Abdallah Won’t Assimilate!

Abdallah Zekri is the director of the Islamophobia Observatory (l’observatoire de l’islamophobie) for an organization called the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (Le Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France, CCIF). CCIF’s observatory is similar to that of the OIC — it monitors and records anything done by the kuffar that Muslims don’t like, and then makes loud complaints about it, taking legal action whenever possible.

He is a prominent public figure among Muslims in France, and reportedly has the ear of the new president, Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron.

In the interview below, you’ll hear Mr. Zekri discuss the integration or assimilation of Muslims into French culture, and how much he holds that concept in contempt.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m saying it clearly [Arabic] they have no dignity
00:04   to defend their country, because it’s true that
00:08   I am French citizen…
00:12   …But I never forgot my origins. I said it to the French.
00:16   I am Algerian and I’m proud of it. I was born in a country
00:20   that has a history a civilization.
00:24   My parents, [Arabic] told me,
00:28   but as French citizen here, I do respect the values of the Republic,
00:32   I do respect the country which welcomed me, but
00:36   you cannot tell me today… when I talk to you in a political debate
00:40   … integration didn’t work, you’ll have to assimilate.
00:44   Integration, it’s not that it didn’t work. It can be done.
00:48   We didn’t want to integrate people. Because in to integrate someone you need to give him shelter.
00:52   So they can live decently, you need to give them work, so they can live, also
00:56   at that point they will integrate, but if you are going to [Arabic]
01:00   in the resume, and you don’t give him work and you exclude him; how do you want
01:04   him to integrate? After that we were told about assimilation. This assimilation was suggested
01:08   in 1974 by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing —For our audience, tell us the difference
01:12   for you, between integration and assimilation. —Well, integration
01:16   it’s to integrate in an area, in the country where you live, so you could
01:20   work and so on. —So this is social integration. — Social integration.
01:24   Voilà. So therefore it doesn’t cause problems. But it’s necessary that
01:28   the government give you a hand, to allow you that integration — allow that social integration.
01:32   They parked everybody in the same neighborhoods, they created ghettos
01:36   In fact they’re favoring communitarism [ghettoisation] —Voilà,
01:40   communitarism, they favored it. And assimilation, like I said, it was started in 1974
01:44   by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. During that time I was already a young
01:49   militant who was fighting for that. Assimilation is a negation of oneself,
01:53   of one’s culture, one’s civilization, one’s origins,
01:57   meaning I become nothing: I’m put in the mold and I become French,
02:01   Abdullah, so it’s even a crime against humanity!
02:05   If you bring someone to a point where he denies. —Voilà, that’s assimilation!
02:09   Meaning you are nothing any longer. You can erase your past.
02:13   Impossible! I said it before, and I’m telling the politicians now:
02:17   I am not assimilable. I am a Muslim poison.
02:21   If you want assimilate me, whoever wants to assimilate me, if he eats me he dies.

29 thoughts on “Abdallah Won’t Assimilate!

  1. No surprises there concerning Islam and its followers – history is replete with such examples and the second last sentence, that I assume is a typo, contains more than an element of truth to it. Is this lack of acknowledgment of the historical aspect of Islam truly naivety on the part of the French concerning Islam, or do they feel so superior to everyone else that they believe French culture will be automatically embraced, even by the Muslim who has only ever declared loyalty to the worldwide Ummah?

    • The remark on Zekri as a poison was not a typo. He states in the next sentence anyone who eats (assimilates) him dies. Both statements are correct: he is a poison and any culture attempting to allow him into their borders will die.

      • Thanks Ronald. I have re-read it and agree. I’ll have to slow my reading down to more reflect with my age. Grin.

    • Yes it is, but for some unfathomable reason he doesn’t want to live in his own ‘great country’.

  2. …But I never forgot my origins…………(—–
    he never forgets origins means he is trying to make his around like Algeria ;
    and every moment he puts france at least in second line!((((but maybe Algeria gets more line than just one!))))).and consequently whenever he gets authority he will make stronger his Origin(first line)!.He lives in france while worshiping his Origin ;Algeria!.and now when Origin Proud person increase ,they want little more and more! therefor the Origin wins! and
    —————he eats me he dies.————

    • What the h— is this overdone and ridiculous use of (((((parentheses))))) supposed to represent? Is it a secret code of some kind?

      • yes.it is the anger that has been encrypted !like crushing palm together. he is threatening European culture directly! of course because of freedom in Europe!;but he has to hide his action against culture because the muslims population still is in minority ,but as soon as they increase European will touch how much poison they are in action.

    • Why the use of lower case for France, and capitals for Algeria, not to mention the parentheses….?

      • Because he is humiliating France in a daylight !saying i respect France but i never forget my origin Algeria is a lie to hide the Islam behind nationality.Insulting a country is really unacceptable and absurd and he is trying to attach islam to Algeria but Islam is a dirty manner which written in a book without any origin. 😉

  3. he is talking about Origin as a country Algeria!!!!
    ============but he lies ============
    he wanna make an excuse in public that asking assimilate means forgetting Algeria and another country such sounds like attacking a country and its citizen=========he is skyish liar …
    ———–he began with the name of algeria but finished as a Muslim one….———Islam is not a root or origin…..it is a paradox violent book…
    violence in Islam is such thing advised and has been written in koran…====================and of course Yes!…Islam begins by respecting Humanity family and goodness for society and then hides savage brutality text to occupy minds and then people use violence to satisfy their beliefs as a Allah savior

  4. How is it you don’t hear the Jewish, Indian or Chinese people constantly whinging about getting a leg up from the Government? The Jewish , amongst many other nationalities, just seem to get on with it. Again, the same old tedious narrative that the Muslims are victims. Many of the Jews that fled to America started life in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. At the time, this was a very poor, run down area. Do you still see them there now? No! Because THEY decided they wanted a better life for their offspring and set about doing just that. Now many of their offspring are professional people and contributing to society, not just leeching from it. As is apparent all over the Western world that many of them chose to move to, they are likely to be in receipt of welfare and unemployed (especially the women). These are statistics from the Muslim Council themselves, so so called right wingers cannot be blamed for these facts.

  5. there isn’t any origin related to be Islamic.Islam claims it is a religion for all people around the world .and also the Koran is for all mankind;therefor talking about origin that i am a muslim proves that their aim is to eliminate west culture

  6. He can always just go home. There’s no war in Algeria, I’m sure the Algerian government will ” give him a hand..shelter..a job”, and he will be surrounded by his own kind. Let us know how that goes Abdallah..

    • Sure, but he knows well how dysfunctional Algeria is on every level.

      In many ways, that country was far better off under French administration than any of them will ever admit.

      • “In many ways, that country was far better off under French administration than any of them will ever admit.”

        Just look around the world and see what happened to many countries once the Europeans left. They slowly but surely regressed back to their original state.

      • I don’t agree that a colonial administration, run from afar, is best for a country.

        Machiavelli advised the ruler to not involve himself in foreign conquests unless he intends to live in the conquered provinces. The British colonial governments in India and Ireland, probably other places, caused millions of deaths through famine and bungling. The governments of South Africa under the Boers was strictly local and functioned well until the British used mass slaughter and concentration camps to install their own government, which was really colonial and which again made a total mess of governing, until the Boers re-grasped control of their own country through political maneuvers.

        It’s a malevolent myth that the white man can just parachute in anywhere and set the country straight without breaking a sweat. The French Algerians, I believe, identified as Algerians first, and ruled as Algerians rather than as French. I will go out on a limb and speculate their big mistake was relying on France rather than cutting loose and going full-bore as Algerians on their own. Granted, the resulting conflict would have been pretty gruesome…as any civil war will be.

        • I said better, not best off.

          Oh, and they’ve been going their own way as Algerians for the past 55 years, mostly for naught.

  7. This Muslim character seems to be bargaining furiously. What is he offering for sale? Millions of wretched illiterates, many of whom are substandard mentally, of no value to the country where they are encamped. He is aware that most Europeans dislike, if not loath, Islam. Europe’s vision of a future doesn’t include the useless Muslims. This aversion is mischaracterized as a “phobia “.
    The chronic inability of Islam to drop its pretense of being a conquering power can only lead to Europe taking them at their word, and dropping its pretense of hospitality. Civil war is going to happen once Europe decides to cut off the social welfare for Islam.

    • Tragically, by the time the dopey Europeans wake up it will be too late. One just has to look at the increase of the “No Go” zones. The day European police refused to enter these ghettoes was the day they lost. They should have got the military in those areas to show them who’s boss. Instead they let the muslims be their boss all the while paying handsomely for the privilege.

  8. The Muslims are coming to appreciate an amazing fact: regardless of how open they are concerning their intentions to destroy their host society, the leaders and public media will still welcome them and censor out any criticism. And the majority of voters will also ignore the danger and elect leaders who are supportive of the Muslim invasions.

    Zekri is clearly saying if France doesn’t hand over housing, money and (to some extent) jobs to the immigrants, they will have no motivation to even give the appearance of taking on a French identity. Of course, Zekri himself has a prominent position, acceptance, influence and undoubtedly money, but declares himself a poison to a French society which wishes him to adapt.

    Unfortunately, the governments involved have perfected the art of eliminating accountability, and co-opting the controlled media to support the parasites in power. You can’t exactly say the people are getting the government they deserve, but you can say that there are relatively few people distinguishing themselves with courageous opposition.

    • Well I would say western Europeans are indeed getting the governments they deserve.
      The ballot box still works; people could still vote their way out of trouble, but consistently refuse to do so–why?

      In fact, of all recent elections in the western world with the exception of the Visegrad 4 countries, only the Americans have distinguished themselves as knowing right from wrong. (n.b. this does not include Democrats)

  9. With Islam, assimilation is always a one-way street – submit to islam! Convert, die, or (best) submit to dhimmitude slavery and work your lives away supporting the muslim masters. Islam does what muhammad did, islam is what muhammad was.
    The only thing in history that has stopped islamic demands for assimilation to Islam is force.
    Dialog, negotiation, being friendly & “nice”, begging and pleading are just steps toward assimilation to Islam. A good muslim will always demand submission from any people that he does not consider to be good muslims. See the word and understand it’s meaning. It is a command, not a polite invitation – ISLAM! – SUBMIT!

  10. The old man understands what assimilation is, but seems to think it’s not a requirement. The French will either eject, kill or assimilate the Muslims, or they themselves will be either ejected, killed, or assimilated.

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