Women Are Not Welcome on the Streets of Chapelle-Pajol

A district on the northern edge of Paris has become so culturally enriched that native French women are increasingly reluctant to appear on its streets.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation from Le Parisien:

Paris: Women chased out of the Chapelle-Pajol neighborhood

Women in this part of eastern Paris complain that they can not walk around without being subjected to comments and insults from men.

There are several hundred square meters of asphalt abandoned to men alone, which women are no longer entitled to use. Cafés, bars and restaurants are prohibited to them. The same with the sidewalks, the subway station and the squares. For more than a year, the Chapelle-Pajol district (10th and 18th arrondissements) has completely changed its face: groups of dozens of lone men, street vendors, aliens, migrants and smugglers, occupy the streets, all the while harassing women.

Disgusted, the female inhabitants of the neighborhood decided to launch a major petition to denounce the situation. And a daily life that has become more and more oppressive. The young girls, who can no longer go out alone or wear a skirt or trousers that are too tight without receiving a lash of insults: one of them tells of her having endured a cigarette lighter that set her hair alight.

[Photo caption: For more than a year, the Chapelle-Pajol district (10th and 18th arrondissements) has completely changed its face]

“Continuous remarks”

“We are all subjected to unbearable treatment,” says Nathalie, 50, who claims thirty years in the neighborhood, and an “unheard-of” climate in recent months: “There are insults, incessant remarks. The atmosphere is agonizing, to the point of having to modify our itinerary, our clothes. Some have even given up going out.” Like the elderly lady of 80 years, who was sexually assaulted as she returned to her building, and is now confined to her apartment.

“A male den”

Aurélie, a young woman of 38 years, admits that she does not recognize the quarter where she has lived for 15 years, rue Perdonnet (Xe): “The simple fact of walking down the street has become problematic. The café downstairs, a once-friendly bistro, has turned into an exclusively male haunt and is constantly crowded: I can expect my share of remarks when I go ahead, especially since they drink to excess: a few days ago, the simple fact of appearing at my window triggered a flood of insults, and I had to lock myself in my apartment. Some time ago, I used to take the Boulevard de la Chapelle from Stalingrad, even late at night … It’s unthinkable today.”

Laure avoids the Metro Chapel studiously. Like the place of the same name: “In recent weeks, I was caught in the middle of a sellers’ brawl. I screamed, and two of them took out knives to threaten me. I thought my final hour had arrived. And for months my 12-year-old daughter has no longer gone to school alone, nor anywhere in the neighborhood, by the way.”

Complaining would have little effect

How to combat the phenomenon? The women of La Chapelle know that filing a complaint would have little effect. Then, by mutual agreement, and on the advice of Nadine Mezence, deputy mayor for the equality of men and women (PS) of the eighteenth, they decided to organize an exploratory march in the near future. Together they will travel through all the places of the district where they are not wanted. Then they will report to the civic authorities their observations… Hoping to be heard. At the Town Hall, they are assured that their remarks will be examined with the utmost attention.

Ten police operations since January

The issue of the harassment of women, including the presence of dozens of migrants in Pajol Street, will be discussed this Monday in the council of the arrondissement by the elected (LR), Pierre Liscia. While Eric Lejoindre, the Mayor’s Office (PS), recognizes the complexity of the situation: “Women have a feeling of vulnerability to this violence, often associated with alcoholism, but the public response is essentially police.”

Since the launch of the “Barbès respire” apparatus in January, by the police prefect with deployment of reinforcements on the sector, 110 operations have resulted in more than 19,000 evictions of sellers, and 884 people were arrested. But the inhabitants want operations of more ample scope to regain their lost tranquility…

Women, an endangered species in the heart of Paris

“From now on, our neighborhood is relinquished to men alone: not a single woman in the cafés. Not a child in the Louise-de-Marillac square. Some of us [females] are terrified at home.”

The inhabitants of the Chapelle-Pajol have just drafted a petition entitled “Women, an endangered species in the heart of Paris”, which they hope to see initialed by many supporters and victims before sending it to the town hall, the Prefecture of Police and the Public Prosecutor. They called on them “to finally ensure that the law and regulations are respected in the places where the dealers settle, to carry out investigations of the networks and to reinforce the number of police assets assigned to the area.”

“There are insults in all languages, theft, street drinking. The dealing that takes hold, and the employees of those dealing, who show to us every day that we are undesirable, ourselves and our children. This must stop.”

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  1. Well, cows have to find the strongest bull, the one who might be a bit harsh, but will protect them against the weaker bulls around, who otherwise would jump the cow in no time.

    In other words, there is a reason why girls tend to like “bad boys”. Bad boys are the ones who will protect a girl in culture-less society running on hormonal impulses – like animals.

    I am glad I have witnessed Paris in all its glory some decades ago. Sometimes I feel like I will be telling my grand children how beautiful the world was – in the 90’s…

      • I now say that Paris is the Beirut of Europe, instead.

        Beirut might be nicer than Paris, pretty soon, all joking aside…

        • I never thought of that – the comparison with once-beautiful, urbane and safe Lebanon. That was so long ago. I wonder if the American university still operates there.

          We can fully expect a big incursion into Israel from Lebanon. They’ve been planning it for a long time and now with the money -CASH – that Obama dispersed via Iran, they are loaded with weapons.

          • My friend from Florida went to teach English in Lebanon back in 1970.. she loved it there. She stayed for 3 years and left to teach French in the States.

            A friend of hers who worked at the American Embassy was killed in the bombing of the Embassy years later. All that was found of her was a specially fitted shoe made for her because she had a diabetic foot problem.

            The world is going to be an Islamic hellhole if they ELITES allow the concerned REAL citizens take over and drive these Islamic pigs and sows OUT of their FREE countries.

          • They do that and Southern Lebanon will look like the surface of the Moon.

  2. The French just voted, didn’t they, just like the Dutch….
    And the Germans will also vote for more of the same.

    If only the Brits would actually exit the EU instead of just talking about it. Too good to be true?

  3. The sad, strange, weird, and bitter ironies of this life:

    Muslims in their countries oppress women. Traitors invite millions of muslims to the west to oppress women. The result : the same.

    Islamists are radicalized and commit atrocities. Traitors of the west are radicalized in their HARSHNESS of treating their own flesh and blood and radicalized in their love for jihadis.

    Radical: (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

    Yeah : thorough. Traitors far-reach to jihadis and are thoroughly enslaved to jihadis. Voluntarily.

    Bigot: Traitors are bigots: They love jihadis in spite of giving every reason to be hated.

  4. Paging Gloria Steinem…

    These women get to experience a real patriarchy instead of the imaginary one of the third wave feminists.

  5. 90+% of Paris voted against Le Pen. They can hang for all I care. I’m all out of sympathy.

  6. The future is today! It’s already here. It’s crept up. These people were invited in AND ARE STILL COMING. The French government and some French people, I understand, haven’t yet had enough. As a stopgap measure, the local French women want “operations of more ample scope”. The only adequate operation of ample scope would be to clean up France properly, to send the Moslems people away, OUT, but it’s not going to happen. This area of Paris HAS BEEN ISLAMIZED. That’s what was planned, that’s what’s happened. Quelle surprise!

    • It would actually be quite easy to do. All it would take would be DeportAir operating daily flights to the most relevant countries. Mondays could be Afghanistan, Tuesdays Morocco, Wednesdays the Congo – whatever the demand is for.

      Then the goal becomes to have all flights full…

      The above-described behaviour would get you a guaranteed seat. After a few months, the worst of the worst would have been deported, and everyone else would be controlling themselves.

      It’s the idea of cutting down on crime by picking on turnstile jumpers and graffiti artists – not huge direct problems, but it gets the message strongly across to the rest.

      • “DeportAir”? A wonderful name, but where would they get any backers who wouldn’t fear for their lives? Some of those SJWs are lethal and unbound.

      • I agree with you, and have been saying for years–get rid of them, It could be done.
        One problem; having got them on the plane, how do you make them behave, drug them all?

        It might be better overland and by ship. At least then you can take care of any insurrection, but you can’t get out of a plane and argue in the air.

  7. They are incompatible with the West. They are incompatible with the twenty-first century.

    Time transport back to the Bronze Age being unavailable, they should be transported to Arabia, and walled in there.

  8. They should send in undercover female cops with micro cameras to document the harassment, then arrest the harassers en masse.

    • They wouldn’t dare. Better to leave the French who are so daft as to go to such places take care of themselves.

  9. And France has just elected a globalist banker to run things further into the ground
    I reckon the next time an election comes around it will be too late.
    I pity those too old, fragile or poor to get out while they can.
    Western civilisation is eating itself. Sad.

    • France hasn’t elected anything. The thing was elected for them. Seemingly they couldn’t find whatever is needed to find in the middle of an occupation to vote for freedom. England is beginning to fidget about. The US the same . Meanwhile Muslim cells spread like cancer. No tragedy of any proporation will come as a surprise when it comes. Nothing more uncertain than life. Nothing surer than the Islamic death wish for themselves – and the rest of humankind.

  10. A taxi driver in London told my wife and me “The French are rubbish!” Not going to argue that one!

  11. The inhabitants of the Chapelle-Pajol have just drafted a petition entitled “Women, an endangered species in the heart of Paris”, which they hope to see initialed by many supporters and victims before sending it to the town hall, the Prefecture of Police and the Public Prosecutor.

    Does anyone care to bet a centime as to whether or that petition’s text even once features the word, “deportation”?


  12. It would be easy for the police to send a plain-clothes policewoman into this area, to take the abuse and then arrest the abusers, with help from her colleagues who would not be far away. And keep doing this until the newcomers learn that French women can go wherever they like.

    But this will not happen because the French authorities do not [care].

  13. And still, with everything going on around them, the French voted for The Boy Who Sexed His Teacher. All I can say, is the French must be suicidal. I expect harems will be spotted within the next 3 years. And the women in them will be white.

  14. World War 3 is going to have part of its battles fought in the streets of European cities. If there is ever an organized caliphate anywhere across the Med or Middle East, Europe is going to find a ready made 5th column right in its midst.

  15. This wouldn’t happen if people got married like they used to. Marriage ensured safe environments as it ensured a good mix of male and female in any area and more importantly it gave females instant contact with males who could protect them.
    It seems most/all? of the women quoted in the article are living alone.
    There was no mention of native French men nor any mention of the ethnic make up of these all men zones.

    Feminism has broken the building block of society and now another society is free to grow in the abandoned space.

    • You sure wouldn’t if the Islamic contingent read any of your writing. Say, this website:


      In defiance of former President Barack Obama’s September 25th 2012 dictum to the General Assembly of the United Nations that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” that’s my cue to slander, Mohammad, Islamic snowflakes, and Islam. He said more or less the same in June 2009 in Cairo during his pontificating, cliché-rich address at Al-Azhar University, in front of an audience of turbaned and […] Islamic clerics and officials.

      Since its original publication in 2014, my detective novel, The Black Stone, set in San Francisco in 1930, has experienced continuing sales in its print, Kindle, and Audible editions. In terms of excoriating Islam, however, it was preceded by a suspense novel, We Three Kings, set in our time in New York City, in which an American entrepreneur, Merritt Fury, is thrown to the Saudi wolves who have been granted carte blanche to deal with him as they pleased. It was written in 1980 but wasn’t published until 2010. It, too, has enjoyed continuing sales.

      The Black Stone: A Detective Novel of 1930 (A Cyrus Skeen Mystery) (Volume 6)


      I know you’re an atheist (with probably more cause than most) but there’s not a day that goes by I don’t say a prayer of thanksgiving for your safe flight to safety after the bumbling FBI exposed your name on an ISIS list. Beyond incompetent into some realm of deliberate evil…

    • Please ask yourself this:

      What percentage of our planet’s lifeforms rely upon conscious intelligence?

      HINT: Less than 0.0000001%

      The almost exclusive stupidity of Political Correctness represents a genuine threat to very few of this world’s organisms.

      This is why it remains such a crucial task to identify, ferret out, and prosecute those who propagate this insanely toxic mentality.

      I hope this helps.

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