Wives, Obey Your Husbands!

An imam in Quebec has some words of wisdom from Allah for wives who might be tempted to disobey their husbands, or deny them their conjugal perquisites.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   When the husband calls his wife to his bed, and
00:04   she refuses, the angels curse her
00:08   until she wakes up. The angels curse her until she wakes up.
00:12   The angels curse her until the morning. And how many men
00:16   complain to scientists and to imams about that problem?
00:20   That women refuse when their husbands call them?
00:24   We don’t say that this is submission, but [Arabic]
00:28   but Allah made it an order so that all goes well with the couple.
00:32   It’s when she’s respectful, that you are honored. That she doesn’t
00:36   interrupt him when he talks, and doesn’t raise her voice
00:40   to him. And that she listens when addresses her.
00:44   And that she obeys when he orders her to do things.
00:48   And that she sustains him in his absence.
00:52   And that she gets up and rushes towards him when he arrives, when he
00:56   returns home. And the right of your husband over you comes before the right of your parents
01:00   over you. Unfortunately — may Allah guide them — many mothers meddle
01:04   into the couple’s business. And then they want
01:08   to defend the daughter. We say:
01:12   a virtuous and intelligent mother
01:16   almost never defends her daughter; even
01:20   if her daughter is right. Why?
01:24   In order to teach her patience. And the need
01:28   not to become angry at her husband;
01:32   even if she’s right and the husband is wrong, the mother shouldn’t defend her.
01:36   But she has to tell her to go back to her husband,
01:40   and to apologize, and to correct herself. And if the wife refuses,
01:44   she didn’t really refuse the man, or his [sic, not hers] parents;
01:48   she refused Allah. Because she is to submit
01:52   to Allah’s order. And it was Allah who ordered that. A man doesn’t call
01:56   his wife to his bed and she refuses, without
02:00   he who is in heaven [Arabic] — meaning Allah —
02:04   without he who is in heaven [Arabic] being angry at her until
02:08   she satisfies her husband; meaning until they reconcile.
02:13   If they aren’t reconciled, Allah is angry at her.
02:17   Know [Arabic] that Allah’s satisfaction
02:21   is in your husband’s satisfaction. And that Allah’s anger
02:25   is in your husband’s anger. The woman and spouse
02:29   won’t have fulfilled her duty towards her lord until
02:33   she fulfills her duty towards her husband.
02:37   The consideration of a wife for her husband [should be]
02:41   like people’s consideration for a king or their governor
02:45   or their emperor.

6 thoughts on “Wives, Obey Your Husbands!

  1. I was only thinking yesterday that the image of a Christian woman who defers to her husband, especially a white American Christian woman, is a liberal icon of male Christian oppression and violence, but an image a Muslim woman in a black sack is a symbol of female ’empowerment’.

    • I wonder when all these feminist geniuses are going to realize that marriage under Islam means their husband is granted sexual access to them 24/7/365. Allah does not care if you’re tired, have a headache, or just aren’t in the mood…

      • I think in extremis such a sermon is encouraging statutory rape,
        As in the western world at least, when a woman says no, the law clearly states, she means NO!

    • Yes, liberals are shamelessly cynical at using double standards when dealing with Christianity and Islam. Really, in this respect they act like schizophrenics.

      Another instance of such schizophrenia: liberals ardently fight against Islamophobia and homophobia somehow managing not to notice that they have to choose one or the other of these good causes.

  2. Actually, this part sounds OK to me 🙂 A bit of respect to husbands would go a long way…

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