quite well tailored to meet the situation, in more ways than one.

  2. They attack like the cowards that they are…
    Quite common for most of those self declared SJ-morons.
    The spoilt childhood that many of them had gave them the false impression to be something special, outstanding, or something the universe circles around.
    That`s why they can`t stand different opinions then their own, or handle resistance.
    If the get some of their own medicine they run away.

    And sometimes they are just a laugh…

  3. Andrew Bolt’s outlook on life has come a long way over the past decade. Pleased to see him now appreciating what we are all up against if we choose to ignore the obvious and don’t fight back against it.

    Well done Mr. Bolt, your actions have spoken far louder than your words!

    • Yes indeed. Every now and then Bolt slips back into ‘two steps forward one backwards’ mode by way of appeasement but the equivocations and moral equivalences are becoming rarer.

  4. A truly uplifting tape.Good to see the Antifas getting their comeuppance . And Andrew Bolt does refer to them as left wing Antifas .And the The Antifas are officially here in Australia causing trouble.They first became prominent about 3 or 4 years ago beating up patriots who protested the opening of new mosques.The Antifas are all cowards who dare not show their faces and wear masks.
    Australia should pass a law that anyone wearing a mask in public gets arrested.

    I enjoy reading Bolt’s blog -my daily habit along with the Dilbert Cartoons ,Breitbart and Gates of Vienna .

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